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DOWNLOAD LINKS AND OTHER INFORMATION BELOW! Hello Everyone! This is a follow up to my first Top 10 video this can be found here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzaN-TAnQBM) What I will be doing is going over 10 more top plugins that I think need to be known. I did my best to not feature plugins that are already known about like Essentials and Worldedit. So please enjoy the video! Top 10 Plugins: 10. VoxelSniper - http://goo.gl/fsxLr 9. BattleKits - http://goo.gl/rKMD9 8. Bloodmoon - http://goo.gl/08uYD 7. HealthBar - http://goo.gl/NQHuv 6. FirstJoinPlus - http://goo.gl/novgV 5. Skillz - http://goo.gl/clBvR 4. LoginSecurity - http://goo.gl/7U1yy 3. WorldBorder - http://goo.gl/H0tkR 2. Fe - http://goo.gl/yM4hf 1. CraftBook - http://goo.gl/6lglb Awesome Tags are Awesome: top 10, top 10 bukkit plugins, top 10 sever mods, top 10 minecraft server mods, minecraft server mods, server mods, VoxelSniper, BattleKits, Bloodmoon, HealthBar, FirstJoinPlus, Skillz, LoginSecurity, WorldBorder, Fe, CraftBook, bukkit, bukkit plugins, plugins, tutorial, top, techhutus, techhut
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Text Comments (337)
XxSky GamerXx (6 months ago)
` ` ` ` ` ` ` ``
Mr DuckLingDick (1 year ago)
iWindowsXP (1 year ago)
Dude get a better pc ur minecraft is pretty laggy not gonna lie
GamesmanTV 1234 (1 year ago)
denco krafia viste ale jkokot
banana man (1 year ago)
Secretcodrin (1 year ago)
not usefull enough. i want something like timber, or sethomes, or interesting mechaincs (e.g. more complex villages or npc human attacks, npc enemy bases)
Ultimat3Gam3BG (1 year ago)
Secretcodrin Sethome - Essentials
Secretcodrin (1 year ago)
Hello there kind youtube user, i''m looking...actually was looking for plugins that gave the base game new mechanics or something among the lines. like easy to use elevators, bridges, enemy npcs bases that can attack, those kind of things. in other words new fun mechanics and features that are easy and quick to use. oh and i need to tell that should be in a survival fashion.
The Yeti (1 year ago)
Hey sir, I see you need help.. You could check out my channel. I will do plugins videos everyday! what is the plugin you need hepllp with?
Secretcodrin (1 year ago)
well...then it's youtube's fault for being a pile of sierra for providing me old videos
Willeexd (1 year ago)
NiceSecretcodrin it is from 2013...
Joe Q (1 year ago)
Why do you use Ubuntu for Minecraft?
David67481 (1 year ago)
My opinion is windows is the best :-)
ZeroGaming19 (1 year ago)
what version is craftbook is there 1.10
PixelTube (2 years ago)
Lol! 11,111 subs GG!
Emman Scorpion (2 years ago)
does anyone know what the prefix plugin is?
lucky how do u use permissions ex i want to make it so if a knew player joins they get a user tag and not just a normal name
Lucky Luckiest (2 years ago)
U can use GroupManager or PermissionsEX They are used for permissions and prefix and sufix! :D
Luzin Zyrith (2 years ago)
+Emman Scorpion I think its is to label what you are, for example if you are the owner you can put a cool kind of text with colour and everytime you talk it will say that you are the owner or whatever. Just search on it up Youtube.
PhexYT (2 years ago)
on 0:12 u said buckit plugin not minecraft buckit plugin
TyFinGo (2 years ago)
MikeyXV (2 years ago)
At 1:05 what is the Welcome BrandonHopkins called.
Plasma (2 years ago)
+lexneet Glad I could help!
MikeyXV (2 years ago)
+Tech Kid I figured it out, it doesn't work on newer servers, but there's still a way to fix it. Me and my friends did it on our server. Still thanks though.
Plasma (2 years ago)
+lexneet It's essentials, and you have to configure it for it to say that I believe.
