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Dear Notch, Thank You.

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I feel that Notch deserves more positivity for providing Minecraft to the world. He provided the entire world with an easy way to explore and expand their imagination, and I wanted to say something about it. I also decided against having the usual "Playlist" information above the "fold" of the description. I didn't want to distract from what I was talking about with my typical description format. Anyways, Thank you Notch. SOCIAL MEDIA » Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AntVenom » Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AntVenomPage » Instagram - http://instagram.com/TheAntVenom » TwitchTV - http://twitch.tv/AntVenom PLACES I GET MUSIC » http://c418.bandcamp.com/ » YouTube Audio Library
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Jordan Dixon (1 year ago)
See all those comments below mine that convey a seemingly endless amount of positivity? Guess who made that, and guess who allowed this to put a smile on the faces of Ant, Myself and many others. For me, I sometimes find it's really nice to get away from all of the drama and negativity of my neighborhood, school and overall humankind and remember that 4 years ago, I had been introduced to a game created by that fantastic man, and by a man who had been doing a simple series outlining the fundamental imagination the game held at that time 4 years ago (That was you, Ant❤). It's nice to see people actually getting along on the internet, too, and for whoever sees this, I appreciate your existence for taking the time to respect Notch's Game, Ant's Channel, and my feelings poured into this comment. You're all wonderful people.
ハートパープル (1 month ago)
Oh, hello Maika. (Talking about your profile picture)
[ Content Deleted ] (6 months ago)
For once the comments arent stage 50 cancer
Karl Der Kleine (9 months ago)
Infinitesimal_ π not many people give compliments like those. I should thank you
Angel Dj (11 months ago)
Infinitesimal_ π DANG dude,ur a charismatic person also are u Greek?
DIY by aman (1 year ago)
Infinitesimal_ π Loved Ur comment bro!
Levi Brewster (4 days ago)
Thank you notch been playing Minecraft since 2010. I was in the 4th grade the first time I played it and I fell in love!! It was always the main thing we would play when we would stay the night at each other’s houses. Minecraft helped me get thru middle school. Thank you notch!
A wild Idiot (5 days ago)
Minecraft turned me into the person I’m today I would not be that same with out this block game
Adrian Goettemoeller (10 days ago)
how I started minecraft was well so there this guy who came to my house to play but I was only about 5 but now i am 9 but something about minecraft is that i was born 2009 i did not play for many years until downloaded the bedrock edition i have many memoreies on that verison which i still play and i also play the java edititon i do not have a cape :( i wish i had one.
Tessie Langwell (16 days ago)
i has cupquake
Szary Gołomp (27 days ago)
I started playing minecraft when I was 12 years, it was 1.2.5. Maybe I wasn't playing it from the very beginning, but it doesn't matter that much, does it? I don't know where I would be now if not minecraft. Thanks to minecraft: 👌I can speak English on a satisfying level as a non-native thanks to watching minecraft videos on YouTube 👌I learned to make 3D animations and still develop my skills. My inspiration were those early minecraft animations on Capitan Sparkles' chanel, FrediSaalAnimations, those from Mineworks and many other from authors I don't even remember now. Wait a moment... *DON'T MINE AT NIGHT* 👌I got interested in programming and science 👌My creativity and magination increased, I developed a little bit my special thinking. 👌I started learning Russian just because of Mineworks and I even learned something. 👌 Minecraft was something I literally lived for from 2013 to 2015. The best memories from childhood I have are somehow connected to minecraft, even if not in every I was actually playing it. 👌 Minecraft was for me a motivation to go outside and explore the real word too but with a little imagination so it was more exciting 👌 Minecraft helped me dealing with loneliness. I always was been that weird, socially awkward kid who nobody wants to play with. And much more probably.
Razia Sultana (30 days ago)
Dillon Kimball (1 month ago)
I have depression and when i first got minecraft it changed my life. While i stilll am a kid i look back at myself and say dam dude youve got a purpose now and i fiinally have friends and how much people care about me now. Minecraft changed my life. Thank you notch for giving purpose to me.
Redswap (1 month ago)
Minecraft is the first game I discovered where you can do all what you want to do. Thank you, Notch.
