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Skydiving Out My Front Door

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Click to RT! http://bit.ly/RTLoftDiving BEHIND THE SCENES: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAKDhjhl4YI --- We ran out of eggs, so I had to go get some more. Shot at my loft, and from a hot air balloon over Perris, California. Special thanks on this video to Ruben Garay for helping us with all the skydiving segments. His channel is http://youtube.com/hollywoodbubbleinc - check him out! Also, special thanks to Niklas Daniel and Luigi Cani for the aerial cinematography. Also, yes we live in the house from Up. --- Follow me on Twitter!: http://twitter.com/fwong Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/freddiewspage Second Channel with Tutorials and Behind the Scenes: http://youtube.com/freddiew2 For licensing and usage inquiries please email [email protected]
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Text Comments (6429)
Arbiter 617 (30 days ago)
I remember watching this ages ago in the good days of YouTube
Jhepoy Embutido (3 months ago)
Copyrighted by pixar UP
Tsuyoshi Chariyakul (6 months ago)
I just wonder how he gonna go up back in the house then in the end he just fly up there. If you can just fly why bother with parachute. Anyway nice vid.
Beerenmüsli (6 months ago)
Awesome Video!!!!
Controldo (7 months ago)
My blind ass thought that was a carpet
Phrog W (8 months ago)
Me Everyday in minecraft
SC2 (10 months ago)
Just too bad the videos are that short. There is only one joke in them.
M Walton (1 year ago)
★★★★★ ♥
Benny Blue (1 year ago)
Wait... Are those eggs hardboiled?
Charlie G (1 year ago)
When bags didn't cost 5p
Hans Gruper (1 year ago)
6 years old and only 400 dislikes. Even the haters don't hate Freddie. This guy is a legend
lol now 417
Naud van Dalen (1 year ago)
I was expecting balloons above the house at 0:17 like in the movie UP.
Neurotic Sos (1 year ago)
Pick up some eggs I wanna work there
A Gray Sun (2 years ago)
how UP should have ended
Odd Guy (2 years ago)
*uhhhhhh nooooooo*
David Campbell (2 years ago)
I think this might be fake since in the store he puts the eggs in a plastic bag but then it's in his hand going up the stairs
NiightDJ (8 months ago)
A Link In The Park do you not understand sarcasm
A Link In The Park (2 years ago)
Obviously it's fake.
Jessica creates (2 years ago)
its been five years since I've seen this
Gilmar Perlera (2 years ago)
I laughed when he dropped the eggs
Race Williams (11 months ago)
that was the point of it
RoastThatToast (2 years ago)
Jorge Gaona (2 years ago)
you can its fake because the house is floating in mid air
Lawks (2 years ago)
Yus, tank u
Reptile (2 years ago)
o wow did not notice tat tank u m8
Astrohare (2 years ago)
Riverside ca
The Last Mimiga (2 years ago)
Andy Phan (2 years ago)
Lol he was skydiving where I live that's the same petco and albertsons
Arra Neon (2 years ago)
This gotta be awesome really I want that! Whatever broken egg! Hhhhh
what no one has a flying house
DexterMcA (2 years ago)
it's fake stupid
krawchicken (2 years ago)
I think I just found the Einstein of our generation.
IndigoGo (2 years ago)
+joebelle canoy -_-
D.A.CubingGamer (2 years ago)
You Live In The Sky?
Drop GAMES (2 years ago)
this is shit!!!!
Double You (2 years ago)
Zena Kabayushi (2 years ago)
Holly Cow you better put on this title was Disney pixar Up sky diving XD
Tom Fetherston (2 years ago)
I would love to try skydiving someday.
ForceLoup (2 years ago)
The house was floating so minecraft physics?
Røry (1 year ago)
Yup. Probably.
ForceLoup (2 years ago)
Up secret plot
SephiRevolver (3 years ago)
I came back to this video 5 years later and I totally forgot how he goes back up and I started to laugh so damn hard when he does!
