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Minecraft Server WAR! - Tyrants and Plebeians Mk.4 mod pack JOIN NOW

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The first large scale war has occurred in the tyrants and plebeians mark 4 mod pack server. Unlike previous server war videos, I tried to make this one have more of a resemblance to a military documentary and included crude maps to help explain the tactics and consequences of the decisions made during the war. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TyrantsEtPlebs Mod pack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tyrants-and-plebeians-mk4.1206890 Tip: go to technic settings and try to give the launcher at least 3 GB of ram to run this mod pack properly Discord: https://discord.gg/mAXxGTp
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Text Comments (64)
LandWhales4Sale (1 month ago)
For some reason it keeps crashing randomly, and i know it's not my ram because i put 8gb on the launcher. Is there anyway to fix this issue i would really appreciate it.
Pro_ Noob (3 months ago)
I can not connect to the modpack server :(
RockerGhost (3 months ago)
1:28 When someone has a better gun than you XD
I have a problem with flans mod ww2 pack when i place any tank my game crashes and i dont know what to do pls help
ParadoxalChannel (3 months ago)
You need the ‘simple parts’ pack from flansmod, and put that in the Flan folder. Tell me if you run into anything. As I downloaded it myself, and it worked just fine.
MrDodo (3 months ago)
What is wrong with the 1.12.2 modern warfare and ww2 content packs? The german 3d armor is pink and textureless but the non 3d ww2 armor stuff is fine and the stg44 is missing bits and textures and some of the modern tanks are fucked and have missing parts and textures as well I did install it correctly all the packs are inside the flan folder and the mod itself is in the mods folder
doge the dog (3 months ago)
Hey monorisu i tryed downloading mk4 but when it finished downloading i hit play and waited a hour and it didn't work and sugestion?
MineDash Kingdom (4 months ago)
I am having problems with the TDM Mode, of the date of 2018. Every time I try to join, it says: Something spooky is happening to the server! Mod rejections [FMLMod:openmodularturrets{2.2.10-237}]
MineDash Kingdom (4 months ago)
gameVLOGs _yt (4 months ago)
why u hate rr mod you jerk
King Commando (4 months ago)
Do more of these combat reports man!
Eldrazi Cat (4 months ago)
If it doesn’t break my PC, I’ll show up this summer, maybe.
Eldrazi Cat (3 months ago)
I fixed my PC, showed up, got bored, left.
JB0204 (3 months ago)
it will not but by the time of summer a new update will be out and there will be some changes
DWING Productions (5 months ago)
You should do a video on NavalClash!
Vince Chuan (5 months ago)
my launcher is stuck can someone help me pls?
Ivan Angnata (5 months ago)
Any chance that you will add Creative Mode to Singleplayer Campaign?
Dub (5 months ago)
Yes! More server wars!
Games GG (5 months ago)
Lab can u pls make brazil crack server
Play Fast (5 months ago)
Mods pack no virus?
Gorkinou (5 months ago)
Play Fast Yes
EvanzNextz (5 months ago)
Play Fast it’s in the description
Hello in minecraft flans mod sneider ca 1 tank yuppet and sein snamon
Henry Ng (5 months ago)
super fun video, record this type of battle more often, love it
Cow of the West (5 months ago)
Where are the reading lessons?
TheRealCloneguy (5 months ago)
Clapping Wow.... The most greatest war on earth
InvalidSyntax (5 months ago)
InvalidSyntax_ here! The war began with Elbram_Tsol doing some guerrilla warfare against Voltz. he called for help, and since we were allied, we provided. I initially went in with a F6A Hellcat to scout, but Wally44 shot me down. Voltz got mad that we went there in the first place, so war was declared. we spent about 20 minutes getting in the hind because our faction is full of stupid people who take forever to gear up, and the pilot, despite me telling him to land father back, continued over ur base, where dill shot us with a shilka i think. while we were getting in the hind i think gallon user a Mörser Karl to shell you guys and cause raiding damage. after the shitty hind attack, somebody set up that "fob" and set out f home there. after that basically all i did was spam artillery pieces, except for that one time when the battleship came and i got a hellcat with a tiny tim anti-ship missile, but fire rest dropped the daisy cutter from his c-130 just as i came into range and thus, i was killed by his bomb. you can see it in the background of the ship bombing. after this i spammed more 105mm ww1 field guns and a few 152mm howitzers, before voltz counter attacked and i got the panther. you can also see me in the background during our last counter attack in a panzer 4. after lab left, the slaughter in the forest continued, but me and GallonmanTDM got hellcats and spammed tiny tims into the forest. i also got a BF109, but my game froze and i crashed just as i was about to kill gramie. after that voltz counter attacked our base. it was basically a stalemate for a while there, with voltz launching sporadic air attacks and some tank attacks, with some serious attacks using k2 tanks, but those were repelled with rpg spam. after this everyone ran out and camped voltz's sethomes. voltz then launched annother assault, but then the server was ddosed and spawn was greifed by a server raider. that is basically it
Elbram Tsol (5 months ago)
I aided them, but arrived first XD
LuckyBlockYoshiYT (5 months ago)
How so I fix the occasional crashes?