NessPhoenix (2 years ago)
Dijo sida jaja
Th3Music R3mix3r (1 year ago)
Tieg2001 (2 years ago)
lol -Mike
luckygamer505 (2 years ago)
can you make one for 2016
Taikez (2 years ago)
Hey can anyone answer? What's the difference from getting a server for free from minecraft.net or renting a server from a host
Taikez (2 years ago)
+Toxip I get no lag from mc.net. Thanks for the reply though
Rockomelon (2 years ago)
How do we know how to use some of these plugins
Antares (2 years ago)
+Rockomelon Trollz Google
Just Delano (2 years ago)
Danny Bui (2 years ago)
MartyCon Productions (2 years ago)
I'm setting up a server at the moment and the plugins are baffling me. I want to keep the game as vanilla as I can but there are certain plugins I want in it that will require certain permissions to stop just anyone using the commands as OP vs DEOP is all or nothing. I can't wrap my head around permissions at all
MartyCon Productions (2 years ago)
+TheChiefPenguin It's alright. I contacted my server host and they did it all for me. I wanted to try it myself but I couldn't do it in the end
YanderePenguin (2 years ago)
Need some help?
SpikeDoesGaming (2 years ago)
SuuCookie (2 years ago)
very good :)
This is a noob plugins
+ReconModdingTeam - {Leader: ReconModding} ikr
JigZz PvP (2 years ago)
+‫עזבתי את הערוץ ביי ביי‬‎ learn how to write Sentences u noob "This is a noob plugins" Its "These Are Noob Plugins"
Aloysius Wong (2 years ago)
+‫עזבתי את הערוץ ביי ביי‬‎ Come i clap for your great english
+TheGamingBaconz - Minecraft and More i don't want to shut up beacuse noob say me to shut up! xD
+עזבתי את הערוץ ביי ביי  Kid, shut up.
Haise The Reaper (3 years ago)
what about the silk touch spawners plugin
Trevinator (3 years ago)
i love FirstJoinPlus!
Typ1cal (3 years ago)
If I had a dollar for every Dar dude sandstorm I've heard I'd be Michael Jordan
Roberto Saravia (3 years ago)
I think you would be good at asmr
Bender Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Sweet man! first linux U Tuber ive seen and great vid!
Xander TutoPlayer (3 years ago)
Voxel sniper is useless if you have world edit cuz you can do the same with world edit
David Visser (3 years ago)
lol ubuntu :D
egg specialist rev.1 (3 years ago)
haha ja
TheDogManuel (3 years ago)
no entiendo nay
TheSodaGamer (3 years ago)
How to delete commands for op can you show?
G00D VIDEO! Dije buen video xD
KJWPlayz (3 years ago)
what about world edit
Quick Tutorials (2 years ago)
+kjw playz listen to him at the start "face palm"
stampylongheadd (3 years ago)
ใครเล่น Minecraft 1.6.2 มั้ง IP: ใครเล่น Minecraft 1.7.2 มั้ง IP: เซิฟอาจจะไม่สวยเพราะพึ้งเปิด Colo 24Hr. 1.6.2 มี MiniGames สนุกๆมากๆๆๆครับ 1.7.2 มี MiniGame สนุกๆมากมาย
Mitch Luck (3 years ago)
does any one wonder where techhut went. the webist isnt even up
HighOctivity (3 years ago)
I'm going to start a server thats KitPVP and survival but with a twist! :) Basically there's gonna be custom weapons like swords that poison you or give blaze rods that heal you, etc. Hope this turns out like I hope! :D
im actually facing a problem in my server players doesn't have access to any commands
+Buff “BuffaloQuasar” alo +Max AQW use zPermissions works so much better and all in game
+Buff alo Thanks
Buffalo Q (3 years ago)
Get GroupManager, do /manuaddp (Command 1) (Command 2) (Command 3) (Command 4) ....
MinecraftMtnMan (3 years ago)
Thx.  Nice clear vid and saw a couple I haven't before..
Connor_480 (3 years ago)
What is a plugin to have ranks like owner? (Bc Idk how to have [Owner] Connor_480 :/
+Connor_480 Use zPermissions it is the only one that worked for me
Ms Amethyst (3 years ago)
I think you may be looking for a permission plugin like GroupManager 
Director Meade (3 years ago)
hey i was wondering if there is a way to let players unlock kits as they gain XP.. do you know a plugin that can do this?
