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Minecraft | SATELLITE CANNONS (Explode the World from Space!) | Mod Showcase

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"CAN WE GET 20,000 LIKES?!" ► Next: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO2sZP_nNWg&list=PLUR-PCZCUv7Te0KbzR6rpaD9rXORtYib2&index=46 ► Previous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBwK5rnchvw&list=PLUR-PCZCUv7Te0KbzR6rpaD9rXORtYib2&index=44 ► Subscribe and join TeamTDM! :: http://bit.ly/TxtGm8 ► Follow Me on Twitter :: http://www.twitter.com/DiamondMinecart ► Mod Showcases Playlist 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHDL8BVUOFc&index=1&list=PLUR-PCZCUv7Te0KbzR6rpaD9rXORtYib2 Today, Trayaurus has got himself into a little bit of bother thanks to him working late on a secret project. The only way I have to fix it is to employ the secret weapons I have been hoarding away that can destroy things with lasers, from SPACE! ► Get the Satellite Rockets Mod: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/orbital-bombardment/ ► Want To Send Me Something? :: The Diamond Minecart / DanTDM Office 34 67-68 Hatton Garden London EC1N 8JY UK ► Merchandise! US: http://thediamondminecart.spreadshirt.com UK: http://thediamondminecartuk.spreadshirt.co.uk EU: http://thediamondminecart.spreadshirt.net Enjoy & remember to like, favourite and subscribe to support me! -- Find Me! -- Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DiamondMinecart Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheDiamondMinecart Instagram: DanTDM Skydaz: http://www.skydaz.com -- Easy Mod Installers! -- Credits -- All titles and images created by TheDiamondMinecart Title song: Super Street Fighter Remix - AntoineLavenant - https://soundcloud.com/antoinelavenant
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Text Comments (3167)
Julie Foster (9 hours ago)
rissa donnelly (1 day ago)
Do a Naruto mod
Marklee Marquita (2 days ago)
Make more
all of your mod showcase i donwload it
Maria Trujillo (3 days ago)
He cused
Dan: Oh crap Me: ................
Yami Leth (3 days ago)
The newsman is DanTDM as well
RetiaryBrick 827 (7 days ago)
And the world
Cole Pittman (7 days ago)
That lens... WHUUHH..
L Stroud (9 days ago)
*Walks into lab filled with Radiation without a mask* *Talks about radiation* *Has no mask* *Survives the Radiation* Are you Immune????
Dr. Gaming (9 days ago)
2018 anyone
JCDokiDoki Lit Club (9 days ago)
Damn. No wonder NASA needs so much money: They have been using this expensive equipment! Also Dan, I didn’t know you worked for nasa!
Skylar Nolin (10 days ago)
Dr.trayaurus is always in trouble.......dan! save yourself one day you will be affected and be in sooooo mucchhhhh trouble lolol :3 O_O Serioulsy again trayaurus *puts hand on face and shakes head*cmon lol
ebow Gaming and vlogs (10 days ago)
He cursed
Shadow Side (10 days ago)
any one from 2018?
Josephine Holman (11 days ago)
send me The mod please
Josephine Holman (11 days ago)
i vote justice
Colt Pearson (13 days ago)
He cursed
Frank Perricone (17 days ago)
Christopher (19 days ago)
Teagan Hartsock (22 days ago)
stop saying dam
ilovecats (26 days ago)
Uh oh Dan said the c word
Lisa Frazer (1 month ago)
sadly, the mod doesn't exist anymore
bradcamp299 MRE (1 month ago)
Hello good Barnes (1 month ago)
Ry Am (1 month ago)
M.J. Sage07 (1 month ago)
And *POP* goes the mutant zombie!
luke clinton (1 month ago)
u sware
Blaze Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Joe _M (1 month ago)
You said you dont sware
kasno Lagi (1 month ago)
Good enderman voice dan
Joejnr Jnr (1 month ago)
Dan do the bat mod 😊
Sebastian Sawyer (2 months ago)
Hes din creative
joeypro lol (2 months ago)
I hate my f*cking phone icant even watch
Stil2702 (2 months ago)
Not found We were unable to find the page or file you were looking for.
Yannick Stroeven (2 months ago)
the website doesn't work ._.
nina Pennington (2 months ago)
im a wolf
FunSicle (2 months ago)
Did dan just say. "Damn"
scoutreactor 51 (2 months ago)
He swore!