Jackson B (5 months ago)
Hi um is this ever comming to pocket edition plz I want gun mod and tank
JB0204 (3 months ago)
stfu panda
Jackson B (3 months ago)
JB0204 its a joke lol
JB0204 (3 months ago)
oh its you
Commander Waltz (5 months ago)
*Clapping* Wow.... The most greatest war on earth
JettisJedi (5 months ago)
Gramie here! Here's some background. Hours before the battle gramie moved from the GMCC faction (soon to be USMC) to the Hungary faction who is one of the three main powers of Voltz (Austro-Hungary and Black watch) The GMCC powers were raided before along with ed's faction (15th Voltz Division) whom also were raided. Acts of aggression and hatred for each side grew when finally the switching of sides was the final spark for the new USMC as they decided to make their push against Voltz, as explained the two factions joined together to create an impressively sized faction. Roughly about 13-18 men banded together in the raid and took assault. Being the first few who lead the final push on the trenches it got to the point where people were scrambling for guns and weapons to kill each other. It was a slaughter but it was fun as hell. I strongly suggest people play this server if they are fans of slow to start but action filled to the brim combat. I also suggest you get your mothers card and donate to support the server! OwO Whats this?
Edwardg2 (5 months ago)
good point but 15thvoltz isnt my faction it is themcemperors
Benji Ava (5 months ago)
can i get it for Java 1.12.2
Benji Ava (5 months ago)
Morlie morli (5 months ago)
1.7.10 only
Gorkinou (5 months ago)
>google TechnicLauncher >download and connect using your mojang id >browse modpacks >"Tyrants and Plebeians Mk.4" >Download >Play >Multiplayer Survival
Benji Ava (5 months ago)
So what version do i need
Morlie morli (5 months ago)
cause flan s mod 1.12 is a beta , many bugs from this version cause it s a test and there isn t flan mos plus by prototype teta for to create t&p mk
Liam's Lego Gaming (5 months ago)
That's what you call a forward operating base? Even I could do better than that!
Lorenzo Rojas Vásquez (5 months ago)
it was an improvised outpost base of operations what did you expect?
Liam's Lego Gaming (5 months ago)
I will try to but cross your fingers that my computer will at least have 5 FPS on the server!
Monorisu (5 months ago)
Good, so join the server and make a superior forward operating base
TheAdmeral(he spelled it that way) is a focking legend
Colby Thomas (5 months ago)
A God among Men.
This is like one of those battle Documentaries I really like. The Clash of Warriors. It's really epic
TheFlyingEmperor (5 months ago)
reeee i was leader not ed lol
Monorisu (5 months ago)
oops xddd. When i was doing "research" (begging for story/screenshots on discord) wally said firerest and edward faction merged or something
Typers (5 months ago)
First guy who is not Mono-senpai
Monorisu (5 months ago)
Franco Oviedo (4 months ago)
ah monorisu and step by step you tell me how to solve an error I have with the global firestorm 2.0 for flans mod 4.10.0 1.7.10 tell me how to solve a problem the AAV 7A1 It does not have a bone texture if you see the icon I grab it and it appears in 2d when it should appear in 3d and I said something good about the pack and I put it and only see the shadow you help me
Franco Oviedo (4 months ago)
hey monorisu in the video of the trailer of tirants and plebeians in min1: 40 ?? THAT PACK IS THE MIG 21 that appears ??? and if you did not see it put it in min1: 39 you tell me I want it ah that mig 21 and of step tell me if it requires any pack or something cannnnnnnnn!
Morlie morli (5 months ago)
+Griffin High i said mb this aircraft is for patreon followers ( who pay his work)
Griffin High (5 months ago)
whats mb
Morlie morli (5 months ago)
+Griffin High mb especialy for patron followers

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