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4 TRULY Unique Minecraft 1.13 Seeds!

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» Facts & Lists Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZUjf6oq6l9DOOhkUMc3DBIO » Discord - http://discord.gg/AntVenom » Subscribe - http://bit.ly/AntVenomSubscribe SEEDS 1) 655646328 - https://minecraftseedhq.com/ocean-ruin-above-ground/ 2) 2728538 - https://minecraftseedhq.com/ocean-ravine-blacksmith-village/ 3) 6598049644281182790 4) SECRETEYE - https://minecraftseedhq.com/island-surrounded-iceberg-flow/ SOCIAL MEDIA » Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AntVenom » Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AntVenomPage » Instagram - http://instagram.com/TheAntVenom » TwitchTV - http://twitch.tv/AntVenom PLACES I GET MUSIC » http://c418.bandcamp.com/ » YouTube Audio Library (Rollanddrop) Air Hockey Saloon by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/vendaface/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
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Text Comments (867)
Rose fur (3 hours ago)
I like how we swim because I swim same! (I have broken English I know)
Iris Winter (1 day ago)
Do u know how Niki manaj jas a big butt... Well , I once put Niki minaj as a seed... And I spawned next to a herd of donkeys😂
DOGE9898989 (1 day ago)
go to 1658642414
Captain Crazeh (2 days ago)
This was amazing. you should really make more of these. :)
xxSpaceCookie :D (2 days ago)
I think the SECRETEYE seed seems really cool!
Mary Lou Montoya (3 days ago)
Use the seed robot
True Nord (3 days ago)
Greeting greeted, you are greeted
PsychoMew (4 days ago)
why did i keep hearing urine luck
Andy Kaufman (4 days ago)
Tridents make me horny daddy
The Quiet Fox (4 days ago)
would not like to swim on cold waters.
TigerOfWind (4 days ago)
That SECRETEYE seed was so cool!
Kyx The Gamer (4 days ago)
Bedrock 1.13 seed: ZooVsYet Spawn on a small island with a village with a stronghold in the ocean and a shipwreck crashed into the stronghold. There’s also an ocean monument nearby.
Official ATF HQ (5 days ago)
Marx was a capitalist, he wrote a entire book about it.
I really love the new oceans but I really don't like how everything is gravel. Sand underwater seems really rare.
Onii Chan Shiki (5 days ago)
Secret eye doesn’t work
Peter Ge (5 days ago)
Here's a cool seed for 1.13: 2100030933 It spawns you right next to a forest and a mountain biome with the following: - An absolutely gigantic cave system with lots of coal and iron - An abandoned mineshaft - 2 ravines
meganoid animations (6 days ago)
I found a ship underground
instantnoob (7 days ago)
Upon looking at my recommendeds, I was immediately greeted by this video and I clicked on it to be immediately greeted by immediately greeted by immediately greeted by immediately greeted by immediately greeted by immediately greeted by immediately greeted by
Kwotch (7 days ago)
Well, the time has come, when we finally forget the 404 for good.
De Cookie (7 days ago)
So do these work with mcpe as well?
Double_decker 2 (7 days ago)
At 275 67 -415 in the first seed, there is another ship on land
CickyBlunt 241 (7 days ago)
wow the 3rd was a real chalenge if u ask me because u needed to take wood from the shipwreck and make a boat and then head north at least thats how i started off
GoodJohnDoggo (7 days ago)
Sea picklez
Brian Vaughn (8 days ago)
Seed number 9193550348282680149 has above water ruins near spawn, coral reefs, and tons of loot. Set to Large Biomes.
Nikos Kefalogiannis (9 days ago)
They added all the things in oceans ..now it's time for desert
SamanthaWitchUK (9 days ago)
the SECRETEYE command also has a swamp with a "sunken" ship on land.
Kyle Bohyer (9 days ago)
I'm sad they didn't work because I'm on Xbox one):
Min-hwa Lee (9 days ago)
I built something in the SECRETEYE world
Generic Name jpg (10 days ago)
Try the seed: Fre sh A vaca do Not a joke, there's a huge coral ocean nearby
RealToxicHam (10 days ago)
You’ll IMMEDIATELY be greeted by...
