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Buying 5 random steam CD-KEYS from G2A

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If you really want to try this out by yourself: https://www.g2a.com/r/5-random-steam-keys-p Buying 50 random steam CD-KEYS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1zHhAZeMTs ALL OF THESE KEYS GO FOR LESS THAN 1 EURO combined on g2a. Absolute shit. Lets say chaos domain is 10EUR on steam but it's only 8 cents on g2a. random steam CD-KEYS g2a review still not convinced? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78HUL3H4qww
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Text Comments (194)
Renato Pereira (11 months ago)
FUCK G2A, is a scam
shit games
Kirby Neal (1 year ago)
I am ρretty astonisℎed witℎ this location, asserted some --> https://disq.us/p/1eydsk1/Stm Tℎis is resρectable offers tℎat I know
markcer2 (1 year ago)
Kirby Neal die
Kirby Neal (1 year ago)
The effect happened in few hours after activating
keys no work error !!!!!!!!
qwerty (1 year ago)
Bad for you lol
Midcraze (1 year ago)
lmfao they give you shitty china games bro.
william (1 year ago)
that outro well anyway goodbye!
愛子 (1 year ago)
хорошая труд
sajib bairage (1 year ago)
Andrea Tordin (2 years ago)
I've just bought 5 today for 1.55€ and I've found 4 games that cost more than 5€ and one that costs like 2€.
Radu Neagu (2 years ago)
can u sell them???
Dinox'aur (2 years ago)
can we refund the games
Reiga (2 years ago)
All of thoose keys,have been in giveaways where u just type some info about ur self and get the keys,so they go them for free and sold them for 1euro WOW that profit thoe.
eric james (2 years ago)
is this me A friend?!
Vlibyrr (2 years ago)
Lmao. This is like gambling.
Dylan Adams (2 years ago)
a friend?!?!!?!?
Infinity (2 years ago)
https://steamgifts.co/go/?id=iEQ40P4sd gives you keys i have fallout4 from it
Burntqueso (2 years ago)
A friend????
Hayden Knutson (2 years ago)
I bought fallout 4 from g2a and the game cd key wont work
Bart (2 years ago)
u can refund it if u have the g2a protection thingy.
SweezyProductions (2 years ago)
A Friend
Ali tbp (2 years ago)
A friend? Is that you?
Talha Hey (2 years ago)
Talha Hey (2 years ago)
Lee Davies (2 years ago)
These sites are a bad scam with the random keys, they have a pool of no more than 50 crap games and no matter which random keys you pay for, its always the same games. Forget it. Theres no AAA titles ever.
LeeGane TheGamer (2 years ago)
I mean where on steam
LeeGane TheGamer (2 years ago)
excuse me sir after u get the code what shall u do?
LeeGane TheGamer (2 years ago)
Ahh ok thanks.
PCtrainers (2 years ago)
+LeeGane TheGamer activate it on steam
PowerLog (2 years ago)
i got the commander... for free in giveway
So after you redeem these keys are you allowed to sell the games back to steam for a refund?
Matjakpro (2 years ago)
No ofcource not.. Then g2a would loose much money. You cant sell them but you can trade them (or activate them)
More Over (2 years ago)
wtf this is creepy is the A friend?
Bogmire777 (2 years ago)
+Shrekt The MVP !!! XDDD
Burak (2 years ago)
+L Lawliet !!!! YOU ARE RIGHT? WTF THIS GUY IS a friend xDD
Elite GamingWolf (2 years ago)
how do you activate a steam key?
. IGaming (2 years ago)
james lees (2 years ago)
afriend LOLZ
Z bg (2 years ago)
a friend?
MindlessLight (2 years ago)
lol i mostly got all the keys you got for free
Kevin Domon (2 years ago)
A friend ????????
Kevin Domon (2 years ago)
A friend ????????
NonJewishGeneral (2 years ago)
Is this AFriend? You sound sooooo similar
Mans A Fish Cuz. (2 years ago)
The Fuck, 10 hours of G2A keys?