Brayden The Tiny Weirdo (2 months ago)
How does dan not have 10 large chest’ worth of emeralds in the lab from the Minecraft government for his great creations to fix the worlds problems that the news show themselves
Richard Grizzle (2 months ago)
Richard Grizzle (2 months ago)
sp sb 360 (3 months ago)
Dr Tryaurus you've out done yourself
DANIEL and ERICA AREVALO (3 months ago)
Pu means power unit
dexhorox (3 months ago)
Its not called satellite cannon its called Ion cannon.
gita gurung (3 months ago)
Cool dan tdn
Krzysiek Ciszewski (3 months ago)
Bird video
Jennifer Bleza (3 months ago)
Jon Williams (3 months ago)
Do a episode with the Wither storm working with the pharaoh from Egypt and the Pharaoh after 4 what Trayaurus stole from the parament any gym and have a army of bad guys that really should be mommies and and the Wither storm should have a bunch of Wither minions and the Ender Dragon from the end post to help you defeat the pharaoh with a bunch of Enderman and with some sideboard creepers Ridin robot T-Rexes and a creeper and a zombie and a skeleton Super Mutant with a bunch of zombies skeletons and creepers to defeat the Wither storm and the pharaoh and that dude that tricked you into thinking that he was a pig and a horse he should have the battle pigs with him man little suckers were creepy but with fighting bacon with bacon the weird maybe you for next time if that one dude tries to attack you again fighter pigs use a bazooka because a Pig launcher that was kind of weird so please please use a bazooka next time that dude tried to destroy you.
Hazalina Suratman (3 months ago)
gaming master (3 months ago)
Why am I watching this post doomsday scenario release there's orbital cannons in Minecraft Canon oh my God Orbitz dang cannons
Cameron’s Mashups (3 months ago)
So it’s a mint Death Star cannon
1984NatashaT (3 months ago)
form brayden your fan
1984NatashaT (3 months ago)
you cool dantdm
hraaa gamer (3 months ago)
Nasa:DANtdm can you jer me DANtdm:yes NASA:ok Fix the satelite DANtdm:ok 2 Houra later Satelite: hmm What is tath oh earth i Will Destroy him America: o **it it the talking satelite 1 minute later Peapol Goodbye world Earth where you goingn... To be continued
Eastern Oregon Cycles (3 months ago)
you are the best
Ecko Stik Bot (3 months ago)
Star Girl (3 months ago)
Amazing Talha choudhury (4 months ago)
Cool amazing
butch r (4 months ago)
Sick man
Radapedaxa Lover (4 months ago)
NASA is space
Vikki Carter (4 months ago)
Who else watching this in 2018
Mahesh Basal (4 months ago)
Don't give lecture
Kirsten Johnson (4 months ago)
direy boy.gires. Baby. birey fried. Love love love love. yires. You. Hirey. cirehs. pirey. day. hires.
JLknight Etherion (4 months ago)
elizalove elizadove (4 months ago)
hey dr.trayaurus turn dan into a donkey if he makes you mad
Samuel Bledý (4 months ago)
Stop saying jesus
Emilio Angeles (4 months ago)
nice vid Dan!make more
Emilio Angeles (4 months ago)
Emilio Angeles (4 months ago)
nice bid Dan! make more pls
OwieGoBoom (4 months ago)
Those meanys they got grim in the jail i know their NPCS
Andry Gugli (5 months ago)
awesome. plz make also da artillery cannon battle
MR. FLAMESPIDER052 (5 months ago)
If I can destroy my friends house with this mod why do I just aim the satalite at my friend >XD
Crazy Mickey (5 months ago)
Why was grim in the the jail?!!? Grim was a awesome dog 🐶
Smile Angel (5 months ago)
My mum said she is sic of you voice and I disagree
Beastmode 2010 (5 months ago)
Still going
Beastmode 2010 (5 months ago)
17 million subscribers wow 4 years
Jackie Treehorn 1972 (5 months ago)
He said the words “holy crap” while he was filming
Smart tech Newton (5 months ago)
Making science making Science it’s so fine
Diamondthrasher Xxl (5 months ago)
This is by far my favorite mod EVER!
Mark Hnatiuk (5 months ago)
AHAHAHAH you said crap
Jestingwheat856 (5 months ago)
Aw the old lab
Marion Walker (5 months ago)
how the hell did the hazmat team find out so quickly
henry Villarreal (6 months ago)
its easy to get the photonic condesers with buildcraft quarry
JJ Games (6 months ago)
Radiation HD (6 months ago)
Um dan said oh crap!
RamphorhynchusGaming (6 months ago)
y, y, you said crap
TheGamingPotato (6 months ago)
It’s only going out of the lab because you were clicking underwater
Wooden Plank Pastels (6 months ago)
Oh the old lab...
Vitrovio Harsadi (6 months ago)
Oliver Sander (6 months ago)
Why do you use Doors when you are creative?
Dark Lord (6 months ago)
Dan:i don't want to destroy all of it(the carpet) Destroys all of it
Alyssa Rights15 (6 months ago)
This vid is soooo old Now😰😲😲😲
The Falk (6 months ago)
The smok thingi re minds me off sanfing 😨😨😨😅
TheDolphin Ocean (6 months ago)
Hazmat Team : You can't come in here sir, This This is Protected ground. DanTDM : No I think i can go in, I own this Lab Me : Haha Take that Hazmat Team
Matthew k (17 days ago)
Bringing home the lolz
Apex E (22 days ago)
saldory concha (6 months ago)
saldory concha (6 months ago)
Brayden Dunmire (7 months ago)
Brayden Dunmire (7 months ago)
Brayden Dunmire (7 months ago)
Brayden Dunmire (7 months ago)
Nicholas Zehnder (7 months ago)
plz do not say damn plz say dang
Shi Lagyap (7 months ago)
your so cool

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