Mirage Blade (3 years ago)
Show some excitement when u talk Jesus that was so boring
lovely (4 years ago)
dudes don't get the first one , you can just use WorldEdit Wayy better plugin :) not trying to be mean btw :)
Abnormal Shadow (4 years ago)
Join server
Cebvn (4 years ago)
Lol noob
Rednecks in Bushes (4 years ago)
dude you know you need to portforward and find out your external ip address
Lakusar (4 years ago)
VoxelSniper has a virus which brokes your essentials plugin!!! I had vixelsniper on my server and everything in essentials gone wrong!!!
Butter (3 years ago)
Voxel sniper is a widely known plugin, it would not have any viruses on it, therefore it was not voxel sniper..
You.. Stole... My... Favourite... incompetech... Music...
Sup Chameleon (4 years ago)
Ward Alissa (4 years ago)
Give that kid a cookie.
Quelklef (4 years ago)
Finally a list that has ACTUALLY USEFUL PLUGINS! The others are like, o yea get this cannon plugin you can shoot cannons lol
Emily Melhut (4 years ago)
is it me or does the intro sound like my mum farting?
brandon auna (4 years ago)
Holas... el de dinero cual seria?
Jeffhardddyyy (4 years ago)
This is helpful Subbed!
Peaceful BigFoot (4 years ago)
It work on singleplayer? please! help
Quelklef (4 years ago)
+cebvn Oh. Oopsies :3
Cebvn (4 years ago)
+Quelklef If you read my whole last comment you see that i say you can whitelist it!
Quelklef (4 years ago)
+cebvn You didn't say that, but yes.
Cebvn (4 years ago)
Yes, i know but if you don't want people to join you can whitelist!
Quelklef (4 years ago)
+cebvn That's untrue. People can join via LAN, or if you have something like Hamachi open people can join.
Killer Creeper556 ツ! (4 years ago)
404 Not Found >:(
IgorKoudinov (4 years ago)
Do u need a bucket server to do this?
Quelklef (4 years ago)
Bukkit*, and yes.
Munchy (4 years ago)
what about adminfun?
Jurek Heylen (4 years ago)
tnx guy
faith (4 years ago)
i needed this so much. thank you!
Consolador Daroy (4 years ago)
:D Bloodmoon + Gerudoku faithful :D
Rui Ribeiro (4 years ago)
AuthMe is best
Wireless (4 years ago)
He has linux !
Joost S (4 years ago)
Better use MCMMO instead of Skillz
Quelklef (4 years ago)
Joost S (4 years ago)
+Quelklef I prefer it because MCMMO includes more skills. Also, many servers (I played on) have MCMMO so it's easier for more players.
Quelklef (4 years ago)
David Martin-Lee (4 years ago)
Worldboarder - exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
JuanHungLo (4 years ago)
#Kangaroo-Plugin http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/kangaroo-rocket/
Bryce Dunn (4 years ago)
Can you have all those plugins at once on your server?
SCRAZ GAMING (4 years ago)
the links are broken
SCRAZ GAMING (4 years ago)
doesn't work
ჟული (4 years ago)
Thanks! For the best plugin links yuu help me thx
ჟული (4 years ago)
names :D no links ;) :D
Jack Edwards (4 years ago)
Yes dude! You use Ubuntu, I always love to see another Ubuntu user :D
jack lyneham (4 years ago)
SpongeBoob SquareDork (4 years ago)
I want the one that lets u keep an area not to be mined
Quelklef (4 years ago)
You mean like Worldguard?
Hir0 (4 years ago)
Updated..... "Published on Jun 30, 2013"
Peter Cunningham (4 years ago)
same, but good review
JackCoolMiner (4 years ago)
I dont need help to do a bukkit server
Anthony Bova (4 years ago)
DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET THE PLUGIN TO WORK? I am getting a error message saying something like "no skill folder created for "player"" I cant find anything about this. I did find things about the skills not saving after server restart but Im not even getting the skills to show at all. Someone plz help! Thanks
ჯიგრები (4 years ago)
more videos you are the best 
WickedFigGamer (4 years ago)
Thanks Man!
