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Forknite : Infinity War

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This is my last overwatch video.
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Mulvi747 (1 hour ago)
Why wasn't this video called "Fortnite Triple Kill: Jake Paul" ??
Seth Adams (1 hour ago)
Is that yooka laylee background music I hear ????
Green Spectre (2 hours ago)
"oh crap"
I don't make any sense (3 hours ago)
Why not fork-knife it’s so obvious.
Elkin León (3 hours ago)
Rocket launcher Kid FTW
Say my name (4 hours ago)
Best video ever
CrystalMeth • (4 hours ago)
"If you look at the top right", I think you mean north right my guy lol
Bustin Jeber (4 hours ago)
You're playing fortnite but youtube says that its PUBG
Q-10 (5 hours ago)
TheGamingHydra (6 hours ago)
I like how the game in the description is pubg
Aharnish Singh (6 hours ago)
When you are at lvl30 but still get kid teamates
Alexander Chu (7 hours ago)
I swear I had CaleapFrog on my squad once.
Anna Breen (7 hours ago)
it should be called forkknife
SuperGorak (7 hours ago)
Forkknife is the best deck of racingcard singleplayer coop slackline videotapes
greathorn (7 hours ago)
Anybody got a mic? BORK
The random Dude (8 hours ago)
My favorite show is Donald dack
anon mendax (8 hours ago)
aww crap
Joe Shmoe (9 hours ago)
Nobody care about your fortnite kills
Vivid Sniper (9 hours ago)
Quality content as usual.
LilLegend62 (10 hours ago)
Is this actually your last overwatch video? Im gonna miss it.
Tyrant (11 hours ago)
-watches this video. -decides to not have children for another 30 years.
That Dude (11 hours ago)
How did you team kill? I thought it was patched
MilosCsrb (11 hours ago)
your videos are bad quality and not real 60 fps
Aidan D (12 hours ago)
Best of dunk!
“The million glove”
BLACKZOMBIE 77 (16 hours ago)
1496Assassin (16 hours ago)
I really wished he would've named the video Fortnite Triple Kill: Jake Paul
Sharpshot (16 hours ago)
Kidnight 😏
Uriah Graves (17 hours ago)
I haven't laughed this hard at a YouTube video in a long time.
Rasti Al (18 hours ago)
Why do you alwase use tekken bgm ?!
HAWK _YT (19 hours ago)
Thanos gun from spiderman... Iam dead
sQuare (19 hours ago)
Trishul Yumnam (19 hours ago)
So, kids are finally playing videogames... How outrageous
I love playing games with 10 year olds because they are so cringy sometimes it’s funny.
Footbeat1 (20 hours ago)
its a forking masterpiece
t c (20 hours ago)
Jake paul your videos have gotten great recently
Pikayumyums (20 hours ago)
"Wow Brah, you're playin like Jake Paul." "What is that supposed to mean?" "Jake Paul is ASS at Fortnight" How will Dunky EVER recover?
MegaBobo234 (20 hours ago)
Great video as always, Jake Paul
LTBT75369 (22 hours ago)
oh crap
wisemage0 (22 hours ago)
Dunkster, you have a way with children.
Paul Seyler (22 hours ago)
bully more kids on the internet plz. i love it
ldmt1995 (22 hours ago)
Fuck fortnite.
That1Kid That1guy (22 hours ago)
Thanos From Spiderman
Marcus Lo (23 hours ago)
Fuck bro you make me die everytime lmfao
Armorias (23 hours ago)
Nice little nod to Final Fantasy IV Donkers :)
zigdug (1 day ago)
guy i think jake paul hacked dunkeys channel!
Lost To Dread (1 day ago)
all the little kids ruin the fucking game not to mention how mainstream it is lol
Wasted Basic (1 day ago)
Game : Player Unknown's Battlegrounds.
Khaymen Brock (1 day ago)
I can't believe this game ripped off the Doomfist gauntlet from Overwatch
satellite964 (1 day ago)
Woah, is Fortnite MGO ?