Xx2fast 4youxX (1 month ago)
Now if I even try to join a tf2 casual match with a minecraft name and avatar then everyone will scream at me saying I'm "twelve years old." Antvenom, download steam, download team fortress 2. Make a live stream and advertise it, watch as no one believes you.
dragonrykr (1 month ago)
Minecraft has been crucial in my early teenage years. I've been a Minecraft server owner for almost 4 years and I am happy to say that nowhere else could I ever meet so many people, so many good and bad personalities. That experience really helped me set myself for the future. I've earned my first money via Minecraft, met lifelong friends, had an amazing childhood... I've even written a book in real life (127 pages big) on my entire Minecraft experience, from my starting days to my finally departure from it due to high school... It played an important part in my life, and I am deeply honored
C0rrupt3d Avenue (1 month ago)
When I started playing games minecraft was 1 of my first games I ever played when I got older I recognized the creator as notch I loved Minecraft and I was exited for what’s next then when he said he was selling Minecraft it made me so sad though atleast we have other people that feel the same
Blacklight (1 month ago)
The next time someone says the Minecraft community is toxic I'm linking them here
Sophia Cupcakes (1 month ago)
Minecraft helped me make many new friends actually.
Jazzy Drawz (1 month ago)
One year into Minecraft I had severe problems I was 9 years old, I was bullied, my sister use to beat me up a lot and a ton of other reasons which made me at just 9 years old suicidal. Whenever I felt that way I would go onto Minecraft and it felt like all of my problems disappeared, Minecraft did more for me then most things in my life did including friends and family. I have a big thank you to say to Notch and the Minecraft community for making one of the worst times of my life terrible up to today as I still have my problems. I love the community and the game to no end since it's did so much to me. I just have to say thank you for giving 9 year old me a second chance.
GAME KILLER (2 months ago)
The Beasto (2 months ago)
ps3master72 (2 months ago)
Without you, Yogscast and the quintessential PSJ Survive and Thrive, I would have never discovered and played Minecraft, thank you for introducing us to this game!
marten albers (2 months ago)
I really can't imagine how I would have filled those hundreds of hours in the last years if minecraft didn't exist. it has filled a lot of my time and I don't regret any minute of it
Catherine Conway (2 months ago)
I was different, I still am. It was just who I was, and it’s still who I am. Minecraft gave me a place. Now I could SHOW who I was. Minecraft changed my life. There are SO many people I could say thanks to. I’m going to mention a few. Notch, Jeb, Mojang, Antvemon, Ideactivemc, Explodingtnt and his team, my friends that showed me the game, and SO many more. Thank you.
Dip Dop (2 months ago)
I'm just getting to this video now... And as weird as it seems, I've just now started gaming at 26 years old. I have a family, and a beautiful child with a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, it wasn't all that beautiful. For the last 6-7 years of my life, I struggled heavily with heroin addiction, and each year got darker and darker. I was beginning to think, no... "Ending" to think, that my life would soon come to a close. I started not caring about myself, and about those around me. Even my things. My health declined insanely, and I was about to lose everything. Then, I found a way to fix myself, which I won't go into, but it helped get me sober. Now, the hardest part, is staying sober. But, Minecraft, for whatever reason, has given me an outlet. I am a musician at heart, and music is usually how I express myself. But when I started playing this game, a lot changed. I was happier, I could play for hours on end without thinking about using, and sometimes I realize how theraputic and cathartic this game really has been for me. So Notch, thanks.
Abdelrhman Elgamal (3 months ago)
Thank Notch for all that hard work☺
Jakey Kahler (3 months ago)
Minecraft, my childhood entertainment, i have been playing when 1.7.10 was all the rage & still testing 1.13-pre1 to this very day. I have been testing, working,building & more, I can't say that minecraft is minecraft without Markus Notch Persson of Sweden/Sverige. Stay, impact, Help, Impose, and stay in our hearts.
adumelial rothstein (3 months ago)
That was so awesome!!! I've often pondered how and why this game has positively impacted me. Some call it "minecrack". Yes, addicting - but if you get the addiction it somehow can changes your character in a posituve ways. For me, it has helped me with personal priorities. It has helped me relax as if I had took my meds...lol. My husband laughs at me watching me play my pe version on the couch as he watches tv. In awe, he muses at me and says, "You are so absorbed it!? l LOL - that is just how it gets if you gets your fingers stuck to the keyboard playing this genius game. I am a lone player not paying for the multi play. And to think this older woman, "Gramz" (yes, we've 4 grands...lol) plays a silly block game - you should see my much older mom in love when I try and explain it to her. Epic stumped hilarious expression I get doing that...LOL. ALSO, ironically a strong Christian I played/ was taught this game by an atheist friend I met in another game world. And with hubs approval in voice and the PC version my opposable moral friend and I were able to build a most efficient game in a jungle home none the less! I so appreciate this homage to the creator Notch. Dear Notch, how we all love you for making this game, our beloved Minecraft. Such a simple yet complex game that can bring generations together, heal us of our human frailties, and make us seem to others that we are wasting our precious time away just hitting simple blocks!? Oh, the sheer beauty of it all with laughter - Adu~~
Ratan Bharadwaj (3 months ago)
I cried a little. notch is depressed?
