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I decided to take a look at GirlsGoGames and found something odd...Girls obsessions! MAKING YOUTUBERS PRINCESSES Check out these Playlist! --------------------------------------------------------- Surgeon Simulator - Co-Op! ► - http://bit.ly/RCQSSCoOp Animated Shorts ► - http://bit.ly/iHCAnimatedShorts Husband VS Wife ► - http://bit.ly/Husband_Vs_Wife Top 10 Videos of the Month! ►http://bit.ly/iHCTop10 Follow me --------------------------------------------------------- Twitter - https://twitter.com/iHasCupquake Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tiffyq... Instagram - http://instagram.com/tiffyquake Follow Red ------------------------------------------------------- Twitter - https://twitter.com/redb15 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/redb15/ Music Credit --------------------------------------------- BigGiantCircles http://music.biggiantcircles.com http://twitter.com/biggiantcircles http://facebook.com/biggiantcircles Music by Podington Bear From The Sound of Picture Production Library soundofpicture.com
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Text Comments (8449)
Mylana Wijayanti (5 hours ago)
The "Dotted Girl'' is Marrinette from ML (Miraculous Ladybug)
Valhallan 101 (2 days ago)
8:19 it’s lady bug from the tales of ladybug and cat noir
Natasha Rocha (2 days ago)
Its ladybug from the show miraculous
WolfieTracks1 (3 days ago)
The dotted girl is Miraculous Ladybug...I was on that site a few days ago and there are so many "Dotted Girl" games...I'm so confused why they have Miraculous Ladybug in one of their tragic PREGNACY GAMES. I'm not complaining... I just enjoy watching you play the PREGNANCY GAMES.... and yes I do have to capitalize PREGNACY GAMES just bc I feel like it. Love your channel btw.
Barbara Flaherty (3 days ago)
dotted girl is realy called ladybug from miraculess
guadalupe alvarez (4 days ago)
9:16 its a super hero her name is lady bug
Isabel Ross (6 days ago)
15:36 it’s Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time as an ice cream cone and the penguin’s Gunter from Adventure Time
Katie Sims (6 days ago)
I know this is like all fun and games and such, but in the skin game for rapunzel and you zapped the skin and it put bugs in her skin, that is a thing but you don’t need a gun to put bugs in your skin. From what I see that bug looks like a tick and ticks are known for digging into people’s skin and they usually are very tiny and sometimes their very big like the size of a seed, but these bugs will dig into your skin and release bacteria into your body causing some disease called lyme disease. You usually have very flu like symptoms and as some have described the pain in their body is so bad they can’t get out of bed. My friends mom had Lyme and her mom lost clumps of hair lost like so much weight it was too unhealthy and she ended up going to the hospital because she was diagnosed in the time of 2 months so she managed to get most of the bacteria out of her body, but she still gets sick from time to time. My other friend her mom also had Lyme but she still had Lyme and she still gets sick from time to time. You usually have to take 20-25 pills in a day to fight off the bacteria which makes you sick. So that is a thing that bug is called a tick and it causes Lyme. Love you Tiffy 💜
Hey You (7 days ago)
Y the heck do little girls like playing games about pregnant princesses???
luvuenvy (9 days ago)
I love you and I subscribed
ThePingPlant (12 days ago)
Late but these bugs are zecken ⬅️german
tabby wabby (15 days ago)
the dotted girl is from a cartoon network
tabby wabby (15 days ago)
my diary in my phone and ain't nobody getting in there without knowing my password ha hackers no password no secrets
Devin Hedspeth (17 days ago)
MARIENETTE, WHY?!!!!!! WHY ARE YOU PREGNANT?!!!!! WHAT HAS CAT (CHAT) NOIR BEEN DOING TO YOU?!!!!!!!!! Yes, Cupquake. You are missing out. Her name is Marienette from Miraculous Ladybug
Harrypottergirls (19 days ago)
Starr N (19 days ago)
Anyone who reads this comment Have a amazing day!!