Aubrey Moore (10 days ago)
That's amazing I'm going to try every single one and make my base right at spawn
Meowkitty Meowmeow (11 days ago)
The SECRETEYE of a frozen storm!
Derpy Derpstein (11 days ago)
I found a shipwreck that was not a shipwreck; it was a ship floating on the water
bendy man 1199 (11 days ago)
i seen a LAND village under water
SuperBot Gamer (12 days ago)
For real
SuperBot Gamer (12 days ago)
I have a seed it's for icebergs the seed is:12345678910
Matthew Metcalf (12 days ago)
Antvenom, your videos now sound like a 6th grader’s essay. I am a fan of your old content, but this new content is painful to sit through. I am sorry that you headed into this direction. You said “immediately greeted by” atleast 7 times in the video.
Minecraft kid (13 days ago)
"Immediately greeted by" count: 4.
AceUzumaki (13 days ago)
If anyone wants another good 1.13 seed try this one, 160122442049502706. Nothing too special, just a village at spawn. That's what I thought until I started hunting for a stronghold and discovered it was under the village that was located at spawn. So you can explore the stronghold early. Also closest ocean is to the southwest of spawn.
Justin Zou (13 days ago)
SECRETEYE has to be the best one I’ve seen yet.
Sir Will Fire (13 days ago)
Nice pun in the intro lol
czechmate (13 days ago)
One of my first 1.13 loads had two ruins above water with s third half submerged. If I’d known they were rare I would have saved it.
Dan Raskin (13 days ago)
I found a seed that to me looks pretty good, 8400201416097771788, first, if you build a couple blocks up at spawn and look to the east, you will see a beautiful mixture of jungle and a swamp river. Second, couple blocks to the South there is a village (3 farms, 2 double farms, 2 big houses, 1 library, 1 butcher shop and 3 small houses from all kinds). Last, if you cross the river that right in front of you and walk like 20 blocks to the left you will see behind you a pretty cool cace in a desert hill that can serve as a base. You spawn in a plains and right next to a desert, swamp, jungle and a mountain. But what ever you do, DO NOT GI TO THE DESERT TEMPLE!!! EVER!
MSQRD Massacre (13 days ago)
#2 and #3 sound amazing
That's it iamma trying all of em
NightRaven (15 days ago)
Upon (insert action) you’ll immediately be greeted by ( etc )
Minecraft kid (12 days ago)
NightRaven yah
ponozciik (15 days ago)
Here is my seed where you have like a village with those "underwater" ruins - 29720181316
The Human Bean (15 days ago)
If he says "immediately be greeted" one more time I'll fucking snap.
Zack Aquamarine 6XZ (15 days ago)
I would stick to the coral reef seed... I need corals to make my Subnautica Minecraft (a.k.a SubnautiCraft)
Arthur Lacy (15 days ago)
So, im on version 1.13, and the first seed did not end up being what is showcased. Do i need to change any settings, before creation?
dcn (16 days ago)
Zachary Perkins (16 days ago)
*urine luck*
carlinhoscarlos (16 days ago)
Take a shot every "immediately greeted"
mepple (16 days ago)
i did NOT know seeds also affected the mobs spawning in the surrounding area right after you spawn!
Mysticwolf54 (16 days ago)
You lied to me 😝 Im kidding. But seriously I had tried two of these seeds on the switch version but it didn't work. Were they for the pc version? Can these work on console. I will love to find seeds like this with the new update on the consoles.
Jake Kanive (16 days ago)
Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says "Immediately greeted by".
Iron armor should be made with iron blocks. It would make leather armor more meaningfull since you cant just make an iron set in 10 minutes. (Also it will become rare)
Thomas Owen (16 days ago)
WaterBoyz (17 days ago)
im 1 year older than minecraft
Globby Dobb (17 days ago)
minecraft... Y U NO BE NORMAL?
iamdarkyoshi (17 days ago)
Edward Burns (17 days ago)
the last one is the best
Pixel Dino (17 days ago)
I hate my life. Now I have to start a new survival world.
AmazedKevin618 (17 days ago)
I think I'm playing SECRETEYE seed. I just created mine randomly! what are the chances?
