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SSUNDEE - 5 Things You Didn't Know About SSundee!

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SSUNDEE - 5 Things You Didn't Know About SSundee! w/BeckBroJack Enjoyed the video? Drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE ➡ http://bit.ly/SUB2BECK 5 Things You Didn't Know About SSundee! This is a brand new series where I research some neat facts about famous YouTubers put them all together in a video. In this episode I share with you 5 facts about SSundee! If you want videos like 5 things you did not know about SSundee, make sure to POUND that like button! CAN WE SMASH 2000 LIKES?! PROVE you’re reading this by COMMENTING down below: #SSundee My Twitter► https://twitter.com/BeckBroJack1 Grow Your Channel & Earn Money! - http://my.powertv.net/apply?referral=97002 Websites Used► http://www.famousbirthdays.com/people/ian-stapleton.html http://youtube.wikia.com/wiki/SSundee http://teamcrafted.wikia.com/wiki/SSundee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ_5b92lSDo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bESnEIQrpns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ciHInyKvxM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlS-P6rAGRY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9mJN8mxGIA https://www.doublejump.com/games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOkwfjwC1lU All Facts► 1. SSundee's real name is Ian Marcus Stapleton. He was born on December 3rd, 1988 which makes him 27 years old at the time of me making this video. SSundee was born and raised in the United States and went to Nandua High School so it’s believed that SSundee was raised in Virginia. SSundee joined YouTube on November 27th, 2009, but didn’t start uploading videos until September 2010. Surprisingly, his first videos were actually of Minecraft, while many other larger YouTubers started out playing different games. As of this video, SSundee has amassed a whopping 6.4 million subscribers and over 2 BILLION VIEWS!! Man, that’s insane. 2. Many people actually wonder how SSundee got his YouTube channel name. Apparently, Ian’s ex-brother-in-law was making a Call of Duty account and made the username “Saturdee_” making fun of how old people say days of the week. SSundee went along with this and made his name “Sundee_” and eventually he added another S to the name and SSundee was born. Ian also said he was inspired to make a YouTube channel by the Comedian, Joe Hanson. 3. SSundee has expanded his horizons to more than just YouTube. SSundee created a game-making company called Double Jump or “Dockyard Games” with some of his friends. So far they have created three games called “Temple Toad” “Grappling Garry” and “Cube Crusher.” SSundee’s Minecraft skin can actually be found in the game Temple Toad. Another project SSundee has worked on is called Ninety9Lives which is a full on music label. SSundee worked on this new channel for over a year and at the time of this video Niney9Lives has over 1 milion subscribers. The channel allows people to listen to and even license their music so you can use it for YouTube videos or livestreams. They often do music giveaways where they will give out free licenses to use their music. 4. SSundee joined the US Military Air Force shortly after high school. SSundee stated that he wasn’t really interested in any specific subject during his high school years and wasn’t really sure what he wanted to do in college. Surprisingly enough, SSundee really loved the military and was glad he went through the experience. While SSundee was in the military, he got married to a girl named Madelyn at the age of 19. SSundee later had a boy with Madelyn named Colton and both of them can be seen in his earlier videos. 5. SSundee actually has taken two breaks during his YouTube career. The first break was because SSundee and his wife, Maddie, got a divorce after 4 and a half years of marriage. His priority during that break was his son, Colton, and he was also trying to work his way through the divorce which is always tough. Even with all of that going on, SSundee still uploaded the occasional video to his channel. After getting through that, SSundee returned to YouTube and uploaded mostly daily; sometimes even doing two uploads a day. The second break SSundee took from YouTube was due to the fact that his son was in town, plus he was working 40 hours a week with the US Military. For about a month or so, SSundee wasn’t able to upload any videos, but on February 14th, 2013, he announced that he was no longer working with the military and that he would be doing YouTube full time. After SSundee announced that he would be doing YouTube full time, his channel has been growing exponentially.
