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ASIAN ASSASSINATION - Hitman Contracts Gameplay Part 8

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For all of you out there offended by any "Asian jokes" we may have made in this video, please let us know and we will send an apology to the eight year old in China who just flung themselves out of a window after building your next cell phone. Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/adamkovic http://twitter.com/brucegreene http://twitter.com/jameswillems https://twitter.com/BryanlMarquis Tshirts n stuff: https://store.roosterteeth.com/collections/funhaus
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Text Comments (365)
TAP (1 hour ago)
That dude is manspreading so hard, I bet those chicks on buzzfeed hate him because he's in someone's way.
Optimus Grime (6 days ago)
I thought they said that guy was funny...
Jake Lowrey (7 days ago)
The description 😂😂😂
CNep99 (8 days ago)
2:14 The funny part is that was actually Chinese
Connor (9 days ago)
shoulve shaved your leg
Paul Boston (9 days ago)
I love the Peake hitman cutaways!
DemonGrenade274 (10 days ago)
Wow he got a silent assassin rating entirely on accident. Goddamnit Adam
Arcadius 256 (10 days ago)
Damn, description writer no.4 has no chill today...
Tom Fowkes (10 days ago)
Nice to see Victor Lindelof in a FunHaus video
Silky Johnson (12 days ago)
Geezus how can someone whos played this before be so bad at it?
Tyler Hunt (12 days ago)
Good ole peak
Taylor Hayden (12 days ago)
Hey Funhaus, if you guys are playing old shooters, you should try out Syphon Filter. It was the first shooter I ever played, and it has hilariously bad graphics. The first one came out in 1999. You should give it a try!
tommy springer (13 days ago)
Thank you for not having any sponors this video because so far everything you do as a sponor seems to kill my pets.
Goblet LaTroc (13 days ago)
Funhaus Akeline vs Funhaus hitman who can kill who first
Alfatazer _ (14 days ago)
Ching Chong Ping Pong!
PIXISU 21 (14 days ago)
This LinMarkin guy looks like a douche.
J6ravy (14 days ago)
wtf is orange chicken?
Black_Mask (14 days ago)
6:00 best part of the video /\
Bambo Davies, alfons (14 days ago)
This mission was re made from the first hitman I'm sure funhaus played once
GOOD NEWS GAMING (14 days ago)
gooferman609 (14 days ago)
Sark would be a great guest on this series
Rob Fuzzy (15 days ago)
Can you guys please increase the brightness of the Hitman gameplay? The gameplay has been consistently dark but this one has been the worst so far.
One & Only Tony (15 days ago)
Why is the gamma on the game so damn low??? Every time they cut to the game all I see is a bald head surrounded by shadows! Guys please for the love of god, turn up the brightness for your gameplays 😫😫😫
Quinn Orleans (15 days ago)
this is literally the darkest video I've ever seen, and I've seen some shit
BaneTheDestroyer (15 days ago)
Wait is that Aarons brother? Fuck you Aaron.
Lynn is pretty chill I like him and I think he was great in the last open haus. And Jesus Christ these comments, sometimes I forget Funhaus also has 12 year old fans
thenewpollution2 (15 days ago)
0:23 General Kenobi?
Nut Chunder (15 days ago)
Not gonna lie, the orange chicken vat made me really hungry.
Hedon (15 days ago)
WELL LET'S SEE YOU BE FUNNY, FUNNY MAN Hey, that was pretty good
Chew Bosska (15 days ago)
So he's racist because he doesn't know the Chinese language?
cybersleep (15 days ago)
This was the perfect episode for a Yung [email protected] mlg edit:(
SLASHISMYHOMMIE 818 (15 days ago)
Panda Inn is the same thing as express, just a sit down restaurant (same corporate owners) with the kitchen in the back and waiters. The only one I know is in Glendale, CA. Bit I know there's others.
guyyouseewhenyoudie (15 days ago)
Hey it’s Other Marquis!
Hector Mosquera (15 days ago)
James introduces guest as funny man…. Guest proceeds to speak 5 times in the whole video while being as funny as a rock. 10/10, excellent choice.
Dr Rockso (15 days ago)
Barbara dunkelmans ex boyfriends brother.
Percy Ellison (15 days ago)
I watch every single fucking ad on FH videos. Sometimes its hard bc its some dumbass ad that starts "hey wait don't skip this ad!" Which makes me wanna skip I but I have to support you all to the fullest and give all the ad revenue possible. Just so you know, I suffer for you, suffer with enjoyment.
Ari PC (15 days ago)
Boxer Rebellion simulator
Navar Donavon (15 days ago)
Blue Dragon 1: Look out, intruder! Blue Dragon 2: No, is diversity hire.
Gargie396 (15 days ago)
When anyone else was a kid did they think panda express was panda meat?
Merry Wonderland (15 days ago)
I'm loving these live action short segments. More please!!
Carl Smith (15 days ago)
"Think he has tape on his eyelids" Yea... That is how you know he is from Texas. Not the gun talk...
Sonicfalcon16 (15 days ago)
From south asia I would like to say: Ping pong ching chong
mitsubishifactory (15 days ago)
I miss demo disk and wheelhaus hitman blood money was great but is getting repetitive very fast
DotDusk (15 days ago)
Why is James yelling at me?
Pan Kartofel (15 days ago)
DotDusk lack of sex leads to frustration.