SpeedWeed (2 years ago)
Wait a second. You're A friend!?
ali çiftçi (2 years ago)
omg he speaks perfect english
Ringuin (2 years ago)
Does somebody know how can I get a FarCry 4 and/or GTA V key for free,easy no surveys and legit. PLEASE COMMENT !!!
Alex Bgboss (2 years ago)
Sound City Network ™ (2 years ago)
Just curious. When you went to get your CD keys , it had 5 random keys in a list. How do you know which games they are for?
Othon von Salza (2 years ago)
yes, it's A Friend
Its Pathos (2 years ago)
+Yousif Almudhaf runescape you tuber
Yousif Almudhaf (2 years ago)
+Othon von Salza what's "A Friend"?! who's that?!
Tombalf (3 years ago)
wait, is this a friend?
AliGator (3 years ago)
got 5 keys enclave farcry 4 gta4 gta5 Don't starve together LIVIN LIFE! WOOT WOOT! IF YOU WANT GTA4 AND DONT STARVE (SINCE I HAVE EM JUST LEMME KNOW)
AliGator (2 years ago)
naawwwwwwww sorry, i guy got both of them on the first day i posted this comments
AliGator (2 years ago)
no i am not lying
SamPaulTom (2 years ago)
+AppleGamingFPS Why the fuck you lying, why you always lying...
Headshot Spy (3 years ago)
a friend? wtf
GodApple i (3 years ago)
who can give me cs go key pls : (
Reothadh (3 years ago)
my keys didnt work
PONIS RS (3 years ago)
Wait are you A Friend???
The BloodSwiper (3 years ago)
So you're saying that if a game is cheap its shit? Because thats what i understand by listening to the commentary.
Dankatron (3 years ago)
Now it's only 1 dollar for five and like 1.12 for 10... To me that's kind of like WHY NOT?
razorline (3 years ago)
holy shit its afrend :O
Gneiss Guy (3 years ago)
Are you A Friend?
Julian Trujillo (3 years ago)
are u a friend??
funtagekill1e (3 years ago)
lol i clicked random on this video and i heared this familiar voice... few seconds later  OMG ITS A FRIEND XD
Joeink100 (3 years ago)
I did this and got pretty well I got castle crashers, borderlands 1 base game I already owned it so not that amazing I got space hack Wich I haven't played yet and I got hearthfire mid for skyrim I allready own legendary so it kinda sucks and I got some shity indie game.
Marcel Calliber (3 years ago)
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Ivan Kirov (3 years ago)
+Marcel Calliber https://www.g2a.com/r/fortune7777 click for click :)
Leigh Pankhurst (3 years ago)
G2A is a total scam. they mis-sell keys and dont provide the means of contacting the sellers. I just lost £20 when they mis sold me a Dragon age : Origins key which was supposed to be a Dragon age: Inquisition key. The customer service is totally rubbish, they keep telling me I have to contact the seller direct, but their website will not allow me to do so. Complete thieving scum.
Caa129 (3 years ago)
+Leigh Pankhurst G2A worked for me bought MGS5 the day it came out for 40 dollars. You just have to look at the rating the seller has and I use the G2A shield thing if I'm spending over 5 dollars
damo damo (3 years ago)
A friend !!
DELLYxDEXTER (3 years ago)
Aland (3 years ago)
Icyblast (3 years ago)
HAHHAHAHAHHAAHA I laughed more than I should oh my god  thanks for this video :D
Fred Ferris (3 years ago)
lol thats a friend the runescape youtuber???
DonFelson (3 years ago)
Last game i got for free like 2 others from you're randome kay...
thebinbudoor1 (3 years ago)
are u Afriend?
BallroomBlitz (3 years ago)
You can get these 4 games for free on some sites .
Maples (3 years ago)
a friend?
People that Fail (3 years ago)
Nice stolen video from a friend
ツKeenan (3 years ago)
Hello A Friend.
So_Irony (3 years ago)
is this A Friend?
