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Minecraft Mods | SecurityCraft Mod | Secret Rooms, Explosives, Laser Security Systems | Mod Showcase

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Hey guys can we reach 300+ likes for such a cool mod? My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jared_Alec My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jaredalecrealm Minecraft Securitycraft mod:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1927847-172164forgev154smp-securitycraft-keypads-retinal-scanners-and-more/ Minecraft Securitycraft mod showcase! This awesome Minecraft mod adds in a bunch of security to protect your house and chest in Minecraft. This mod adds in lasers, explosives, keycards, and a bunch of different gadgets that will prevent your house being griefed in Minecraft. All music in this video was used with permission from its creator
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Text Comments (110)
Elias Sleiman (5 months ago)
Can u do like a securitycraft base so you build a base and then your friend tries to invade it and to try and kill u
Lee MacCloudy (8 months ago)
I tried to open the iron fence gate, i tried every redstone device but it didn't work
Justina Tang (11 months ago)
thank you so nobody can enter my castle
Tago (2 years ago)
The lasers emit a redstone signal so if you hook it up to an alarm block.
yoki lewis (2 years ago)
i love it by Dylan
Jayden Garza (2 years ago)
DragonMarking (2 years ago)
wow thx so much jaredalecrealm
Dark Frost (2 years ago)
lol the first jared is mining diamond but diamond was trap to explosive him lol
Reed Rupp (2 years ago)
i love the mines
Craftron (2 years ago)
For the track mine, you could have normal tracks, then halfway through, switch it to the mine to detonate!
Dr. Mlem (2 years ago)
urggg why does it say minecraft hippe...wait...u changed the name of the channel
Charles Hays (2 years ago)
We meet again!
White Kitten (3 years ago)
½ of a chicken
Benjamin Crawford (3 years ago)
I like it
SHAZAM Studios (3 years ago)
never change your intro plz i love it
Benjamin Crawford (3 years ago)
I like the mine because it sets fire
Dawn jackson (3 years ago)
hat min cills pigs i hate him
Luis Burgos (3 years ago)
someone please tell me how to use the inventory scanner please!
Ric Vega (3 years ago)
does it works with minecraft1.8.1?
Zacheru Ruhl (3 years ago)
--TheBudderMinerMC-- (3 years ago)
nice intro lol !
Knightzlash (3 years ago)
Are the bugs fixed?
bo win (3 years ago)
What the hell! Was that
quotyba ibrhaim (3 years ago)
You did not place the minecrat you placed stone mine
ItsOgShow cm (3 years ago)
The end of the intro was funny
Aiden Neves (3 years ago)
I fuckin love the trap cage *-*
Twin3agle (3 years ago)
you sound stoned bro
MoreFiredust (3 years ago)
Last comment
Tony Powell (4 years ago)
why do u wear diamond armor in every mod showcase?
Jared_p0gi 16 (4 years ago)
Lol my name is also Jared :)
AustinDaMew Timeisfast (4 years ago)
I love it
Jennifer Knight (4 years ago)
wowarcaft01 (4 years ago)
I jus say ow
yo that was cool but it needs mobs 
Evil Morty (4 years ago)
it prob will have sec bots
Soccersmasher (4 years ago)
delear3 (4 years ago)
Put it at MCA to protect ur family and castle
ShadowGamezz (4 years ago)
this all mines is cool
xLegendaryParkour (4 years ago)
What is the intro song? I love it. :O You earned a new sub man! Nice vid! ^-^
Christy Bodine (4 years ago)
I loved the beginning
Magma Ch33s3 (4 years ago)
Also 5:10 da fuck is with the pig dying in the background?!
Kerrianne Worthington (3 years ago)
Ikr it was probably the barrier thing
jack spedicy 2 (4 years ago)
his lava pit
Magma Ch33s3 (4 years ago)
How do you craft backwards pants? lol jk
Devin Ferris (4 years ago)
Hi theminecrafthippie
stefan loncarevic (4 years ago)
What mod is shaped crafting ?
