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Let's Play Everquest Landmark - Ep1

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Currently in Closed Beta, Landmark is a new (semi) open-world adventure game, focusing on collecting materials and building amazing structures. In this first episode I go at it completely blind to check out what the beta has to offer. You can get in on the Beta here: https://www.landmarkthegame.com/founders-pack
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Text Comments (11)
Bot Glitchy (2 years ago)
epic im gonna watch the rest of you videos! =)
abbynady (4 years ago)
animation gay. is this game free?
TheNikko (4 years ago)
bring hem purplez LOOTZ
TheNikko (4 years ago)
i saw how it looks, i saw how it plays i saw an opportunities so me and 10 of my friends just bough the game and wait for the download while watching ur vids. OH BOY immah sucker for persistent mmo now u said there will be mobs in the beta? AWRESOME. immah build a city for real men!  tree logs fences and log cabines   something nordish or vikingish looking! YEAH
Sir Maxeer (4 years ago)
so you found elemental copper without even realizing or trying?hmm...impressive
Benito Stalini (4 years ago)
Biomes are a real life term though :(
carston carey (4 years ago)
does this game work for the Mac
FunshineX (4 years ago)
Something odd with YouTube today...3 views after 5 hours?
Nemsun (4 years ago)
Am I gona love it??? - Lets see.
FunshineX (4 years ago)
+Nemsun Bit grindy, but it will get better as they add more things to do.  There's almost too many things to build with making it tough to decide what to use
Nemsun (4 years ago)
Well its not bad.. looks nice.

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