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Qwame Obondy (14 days ago)
Lol dat intro tho XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alliyas Ali (30 days ago)
What is the intro music
Blue Pheonix (3 months ago)
#SSundee is life
dj jordan (3 months ago)
Ssundee and Marilyn be got back together
Joshplays (3 months ago)
you mother fuckers i cant belive people like you exist where you tell fake or info we already knew and used it in your videos
BoDuke2 the original (3 months ago)
Lancey Pooh plz
Leo Scheibmeir (3 months ago)
Go die trying to make ppl hate ssundee
Shellwyn 17 (3 months ago)
Wait maddie and ssundee broke up but in his latest videos he was married to her but then they had a divorce welp I’m confused
Joshua Lee (3 months ago)
Samuel Lor (3 months ago)
I feel bad for Ssundee He is my favorite Youtuber
King_Daddy58 (3 months ago)
Ssundee and Madaylan are married
Amir hasanyzdi (3 months ago)
He started with call of duty
Aaron Productions (3 months ago)
Do JakePaul
Ecko TCG (3 months ago)
And now they look like going to divorce again I don’t really now but ssundee we here for you
heyitz Dan (3 months ago)
Do one about Mr.Crainer
ZackyCow (3 months ago)
I hate youtube channels like this xD
Jibran Cano (3 months ago)
I knew everything
The Viral Twist (3 months ago)
did they?
The Viral Twist (3 months ago)
they never got divorced
Hiqhly tevee (3 months ago)
You should have made your title 5 things you PROBABLY didn’t know about asunder
Charmanders Fire (3 months ago)
I know his name is Ian
Bryson Hilborn (3 months ago)
I knew all of the facts. I have been watching ssundee for years
Brady Bordelon (3 months ago)
sooooo ssundee got a divorsed madelyn and they got back together .p.s. SSundee i love you i am 11 and i been watching your videos sense i was 5 in a half
CrashSmashBoom (3 months ago)
But ssundee and madilyn are together again
Yfhfanchan fjJiang (4 months ago)
tnt king (4 months ago)
prince couch (4 months ago)
Do fgteev
Moose (4 months ago)
No he started with COD
Evan Miller (4 months ago)
I knew them all
Evan Miller (4 months ago)
hey idiot madylin is still with ian
Evan Miller (4 months ago)
Red Bear Gamer (5 months ago)
SSundee, tell me you do not believe that you and Maddie had a divorce/no they didn't | :D
allen salim (5 months ago)
ill 360 youre foot
Zarrar Naim (5 months ago)
Vani Ganpathi (6 months ago)
I'll 360 degree your foot!!! lol
BOSS GAMING And more (6 months ago)
His first videos where call of duty lel
TheDiamondBrony MLP (6 months ago)
Maddie and SSundee got remarried.
Mr.SunnyDayPlay (6 months ago)
Did ssundee really divorce with Maddie,
shatha majdi (6 months ago)
Wait ssunde...if your divorced that means your still divorced??😲🤔😥
dog king hunter (6 months ago)
He never broke up with maddie
Mark 11 (6 months ago)
Is he Cristian
Dankasaurus Rex (6 months ago)
so ssundee was married to madelynn..and broke up and then got back together again. oh well thats good i guess
Gulnoza Mahmatkulova (6 months ago)
Ssundee tell us
Junior Camel (7 months ago)
I have been tracking ssundee location for ever and I narrowed it down to south or north Carolina
Valsa Gonsalves (7 months ago)
do 10 things we didn't now about you +100000000000000
Pwnag3King (7 months ago)
His first videos weren't minecraft he privated his first videos
TheGaming _Owl421 (7 months ago)
Ssundee is a Human
TwiztedRB (7 months ago)
Ssundee stil is maried to maddie lier
TwiztedRB (7 months ago)
Ssundee has 8 Million subs now
Cute Flowers - sama (7 months ago)
Facts that are wrong 1:his 28 not 27 2:he didnt get a divorce because he records with her 3:SSundee was inspired by a minecraft youtuber not the comedian your talking about
Yayacat03 (7 months ago)
is the divorce true?