Dominic Seung (3 months ago)
Thank you, Antvenom, for I was not aware of how much Notch impacted Minecraft. If I was to make all the people who changed my perspective, one of them is you. P.S: Who's cutting onions right now?
A.i Gaming (3 months ago)
Notch, why are you sell Minecraft By the way thank you too Ah, the music just get depressions
esthetic (3 months ago)
I became a server owner,builder, graphic designer and I learned how to speak English, a language that's now 60% if my life.
Jbollen (3 months ago)
Thank you Notch For Making me be able to show creativity
Man, seeing such unrivaled positivity on the internet of all places is really inspirational. It just goes to show that, no matter what happens, no matter what bad things happen, no matter how much hate there is on the internet, we can all still be good people. Even with all the terrible things that happen in the world today, all of the violence, all of the controversy, all of the other stuff that I don't feel like mentioning, there will always be good in the world. The internet can be one of the most hateful and destructive places, but as demonstrated here, it can be one of the most positive and uplifting places as well. So if your feeling like there's no way out, like there's no good left in the world, remember this. As long as there is evil in the world, there will always be good as well, you just have to go and look for it. God bless all of you, and goodbye.
KSR3 (4 months ago)
imagine if notch did just scrap minecraft
LazyCatGamer (4 months ago)
I feel the same way about notch. I'd spend over a thousand dollars just for him. Edit: Why are everyones comments so sad and long?
Black Knight (4 months ago)
Thank you Notch,thank you becouse you made me smile and la laugh and break limits
Itchyman32 (4 months ago)
i remember watching my brother play Minecraft when i was 6 and being absolutely amazed... For my 8th birthday he finally bought me my own account. i remember playing on servers like the l33t (it still exist for some reason) and playing games like the CLASSIC bridges with infiltrator vanguard and one other class, i never stopped playing until i was 12.
الامير علوش (4 months ago)
OMG im crying
Nizzotch (5 months ago)
You're welcome.
DoodleBot (5 months ago)
Minecraft help me solving some math problems
DS The Object Thingy (5 months ago)
Did notch actually stop working for mojang or is it me?
Seth Poulsen (5 months ago)
my private server gives me a place to see my friends halfway across the world.
CincoJayMaio (5 months ago)
The Minecraft music in this video is perfect
My younger brother is 6 years old. He is autistic and his autism tore at my family for years. I never connected with my brother. He was so remote. But then I discovered Minecraft PE and with some patience, got him interested. Finally we have a way to bond. Thank you, Notch.
Felix Master (5 months ago)
This Video Made Me Cry I Hope Notch Dont Die😢😢😢😢😢😢
israel gamer (5 months ago)
Without minecraft, i really wouldn't know where my future goes to
Asem Sad (5 months ago)
Black Shadow (6 months ago)
iFyre20 (6 months ago)
Go Notch!
iFyre20 (6 months ago)
If it werne't for him, I would be sitting in my living room picking at my nails.
iFyre20 (6 months ago)
Voixeloid (6 months ago)
I'm sure there are many people who have build friendships over games like Minecraft, and it doesn't surprise me. It's such a likeable game, and can bring people together. I think Notch did a fantastic job, and he deserves positive feedback.
OGPawtronix pawtronix (6 months ago)
Thank You for the positivity and I appreciate Notch too. 💙 :)
Niels The Jolteon (6 months ago)
Man, I love this game so much and I can't thank it's creator more. And even though he's mostly known as Notch, I'll call him by his real name... Markus Persson, thank you!!
