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Falling to our Death ♠️ Duke Nukem 3D Co op #11

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Just2Game (2 years ago)
1:24 I think that guy was doing some funny business on the toilet with that magazine xD That big guy didn't go down that easily though :p 6:15 Jesus fetus hahaha xD
CRFTgaming (2 years ago)
I won't lie. I feel bad for killing the guy during his...errr special time. And yeah f*ck that big guy. What an a**hole.
Veggie Gamer (2 years ago)
Dude this brings back such awesome memories of old school games with their insane leaps of faith and their random hidden locations in walls XD This is a special co-op campaign right? Cos I don't remember this from playing it single player (though it HAS been a LONG time XD)! Great episode, guys!
CRFTgaming (2 years ago)
I didn't remember it either but this is part of the main campaign. Thanks very much for dropping by Veg and I am glad we could bring back some old school memories.
7Kashta (2 years ago)
RAAAAAAADDDD!! Love watching you guys play. I also love some classic Duke.
CRFTgaming (2 years ago)
Rad is the best to play Duke with.
Doctors Gaming (2 years ago)
Of course that is the alien he killed 'last' week XD Hahaha it doesn't look like the health helped that much after all! Jesus foetus XD Great episode!
Doctors Gaming (2 years ago)
Those excuses we use to fool our viewers in thinking it went down a while ago or right now XD
CRFTgaming (2 years ago)
Bwahahaha yeah...LAST week. And no. The health seldom helps against big bad bastards and big ass drops xD Thanks very much for watching and enjoying daddy-o!

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