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Star Wars: Kid's Lightsaber Battle - Episode II

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Two kids have an epic fight with "real" lightsabers! This is my second attempt to make a fun, exciting, and better quality lightsaber duel. This seems to be a yearly winter break tradition for my family to allow our kids to make their "Star Wars" dreams come true. Hope you enjoy! *Remember, this is a hobby... I'm not a professional, so be nice with your criticism. :-) To see my first video from last year, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUJZnwXonRs Please subscribe! More Lightsaber fights to come!
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Text Comments (63)
5D6 BestOf3 (18 days ago)
takes me back to the old days lol id love to make a video like this for my kids :)
Celestial Travel (4 months ago)
Awwww cute
Hudson Wolf (7 months ago)
Spoiler alert the Younger One wins
Hudson Wolf (7 months ago)
I know who won
Custardfly 14 (8 months ago)
Still better than the last Jedi
Big Sauce (8 months ago)
I liked it. The effects were really good and the kids were cute
Jackie Yt (9 months ago)
Plz make a tutorial to make this
Glarius (9 months ago)
2016: this is awesome! 2017: this is so cringe.
Kaleb L. (9 months ago)
What editing software do you use to give them that effect?
Biddy (9 months ago)
hard to watch
Smartthinker g (10 months ago)
Please stick to real sports.
KV Singh (10 months ago)
Umm the point is to kill idiot
Jackson Lu (10 months ago)
The editing, FX, and audio were great, but the duel itself was a little boring. Although, they’re just kids so it’s hard to do intense choreography. Good Job!
Fran Grady (10 months ago)
Worst fight I've seen
Uno Kim (7 days ago)
Fran Grady I can fight better I’ll give you details ok at the swing I would flip even though I am a kid I can manage it tho
super paper mario xl (10 months ago)
I love this
super paper mario xl (10 months ago)
Im gonna subscribe
Ancient Potato (11 months ago)
2:12 you had the high ground.
Ziggy Craft (11 months ago)
So cute
The Good Sir (1 year ago)
Card Magic 12 (1 year ago)
Where do you get the lightsaber
OMASUMINIE (1 year ago)
This sucks
Fabian Rapp (1 year ago)
so bad
America May (1 year ago)
You know, I love how one of the kids must've chosen to have a red lightsaber. It shows evil and they voluntarily owned it.
ALPHA ERIC (1 year ago)
Is this real?
Hello Xrazy Man (1 year ago)
this is cringe and terrible
QuickShoes (16 days ago)
TheAngryMidget (1 year ago)
0:35 when your mum wakes you up for school
fuZZy Gamer (9 months ago)
FinFamilyFun (1 year ago)
love our effects
Jaspreet Sidhu (1 year ago)
SkyHeroHD awm (1 year ago)
realy? they fall like my if i drank to much
KewlKurtis (1 year ago)
The Global Game (1 year ago)
That was hardcore boi
Norge Guevara Airado (2 years ago)
blasted toast (6 months ago)
Hey watch the additude
Norge Guevara Airado no shit Sherlock it’s supposed to be
Glarius (9 months ago)
You're a dumb shit.
WI11Reactz (2 years ago)
Owen Hughes (2 years ago)
sooooo cute
chezz da best (2 years ago)
lol I'm feeling awkward after this
Black Ice Official (2 years ago)
green bay let's go
Black Ice Official (2 years ago)
green bay let's go
Thomas Ellingson (2 years ago)
Anyone see the dog?
Thomas Ellingson (2 years ago)
In the video game you guys were being Vader and Anikan and in the duel you used Anikan and Vader's Lightsaber
SlychoticGamer (2 years ago)
Needs a bit more action but overall very well made.
Yes (8 months ago)
They might need to learn at least the basic spin or the obi ani spin
Edward Vanheusden (1 year ago)
SlychoticGamer 21 E F G
Rune Vdm (1 year ago)
SlychoticGamer 21
SlychoticGamer (2 years ago)
BTW I didn't mean to sound mean when I said it needs more action....
Graham Jones (2 years ago)
super man x2 lol thar just kids 😂
Isaac Graves (2 years ago)
what did you use to make the lightsaber
Robo Radd (11 months ago)
Isaac Graves I have the same app, it’s SaberMovieFX and it’s 4.99
Tristan Lee (2 years ago)
So awesome! How'd you do the audio so well?
KFC Winger (9 months ago)
A you sic
Mike Riess (1 year ago)
Klaasy Productions what editing app do you use???
Zyro (2 years ago)
+Klaasy Productions I love the way that they were playing Lego Star Wars and it turned into a battle
Meredith Haas (2 years ago)
What a great way to spend winter break!!
Imperia Studio (2 years ago)
Hello nice video :] I invite for my channel fan films star wars.
Seth Bennett (2 years ago)
And the effects are brilliant
Seth Bennett (2 years ago)
The choreography is actually really good for two small children!

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