Ekko Roberts (17 days ago)
The amount of times he says 'greeted' though
Echo (17 days ago)
*immediately greeted*
Mimimoru Tenu (17 days ago)
Ive found 3 underwater ruins on land too.
Purple Turtle17 (17 days ago)
655646328 Above Ground ruins
LunarAircraft (17 days ago)
I have found a world where you spawn near a jungle that forms a bay with coral reefs and a bunch of wrecks around, there's also parrots spawning near spawn
Allan Bonayon (18 days ago)
Lol I just found at least 8 ruins in land like on top of a hill
Scott Page USMC (18 days ago)
Use "Ocean" seed. Start on an island with a ocean monument within 100 blocks. Head West a few hundred blocks to find trees and sheep. Dogs are on another island within 50 blocks of spawn.
Zyrom121 (18 days ago)
I put in the 64-bit integer limit as a seed. You won’t believe what happened.
FuzzyBlueWolf (18 days ago)
Wow I love the new update and now there are already discovered seeds that are epic
Jesse Robbins (18 days ago)
i think the last one is the craziest... and the COOLEST!!! i should remember to try that one at some point
Justin Thomison (18 days ago)
These seeds didn’t work for me on Xbox one
MRHOUNDEYEcz (18 days ago)
Minecraft genetations today, so crazy. But Terraria has some weird too
Anthony LaVerdiere (18 days ago)
I was playing minecraft with a friend and we found a woodland mansion not 300 blocks from spawn
Kristina Brown (18 days ago)
are these for mobile?
Eddy Grullon (19 days ago)
This is the best Minecraft 1.13 seed ever I like it 😱😁😁😀
Rebel Asriel (19 days ago)
I found an underwater stronghold in an ocean
Olli Rawl (19 days ago)
Damn that last seed is so good
Fruitstalker The NW/RW (19 days ago)
Well... Your in luck
Bognog 04 (19 days ago)
Mojang: These ruins will spawn underwater. Antvenom: Hold my potion of watter breathing potion
Alejandro Garcia (19 days ago)
Using these now
Andrew Baker (19 days ago)
Just to let everyone know who’s coming to the comments to see if it works on the switch, it doesn’t.
Kai Quiara (19 days ago)
You’ll be greeted by
10 is allowed (19 days ago)
The last one was AWSOME
Cameron Gray (19 days ago)
On PE I have the first world I opened, not st spawn I found the first thing: under an iceberg biome there was an underground water ravine under ice with a ship in it like half in the walls. The second cool thing in the world is there is a lagoon surrounded with sand and there are 3 above ground ruins
wolfgod100 (20 days ago)
If Minecraft starts working for me I will try and make a under water bace/habitat on it
Ace12GA (20 days ago)
My very first random seed in 1.13 had 4 above water ruins within 100 blocks of spawn. I just thought it was normal at first.
Samuel Gill (20 days ago)
Specialize note distinction murzduk lemon knee vision would creation.
Aleksander Bieńkowski (20 days ago)
I've Got a similiar world to the last one - it's also surrounded by ice.
Rewd (20 days ago)
That first seed isn't too much unique. I created my first world in 1.13 with a random seed and I found underwater structures on surface with drowned zombies too... :/
Fendix (20 days ago)
Anthony the gamer 64 (20 days ago)
I subscribed
Alfred Martin (20 days ago)
The very first world I created in this update gave me a tiny island in the middle of a deep ocean with a single tree. I got killed by drowned mobs repeatedly because they just kept swarming out of the water before I could even craft anything! My second was a much larger island without any trees, so I facepalmed and deleted it.
Joshua Jordan (20 days ago)
Definitely using secreteye
Kevin Zhang (20 days ago)
take a shot everytime he says "greeted"
william howo (20 days ago)
maxie fuqua (20 days ago)
I didn't know seeds could titled with words. I thought they were just numbers. Also I got a pretty cool seed on my 1.13 survival world. I have 3 different forrests all right next to each other with a huge river running all around them. And to the South of all that is a small ice spikes biome with with HUGE coral reef about 100 blocks south. (This seed does seem to have a serious lack of sugercane though. I had to run about 900 blocks to find it.) Haven't found an ocean monument yet though.

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