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Minecraft - Server Update Progress 9

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Right now, I am trying to turn the current minecraft factions server I have into a fancy, well-organized Flans Mod PVP TDM server, and I have re-balanced a bunch of world war 2 things and made some more models. Forum thread about this project: http://monorisu.enjin.com/forum/page/1/m/21720506/viewthread/19593826-secret-project
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Text Comments (89)
Lucas Theo Town (6 months ago)
I not killer of sheeps I Love sheeps
Vexus Masinda (1 year ago)
hey lab can you showcase all planes in this mod it so helpful to me?
PurpleSpirit (2 years ago)
do a wars
Can you make the T7 Combat Car? (Tank)
Ryan Gallagher (3 years ago)
whats the modpack name??
Vexus Masinda (1 year ago)
Hey lab can you showcase all the planes in this mod it so helpful to me?! just like i said lately
Ryan Gallagher (3 years ago)
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+Ryan Gallagher Tyrants and Plebeians TDM
sugondezenuts (3 years ago)
Did you tried yet the "illuminati team" in "illuminati invasion"? so thug
Syncronize N00b (3 years ago)
keep making tf2 model please
Jello Repani (3 years ago)
That under construction model... IS-3???
Tuấn Nguyễn Minh (3 years ago)
How to install the mod and mod you 're playing is what ?
MacGregor Paxson (3 years ago)
Could we have a Luger with that great of a model? :D
deadly productions (3 years ago)
cool sever im beter then you haha lol
Monorisu (3 years ago)
Great, try to log out of your account every now and then or put your nephew on a leash.
deadly productions (3 years ago)
ignore the comment please , that was my nephew on my computer commenting on vids .
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+deadly productions If you're beter, then I must be supereeor.
gus1066 (3 years ago)
vraiment bien realiser
Azellma etlesautres (3 years ago)
Azellma etlesautres (3 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms Not all cows just the red one
Monorisu (3 years ago)
Just wait until I let the media know! I can see the headlines now: "Misogynist racist ableist sexist  white hetero privileged entitled male elitist aristocratic patriarchal Sheep fascist wants to exterminate all cows"
Azellma etlesautres (3 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms They don't matter only sheep AS to live
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+Azellma etlesautres Oh, but cow lives don't matter eh?
gus1066 (3 years ago)
dowmload please
sander lassche (3 years ago)
Just a question whats the distance players render in on tour server?
gumikutya (3 years ago)
Please install smart moving mod!
Csaba Kövesdi (3 years ago)
aaaaa szopd le a faszomat te köcsög
combat_ medics_gaming (3 years ago)
Is this mod in technic launcher
H2FX (3 years ago)
can you add the Intervention to the modern weapons pack?
H2FX (3 years ago)
ok bro thank you :D
Cow of the West (3 years ago)
+Helios_2_pro Fsx Usaf Pilot Yes, and compatible with most versions of flans.
H2FX (3 years ago)
for 1.7.10?
Cow of the West (3 years ago)
+Helios_2_pro Fsx Usaf Pilot It's already in kev and vini's old survival z packs.
DATSIK (3 years ago)
where to download your modpack??????
Tan Hung (3 years ago)
pls pls pls,add vietnam team pls,class medic tf2 nead 2 gun,1 to headled and other ...you know it.
DATSIK (3 years ago)
where to download your modpack
KhanGamesYT (3 years ago)
Can u plz fix 1 shot sniper. Will these fixed/improved packs come out on official flans site? Do I have to use technic? What is IP? # so pumped for updated packs :D
D3 DANG3R (3 years ago)
I can play with you ?
Ivan Romanychev (3 years ago)
Daydrodude (3 years ago)
Flans needs to make the player body stay parallel to the plane when you go upside down
when i download this mod it gives me 4 items and no guns and what's happening ?
it worked thanks 
ThatRedGuy On Steam (3 years ago)
+Rovsan Musaibov Mapping You Never Got Anything? Download Flan Packs From The Websites And Put Them in The Flan Folder. Hope This Helps
ogrusky (3 years ago)
will these be put in the current closed alpha? (or will there be closed alpha 3?)
Jeroen Scholten (3 years ago)
how do i get the modpack
Tarek Martín (3 years ago)
When will you open the server?
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+Tarek Martín Eventually
Jarrett Marko (3 years ago)
Would there even be a chance in hell for these mods to come to xbox
Jarrett Marko (3 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms damn I guess I will have to get game on computer to get these sick ass mods then thank you for replying
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+Jarrett Marko You have better chances at getting struck by lightning and winning the lottery during a leap-day underwater than having this for xbox.