Katelinn Dzierzanski (20 days ago)
I think those bugs in her skin where ticks,if they are yup it’s a real thing
Sunshine Asomugha (21 days ago)
That dotted girls name is ladybug on Netflix
Gertu's life (21 days ago)
You have to know what the bugs were cause they can carry deadly viruses and the bigs are ticks
annagames (21 days ago)
It looks like the pregnant princess bffs swallowed a ball XD
Averi Biggins (21 days ago)
Carolyn Rice (22 days ago)
Try mafia for more girlgames😊😉
Fatemeh Bakhtour (23 days ago)
It’s from miraculous ladybug
joshua Crawford (23 days ago)
Christina Lloyd (25 days ago)
gamer Rachel (25 days ago)
Dotted girl is ladybug
Francine Flores (26 days ago)
Barbie Rapunzel and Disney Rapunzel
Paul Monk (27 days ago)
Why is this so disturbing
Angel wolf GG (27 days ago)
Ooo nooohahaha
Rossy kitty (27 days ago)
Ok but the ladybug one, is super gross. She’s freaking 14 years old in the show.
Puggle :3 (27 days ago)
Your amazing and soooooooooooooo pretty!
Rj _awsome (27 days ago)
9:45 she is a superhero from a TV show
Monica Walker (27 days ago)
Goldie has bad skin😣😞😔😰
Galaxy_Fox (27 days ago)
I don't wanna be popular tbh
mnm girl (28 days ago)
the dot in a red suit is form miraculous ladybug her name is Mary-net
Cinnamon The Catahoula (29 days ago)
Isn’t Ladybug like 16 years old?
meme kitty (29 days ago)
*How to become popular at school* fortnite add pops up
Okalani Delores-Clark (29 days ago)
The bugs on Rapunzel were ticks
Nevaeha Crawford (30 days ago)
Omg know I’m so scared for 3ed grade
Amy Serrano (1 month ago)
Hi i am Amy and tu like👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Genevieve Gandara (1 month ago)
The doted girl is ladybug
Roblox Storys (1 month ago)
omg ur the best u make me feel good after school because some days i get bullied and my family is broken but i love u cupquake #cupquake squad :)
Kaeden Higgs (1 month ago)
That is ladybug
Marianna Dupain-cheng (1 month ago)
Thats ladybug! ! !
Espeon Vlogz (1 month ago)
4:59 the are ticks which are real
Terecita Baker (1 month ago)
Teyah Alain (1 month ago)
Hey Cupquak did you know that panda's are going extincted, but people are trying there best to help them and they are doing pretty good so far. At least there not DABBING panda's. Also i am a late comment so you may see this aroouuund maybeeee, i dont know but i am late, also i love your videos and...can you please stop playing these weird games, there killing my eyes...PLEASE DONT PLAY ANOTHER ONE OF THESE GAMES!!!!!!!!!
Tabitha Hirniesen (1 month ago)
The red dotted girl she's ladybug she has her own show and a game on Roblox
That is the miraculous ladybug and she's a Superhero
cat lover (1 month ago)
Sylvi On (1 month ago)
Well spoken
Maddo OuO (1 month ago)
Wt# exuse my language omg why is it dotted girl I looked on the website there is even a game where she is ladyBIRD
Eden Moore (1 month ago)
You capped it but I don't think you know a capped means
ItsMichi Suki (1 month ago)
That girl is ladybug
Abrielle Ellis (1 month ago)
It'sYaGirlChloe Gaming (1 month ago)
It's Miraculous Ladybug! AKA Dotted Girl
Bob Faulk (1 month ago)
So funny
Saki Miyu (1 month ago)
The spotted girl is off a telivison show where a girl has to act like a normal student when she also has a secret super hero side (Called ladybug) and that's what she was wearing also she has a crush on a guy who does the same thing but he is cat man and he has a crush on her real self. Test only sees her hero side as a co worker
Connie Taylor (1 month ago)
the red dot girl is a girl that a super hero lol
The Grammar Nazi (1 month ago)
The 21st century is a very dangerous century.