Tk232 Roblox MC (6 months ago)
notch you are the reason I have such a good life I can sit down any day and just play minecraft by myself or with friends and I can create something new and not care about criticism from others about what I do and what I make. you are the reason minecraft is a thing a thing I love a thing I can use to take my mind off of things in life that are sad. when I play minecraft weather it be on my xbox or laptop I always just feel free free from life free from responsibility and hate I can dive in and play for hours with no one stopping me! and no matter what you are going through just remember one thing you are the reason we can live our lives as good as we can and even if jeb leads minecraft now everyone who plays minecraft respects and adores you for who you are and what you've done for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jack_machammer (6 months ago)
Minecraft has completely and utterly changed my life in the most positive way possible. As a 5 year player, I wouldn't be who I am today without Minecraft. Minecraft is what made me a gamer, what made me truly love video games and allowing me to get into them. Minecraft has given me countless friends, including my two best friends, Jake and Chris. Minecraft has inspired me to innovate and create video games in the near future, including a sandbox game I'm working on right now based off of it. I could go on and on about how much I miss this game, and while I still play it, it's sort of lost its spark when Notch left. But I'll never forget the countless rudimentary worlds I made, how many friends and foes I made, how many monsters I have slain, and how much I love this game. So Notch, thank you. For everything.
TheCleansingx (7 months ago)
Me and my best friend have been playing minecraft together since early 2011. Last year I moved because of school and right now playing Minecraft on our realm is the primary way we communicate with each other and I don't think we would have talked as much if it wasn't for this game! I might add that we are both 24 as of now, hehe..
X3MGAMER03 (7 months ago)
I love Notch and MineCraft!
ItsRealGaming (7 months ago)
Minecraft is our best friend, it's also a door help us escape the real world. Thank you Notch, the true father of Minecraft.
Sciezer (7 months ago)
0:51 wait wait wait... why?...
CalmManiX [GMD] (5 months ago)
You made me start Minecraft again And all from AntVenom, I owe this, to you! Thank you, Notch We Owe this to all of us This game, Was world changing We owe this, to you Wtf am I even saying?
Jayrite 65 (7 months ago)
Thanks Notch for dropping apples if you killed him on a sever.
Family Grimes (7 months ago)
that's so sweet AntVenom!!
Wery beutiful video but I think you litlle overdid that...
Kose Bose (7 months ago)
LaunchedPond21 (7 months ago)
He changed my life too
Battery High (7 months ago)
Microsoft does good things , but what notch does is just amazing
OMG HAX (7 months ago)
Lil’ Cosmog (7 months ago)
I feel the sane way. Notch, and, all the YouTubers who play minecraft that I have subscribed to, they, they put my life together. That’s what I love. Before I knew about the game, I wasn’t really interested in gaming, or YouTube or technology for that matter. *M I N E C R A F T H A S C H A N G E D M Y L I F E.* #thankyounotch
banana65 (8 months ago)
He actually inspired me to start coding
Ron (8 months ago)
Thanks to everyone that ever contributed to the creation of this game.I strongly believe that it has changed lives for the better even though I myself have criticized my own children for spending too much time playing video games.Every minute they spent playing this game has brought them more joy and confidence than anyone could have imagined. Whatever the future holds for Minecraft, I will always consider it to be a great gift to society.I am in my fifties now and father of three and still look forward to any time I can spend playing this game and reading or watching videos related to it.Again, a sincere Thank You to Notch and everyone involved. Wish you the best AntVenom!
Sciezer (8 months ago)
Its not just notch but ant as well and all the other people in community
30G (8 months ago)
I miss notch. I played minecraft in 1.7.10 or earlier.
Beep Beep Birb (8 months ago)
Thank you notch, Minecraft get me through hard times like now. You created a masterpiece.
Quinn The Wolf (8 months ago)
Thanks to notch and minecraft i litteraly learned all i could learn about aiming at things and leting my creativity go wild and then i had a brigter time Thanks tl notch and minecraft i became good ad sertain games and minecraft will always be in my top favorite games Now i am hoping that notch is watching this video since you ant is right about this all I still dont understand why these people went brezerk in the converstation way and now see whats comming from Notch doesnt make decisions becouse he always wants to Sometimes bad decisions need to be make to make to make sertain places safer or just becouse there is no other way at the moment
Exposed (8 months ago)
Minecraft. F### you microsoft
texnonik (8 months ago)
Thank you !
Joseph McNeely (8 months ago)
I agree thank you notch
jjs2008 (8 months ago)
AntVenom, you might not read this, but let me tell you something: Before 2013 i didnt really play many games. My friend Devin showed me minecraft. I asked my mom to buy it, she said yes. I'm still not the most popular kid in the world, but notch, i have no idea where i would be without minecraft. I will NEVER stop creating. People may say minecraft is too expensive, however, it dosent deserve to be free. No matter how hard any game tries, it will never be better than minecraft. To this day, i take about 5 hours a day to play minecraft. I am so grateful for minecraft. Thank you, Notch!