He mentioned 99 lives in some videos
Actually his first video was unlisted
Cool Catz//cc (7 months ago)
Ssundee is still married with Madeline
Justin Wright (7 months ago)
All of these facts are from a website you dumb cunt
Real sawyer man 309 (7 months ago)
Do drep sundee
over powr (7 months ago)
Real sawyer man 309 (7 months ago)
Real sawyer man 309 (7 months ago)
#sawyer is boss
Real sawyer man 309 (7 months ago)
5 thing do didn't know about me
Real sawyer man 309 (7 months ago)
5 things about Keenan
Real sawyer man 309 (7 months ago)
Rip headphones harry poter
MrMcDuck (7 months ago)
In 2017 Ian has started to make videos with maddie and they are not divorced
Its Elect (7 months ago)
I got to nandua middle school and high school in 2 years its pretty cool
Ballistik Remastered (8 months ago)
Madelyn isn't divorced with ssundee
Rodney Claxton (8 months ago)
Can you please do one on bashurverse
Karina Salazar (8 months ago)
5 out of 5
you should do I has cup qwake lol
Chase Miller (8 months ago)
#SSundee we all support you congratulations on eight million subscribers
Vicky ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (8 months ago)
Ssundee got back with maddie aww
Khavian Nguyen (8 months ago)
If SSundee divorced with Maddie,Why does he call her his wife in 2017
Happy Chaos gaming (3 months ago)
Thats what i thought
TheCookieGamer (3 months ago)
Lina Delgado No they're actually the same person, Ian and Maddie got back together.
Happy Chaos gaming (3 months ago)
I thought it was the same maddie
Lina Delgado (7 months ago)
Ian had another wife named Madelyn, they got married in 2007 and had a divorce around 2012 to 2013. The Maddie now in Ian's videos is his current wife, what I'm trying to say is Ian had 2 wives named Maddie, his ex wife and his current wife. A lot of people get confused because both wives are named.. Well Madelyn.
Darren Thompson (8 months ago)
ssundee I love you
Jasmine Stanley (8 months ago)
Does SSundee live in Virginia because I do
ac 123 (8 months ago)
Jerome ASF
JedRick21 21er (8 months ago)
intro song?
Ahmed Mallouli (9 months ago)
William's Cringe Fest (9 months ago)
what? he divorced? but he is currently making Minecraft videos with his "wife" who looks considerably like the girl in this video.....
Avery Min (9 months ago)
Ssundee my birthday is on december 3rd
Psy the espeon Network (9 months ago)
Do 5 things u did not know about wolfishparsley
Psy the espeon Network (9 months ago)
Do top 5 things u did not know about me
Psy the espeon Network (9 months ago)
I dare u to do it about me
Jacob Follansbee (9 months ago)
He's Back with Maddie again
CARSON PARKMAN (9 months ago)
you want 2000 likes u got 32000 likes
ArifGames Tri (9 months ago)
Yousif Elia (9 months ago)
ssundee I know so aren't true
Jeremy Ames (9 months ago)
Ok which ones too
Noami Savage Family (9 months ago)
you forget 6 he swears as crap in real life
MagicBudgie (9 months ago)
his first vids where NOT minecraft
MagicBudgie (9 months ago)
OVER 40 LIKES!!!! THAT'S... THAT'S!!!! a really low number
Riley Hall (9 months ago)
Number 2 is a lie! hes Brother in law was not making dun of people. he couldnt say Saturday and said Saturdee.
Me mum car Vroom vroom (9 months ago)
He did not get a divorce
Ethan Nowak (9 months ago)
Ethan Nowak (9 months ago)
Luke Hawkins (9 months ago)
love the intro
아리아 (9 months ago)
The divorce thing is fake!! FUC* YOU!
Pedro Garay (9 months ago)
How would you feel if someone tells people lies about you. Bad lies
Lucas Murray (9 months ago)
well I knew every thing he said lol
Lucas Pham (9 months ago)
#SSundee ! !
alec chesley (9 months ago)
yea fuck you
I like tutles Turtles (9 months ago)
this video was posted on my birthday

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