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20 Unbelievable Optical Illusions

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Is the dress gold and white or black and blue? Here are 20 of the most unbelievable optical illusions. Let us know what you see in the comments! 20 Unbelievable Optical Illusions 10 - You’re not colour blind! This is yet another incredible optical illusion, which shows a cube with many different colours. If you were asked how many colours are featured in the cube, what would you say? If you said 7 for orange, green, red, brown, blue, white and red – well you would be wrong. There are only 6 colours in the cube. Surprisingly, the orange square is not orange, but actually brown. It’s difficult to believe that, but when the surrounding blocks are covered with paper – the square is indeed brown! 9 - Too much to handle… This one actually hurts my eyes as well, and I have to look away pretty quickly. All the dots in this picture are white, but strangely some of those dots appear black. No one has been able to explain why this actually happens. 8 - Back to basics… You might have been given this optical illusion in your maths class as a kid, I know we were. You had to decide which of these tables were longer, or were they the same size? We were all hugely surprised when after measuring them, the longer sides of the tables were both the exact same size. 7 - Foreword or Sideward? How do you perceive this image? They say it’s been made by layering several images over one another, which is how the 2-faced images come to life. 6 - A tad freaky! When you look at this image of the women upside down, you don’t really notice anything amiss – but wait until the image gets turned around. Yikes! These women have morphed into monsters! It’s said there are certain parts of your brain which deals with face perception, but since we don’t often see upside faces, it’s not that easy to spot when things are distorted. 5 - A trick of the mind… You would be forgiven for thinking that this image is moving… but would you believe that this is just a plain, static Jpg image. Hard to believe isn’t it? 4 - Up or down? This is a very well-known illusion, which features a cat either going up or down – really depending on you perceive it. I would love to explain the mathematical explanation behind this phenomenon, but in a nut shell – it has something to do with our eyes on receiving images in 2 D, although we see things in 3 D. And that’s where I will stop. 3 - The 3d Effect… Julian Beever has been creating the most incredible 3 dimensional chalk art since the 90’s, and uses a projection technique called Anamorphosu. He first draws the design on paper, and with a camera set up to capture the various angles, is able to create the most incredible designs. His work has taken him around the world. 2 - Back to basics… This one is also one that has been spotted before, but many seem to struggle to identify the two different images that are placed in what appears to be a very basic optical illusion. Do you see the time glass and the faces of two people? 1 - One for the road… You must have seen this image doing the round on social media a while back, and that’s how we will wrap up our video for today. In the tree truck and branches, there are several hidden faces for you to discover. How many do you think there are at a glance? The answer is 10. Now they pointed out, it’s much easier to spot them.
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The cuzzzs (2 hours ago)
Omg on the dress without my glasses I see white and blue and with my glasses I see blue and gold
Candy Lady10000 (2 days ago)
The cat goes up, how do people not see that?
Candy Lady10000 (2 days ago)
The dress is blue
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
Nvm he fixed it http://sites.sonypictures.com/spidermanhomecoming/app/1.0.4/content/gifs/action/SMHC_gif_014.gif
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
Spidey holding a ferry!!! http://sites.sonypictures.com/spidermanhomecoming/app/1.0.4/content/gifs/action/SMHC_gif_010_loop.gif
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
http://sites.sonypictures.com/spidermanhomecoming/app/1.0.4/content/stickers/happy/smhc_sticker_cool.png its black and blue by spider man
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
J0sh Got Fire (8 days ago)
Imogen Rowland (15 days ago)
don't give a shit (18 days ago)
I think it's the eye color
Villain SMASH! (21 days ago)
But if it's Not Lightened or Darkened I See a Blend
Villain SMASH! (21 days ago)
At the Thumbnail i See Both
Danaria Shoulders (28 days ago)
For #17 just invert ur colors
8=✊=D💦 😔
Maria Rechitean (1 month ago)
3:17 both
Adam Ariff (1 month ago)
Earth is flat! (Jk)
shuey87 (1 month ago)
i see the mixed colors of white gold and and black blue
DrJangoR9 Kazama (1 month ago)
On the 3 images of the dress I see Left:white & gold (my original color when i saw the dress as standalone for the first time) Middle:light blue & gold Right: blue & black
Katerina Sirina (2 months ago)
4:05. You are focusing on one dot so other dots blur to mix in in a darker color since black and white make gray and the black mixes in because its next to the dots
Bilgin Family (2 months ago)
So cool
pink koonboat (2 months ago)
for the dress its white and gold and i hear yanny
Kawii_ Puppy (2 months ago)
For the 14th and the 9th one those picture didn’t hurt my eyes or brain...am I blind or anything?
Soda 🇵🇷 (2 months ago)
Am i the only one who first saw the orange circles as the same size?
Scorpio Paige (2 months ago)
The elephant one didn’t make sense to me
Glenn Pritchard (2 months ago)
2:50, Trapezoidal not trapezeoidal. English damn it.