Subzero macion (8 months ago)
Hi ant venom
xEnderCrafterx (8 months ago)
The new slogan for Minecraft: "Minecraft - Making kids happy since 2009"
Grandpa meme (9 months ago)
minecraft is the first game i ever playd Thank You Notch for bringing dis game to the world and i remeber the day i had minecraft for the first time ( 2011) P.S sorry for english im europian
DarkGamer_1930 0 (9 months ago)
Actually i like to thank notch too Cause when i was in my school back in texas I have no friends for 7 months thanks to minecraft I got 21 friends already Cause they all played minecraft
mikoo teddy (9 months ago)
Minecraft is my game
Comcraftgamerz (9 months ago)
Thank you, Notch. You bring happiness to Millions of people everyday... I don't know why people hate on you. They are probably jealous because they didn't create one of the most well known game in the world. Notch, you are a truly amazing man. Love the beard btw.
Maya :3 (9 months ago)
I've been depressed since 2015 and i didnt have a lot of friends but I did play minecraft. Then I met people and now theyre my best friends, and theyre helping me. I dont know what I wouldve done without minecraft. I truly think it saved my life since I actuallt tried to commit suicide once. Thank you Notch.
Maya :3 (8 months ago)
She thought she was the only one that could play that game. m/c (main character) saved me!
Alex Siemers (8 months ago)
Sorry to be that guy, but didn't Monika delete you?
alia rashid (9 months ago)
2:48 apart from constant coding, (I'm not Mojang) I am the biggest example. I don't imagine BTW. Like, my favorite block is the command block. I just think things and don't really imagine them...
Formula Fanboy (9 months ago)
The email translation, tho...
Programming Carrot (9 months ago)
Invisible ninjas are cutting onions in my room
Minecraft 90 (9 months ago)
Thank u Notch so much when I saw this l cried
GD [hunger guy Boy] (9 months ago)
Who miss notch
basel arawas (30 days ago)
FireRedz (9 months ago)
Notch Is Who changed my life so much...thanks to he cuz he make this game...and keep update and update .....to make dis game more better and better
Yaman DarpiRais (9 months ago)
Im so lucky i play Minecraft :) thank you notch
finalism2 (9 months ago)
notch was the bes inventor period in gaming world
Adam Kačmáry (9 months ago)
I almost cried in real life.
matthew Masse (9 months ago)
Thank you notch you made my life better and others better you did a good job on Minecraft keep it up and keep going and most importantly you are a guy named notch and you keep making people happy in this world don't give up on your dreams.
Gameninhuis (10 months ago)
thx you help me for my yt channel why , wel i want to stop but you changst me i know i am not good at spelling
Core Code (10 months ago)
Amazing video!!
DaPocketJeff (10 months ago)
As I watch a single tear rolls down my face.
AZN FireNinja (10 months ago)
When i first got minecraft lite and i don't even know what it is my cousin alway play it but i couldn't effort it. After watching many youtubers I really like the game but i a little dude that don't know anything, i try to download apk but didn't work. I try asking my mom but she wouldn't let me buy it. At that time i thought it a really small game that wont last forever but after changes had happen more update are coming out. I couldn't resist anymore so i went on youtube and search " how to get free minecraft" then i saw it it was from tutu apps, then I play on servers and then start downloading maps to play. Then servers didn't work for me anymore, chunk did not load and that when i knew the game got boring, i didn't enjoy anymore but the my friend let me have his apple id the that when minecraft is coming back for me. And that i watch this channels and notch the creator. I would like to thanks Ant for inspire me with restone and other stuff and thank you Notch for creating minecraft. And so that what inspire me to minecraft.
AZN FireNinja (10 months ago)
I'm Notch, thank you Antvenom I'm very happy for you to say that SO........ I'm release minecraft for............FREE
Jonah Minjares (10 months ago)
Notch, I had horrible imagination before Minecraft. Once I played it, it all went away.Thank you Notch.
Killer Deathly (10 months ago)
Well, I just saw this, but I think my story should be heard as well. Better late than never, right? I lived in a home where my father had just lost his job and I dealt with arguments every night until eventually my parents just got tired and went to sleep. I was planning suicide, and I know that's a pretty bad thing, but I had really thought out a plan and was almost done with it. But because of me joining the Minecraft community, I never finished the terrible work I had started. The strong community on there showed me that I'm not the only one going through a tough time and I could make the best out of any day. I made so many friends through Minecraft that are still with me today. Truly, Notch had created something that I just thought of as a game. In reality, it saved my life. And Notch is to thank for it as well.

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