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Minecraft: Modventure with the Finest - Ep. 33 - New Blade!

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Can we get 3,000 LIKES?!? Watch us survive against all the cruel mobs in Modded Adventure with the Finest! If you enjoyed this video do leave a LIKE or if you're sexiii do leave a LIKE :P A Minecraft Server: http://www.Uberminecraft.com Mod List: Mods: Not Enough Items: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/909223-147152-smp-chickenbones-mods/ Rei's Minimap: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/482147-152-may10-reis-minimap-v33-06/ Colored Beds Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1517048-1467sspsmp-coloured-beds-mod-v310-forge-150-beds-for-only-1-blockid-new-bed-model-plus-bunk-beds/ Backpacks Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1492661-152-backpacks-v-1911/ Damage Indicators Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1536685-151152forge-hit-splat-damage-indicators-v270-rpg-ui-and-damage-amount-mod/ DivineRPG: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1518578-147forgesmpdivinerpg-8-new-dimensions-115-new-mobsbosses-hundreds-of-items-pets-npcs-everywhere/ Mutant Creatures: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1336132-152-spmp-mutant-creatures-mutant-enderman-v134/ Extended Workbench: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1153989-152extended-workbench-v119/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­----------------- •Get a Discounted Server Here! - http://mcprohosting.com/?promo=minecraftfinest •Gaming Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/gamersxfinest •Livestream - http://www.twitch.tv/gamersfinest •Get a T-Shirt at: http://mcfinest.spreadshirt.com •Twitter - http://bit.ly/1117Snf •Facebook - http://on.fb.me/14kEzfi Intro: Project 46 - Reasons (feat. Andrew Allen) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYzxMAyrEEM&list=PLDF056FBA2E172F87&index=21 Outro: Hellberg & TwoThirds - Farewell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw8yADaCpxg&list=PLDF056FBA2E172F87&index=3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­-----------------
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Text Comments (357)
Eduardo Chacon (4 years ago)
No new blade
Amber Zitney (4 years ago)
Niceness now finally'
Mustapha Senhadji (4 years ago)
i like you'r videos mc-finest
DannyRavioli (4 years ago)
Your moon wolf is in the other demintion
Wolf (4 years ago)
kyler myers (4 years ago)
He/she's not 8 he/she is 35 dun dun dun (in a suspense filled voice)
kyler myers (4 years ago)
No don't
Agent A girl (4 years ago)
I'm. Eight. You. Guys. Should. Put. Herobrien. In. The. Game
GHOST M82A1 (4 years ago)
Dud love your vids
Ethan Wilson (4 years ago)
Nmarf13 (5 years ago)
Im Watching This While My Mom PLAYING WITH MY SISTER DOLL Im 9 Years Old
Amrish Jaiswal (5 years ago)
@dsmbyle yeah yeah we all know that! and dude! this game is tight been playing all day => is.gd\LJyeQJ
gordowazup (5 years ago)
Like the fucking vids people
Dad's account (5 years ago)
Me to
Dad's account (5 years ago)
lowell pierrette (5 years ago)
lol i thought it was called a paxle
Teh Chewy (5 years ago)
nobody uses tight
Kenzie Muck (5 years ago)
How are you going to get him home
Wolf (5 years ago)
steve vs notch (5 years ago)
R.i.p headphones + ears
Joris Buiz (5 years ago)
Chrissy chris (5 years ago)
there is a dimension where you guys start all over you cant bring your items or they disappear just to let you guys max probably already knew oh well luv your vidz guyz
Vagabond (5 years ago)
whats is this shickaxe charector erebody is speaking of
Jonathan Chevez (5 years ago)
Blue apples
James McMillan (5 years ago)
like it
Dylan Brown (5 years ago)
U guys didnt make that house!
Matthew Yoder (5 years ago)
You kmow th3re is a hole in the glass danny
Brian (5 years ago)
Guys i know no one will read this but if you guys can take a look and maybe subscribe i woulbr s
Bradley Buonomo (5 years ago)
Its: Dont drop that thun thun thun ayy etc...
