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Minecraft - How to make a infinite Lava/Obsidian Farm (tutorial)

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Hey guys and welcome back to the ClashOfVideos Channel! And today i show u guys how to make a Automatic Machine MORE INFO! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Thermal Expansion/CoFH Mod http://teamcofh.com/ Download Minefactory Reloaded/PowerCrystals and API: http://teamcofh.com/ Download Openblocks/OpenModslib: http://www.openmods.info/ EVEN MORE INFO! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check My out on Twitter! https://twitter.com/Clashofvideos And Also Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX37EWBQWQU7pqX5V7VkFGQ Thanks For Watching! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (13)
Bleachinq (4 months ago)
It works but How can get the lava faster ?
SQx (10 months ago)
what modpack is it ?
Caleb Tharratt (8 months ago)
It isn't a modpack its custom He's using waila Open blocks MineFactory Reloded And Thermal Expansion and i think he's using Rei's minimap
gamer 11403 (10 months ago)
dude holy crap I never seen someone need this much lava in life
MatteoVSki (1 year ago)
Do We Need a lava fabricator
devouringexpert (1 year ago)
You deserve way more subs
daniel burton (1 year ago)
i had to stop watching, your so fucking anoying
Random Teenager (8 months ago)
Lmao i hope you realise this was made 3 years ago
Zachary (1 year ago)
will this work in minecraft 1.7.10?
naxospade (1 year ago)
According to wikis, the lava fab now requires 200k RF per bucket of lava, and the magmatic dynamo makes 180k RF per bucket. So that's a net-loss of 20k. In short, no. However, you can supply a TE Magma Crucible with netherrack and the RF cost goes to 120k per bucket. So you essentially gain 60k RF per netherrack-bucket (assuming the intent is power gen, otherwise it's just cheaper lava). So assuming you have some large or infinite source of netherrack, you can make this cycle work.
Buberts (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! I have infinite power for thermal expansion, infinite lava for tinkers construct and infinite obsidian!
Bram van Zandwijk (3 years ago)
Madtv129 | Gaming (3 years ago)
For the record, its tutorial not toturial

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