StationZeroOne (3 years ago)
he can fly up :D but needs a parachute to get down? makes no sense to me
Gabinuh (2 years ago)
Maybe he needs thrust or push-up to get into the air (by jumping off the ground) but there's no ground to jump off of to give thrust while you're in the air
Trey Wiese (3 years ago)
epic lol
AetherMinecraft225 (3 years ago)
Poor freddiew!
Jacob Wyman Jr. (3 years ago)
Why didn't he just fly down if he could fly
Kenedy Ui (3 years ago)
TheTreebrook (3 years ago)
Who holds their eggs with one fucking hand? Either way I miss these videos..
jay reg (3 years ago)
U Edited Da whole thing
Daniel B (3 years ago)
You can tell its fake cause he didnt have a problem with the self checkout
joshywashy44 (3 years ago)
Hey freddy, I know this is a late video and all but I know that albertsons you were at and it is really close near home it's in riverside, do you live in riverside Cali?
EntertainWorld (3 years ago)
Crazy Skydiving Wallpaper for Smartphones!!! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dvinginsky.grounds Get it in Google Play Store!
Robbert-Jan Koornstra (3 years ago)
Thai Airborne (3 years ago)
Kzer2019 (3 years ago)
Minecraft physics
NukesForDukes (3 years ago)
no the eggs!
MCDieBlox (3 years ago)
omg this is the same thing as hamster breakfast by FedoraCO!
MCDieBlox (3 years ago)
+William Ruzyla i know 
William Ruzyla (3 years ago)
Perhaps, but freddie did this back in 2010
P055ible (3 years ago)
Now I know how knuckles gets back to angel island.
Ruphite (11 months ago)
Guy on the Internet (3 years ago)
I wonder why Freddie was running up the stairs with the egg carton like halfway open lol
kleo kaye (3 years ago)
maybe he took them out of the bag and held them so they didn't brake in the bag. and they accidentally open he noticed and slips
Onaclov (3 years ago)
For it to fall LOL😀
Altoryu (3 years ago)
I wonder that too cause clearly we see him put the eggs in a bag at the supermarket.
RetroGuy3210 (3 years ago)
An apartment building in the sky with a tenants only parking sign out the front
░KenLinx░ (3 years ago)
If only he had a clever way of going back up..
Joe (3 years ago)
so fake --
FreshTillDeath56 (3 years ago)
aww damnit, im sure it was real
Holyonyx (3 years ago)
noooo its not fake nooo no its not obvious that its fake noo
Robin Lee (3 years ago)
한국인이세요? 나중에 vghs에서 한국 뉴스가 나오던뎈ㅋㅋ 정말 재미있고요 응원하고 있습니다^^
Pablord (4 years ago)
It would have been better if he had used a barrel canon to go back.
Ethan Payne (4 years ago)
if he can fly, why would he need a parachute? LOL
IN/ RAINBOWS (4 years ago)
Well if those eggs stay there just call howtobasic
TheChubbySan (4 years ago)
I think he just made a real life version of Minecraft just then
pow dar (4 years ago)
to much weed
lord lego (4 years ago)
I was wondering how he was going to get up. and then I found out. and then i couldn't stop laughing.
Izayic (4 years ago)
Lol did anyone else notice he was leaving PetCo? XD
AMCrayfish (4 years ago)
There was an Albertsons to the right
PizzaMan12357 (4 years ago)
Its a area with stores next to each other he wasn't leaving petco
MeidoLazorZangetsuha (4 years ago)
freddiew can fly but not go up the stairs?
Anze (3 years ago)
No I'm on mobile I put a laughing emoji
the hogfather (3 years ago)
+George Mahecha you said square
Anze (4 years ago)
ravenace135 (4 years ago)
Gah some people are just so stupid....