Vhisp (4 years ago)
OMG it said BrandonHobkins joined the game and I have a friend named Brandon Hobkins in real life!
Silver Dash (4 years ago)
You are such a great speaker. I find it satisfying to listen to the information you are giving me. I hope to hear more videos from you. You got my Sub and Like My friend. I rarely Sub to Random Google search vids. Thank You. :D
StepanRUS (4 years ago)
Im russian
Joshua (4 years ago)
You're awesome!
umm..dude i was expecting download links but...
Justin Campoverde (3 years ago)
yea me to
PepperTheBlue (4 years ago)
Yes, if you make a mistake do you want someone to be smug and show off what you did wrong to make his/her self look better do you want one simple remark
Quelklef (4 years ago)
+menonmoon MC Wait... You're calling Tristan mean for correcting someone and you're not calling RetroGames mean for calling someone a dumbass!?
astera123451 (4 years ago)
+Hamza Rashid dude stfu and go back to malaysia.
Consolador Daroy (4 years ago)
+Consolador Daroy nvm
Hackronaut (4 years ago)
bloodmoon......total copy frm terraria
daniel Sollie (4 years ago)
What texture pack do you use?
DeepFriedSalsa (4 years ago)
Brady Horton (4 years ago)
yay finally we have a linux user
Mohit Shah (4 years ago)
CrazyCreeper2568 (4 years ago)
I just made a Minecraft Bukkit Server but every time I ask my friends to join they can't! Help!!! I tried portforward.com to portforward but I couldn't :/
CrazyCreeper2568 (4 years ago)
Thanks :D
MGN Poseidon (4 years ago)
Everyone come check out my server Ip:   the shop is not done yet but I have a cool spawn plz come check it out
Wireless (4 years ago)
Nice server!
Genaro Rodriguez (4 years ago)
When do you usually have the server up?
stinkycheese PvP (4 years ago)
join my awesome server :25651 looking for staff
TeamX Xtheme (4 years ago)
My VoxelSniper Came Out An Internal Error Something . How To Fix It ?
Randy Kennedy (4 years ago)
I'm currently going to start a bukkit server for a few friends and obviously me. We are all WoW players and I'm wondering if there's anything RPG, or quest-like that'll make minecraft more fun, since we get really bored in the game. Trading with merchants, selling stuff, completing quests for rewards, and bosses. Can anyone suggest anything? Or is this going toward mod related stuff, if it is, can I install a mod on a bukkit server for everyone to use?
Legoboy604 (1 year ago)
Randy Kennedy you should get essentialsX. All servers should have one.
Bob Horsenipple (4 years ago)
You can always use Slime Fun
zelisukimi (4 years ago)
http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/mcmmo/ It's for 1.6.4
Croix Wimer (4 years ago)
Well if you want mods on the server you will have to run a whole other kind of server don't worry it still has bukkit. It is called tekkit and also get forge all players will need to install the mod for the joining of the server. But there are some RPG bukkit plugins hope this helped! :D
Fangs Revived (4 years ago)
Well, I kind of see where you are going with so if I were you I'd go with Hexxit. The mod is its own client so there is no need to worry about modding, just install and BAM, you're there. There is also a hexxit plugin I believe. Hexxit is very RPG like. There are LOTS more items and randomly generated structures. Tekkit & others come with it so you won't get bored :) Heres the hexxit download link (You can find they plugin there somewhere) http://www.technicpack.net/hexxit#. Click download and navigate to the technic launcher. Download that and you've got tekkit. 
Yaakov IbnRussell (4 years ago)
bloodmoon is only up to 1.6.4!!!!!!!!!!!!
xPanda (4 years ago) Koin me. Non 24-7
Thepunchmaster (4 years ago)
Random Guy (4 years ago)
gee i wonder whare the blood moon idea came from cough terraria cough cough
Random Guy (4 years ago)
i know i just ment that wasnt that original i know people do it cuz they like the idea's i don't mind i was jk yk
L1N0z (4 years ago)
Daniel MCGaming (4 years ago)

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