Santosh Yadav (5 years ago)
@woyvhzu yeah you go that right and dude! if your bored check this good time waster!: bit.ly/129pJrP?=gmykt
trey harris (5 years ago)
Wolves can go threw portals
Hellman Zhao (5 years ago)
Your dog can't travel to the overworld
Letsdoxbox102 (5 years ago)
Max sent u a friend request on Xbox tar for deleting someone when will u next be online and can u reply to this comment on my channel at letsdoxbox102
ducky momo (5 years ago)
Max is funny
Joel Peaker (5 years ago)
learn how to spell like
zuwera green (5 years ago)
It has everybody dance one
zuwera green (5 years ago)
I like the song rock this party
John Tuuri (5 years ago)
i believe it's halite but i'm not sure
Jordan Rean (5 years ago)
yeah I think so even though diamond isn't the best in divine rpg it is certainly not the worst I think leather is da worst
Jordan Rean (5 years ago)
Mc Finest is awesome
Valerie Lam (5 years ago)
The Enchanted Warriors remind me of Hulk
jairo arroyo (5 years ago)
jairo arroyo (5 years ago)
Where the word
TrueGriefersUnited (5 years ago)
Alexander Lo (5 years ago)
I love your vidssss😄😄😄😄😄
John Tuuri (5 years ago)
this guy is actually retarded
trent mckeighan (5 years ago)
Make the new blade like the title ended
kchfarmer1 (5 years ago)
You need the uvite armor for the next place
Skitles434PvP (5 years ago)
And what about iron and leather?
Jesus Torres (5 years ago)
Diamond is actually the worst armor
Jasmine Joel (5 years ago)
MAKE A SHICKAXE ! Please Its so good Like so they can see
Kyler Garcia (5 years ago)
[iminent rb=anim][/rb] hello
Nick Martin (5 years ago)
Lydia Rego (5 years ago)
Wolfs can't teleport through different dimensions
Eddy (5 years ago)
More more more
Ben Darlington (5 years ago)
Do hunger games plis
Mateo Loza (5 years ago)
Balls is bashurs thing
Angel Colindres (5 years ago)
where's the new blade ??
Edson Garcia (5 years ago)
when u guys are done with that mod yall shoud do the feed the beast mod its beast
Nyazuru (5 years ago)
y u no put annotation?
Connor Steele (5 years ago)
We're minders and we no it
MCMeows (5 years ago)
Cody Brummett (5 years ago)
One of them always dies at the end of the vid...
Zach Lootans (5 years ago)
u guys should do more tekkit TEKKIT
oCasperOfficial (5 years ago)
Why don't u guys curse anymore It was funnier when u did but still love it
Antonio Riggi (5 years ago)
i saw that vine too!
人生偽 (5 years ago)
spell it right idiot
Lil Chino (5 years ago)
make a shickax for danny
Mitch (5 years ago)
can you make a xp grinder ?
william tejeda (5 years ago)
Danny is awsome
sMoKe (5 years ago)
You guys.are awesome
Malcolm Matthews (5 years ago)
Riley Mullica (5 years ago)
Have you guys found Herobrine yet??
Theviperstrikes (5 years ago)
make reamite armour
Chai Tea (5 years ago)
Yay Uvite!! & yeah make a rupee shickaxe it has infinate durability too!
Ichi991122 (5 years ago)
More modventures pls :3
ArticoPT (5 years ago)
you guys could put a rail way trought the hall and end in to the portals
Gunnar Bundrick (5 years ago)
Pls make more of these I live them like this comment if you want more of these
Sebas (5 years ago)
Make a shickaxe it can break anything even wood faster than a diamond pick axe
Cole Wright (5 years ago)
Don't drop dat thun thun thun
edward briann (5 years ago)
Make a parody of baby got back
Ethan Campbell (5 years ago)
Aaron Chou (5 years ago)
make a shickaxe
Denny Ellington (5 years ago)
Make a damn shickaxe
OutKast Nation (5 years ago)
Long Le (5 years ago)
K13NG_J (5 years ago)
do parkour racing map called FLASH. its really fun...
vaid shakirov (5 years ago)
You guys would go to the pig demension next, and yes I know I said pig like the animal, PIG
The Legend Of Mo (5 years ago)
The Legend Of Mo (5 years ago)
Trololol lol
INaSHOT (5 years ago)
Exise (5 years ago)
What happened to their hunger game servers? i know they're old but stil...
Gio V (5 years ago)
why so short
xminecraftx127 (5 years ago)
It would be a GG
xminecraftx127 (5 years ago)
They are lol
Mark Kade (5 years ago)
Danny, if you put the regular bow in the first slot, it costs less.
dannyyoutuve (5 years ago)
Lewis Mason (5 years ago)
Danny make an extended bow
LifeStyle _ (5 years ago)
More capture the wools!!

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