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Text Comments (18220)
Hestia Scamander (25 minutes ago)
Addy White (26 minutes ago)
little mama (31 minutes ago)
Aubrey Melotte (31 minutes ago)
Mingoe won.
BarbyQ and more (34 minutes ago)
Wish I had the equipment to animate
Hailey Valenta (34 minutes ago)
in the first animation on the bottom left corner it says “subscibe” instead of subscribe 😂
ethan da boss (42 minutes ago)
xxTegTPDxx (46 minutes ago)
I didn't know you where doing a contest can we still enter probably not ;-;
Savion GILLIAM (55 minutes ago)
I don't now
Addy White (57 minutes ago)
OMGGGGGGGGGGG RARE sighting. Pat's wearing a T- Shirt
Organic (58 minutes ago)
All of them i cant choose
Simeon's Wild Life (1 hour ago)
James Walters (1 hour ago)
the pant eating was a joak lick SWEET pants/good pants
Wolfyforever 98 (1 hour ago)
Be a Mercenary has my vote
PandaCorn Crafts (1 hour ago)
I feel pat is very annoying
Miranda Barnes (1 hour ago)
Love u guys
Kerry-ann Anderson (1 hour ago)
The stuffing on a stick looks like poop
Rafa Lopez (1 hour ago)
Megan Orth (1 hour ago)
Diego Garza (1 hour ago)
I liked SILVERC16 the best but all were AMAZING
Diesel and Kathy (1 hour ago)
I vote for..... ALL OF THEM
Lorain McElligott (1 hour ago)
Vince triestoanimate
LISA SYMMERMAN (1 hour ago)
Vote all
Elephant Girl (2 hours ago)
It's the yodelling snail
Sarah The Human (2 hours ago)
If I could animate I would try to animate.....
Ashley Partridge (2 hours ago)
He said minecraft but there not playing minecraft
mistahhbean gaming (2 hours ago)
The one where she said she was gonna run away was the best
Carolina James (2 hours ago)
Ur badonkadonk fell off
Bendy Heart slayer (2 hours ago)
Saine Arroyave (2 hours ago)
samantha carrillo (2 hours ago)
I rather vote for the carrot on the stick.
Marc McGreevy (2 hours ago)
me i vote
Elijah Ketiku (2 hours ago)
The winner is fire brine.
Leia Bontrager (2 hours ago)
Leia Bontrager (2 hours ago)
wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaattttttt how do i choseeee
Winter Eastridge (3 hours ago)
The song in the begging when Jen was singing was Freddy Kruger
Winter Eastridge (3 hours ago)
Morgan Brain (3 hours ago)
I mean of course Michael Jackson sings the pokemon theme song
Luc van den Broek (3 hours ago)
I just don't vote I did love em all
emily hoffmann (3 hours ago)
I like SliverC16
Nico Johnson (3 hours ago)
So funny I love you guys
Jaymin Longoria (3 hours ago)
Derpy yodeling Pat
Grace Ponto (3 hours ago)
TheJasperSting (3 hours ago)
Gabe The Mercenary
Creeptastic 83691 (3 hours ago)
Silverc16 for the win!!!
Aki_04 (3 hours ago)
SilverC16 and Checho Torrefranca
pizza lover (4 hours ago)
the roblox one it made me cry 😂😂
victoria cook (4 hours ago)
19:49 - 20:41
victoria cook (4 hours ago)
I'v memorised the whole song its three minutes.
Ab Cd (4 hours ago)
Vote Echo Torreferanca
Michael Longie (4 hours ago)
I’m going back to Bemidji
MnM_Birdie 8 (4 hours ago)
TYLER HARDCASTLE (4 hours ago)
my fav was starlight's animasion
LeRuffingPower OfRuffs (4 hours ago)
I hurt ma finger and u guyz made meh smile :D
I vote SilyverC16
Karla Garcia (5 hours ago)
I want to see you
i love your videos and i subcribed
Brooke Alfieri (6 hours ago)
Kiley Kittridge (6 hours ago)
Vince triestoanimate
Anna Zheng (6 hours ago)
Becky Turtle (6 hours ago)
reat to im a banna
Norah Bolton (6 hours ago)
Motionixo should win
Jasmine Barcelo (6 hours ago)
SliverC16 won for me
Melanie Delgado (6 hours ago)
SilverC16 😂😂❤️
Energy Donut (7 hours ago)
Guess what? While I was watching, a sudden feeling came, I NEEDED PIZZA!
Xavier Lynch (7 hours ago)
Courtney Stenger (7 hours ago)
Last one
Summer Kitten (7 hours ago)
When Jen was the tiny little devil........THING and said “you eat.........PEOPLE”. I spit out my cereal I laughed so hard
Alice Dogo (7 hours ago)
I subscribed to you and Jen and ...cloud
Tommy Dam (7 hours ago)
i think fulinpeng's animation is the very good
Kneiva Edwards Jr (7 hours ago)
Do you guy have skin on fortnite
CookieGirl 199 (7 hours ago)
And Mingoe
Chiara Kuhns (7 hours ago)
I loved the roblox one!!!!!
Pixelpros98 (8 hours ago)
Jen in aljaklal’s animation looks a little wrong no
Max Kloster (8 hours ago)
Rajab Bal (8 hours ago)
Pls play more fornite pat and Jen
Antonio Miranda (8 hours ago)
I like silverc16
Ashley Skiba (8 hours ago)
motionixio won
Elyse Stachewicz (8 hours ago)
I got the book and I LOVEEEEEDDDD IT!!
Joyce Shi (8 hours ago)
I am a kid and I have ur comic book!and my favourite character is gizmo
Rachel VanderSyde (8 hours ago)
I WANT TO MEET YOU GUYS!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😆😆😆😆😆😆
Sweet Fruit (8 hours ago)
Cheko Frankana back for the win!!!
The worm thingie
Shadow Wolfie Plays (9 hours ago)
SilverC16 was the best lol
Shadow Wolfie Plays (9 hours ago)
OMG pats in a shirt?
Alison (9 hours ago)
chocolate pug (10 hours ago)
Gnar Hourng (10 hours ago)
Mingoe make pat look like kirito
rabindra bjanjankar (10 hours ago)
Hahaha so funny
rabindra bjanjankar (10 hours ago)
Hahaha so funny
Beep BlueDiamond (10 hours ago)
i vote silverc16
minecraft masters (10 hours ago)
play call of duty black ops 1 plz
Luis Bonilla (10 hours ago)
Jen and pat play more rob lox it's rely funny
Yee Sze Law (10 hours ago)
SilverC16’s is epic
Linnea Neff (10 hours ago)
We vote Silver c16
Selaliksrijana Tuladhar (10 hours ago)
Mingoe ❤

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