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Tutorial: How to install add-on aircraft into FSX steam edition

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Today I decided to do a quick tutorial on how to install add-on aircraft onto FSX steam edition. I thought this would be a good idea because I had some problems when downloading add-ons myself the first time and I though the videos on YouTube didn't help me much. Hopefully this helped you guys, any problems I will be happy to help with in the comments! NEW CHANNEL PLEASE SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChqm9bNhwUSldq5wb00gkCg The Aircrew: GeminiJetsAerLingus:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSEUCc3KXm2DfI8uejt0M-g Diecast1203:https://www.youtube.com/user/geminijets1203 ThatAeroplaneGuy:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPXniP9MFo9-L0ttw6tnTzQ Thanks for watching please like, subscribe and comment!
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Text Comments (312)
Tobias (2 years ago)
the aircraft : http://simviation.com/1/download-file?file=B738_Thomson_FSX.zip&fileId=50215
Joe Patroni (12 days ago)
Too much mashing around though. Could be more organized (presentation)
BALLISTC Snipz (1 month ago)
Gonna get all planes
Dilhani Disanayaka (2 months ago)
The727Way (2 months ago)
Wait what a car? 7:40
Kevin Yang (3 months ago)
I typed www.Simvation.com instead of www.Simviation.com... lol
Kevin Yang (3 months ago)
Into Space Music?
R_CADEIOUS (4 months ago)
The game is on sale Rn for $9.99
cRaZY TUBER (7 months ago)
dude its working
cRaZY TUBER (7 months ago)
wow dude thats awesome nice i will try this ver good apperciate it
Will Blackmore (7 months ago)
Well done. Helped a lot 👍🏻
Wolf Gaming (7 months ago)
not working
Jeremy Giles (8 months ago)
I have tried absolutely everything to get aircraft onto mine, Iv downloaded freeware aircraft nothing appears, Iv downloaded payware addons with dedicated installers for steam fsx and still nothings appears.
Rblxgames (8 months ago)
Helped me very mutch! Thank you!
AFC AJAX (8 months ago)
It does not work ess holl
Gemini jets Luton (8 months ago)
How much space do the files take up
Blacky (8 months ago)
thanks dude
musical gamer (8 months ago)
wtf?! my addons wont show up in the game!
Mikhail Gorbachev (9 months ago)
was that a 757 in your background
Iemand Iemandd (9 months ago)
Thanks!!! It realy working
MrRossburger (9 months ago)
Thanks so much this helped alot
Arlen Verta (10 months ago)
What mouse is that? 🤣
JoPlayss 11 (10 months ago)
Thank you so much it worked really good!!
aditya rifa mahari (10 months ago)
Does it work in normal edition not steam edition?
Axqz (10 months ago)
nothing worked, i did everything on the readme and nothing worked, i tried downloading the eurofighter typhoon
Chris Nanae (11 months ago)
Chris Nanae (11 months ago)
please help its just on steam apps its just says libraryfolders
FlameMODZ (11 months ago)
i dont have steam apps what i do ? please help
FlameMODZ (11 months ago)
please make how to download releastic graphics mod please
MR_D_ DOUBLE (1 year ago)
Thank you so much I subbed and I watch your vids keep it up
BayAreaGamer 21 (1 year ago)
My steam file does not have steamapps help!
Bull (1 year ago)
Can you do IT on Windows 10
Bull (1 year ago)
you Game (1 year ago)
thx so much this vid helped me alot thx
Cain Walker (1 year ago)
So You Can Get Add Ons For Free? NICE!
Aditya Chatterjee (1 year ago)
I really like that mouse clicking sound tho...
phil wilson (1 year ago)
This helped me a lot,can you do one for scenery?
Sunset Praises (1 year ago)
nice vid. It helped me
TheSwedavia (1 year ago)
what screen recorder do you use
Clive Graham (1 year ago)
does this work on windows 10 as well?
booker (1 year ago)
that mouse is so loud
ItzzTomoss (1 year ago)
Mine never turn up '='
Topukuku (1 year ago)
i dont know how to use this??????????????????
julio renovales (1 year ago)
How to install FSX_Shockwave3D_Lights_Redux_zip in steam edition
#XD# #Boys# (1 year ago)
I have a question If v have an addon aircraft will v get fsuipc
thank u
Adam _Show (1 year ago)
Thanks for this great video
Philip Cyprus (1 year ago)
it did not work
Shane Foley (1 year ago)
Thanks so much it has helped me a lot
drummer 26 (1 year ago)
thanks for the video that helped me very well
FSXPilot (1 year ago)
I cant find the plane
Hussain Zaf (1 year ago)
hey mate what about the airports how do I install it?
Sleepingcatstudios (1 year ago)
you have a car in ur planes list??
fifa mobile channel (1 year ago)
I can't find the steam folder
Daddy Does. (1 year ago)
what version of windows was this
Alv Power (1 year ago)
the airplane that i dowloaded have a HUD. where should i paste those files?
Linda Day (1 year ago)
thanks, now i can fly with my favorite team...FCB :)
Achill James (1 year ago)
can it work on the gold edition
I love you💚💚💚
Andrea Bordoni (1 year ago)
Question: But there are aircraft with HD graphics for free ?? Because for now those are paid. As for example Aerosoft. Free anything? The default aircraft have texture ridiculous. Both aircraft that the cockpit.
