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Breaking Minecraft Bedrock...The FINAL Answer!

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So...can you break bedrock in Minecraft through ANY means? » Breaking Minecraft Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZWMSVz2LkRoob_KRf72xcEx » Discord - http://discord.gg/AntVenom » Subscribe - http://bit.ly/AntVenomSubscribe SOCIAL MEDIA » Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AntVenom » Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AntVenomPage » Instagram - http://instagram.com/TheAntVenom » TwitchTV - http://twitch.tv/AntVenom PLACES I GET MUSIC » http://c418.bandcamp.com/ (little things - heyhey) » YouTube Audio Library (Sad Past, Open Sea Morning)
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Morgan Babineaux (10 hours ago)
Is it just me or does antvenom sound like chills
newbie noob 341 0381 (16 hours ago)
You can explode it I once did and it was gone I saw the void and on a flat world
rose antido (17 hours ago)
i cant believe she breaks the bedrock in minecraft hmm...... can you break end portal plsss:)
Jimbo Bimbo (1 day ago)
I assume there is no point to all this?
UnlistedTiger90 (1 day ago)
try using modded tnt to see if it breaks edit:like the mega nuke because it immediately will shred obsidian
Destroy bedrocks with... Trees
ram playz roblox (1 day ago)
This what makes math cool
Flichka _ (1 day ago)
You can still crash Minecraft Bedrock :P
ItsSlash 1911 (1 day ago)
You cannot break BedRock Use a paper to beat Rock
Calocitey (2 days ago)
*Proceeds* *to* *go* *into* *creative.*
Paul Nguyen (2 days ago)
Ant is like VSauce but for minecraft knowlage
Mr. Kurczak (2 days ago)
Yes, you are right. We can't MINE bedrock but... We can explode it. See this on Polish Channel Roxmb.
lol m2gay (2 days ago)
Sadly, I don't play Minecraft anymore, yet these videos still entertain me!
Liftsky lIft (2 days ago)
The maximum enchant level, 32767, is actually the 16 bit integer limit. That is why it is impossible, even with inventory editors to get a higher enchant.
GalaxyXYT :3 (3 days ago)
I can't comprehend this in my tiny peanut brain 😢
The Mumbling Rapunzel (3 days ago)
So bedrock is breakable, cuz he said In the end it would take over 753 quintillion years, so technically bedrock is breakable but no one will be able to do it for that long
Discomfort (3 days ago)
for minecraft pe, the max effect level is 255
Jack Lawrie (3 days ago)
Tldw; it's impossible to mine bedrock in survival mode
Sanjin Craft (3 days ago)
I CHALLANGE YOU ANT TO LIKE ALL COMMENTS! *if you really love us* Tell me when ur done and youll realize... How many people loves you😉
dragonrider prison (3 days ago)
More than a quintillion years? That's crazy!
Sanjin Craft (3 days ago)
Whats next: *we waiting Minecraft add blackholes*
Sanjin Craft (3 days ago)
BEDROCK IS CORNER OF MINECRAFT UNIVERSE, its like you ask why we cant break Space and Time in our world, but I like your not giving up😃👍
Garga (3 days ago)
tl;dr you can't
thekillerlinf1 Lin (3 days ago)
you can break bedrock.......edition
Kris Panek (4 days ago)
You can break bedrock in survival mode but it will take longer
SteveN (4 days ago)
No, you can't mine bedrock, but with some lazy chunk dragon egg trickery, you can destroy it.
rattias2217 (5 days ago)
You should change your name to Number man or something like that
Muhammad Arkan Muzaqy (5 days ago)
just /setblock ~5 ~ ~ minecraft:air eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy
2 Noel (5 days ago)
Use gold pic axe,believe or not,gold is faster than diamond
Agrata Saikia (6 days ago)
858master (6 days ago)
How do you even view the code for the game?
deadpoo 2 (7 days ago)
use gold its actually faster
Riel de bonk (7 days ago)
bedrock.exe has stopped working
Nahtanoj Enotsylb (7 days ago)
Cool concept idea: they make a special end game line of picks that can mine blocks with harness of negative numbers. They then proceed to move the void lower and make a second like underground world underneath the real world
John Louie Mantilla (7 days ago)
This is basically math in minecraft
The Electronic (7 days ago)
Background music? Can't find it anywhere.
Diy life (7 days ago)
you cant obtain it but you can break it using the dragon egg
- SammygoodTunes - (7 days ago)
the song is a slowed-down version of Sad Past
wazkok (8 days ago)
Michael Vince (8 days ago)
We have a math genius
Vil Gam Liv (8 days ago)
I know how to destroy it 1.plant tree 2.grow it 3.tada now some bedrock is destroyed
JTArts2006 - BEDROCK (8 days ago)
I wish i can mine bedrock
archninja mc (9 days ago)
The final answer do creative
M4T7H3W 1S 3P1C (9 days ago)
Titan Mobs mod has tools that allows you to break bedrock
Yehezkely Lior (9 days ago)
Just drop a dragon egg on it when you lazyload the chuck it's at
Poison Headcrab (9 days ago)
Does somebody really wanna spend all their day waiting 758 quintillion years just to break a block? Anyone? Cause i wont
The Last Knight (9 days ago)
I enjoyed them, but I'm really not sure you needed a miniseries to get to the answer of 'No, you cannot mine Bedrock in survival..'
Ender Shard (10 days ago)
You're still going... Still doing awesome Minecraft videos. Man you're awesome. I miss this game so much and I don't understand why it died... But I wish it would come back.