Jaime Villafuerte (2 months ago)
The reason for seeing black in the dots is because the color of the black squares cover most of the painting and scince there's lots of one color your eyes try to cover the entire painting
Elizabeth Carter (2 months ago)
It’s blue and black
Rosa Lopez (2 months ago)
I see blue and black and my sister the same as me and my big sis sees white and gold and my mom sees the one from the left is white and gold and the rest is black and blue wired but ok
Noof Hamed (2 months ago)
I don’t see black and blue i see light blue and light black
Vanessa Rodriguez (2 months ago)
On 1:14 it is blue and black
debasree rocz (2 months ago)
I saw white and gold ,blue n black n dark blue n black for the 3...
There is not ten image, there is two more image in last one.
Stephanie Diaz Part (2 months ago)
Gold and White.... How could people see black and blue?!
jahshta (2 months ago)
5:36 D E F I N I T L E Y going down! there wouldn't be a ridge on the top of a stair, you would stub your toe or trip. Like if you agree
Nicki Nutt (2 months ago)
0:59 i dont see the old one?
jerrica grover (2 months ago)
I see blue and black in all three pictures and my mom sees golden and white. I hear yanny my mom hears laurel !!
GachaGirlRose YT (2 months ago)
Team Yanny. Like if you hear Yanny
its kate (2 months ago)
Well most of this optical ilusions are on my English school book
Carla Deloach (2 months ago)
I saw a duck and a rabbit
Doggo AJ (3 months ago)
6:14 My art teacher has this one in her room!
Snowball The Rabbit (3 months ago)
2:56 I tried that with my dad but there was no difference at all
Victor plays (3 months ago)
Blue and black and Laurel
SpaceCatCan't (3 months ago)
When I look at the dress I just see *yanny*
Pedro Arniella (3 months ago)
Why do people keep spelling color like “colour” even autocorrect says it “color”.
Ellie Rogers (3 months ago)
Blue and black
NinROCK3T (3 months ago)
The up & down one makes me feel weird
Mr. Éviter (3 months ago)
Do a top 10 illusions without the dress please.
sayfmd (3 months ago)
Oonas TV (3 months ago)
Black Daisy (3 months ago)
I can hear both. It's all about the pitch
Ejderha Draws (3 months ago)
3:38 that does not look like orange nor brown! I thought it was yellow :C
Tatum Buis (3 months ago)
I'm shook
Gibson Hope (3 months ago)
Claudia Summers (3 months ago)
I see blue and gold
PoohbearReactz (3 months ago)
I still see white n gold
WyattCWP (3 months ago)
Yanny laurel
Tatum Buis (3 months ago)
Big Gay Al (3 months ago)
Ima subscribe cuz her accent
Sum Turf (3 months ago)
5:13 Not a lie! Pause the video and it will move
Katie Brouer (3 months ago)
My mom said she saw the dress as purple and gold - what?!
Veronica Brooke (3 months ago)
1:21 I see middle one
Tatum Buis (3 months ago)
Lily Mae I see right one
Nellwyn EXOL (3 months ago)
I see white and gold in first pic and blue and black in the second one.
Anna Chang (3 months ago)
I see gold and blue????
xXPuppylover 265Xx (3 months ago)
Scroll down real fast ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ ⭕🔴 🔴⭕ It's turning purple like if you see it
Yanny and the dress i looked with strights black and blue
Victory Star (3 months ago)
0:57 my teacher had already told us about that and It was amazing.
JJ BEATS (3 months ago)
Actually the cat going "Up or Down", to me it looks like it's going straight but the cat makes it look like it's going up
Augusto Palamara (3 months ago)
Linda J (3 months ago)
🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 scroll this fast what do u see purple or blue and red?
Tatum Buis (3 months ago)
Linda J all of them!
Ramonelle Hiteroza (3 months ago)
Laurel, blue and black....
Delaney Brown (3 months ago)
tra pees oidal
i see blue and gold
Unique (3 months ago)
Isn't obvious they used a filter for the black and blue/gold and white dress????
Panda Puug (3 months ago)
the dress is blue and gold for me
CocoExpress (3 months ago)
Gold and blue
Anne Wall (3 months ago)
For the cat up or down, I only see it going up, even if I try to make it go down.
Z Fird (3 months ago)
James TGM i know right
Anne Wall (3 months ago)
I see white and gold
David Jones (3 months ago)
i dont see black dots but i see grey and white
Chihiro (3 months ago)
the no.10 there are 11 color in the cube blue, red, yellow, green, white, dark blue, dark red, dark yellow, dark green, gray and brown
Kaden Blacka (3 months ago)
Emilee Villalba (3 months ago)
Excellent video! I love these things!!
Zuzanna Bak (3 months ago)
I see blue and black and white and gold and gold and blue
Antoine Griezmann (3 months ago)
Dress left Gold White middle Blue Green right Blue Black
FlipaClip Studios (3 months ago)
What if I you see both??????? Blue and black and white and gold ?
Nevaeh Star (3 months ago)
I see blue and black I hear Yanny and then.heard.laurel And i see a yung girl
Eddsworld biggest_Fan (3 months ago)
3:13 where the hell do you see a rabit?
victorandres_37 (3 months ago)
On the cube 356 I don't see the orange but I see the brown
Patty Rayos (3 months ago)
Me and my sis see blue gold??????
its summer (3 months ago)
My brain hurts now

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