IcarusRed141 (1 year ago)
Thanks this helped a lot 👍
The Fast Lane Channel (1 year ago)
Thank you so much, this helped a lot
NYC spotter (1 year ago)
I wanted to download 2 American 737s, TWA and AirCal liveries. I downloaded TWA and it was there. but when I downloaded AirCal it replaced TWA. what do I do?
MeOvv (1 year ago)
is this legal?
LightRealms (1 year ago)
Crazy Studio 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
copying the other folder just wont let the model work - it wont muck up your system
Gareth Hanson (1 year ago)
Jefferson Coffin (1 year ago)
help! I do not have the Microsoft games folder
Oz Spotter HD (1 year ago)
Does this work on a laptop? Windows 7?
Iemand Iemandd (9 months ago)
Oz Spotter HD 2017 Yes I do iT with A Windows 7 laptop and iT worked
LilVodka (1 year ago)
Oz spotter HD 2017 ur laptop will prob definately crash. Doesnt even matter if its just the game those kind of laptops prob wont handle it
fantasticgamer31 (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for the help
Noel Nathanael (1 year ago)
I have a problem, i did all the process clearly, but when i look and search for the plane at the GAME, i didn't see the aircraft i wanted... lol? need help! ThatAeroplaneGuy
Tatthep Apimuntagul (1 year ago)
thanks I'm in thailand
Scang (1 year ago)
cheers : )
Sean C (1 year ago)
Thank You
Gamer2345679 (1 year ago)
Omg thx m8 I now have over 100 planes on my fsx!
Hayden Colby (1 year ago)
cant find microsoft games folder
FrostBiteDelta (1 year ago)
Nice vid u have just earned a sub 😀
Shitney scholf (1 year ago)
thank you really much!!!!!!! it worked,thank you for this well done tutorial.😀😀😀I don't know much about Computers,and you helped me!!!thx FOR THE OTHERS: (IT WORKED) I HAVE : WINDOWS 10 i7 980 Gtx nvidea HP 580-228ng 👍
Jenny Medford (1 year ago)
It says fsx/p3d and kept coming up with save
Hayden Aviates (1 year ago)
Mine work awesome it's all done thank you for making this tutorial
Bradford Frotten (1 year ago)
Appreciate the help. Now I have some practicing to do.
Jet Designs (1 year ago)
Does Rikoooo downloads work for this method?
Gamer2345679 (1 year ago)
I think so. All you need to do with Rikoooo downloads is To just run the setup wizard in the main folder and run through it and then click "Show All Variations" Then look for it. Hope this helped.
Emmanuel Kandavalli (1 year ago)
can you do a video on adding custom callsigns?
B28G (1 year ago)
Dosent work
Ziggly1282 (1 year ago)
harm Grave (1 year ago)
hey man nice video realy helpt. but got a question. if i buy addon dvd's will they alsof work with the steam edition or just with the fsx one? because ik read most of them doesn't work. ik Am planning on installing my fsx to my New computer and want to buy a lot of addons like scenery and aircraft. would you say its beter to install the fsx or just as well get the steam edition. no i just want it tot be easy so not download aircraft by aircraft but run aan disc. can you maybe tell me What you think? thanks a lot man. and tnx for the video.
Umair Zakir (1 year ago)
Cant you just click open file location?
HCDCGunner (1 year ago)
When I clicked on th enamel of the aircraft I wanted it did nothing...
Jules Saarinen (1 year ago)
Can somebody help! I cant install those airplanes where comes the cockpit wiew
Firas Hammad (1 year ago)
sorry I have not I jave hhhhh
Firas Hammad (1 year ago)
hi I jave a question about this video how to download fsx steam edition
Evan 206 (1 year ago)
you get steam and you buy fsx steam edition
Snow White (1 year ago)
mine didnt have a sound folde
Snow White (1 year ago)
wait nvm
Who am I? (1 year ago)
I did everything correctly but I can't find the plane in the menu
Who am I? (1 year ago)
i made my own way and it work. copy whole subfolder and paste on simobjects>aeroplanes
yudho anggara (1 year ago)
Danyl Ho make sure to click the "all variant" button
No idea What to put. (1 year ago)
I tried to add a Saab and it didn't work
No idea What to put. (1 year ago)
I got the plane but it's just gray
when i looked in Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files, there was no steam folder, yet i have steam installed so it makes no sense
Ggg G (9 months ago)
Try, local disk (C:) then user, click on the user that installed steam, desktop,steam,steamapps,common. thats how i find all my steam games. Hope it helps
wardaki (11 months ago)
where did you find the folder?
Clothbandits I figured it out a while ago and I've installed many aircraft. My steam folder was just in a different place rather then program files for some reason. Thanks anyways
A101 (1 year ago)
Try Program Files (x86)
JerKKeR (2 years ago)
can you use multiplayer with this addons?
Gamer2345679 (1 year ago)
kalkansemy (2 years ago)
I have fsx, but I cant do it install, can you please help me to install FSX
Marshall sergi (2 years ago)
How do you get the pdmg 737
David Read (2 years ago)
i installed some mods and now i cant play multi player anyone help?
Jon Phang (2 years ago)
I copies the files just like you said but it doesn't show on my simulator, any advice?
Fly1549 (2 years ago)
it works

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