MissYejin (3 years ago)
Oh God Why?? LoL
how many accounts do you have? AFRIEND
Squadz (3 years ago)
Sorry dude, but.. Thanks and lol O_o
holydver (3 years ago)
A FRIEND!!!!! hello!!
GameWare (3 years ago)
What a load of crap. XD
Chris Markakis (3 years ago)
Total bullcrap!
Julian Depaepe (3 years ago)
Its scam i also got Racer 8 like 3 times buying in total 7 keys since it came out.
Ted Bits (3 years ago)
thank you for this review. the same thing caught my eye but I wasnt sure how legit it is, and now I know. thank you
soutman110 (3 years ago)
MgnIAnm (3 years ago)
I don't know why i laughed so hard with this video.
TeLcH (3 years ago)
Omg u sound like A Friend!!! it's a yt channel
JuicyMrDavid (2 years ago)
+Nobs 4 Lyf I guarantee this is him.
Jayzzz 123 (2 years ago)
+TeLcH holy fuck it does
NoProbLlama (3 years ago)
+Nobs 4 Lyf I was thinking the same thing, he even starts the video in the usual abrupt way, with no introduction. Definitely A Friend.
ツKeenan (3 years ago)
+TeLcH That has to be him.
ShyRIBoyy (3 years ago)
bought 10 keys!!!! enclave enclave two worlds epic edition far cry 3 far cry 4 assassins creed III assassins creed III assassins creed III Racer 8 Company of Heroes 2 FCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!
Joe Voss (2 years ago)
+MCBobby Thats a fucking lie piss off.
BorbingoBoy (2 years ago)
Can you send me some keys maybe?
Caa129 (3 years ago)
+MCBobby fucking lies no way you got that
Susanta Kirtania (3 years ago)
+MCBobby give me the unity key for exchange of another game
Ivan Kirov (3 years ago)
+MCBobby https://www.g2a.com/r/fortune7777 click for click :)
randomhero7 (3 years ago)
i bought 5 "random" keys as well. i got 3 of the games you did. hmm.
TheHypedLion (3 years ago)
Hey its A friend
Oxter (3 years ago)
What are u doing here A Friend? XD
Karol Sosnowski (3 years ago)
I also get racers 8
Imbibition amig jarekf (3 years ago)
And pixel puzzles japan it's free for buying at indiegala store :x
ben (3 years ago)
do you play runescape afriend?
JoeOnWoW (3 years ago)
Loot from 1000 G2A random keys? :P
SUP3RB (3 years ago)
lol Sorry you got some crappy stuff :'D i paid about $4 for the 5 keys and i didn't get any Dupes and allt he games were above $4-$8
Cole O'Brien (3 years ago)
You really sound like A Friend... are you?
Daki (3 years ago)
Racer 8 FREE
SnowySnake41 (3 years ago)
OMFG. you sound like A Friend. Search him up
6god (3 years ago)
You can sell those on Kinguin
Mister ? (3 years ago)
just ... lol
Delinn (3 years ago)
Maximilian Yo (3 years ago)
watched this video tolate -.- fck this shit
Necromorphicon (3 years ago)
The formula for this "Randomly picked by an algorithm" always give you 5 games that goes UNDER for the 5 euros you buy the pack for trough G2A in total, no seller would give you games that they would loose big. so basicly you get 5 games that would cost you 4 euros if you would want to buy them seperatly on G2A, but they offer it for a higher price and you are forced to buy shit games, also duplicates..do not fall for this scam.
AgusTron01 (3 years ago)
AgusTron01 (3 years ago)
+AgusTron01 https://www.g2a.com/r/xlagus-tronlx
Alex Capi (3 years ago)
You will never get a game like gta 5 on it, may aswell be called: shitty random CD Keys
Joe Voss (2 years ago)
+Alex Capi Well thats why you buy the 1 dollar 1 key PREMIUM KEY WHOA.
i thinkg i have all the games for free :/
CreamOf Weber (3 years ago)
Thanks for the warning! I was thinking about rolling the dice. Glad I didn't.

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