Andrew Moewes-Bystrom (15 days ago)
Best chanel ever like if you agree
The Cream Team (15 days ago)
Nothing tops Funhaus Hitman gameplays 😂
rumblerobotblueteam (15 days ago)
10/10 video description.
Cooper Marques (15 days ago)
Anyone know what Adam's shirt is, or where it's from? I really like the design.
Isaac Pattison (15 days ago)
shit was so dark couldn't see anything
jojj334Q (15 days ago)
...I was expecting a ping Pong CHING CHONG! From either Bruce, James or Benson 🤔
Cayne Byron (15 days ago)
This guy is Aaron's brother?
Anthony Bliss (15 days ago)
I dont know who that guy is but his man spread is insane
MohairSheep (15 days ago)
Is this mission some sort of homage to the mission in First Hitman game?
Yzerbrøh (15 days ago)
For that scene with the leg they should've either asked Bruce or Elyse to show their leg to make the skit extra spicy.
Cerius Bsns (15 days ago)
Also, 10:24 run time?...at least try not to make it obvious that you cut the video just to get away with rolling two adds...ca'maaaaaaaaaan.
Ser Sjon (15 days ago)
Funhaus, baby, I love you but you gotta tone it down with these thumbnails. They get weirder with each video.
Cerius Bsns (15 days ago)
He's not a funny guy...
Howitzer Phat (15 days ago)
Check your office Funhaus, I heard you guys have a sneaky cat around that likes to get guests tounges and force them to plesure it when no ones around.
curbside01 (15 days ago)
lol im laughing at you libarl cucks i live in texas and have 3 ar15s
ChadSkittles (15 days ago)
Every time I go to Panda Express there's at least one Chinese person and that's not a joke.
davidpiksi (15 days ago)
I kinda wanna see them play the new Hitman in full after these playthroughs
Ethan H (15 days ago)
Is this the return of Racist Hitman? It’s like a T.V. show that’s connected to another show and one character makes a one-episode cameo
crazyBloodmonkey (15 days ago)
i hit a man once
Josh Rh (16 days ago)
Could we please have more Brad
NinjaTuna (16 days ago)
Or is the real reason why Bryan is here is that they lost the footage to this episode?🤔 I better go check the "next time on..." on the last episode.
YodatheHobbit (16 days ago)
His butt got bigger.
Scott Hesdon (16 days ago)
Turn the brightness up it’s like I’m just watching a black screen
Spaguu (16 days ago)
In Texas, if you kill someone you get a free gun? That explains why they have so many guns and so little people.
Radek Jurczak (16 days ago)
You dumb dums, klocuh did this in like a 5 minutes
[ Lizardwave ] (16 days ago)
8:06 *Gay silence*
Macephtopheles (16 days ago)
I'm assuming that they cut a lot of the guy whose name I have *literally* already forgotten's stuff out of it? Just when James was saying he's a funny guy I was like "Well, alright." but yeah... if that's the highlight reel of his "funny" input into the video then I'd be surprised if he got any new fans outta this? Course, maybe I missed the joke and they *did* edit out his contributions to make it seem like he's rather bland so the joke is James is crap at judging and hyping up people..? 🤔
Sirro (16 days ago)
love the description
Peter Franc (16 days ago)
Adam's arm keeps blocking that guy's crotch I'm trying not to look at..
AnUndeadGamer (16 days ago)
You can't spell assassination without Asian
osbely (16 days ago)
Chika frah-raaah
*R A C I S T H I T M A N*
Rickthebanana (16 days ago)
Is it just me or does adams voice sound like hitmans
erector500 (16 days ago)
Too short to masturbate with.
SiLenT366 (16 days ago)
Jesus turn up the gamma or brightness on the game.
SexCannonMusic (16 days ago)
huh interesting , where did the video in the last videos preview go
Vit Kozusky (16 days ago)
1:48 Where is Yung Maistro when you need him? That was a triple collateral!
Connor Schultz (16 days ago)
Butt poop
lloyd watkinson (16 days ago)
Jesus Christ, learn how to pronounce garrote
Bradley Johnstone (16 days ago)
I’m not a racist Hitman but why is this game so dark?
Garrett Schaar (16 days ago)
Was this recorded in April? The save file has 4/9 for its date.
oogiesmuncher (16 days ago)
shits too dark, yo
Lord-Commander Savage (16 days ago)
Nick Currie (16 days ago)
I'm deeply disappointed that you didn't shave Peake for the joke.
Runnester (16 days ago)
Lynn does look like Victor Lindelöf.
DNA (16 days ago)
fun stuff, couldn't really see anything tho
Secara Stefan (16 days ago)
Is their guest human? He looks like he rolled right on the uncanny valley
eurosonly (16 days ago)
Darkest game ever made
Heavy Metal Collector (16 days ago)
eurosonly It's like the Aliens vs Predator: Requiem of video games. Wow, what a great audience!
LennieGames (16 days ago)
Er B (16 days ago)
Man the last few days were awesome on Youtube cause it felt Like you guys uploaded two hitman or for that matter two alekhines gun vids
SNN (16 days ago)
shit i used to love this game/ level
Samstagmorgen Fur Zwie (16 days ago)
Everyone at Funhaus is so funny, why do so many of their guests suck so bad?
Jankens (16 days ago)
I'm going to assume either James or Adam wrote the description for the video. Its beautiful.
bubbateran (16 days ago)
Assian Assasian 👦
Azinnation (16 days ago)
Props to whoever wrote the description
Nate Higgers (16 days ago)
Why doesn't james' shoes have any laces?

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