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Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

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Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019. ► Subscribe to Marvel: http://bit.ly/WeO3YJ More info on Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel: https://www.marvel.com/movies/captain-marvel Follow Marvel on Twitter: ‪https://twitter.com/marvel Like Marvel on FaceBook: ‪https://www.facebook.com/Marvel For even more news, stay tuned to: Tumblr: ‪http://marvelentertainment.tumblr.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marvel Google+: ‪https://plus.google.com/+marvel Pinterest: ‪http://pinterest.com/marvelofficial
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Text Comments (151734)
ramesh seth (28 minutes ago)
Imagine its post-credit scene.
Im_41fr3d Estepa (37 minutes ago)
0:54 She actually smiled
Misbaah Ghaswala (49 minutes ago)
Screw bermuda triangle i am finally going to know what is the reaso behind the lines Nick Fury said "last time i trusted someone i love st an eye"
ucapitanu (55 minutes ago)
movie for NPC
amaan khan (55 minutes ago)
Any one in October 2018
mb8577 (57 minutes ago)
Old Lady’s jaw: I don’t feel so good👨🏾‍💻
Average Fan Girl (59 minutes ago)
*grandma ends up killing thanos*
Dominique Anderson (1 hour ago)
Captain marvel cant wait see that movie and avengers infinity war part 2
Dajuan Gaming (2 hours ago)
1:30 that is so much painful if your a human
Chuckle Cash (2 hours ago)
Am I the only one who likes this trailer?
Dynamie (3 hours ago)
1:27 I love how A and O appeared slowly
manish chauhan (3 hours ago)
SHAZAAAAMMMM !!! Oops wrong movie.
Peng Sambath (4 hours ago)
I think this hero will be join with avengers to destroy Thanos
arsy Fileste (4 hours ago)
Duhhh off course
T A C O D U D E (4 hours ago)
No thanos no ticket
Dinkesh Jain (4 hours ago)
Please release avengers 4 trailer as fast as you can
the MONSTER is BACK (5 hours ago)
Marvel versus DC Marvel versus DC Marvel vs DC Marvel versus DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel versus DC Marvel vs dc dc Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC
the MONSTER is BACK (5 hours ago)
Marvel vs DC
the MONSTER is BACK (5 hours ago)
I want to see the Marvel vs DC
puneet Kumar (6 hours ago)
Why aliens r so power
Manish Lakra (6 hours ago)
marvel entertainment plz tell when will the avengers 4 trailer will be shown
Levi Allgood (6 hours ago)
looks so lame....so stupid that she's gonna save everyone in avengers sequel...gahhhhh
Lone Williams (6 hours ago)
Not one Infinity War reference till end credits.
Advait Kannan (6 hours ago)
Another Netflix original? Pls Likes
Ian Xavier (6 hours ago)
wow looks like the same origin as green lantern smh
kart ik (7 hours ago)
Overrated universe cheap budget movies made lot of sequal
Hafsa P (2 hours ago)
anthony Bell (7 hours ago)
Lmao why Marvel come at blockbusters like that in the beginning
Woofer The Lone Wolf (7 hours ago)
That's why nick fury call captain marvel
crozback (8 hours ago)
There is no cool on captain marvel
Imonous (8 hours ago)
The real question is, will this finally be enough to shut the feminists up?
Eire Lyi (8 hours ago)
supergirl in marvel universe LMAO
CaliforniaGirl49 (9 hours ago)
Blockbusters are gone ☹️
CaptainAwesome (9 hours ago)
Shazam looks way better and funnier and serious than this!!
CaptainAwesome (10 hours ago)
Gotta say this looks dreadfully horrible, would rather go see SHAZAM!!! Ever since they fired hame a fun and DC hired him, I switched from marvel to DC. Can’t wait for aqua-man and Shazam!! 2019 is DC’s year!!
be ur self (10 hours ago)
Need avengers 4 trailer plzzz For health☺️😊😊
Vinay Kumar Dubey (10 hours ago)
Brie vs Levi
Josue gonzalez (10 hours ago)
I wonder what score carol got on her ASVAB
FBI (10 hours ago)
We saw the movie a week ago, it is not as hype as infinity war, but the post credit scene made us scream. We saw it by hacking the computers in marvel studios...
Cuarsma Cayel (10 hours ago)
THE MOST powerful is awaken
Som Panwar (11 hours ago)
One dislike for you are showing captain Marvel strongest in marvel
Jasmine Aira (11 hours ago)
Deadpool..........i have no idea why i type this lol im bored
Sea of Arc. (13 hours ago)
so Dr. Strange gets 1 movie, a cameo, and Infinity War= people satisfied Captain Marvel gets 1 movie and Avengers 4= people wanna hate and neither have dropped yet
Randy Duke (13 hours ago)
This one needs to hit the scrap floor. What a waste of film and money
Johnny Blaze Gaming (14 hours ago)
I bought Iron Man 1 on DVD at Blockbuster brings back memories
Sean McAdams (14 hours ago)
Just as bad as aquaman
CasualVictim 28 (13 hours ago)
No, Aquaman looks dope but this trailer is boring as hell.