Brent Howarth (1 month ago)
lol the dotted girl is lady bug
Esteban Garza (1 month ago)
That doded girl is named Ladbug
ramdriver79 (1 month ago)
Omg these games im going back to mineblox roblox & minecraft :/
ramdriver79 (1 month ago)
OK IL WASH MY HANDS *WASH YOUR HANDS SO YOU DONT LOOK LIKE SICK RAPUNZEL!!!* 😂😂😂 dont do what the gAmes tell you to do do what your heart says!
Sandy Animations (1 month ago)
What the frick is this?
Audreylikesswans (1 month ago)
Why is everyone talking about ladybug
Audreylikesswans (1 month ago)
Also ladybug is too young to have a child she's like 15
UnicornPoop Omotola (1 month ago)
Ladybug and cat noir
kappyblu (1 month ago)
I don't think ladybug's outfit can tear
Cat Eyes :3 (1 month ago)
No just no.... Never wanting to go on this website... IF LADY BUG SAW THIS SHE WOULD BE FREAKED OUT
Jcouz 9278 (1 month ago)
The dotted girl is ladybug and if she pregnant by cat noir but on the other why she still fighting crime that’s his job right now
Grace Garrett (1 month ago)
Girls go games stop calling Rapunzel blondie
EPICweekend Maysaa (1 month ago)
Dotted girl ooo they ment ladybug xD
Lolly Womp (1 month ago)
just if you don't know DOTTED GIRL is MARINETTE DUPENCHANG FROM MIRACULOUS TALES OF LADY BUG AND CHAT NOIR!!! ON NETFLIX!!! SHE IS ALSO IN LOVE WITH ADRIEN AGREST!!!! it ok though I let it go-ish cause you mean no harm
Fox Girl (1 month ago)
I do cupcake I do
McKenzie Hankins (1 month ago)
McKenzie Hankins (1 month ago)
I ment ticks not chicks
McKenzie Hankins (1 month ago)
The bugs are called chicks that time suck your blood to get fatter you know
McKenzie Hankins (1 month ago)
Leah Harvey (1 month ago)
those were tikes in her skin (sorry for my spelling)
Emily Swalef (1 month ago)
All of these games are probably targeted towards people with the oddest fetishes imaginable
Faith Hope Rivera (1 month ago)
The Dotted Girl Is Lady Bug From Miraculous Tales Of Lady Bug And Cat Noir
Crystel x random W (1 month ago)
The dotted girl's name is ladybug from miraculous
This is Us (1 month ago)
*that dotted girl is from a new show called miraculous lady bug and she is lady bug aka marinate. Lol.*
Maria fcom (1 month ago)
Thats lady bug I has cupqake.
dat tad (1 month ago)
those bugs where tics. i should know because my friends the black holes plus my friends had tics before
Jordan Kosick (1 month ago)
its ladybug and girlsgogames should go frick themselves
LoveMoonheart (1 month ago)
The blue haired girl wearing the red and black girlfriend named ladybug
Gracie Files (1 month ago)
The dotted girl is miraculous ladybug lol
Frisk Sans (1 month ago)
Your name is ladybug
Maggie Games (1 month ago)
Dotted girl? LADYBUG YOU CREEP WHO MAD ETHAT GAME! not you Tiffany
millie tognon (1 month ago)
I Subscribe to WAY to many people :p INCLUDING U! KEEP IT UP GURLLLL
Gracinator 101 (1 month ago)
Dotted girl is miracles lady bug 🐞 it’s a tv 📺 show that I love 💖
catsrc00l dude (1 month ago)
She is just curious
Cecilia Pardo (1 month ago)
That's miraculous ladybug
Adiana Mitchell (1 month ago)
What person in the right name would call Marinette dotted girl I mean like come on
g ruch (1 month ago)
Katsuki Bakugo (1 month ago)
The dotted girl is a super hero from a show called Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir .Her name is Marinette or Ladybug.
Who else thinks tiff should play animal jam. Like please you'll like it and probably get addicted anyways on it my user is mythicalshyshadow
Anicats (1 month ago)
The dotted girl is Miracalous ladybug, its on Netflix I think.....🐞😂
Talefigure Fan123 (1 month ago)
I see Animal Jam yayyy

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