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"4 Year Old Mechanic" - Job Simulator - HTC Vive VR Gameplay

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My son loves "Virtule Rality". Every VR Dev should get a 4 year old beta tester. It became pretty clear that many things in Job Simulator are super intuitive, but some things are restricted purely by height.
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Emin Nart (2 years ago)
im ten and i think my height is enough for vr games(but i dont have any vr games and even a vr headset)
Kevin Tipcorn (2 years ago)
Pretty sure this guy works at the Jiffy Lube near me.
reptilexcq2 (2 years ago)
Now any child can play video games instead relying on buttons memory.
William Burke (2 years ago)
Check his IPD before letting him spend so much time in VR. If he has a lower IPD than 60mm it is actually quite bad for his eyes to use the Vive for so long. These headsets are not made for children. Sorry to brake the mood.
Dennijr (2 years ago)
+MannyLectro long story short, because studies have not been done and they don't want to be held accountable in case it does cause any problems. the headset was designed for average sized heads, which does not include children. I've had friends complain about how the headsets don't fit their faces and as a result are fairly uncomfortable, but still usable. additionally, a young child is less likely to be able to grasp the concept of vr than an adult, running into things, falling down stairs, etc (though many adults won't be much better)
MannyLectro (2 years ago)
+Dennijr Reading in the dark or sitting too close to the tv are indeed myths but in this particular case it's pretty obvious why it is bad. If you have a wrong IPD it means your have to squint to see correctly and it also gives you wrong depth clues. I guess this is definitely not a good idea when you are at an age when your brain is still learning and your eyes growing. Anyway it is unadvised. Why do you think VR headsets tell you not to use them if you are under 12 ?
Dennijr (2 years ago)
+William Burke Got any proof of that? I was always told as a child not to sit too close to the TV, don't read in the dark, etc, but the idea that your eyes will get ruined by doing those things is a myth. I have yet to see anything scientific saying that this could be damaging to someones eyesight. Straining your eyes on the other hand is definitely a thing, you might get a headache or blurry vision, but both are only temporary, and at the age of this child, they have the ability to take the headset off if they start to feel not so great.
Angelo Bayona (2 years ago)
Isn't it bad for kids eyes if they're under 13 years old
William Burke (2 years ago)
+Theamc Dead It is...
Green Potato (2 years ago)
i like how when he walks over the objects
Green Potato (2 years ago)
it's amazing how easy he can use this
Belhun Battleborn (2 years ago)
ahhhhhh soo cute
funovin hughes (2 years ago)
The fact that we can see the game from his short perspective makes it 2X cute
FunshineX (2 years ago)
+funovin hughes He's tried the Chef one but got bored because so much of it takes place above his height.
Core Dream Studios (2 years ago)
this is adorable!
Todd Riley (2 years ago)
soo cute! this is so funny watching him try to figure out what is going on! thx Funshine!
TheDarkMage (2 years ago)
On the cuteness scale from 1 to 10 this is a easy 59
Oliver Dontje (2 years ago)
I have to agree with you!
TheBloodyTalons (2 years ago)
I completely forgot that children could possibly even use virtual reality, I think this might be the first time I've ever seen it. This was a really funny video and it would be cool to see some more.
sharptile (2 years ago)
and pls make another one with diffrent jobs :)
Ryan Walter (2 years ago)
this blew up my cuteness meter. Its insane to think soon, an entire generation will be use to VR. like how my generation takes smartphones as a life standard
sharptile (2 years ago)
+Ryan Walter jup that will be AWESOME!! and my cuteness level blew up even before i clicked on this video!! :D

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