Yuma Suomi (3 years ago)
Press r
Evan Haley (4 years ago)
"It's basically a password protected chest..." O rlly???
rafi antar saputra (4 years ago)
i have invaded 3 fortress with this mod and that so cool i got like bunch of diamond gold iron coal and sword
Hector Bringas (4 years ago)
You deserve to have at least a million subs cause it awesome
Sharlene Hamilton (4 years ago)
There is a new update the thing that does nothing detonates all mines placed
stabler burrito (4 years ago)
Add it to minecraft comes alive
Lawrence (4 years ago)
Iron trapdoor is in the new snapshot :D
TheHardCoreGamer (4 years ago)
Will this work on an xbox?
thecapito888 (4 years ago)
Where's sim u craft?
Luisa Torres Valdez (4 years ago)
Luisa Torres Valdez (4 years ago)
Love your canel
Sarah Vliet (4 years ago)
i tricked skydoesminecraft
Mat the killer (4 years ago)
You should add this to your mine craft comes alive
Nightlock (4 years ago)
Put in with MCA
DoctorStokkan (4 years ago)
That intro tho XD
Riezen Rodil (4 years ago)
Really lol yeah
ryle fernandez (4 years ago)
lol yeah
Kevin Goodwin (4 years ago)
Wat song is that in the intri
crafty chobber (4 years ago)
Awesome vid :D
Swift Skills (4 years ago)
Add this to your minecraft comes to life series 
Gabrel Garza (4 years ago)
What song is that
imgonnahulksmash (4 years ago)
Can SOMEONE please awake a cops vs robbers of this plaza?
imgonnahulksmash (4 years ago)
Please not plaza
imgonnahulksmash (4 years ago)
Frankie_Isola (4 years ago)
Frankie_Isola (4 years ago)
Add to mac
Gaming RamboGAMEZ (4 years ago)
This is what you should add in minecraft comes alive
William Resweber (4 years ago)
i originally found u on runescape a game i still play, and i will always love your content regardless of what game u play. LETS GO SPANK ME ARMY!!!
Pershon's Place (4 years ago)
I lold at the opening...
Just A Tuna (4 years ago)
Smoke 0 (4 years ago)
Seasons curlys
The Dark Assasin (4 years ago)
165th view :P
nicole dunn (4 years ago)
Pryceles Status (4 years ago)
keone kaheaku (4 years ago)
Love it
Jennifer Williams (4 years ago)
James bond
ifriendlycreeper (4 years ago)
Naked and Afraid (4 years ago)
you sre the best youtuber jared
Chaotic Jayant (4 years ago)
Nice video, what's your intro song?
Shirley Campbell (3 years ago)
I know its I don't want to look
Kittie Gaming42 (4 years ago)
How long will I love you dubstep
Naked and Afraid (4 years ago)
you are the best youtuber jared :-)
JaredAlecRealm (4 years ago)
Hey guys hope you all enjoy todays mod its a cool one :P
Lucky Gold (3 years ago)
Without a special tool.
Adam Pamment (4 years ago)
Hi and can you play with SSundee
the gamer (4 years ago)
and you can't mine the reinforced door
the gamer (4 years ago)
only the placer of the reinforced door can take it down
the gamer (4 years ago)
the laser doesn't kill you it makes a redstone signal so you could like open a trapdoor if you go through the laser
Henry T (4 years ago)
the CHOWSKI (4 years ago)
Hey dudes! I know advertisers get all the hate but I'm getting so close to 100 subs (I have more than 86, YouTube is glitching for me right now). If you're in the mood, feel free to check out my minecraft videos. Cheers guys!
Hever Sanchez (4 years ago)
btw love your videos minecrafthippie keep it up
Hever Sanchez (4 years ago)
psearcher08 (4 years ago)
1st and 2nd view
Kody (4 years ago)
First to say first

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