Zay's Animations (4 years ago)
FateZero15 Dcuo (4 years ago)
No they did this because it's possible how many retarded ppl are here
Emma Twilley (4 years ago)
aww no...aww no....aww lol XD sitting here cracking up
Justin Manangan (3 years ago)
+MovieMan pun indeed
MovieMan (4 years ago)
Pun intended? 
DDallymann (4 years ago)
minecraft village on amped...
Erebus Black (4 years ago)
I love how he just jumps in the middle of a field shouting, "AWAY!" and flies away. Imagine you were just sitting in a bench and you saw that happen in the distance. Guarantee someone would freak out and shout, "ALIENS!" or "Superman?"
VRTXProductions (4 years ago)
that what happens when you don't put the eggs in the bag
Artijess (4 years ago)
wtf are the eggs for?
Ann Hiro (4 years ago)
lol ok
kinectic00 (4 years ago)
+Jordan Carlisle forgive me bro XD 
Ann Hiro (4 years ago)
+kinectic00 dude don't make fun of retarded people lol
kinectic00 (4 years ago)
What do think they are for, EATING!? You are STUUU      PID. you use them for cleaning the toilets. ITs called common sense.
Benjamin Smith (4 years ago)
they're for eggs XD
davnnk (4 years ago)
I would hate to live like that.
Merlin Weiss (4 years ago)
I just say: Minecraft
DJ ToKyO (3 years ago)
+ComputerDude2600 idk
ComputerDude2600 (3 years ago)
What does that even have to do with this video?
DJ ToKyO (3 years ago)
Izayic (4 years ago)
Chester Ayos (4 years ago)
OMG that was so funny. He can fly but not walk up the stairs. That's why don't walk up stairs with parachutes
MrTigerthelion (4 years ago)
When he got went home LOL
Triple7Anime (4 years ago)
LOL Fail at End 
Imtheminecraftpiggy (4 years ago)
he can fly but he can't walk up the stairs
Tonic TB4 (4 years ago)
the egg haha
InternalxHD (4 years ago)
FreshTillDeath56 (4 years ago)
still the best video ever XD
좋은사람 (4 years ago)
He looks so cute yet so sad... DX
Neko chan (4 years ago)
Ah no, ahhhhhhh, the way he keeps on repeating that! XD
Pocholo Loko (4 years ago)
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jvstincc (4 years ago)
Howtobasic. Clean that shit up.
Jesse Shields (4 years ago)
First freddiew video I ever saw and I have been subscribed since! :)
n!tromy (4 years ago)
and as soon as i say ' how does he get back up ' he flies. im dying here
Johnathan Pepper (4 years ago)
Its like up, only with Freddie
pixelization72 (4 years ago)
Sky diving is falling. If you didn't know, flying is the opposite of falling. They are not the same thing...
epic fail.
Champs longton (4 years ago)
If he is flying that is sky diving idiots
TheHazzza99 (4 years ago)
Every day as Freddie leaves his house...haha
SquishEESpark (4 years ago)
The bit where he jumps out the front door is onto a mat. Watch the Behind the Scenes, it's pretty good.
Red Pill (4 years ago)
Minecraft in a nutshell.
josh shalek (4 years ago)
does this mean freddie wong is superman?
UnitedFacepalm (4 years ago)
can you please do this while playing guitar hero?
Halcyonacoustic (4 years ago)
He also couldn't have flown back up superman-style >.>
JetJockey87 (4 years ago)
I thought it wasn't a legit skydive. Your hard arch was horrible. Awkward exit too, you would've gone into a massive spin.
Andromeda P. (4 years ago)
Andromeda P. (4 years ago)
I live the last part
Fevzi Günal (4 years ago)
Buy new ones hahahahahha
Brien Elwood Washburn (4 years ago)
lol, that awww oh no sequence at the end had me dying.
RandomGuy (4 years ago)
aww. aww nooo. aww. aww nooo. aww nooo. awwwww.

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