LearnToCode 97 (10 days ago)
over 1,000 people were born while you were watching
AdjuctReaper (10 days ago)
Aim just wow 😮
B8N [Fanny-Mikasa] (11 days ago)
I broke bedrocks with some glitch, works only in MCPE.. I did /fill ~ ~50 ~ ~50 ~ ~TNT I did troll my friends with this.. I did this on Flat worlds..
Siberian Husky (11 days ago)
They say nothing is impossible, in this case it is
Wyatt Nooodles (11 days ago)
remove the if (f < 0.0F) return 0.0F so it wont reset
Brodie Tyler (11 days ago)
Earth will be returned to the sun before you breaking max hardness bedrock
That Guy (11 days ago)
Give yourself a negative value picaxe
Krisztian 08 (12 days ago)
Its still on an electronic! Its goin' to be like that forEVER
Spectrite (12 days ago)
How’bout u FUCKING join NASA
PRO GAMER (13 days ago)
Knowledge Transfer (13 days ago)
lol they actually thought that someone would mine until they reach the max value an integer can hold
Xicad (13 days ago)
lol i found out the 32767 thing by trial and error with commands XD
Anubis Bayek (13 days ago)
i mined bedrock in real .life
Attack Dog (13 days ago)
Go to creative.
Ahmad Is (14 days ago)
Yesterday i was using a efficient 32767 diamond pickaxe an i break bedrock
Upgrade (9 days ago)
You can break it by using a tree
DankLordX (14 days ago)
Get pickaxe, try to mine it then go to creative brake it, then go back into survival
Ya ni el rich hace eso
CubeCumber (14 days ago)
Creative Mode
CheeseSWAT (14 days ago)
what texture pack is that you are using?
ffccm (14 days ago)
whats the texture pack
Stanislav Petkov (14 days ago)
because you dont have to dig unlimitet down. is a limit and you dont have bisnes there
Seth Larcomb (14 days ago)
Wait timeout though... if you chain tnt though and cause explosion after explosion could that still destroy bedrock? Technically a players mining progress shouldn't effect tnt's progress no?
grumpychris (8 days ago)
Nope. Explosives in Minecraft have a value that determines the types of blocks it can break and how big the explosion is. This value is not cumulative when two or more explosives go off at once, that is to say, even if 100,000,000,000 blocks of TNT are set off at the exact same time and place right next to a block of bedrock, the bedrock won't be destroyed. The most powerful explosion in the game is the explosion a Wither creates when it's fully summoned, and it has an explosion power of 7. In order to break bedrock, you need a single explosive with an explosion power of 278.
I have fought you've broken MCBE Lol
SzeHng Look (14 days ago)
RIP minecraft bedrock
-Double Negative- (15 days ago)
2147483647 is indeed the 32 bit integer limit, but if you look at the letter at the end of the number (f), you will know this is not an integer. This is a floating point number, which has a much larger range, but lower accuracy with arithmetic.
Lucas K. (15 days ago)
/gamemode 1 Left click
Damien (15 days ago)
what if a endermen picks it up
Watercraft (15 days ago)
but the bedrock default resistance is 18,000,000
Henrik (15 days ago)
Someone not knowing how floats work...
kemytz 5 (15 days ago)
Do you know about blip up glitch? If not go to uberl337zaur channel and he used this glitch to do quad neo jump. This glitch allow you to jump higher.
scullema dropsok (15 days ago)
If you go to the nether, dig up very high you get to bedrock too, plant a tree under the bedrock, the bedrock will break instant
BD 2213 (15 days ago)
HOW CAN WE BE SO BLIND?!!!???!?!??????
Nemesis Gaming (16 days ago)
Minecraft is dead game! Dude if you want to keep your channel alive change your content . MINECRAFT IS IRRELEVANT IN 2018
Laura Heise (16 days ago)
Dv (16 days ago)
set the enchantment to -1 and try to break it.
Epicell (16 days ago)
Lmao Minecraft doesn't do well with negative numbers as they mostly use quadratic or polynomic equations to generate the world and its interactions, and negatives like to screw up equations
Scxrp (16 days ago)
Xisckeril (16 days ago)
theGoldenmotion (16 days ago)
There used to be a glitch in beta Minecraft where you could get bedrock to disappear by using a pressure plate, and disconnecting. But I guess it's impossible by now...
Terry Savard (16 days ago)
Please do more five nights at freddys
Caravvel (16 days ago)
Your voice sounds like Todd Howard
Jackson Backus (16 days ago)
You should do a video of you and DanTDM playing bedwars
Squiddy's World (16 days ago)
You can mine it very easily. Grab a diamond pickaxe. 127 Haste, /gamemode creative.
Judy Jensen (16 days ago)
Hmmmm what about PE Minecraft?
A YouTube Account (16 days ago)
@Antvenom, I think I found a seed that have contains pink sheep at spawn. Try the seed on version 1.12.2, 7622031637518203786.
ragejustquit (16 days ago)
Can you give me only one minecon cape?
alex chamber (16 days ago)
What if you made the pickaxe mine at a rate of a minus number?
Gizzy Games (16 days ago)
Just use creative mode lol
Goddess Aqua (16 days ago)
bedhock world (+1 if you heard it xD)
Marnige (16 days ago)
FINALLY I FOUND THE SONG! "Sad past - silent partner" however, it sounds suspiciously slow. Ant, Did you slow down the song or it's another remix?
That One Kid (17 days ago)
*Gets a Minecraft ad before watching something about Minecraft* Just me or anyone else?

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