Jesus Christ (3 years ago)
Nicely done my child.
The 21st Nomad (3 years ago)
Can't Wait To Play This! Looks Amazing! :D
Huey Freeman (3 years ago)
U should add Jap tanks like DA Ka-Mi but most Japan tanks can't counter other tanks
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+ProClassNoob AtBeingANoob Although not shown in any of the progress videos, I do have a chi-ha and chi-nu prepared.
David Fauver (3 years ago)
When aircraft loose will they go to the ground and characters have a set amount of time depending on the speed of the aircraft it takes more time for the character to get out of the plane? Also if they don't get out fast enough will the plane hit the ground and explode killing the player in side Good Job LIKE REALLY REALLY REALLY good job I am proud of your progress. - Your Fan Jasuma
Jack Stearns (3 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms No offense but the japanese armor looks crappy. Though nice gun and vehichle models.
Jack Stearns (3 years ago)
I like the american beter actually
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+Jack Stearns Eh? I thought that one turned out pretty good compared to the American one.
王曜廷 (3 years ago)
Can you give me the mods that you put in minecraft?
Tyrese Lim (3 years ago)
When D you plan to release the server Out in The Public?
Tyrese Lim (3 years ago)
By The Way Amazing Work on the server I cant wait for it to go out on the public looks really fun!
Daedra (3 years ago)
Server crack?
Cow of the West (3 years ago)
And a shoutout to Marry Juana
_MihoNishizumi (3 years ago)
Cocaine too
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+thunderbosz No, server only does heroin and justice.
Parker Yoon (3 years ago)
When will the server be open?
McIntosh (3 years ago)
I wish mine craft had DLC's
Yuanyuan Xi (3 years ago)
you should also do a versus video consisting of two custom NPC armies, the enemy in the village, and you leading the attacking army.
Walker Doman (3 years ago)
Me and my friends have an awesome custom war modpack with a flans contents and its fun but what site should we have host our server?
antonovbane (3 years ago)
There will be c-96 pistol?
Overused 706 (3 years ago)
how are your contents packs ?
Imperial Tea Games (3 years ago)
ahh a IS2 you cant Nerf it. Its Russian. nice model
RedWolfAlpha (3 years ago)
when should this be out
Michael Weber (3 years ago)
Server IP and Modpack pls !!!
Micsmit 45 (3 years ago)
Two things 1 there is an R missing in fokker wulf (lol idk if its spelled wit kk or ck) 2 get the latest version of Jamio WWII pack in there and if you havent already upgrade go 4.0.10
Ignacio Tapia (3 years ago)
The new vehicle is the IS-2 or IS-1
Johnson Smith (3 years ago)
Monorisu you make those modifications?
Cow of the West (3 years ago)
Quite neat, plane bombs are finally no longer useless in every way.
Rick Ooster van 't (3 years ago)
Could you add the pby5 and the pby5 catalina
KhanGamesYT (3 years ago)
A suggestion for server, you should have a lobby that collects up to 20 people or 14 minimum and once the amount is reached you spawn into 2 teams and there is a really big battle field between the 2 teams, there should be a glass wall between the teams. You have unlimited blocks to build with in the grace period (5 min) and then the wall comes down and WARRRR STARTS! but you get can pick your kit through out the game, no collecting resources for weapons needed :). Have tanks and planes and aa guns and stuff like that spawn also :) maybe starting building is a bunker,,,?
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+Alyson De Barros Carneiro A year ago I tried to make an h6k but accidentally made an h8k and then failed to get it in-game.
John Herbold (3 years ago)
Lee enfield or m3 lee?
ScottehBoeh (3 years ago)
Awesome work, as usual! Keep it up, Jac! I can't wait to play :)
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+BlazingLegoGuns Productions I remember when it was first released on cartoon network and I was too confused as to why the parents turned into pigs in that one scene and then failed to comprehend the rest of it.
Sir Hatty Hattington (3 years ago)
Yay i love spirited away!
Aidan Porch (3 years ago)
I was thinking, could I maybe help develop or in anyway help with the making of this?
First Name (3 years ago)
You should get your new tank armor system, and your 3D armor and maybe some items/vehicles into the official flan packs :D
PFC Yanez Angel (3 years ago)
Cool 2nd cool vid
Arben Senturk (3 years ago)
Good vidéo

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