Cara Apache (1 day ago)
Holy shit forknight is only kids 😂
Joseph Ellis (1 day ago)
gayluis vamvam (1 day ago)
Why are there so many 5 year old kids on this game lmao
What a Weirdo. (1 day ago)
gamer kids are so funny
Captain Dinglepants (1 day ago)
Please play with more children, Dunkey
Jacob Blain (1 day ago)
And they ask me why I don't play battle royale games
JoybuzzahzTV (1 day ago)
This is the new Jake Paul. And he's improved.
Lone Knight (1 day ago)
American Kids are such a waste of resources... no wonder they grow up into barely functional adults.
Jax Wolfe (1 day ago)
"Yeah I'm really good with it" Fortnut kid 2012-2018
Doze (1 day ago)
It turns you into Thanos from Spider-Man 😂
This vid makes me advocate hitting children...
AndyH3000 (1 day ago)
Aw crap
Stevey Peppers (1 day ago)
Tekken 3 music? Top tanyer
Gonna play some tekken. good ol yoshi.
Ca3 SaR (1 day ago)
Why are they all children
kwloy (1 day ago)
"Well... cya later alli.. alligators."
Aziz Osama (1 day ago)
Hey dunkey... super Mario 64 SUCKS
Dunky Paul
Gok kam (1 day ago)
Kids under the age of 18/17 are the absolute worst.
daniel sullivan (1 day ago)
yo videogame donk donk, you post a new video.. or ima gunna kick you in your spahgetti meatballs
Alice Baird (1 day ago)
Identify theft is not a joke Jim!
believe me, you're right af. dunkey is *not* Jake Paul and thank god for that.
Mustamir Shah (1 day ago)
Finally! Jake Paul uploaded Fortnite!!!
ThingTV (1 day ago)
Lol, the a million glove... I fuckin' love you videogamedunkey. God fuckin' dammit.
HatsODoom (1 day ago)
Little shit nuggets too young to know what baiting is.
Spoden insert (1 day ago)
Jonny Rockets (1 day ago)
Ya Saka (1 day ago)
Dunkey play for honor pleassse
I didn’t realize Leah was playing with him the entire time haha
Jaekast 0000 (1 day ago)
That bitchy little kid at the start of the video hasn't learned what a joke is yet...
D om (1 day ago)
More like pizza butt
I would love to play Fortnite with dunkey, lmao. Also, if that dude was being for real saying "I only play to win" then he needs to get off Fortnite. If you don't play Fortnite for fun then what are you doing playing Fortnite?
Scarface (1 day ago)
Hey could you play some burnout
the game in the description is pubg
PhucJesus FRTNITE (1 day ago)
Seems legit Jake Paul you say.
Jair Reategui (1 day ago)
New Fortday, fortnite, but in the day (sorry I had too)
Jakustavius (1 day ago)
“Yeah I watch Jake Paul”
Jonathan Bruce (1 day ago)
You’re cornstarch the whole time !
Lee H. (1 day ago)
Jesus. Those 5 year olds have terrible parents.
ouch (1 day ago)
A VeryRegularBoxOfCereal (14 hours ago)
I love when 12 year olds think that they’re a genius. My favorite moment from this video and all online games are when the 12 year olds say stuff like they did in this video “it’s a movie dumb ass” and “Yeah, I like how I got the 5 kills but whatever”
Chris Pausch (1 day ago)
They're a genius*
瞎子 (2 days ago)
Sponge bob Beast (2 days ago)
Leah was so dead at that little kid
Sean Salaway (2 days ago)
I just love the slur the kid added to the word "duck" when he said "shouldn't you be watching Donald Duck?"
Silent Russians (2 days ago)
Tntcat (2 days ago)
you missed the chance to make the title forknife dunkey I'm dissapointed
Jeremie Fisher (2 days ago)
"you'll be watchin DOLDUK2?"
Mike Kapel (2 days ago)
this guy EdgyVortex has over 500 matches played and 0 wins LMAO
double c ツ (2 days ago)
omg ik the kid you argued about boss baby with 😭😂
Chase Scott (2 days ago)
Ducky, is going down hill.

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