Mark (15 hours ago)
Rip thanos
Alberth Chipana (16 hours ago)
200-3112192757 interbk haber si me dan un poco de la ganancia :v necesito dinerooooo 😢
Captain Thunder (17 hours ago)
Tara Singh (18 hours ago)
Aron suresh you just shut up because when you will see the movie then you will understand and go learn to speak English 😂😂😂😂
Jimmy1Boot (4 hours ago)
Tara Singh sub me
veljko zivkovic (18 hours ago)
ucapitanu (18 hours ago)
For halloween ghosts say tales about feminists.
nagendrasinh bihola (18 hours ago)
Exactly 1:32 its like ronan conquering on earth observe it carefully
G H Gaming (18 hours ago)
people just remember that Dr Strange have a plan and he save Tony Stark life by giving the time stone up. So Stark is going to have a big role in the 4th Avengers.
Cody Cigar (20 hours ago)
Yikes! This looks about as good as ant man and the wasp.
Muhammad Raza (20 hours ago)
who kill the thanos??????????
Vanessa Gonzales (20 hours ago)
In real life of Marvel(comics); Rogue joined the brotherhood, almost kills Captain Marvel-hence her long lasting abilities to fly and massive strength-putting Ms Marvel into a comma. Joins the X-Men and then finds out Mystique is her adopted mother. I better see some more of my faves, Rogue and her love interest (Gambit) now they are introducing Captain Marvel. Rogue does hold significance to Captain Marvel's life; in all the Avenger comics, they are foes to one another.
confued potato (21 hours ago)
Rip old lady
Aaron Suresh (21 hours ago)
they tried to make the trailer look cool but i think they over did it especially in the last part..i think they tried to do it like in the ragnarok movie where thor gets his new powers edited: and she punched an old lady in the face..thats rudee!!
ShadowSonic2 (15 hours ago)
Yeah..but that lady is probably a Skrull.
Aaron Suresh (22 hours ago)
the trailer didnt feel great to me though...is lacked some..i don kno..infinity wars trailer was awesom,thor ragnarok trailer was nice too....even ant man and the wasp looked really great but this doesnt look so great
Aaron Suresh (22 hours ago)
the trailer didnt feel to badass to me though......is lacked some..i don know......infinity wars trailer was awesom,thor ragnarok trailer was nice too....even ant man and the wasp looked really great but this doesnt look so great
Văn Xâm Nguyễn (23 hours ago)
Cuối cùng cũng ra captain maverl sau 6 tháng chờ đợi
G.I. O.J. (1 day ago)
MCU are you great but why are you not come (any cast & Director) in india for before MCU movie premiere ? Hail MCU.
Cloud Gamer (1 day ago)
This is either gonna be really good or REALLY bad
I'm Your Huckleberry (13 hours ago)
+C-MC Official Ironman 2 was trash with the 3rd one not much better and Thor 2 was Zzzzzzzzz.
C-MC Official (18 hours ago)
lmfao what a joke
Jay Echo (18 hours ago)
+C-MC Official Thor 2, Iron Man 3 and Iron Man 2, Homecoming. Hell even Ragnarok was mediocre. This smells of a bad movie,but won't fail financially tho
C-MC Official (20 hours ago)
it's gonna be really good... there's no BAD with MCU movies
Cloud Gamer (23 hours ago)
Most of us are..
Andree Tungcab (1 day ago)
ShadowSonic2 (15 hours ago)
Wait till the movie comes out before you say that.
C V (1 day ago)
Imagine a post credit scene where Loki ends up crashing on Captain Marvel's spacecraft.
New videos (1 day ago)
I hope second trailer would be great
Wither King (1 day ago)
I think captain marvel is older than the avengers, but cap America still older. Because nick fury still have the hair and the old agent of shield(that were still alive) still have his full hair
Jeeshan Mansuri (1 day ago)
She is not powerful as ww
Suyash Sonawane (1 day ago)
1:18 Music from here🔥🔥🔥
Rishi Rusia (1 day ago)
#2 trending in wakanda
Thinh Le (1 day ago)
You know what, I guess.... . . . . . Rotten Tomatoes: Critics: 99,9999999999999999% Audience: 33,33333333333333%
Zaq Sk (1 day ago)
Did I just see buckey at 1:43 please tell me
Di3 Strider07 (19 hours ago)
Zaq Sk Nope... It isn't Bucky
sun son (1 day ago)
HY TECH (1 day ago)
Ryoga Armandito (1 day ago)
paling jago Marvel bikin penonton nya penasaran
Bota 93 PT (1 day ago)
Thanos as left the chat
Sinsearach (1 day ago)
next up: Christ Jesus portrayed by a gender fluid (female) black homosexual down syndrome psychopath atheist CHILD
RAIL FANS (1 day ago)
R.I.P thanos
Rarkazar (1 day ago)
So thats how nick fury lost hes eye?
Just Me (1 day ago)
If she beats Thanos ..then marvel will take a massive L
Vivek Timothy (1 day ago)
For everyone who says that the trailer is not good,This is just an introduction movie.We haven't seen as Hints of captain Marvel in previous Marvel movies expect the symbol on Nick fury's pager in Infinity war,So we get to know a Detailed information about her origin,superpowers in this movie.
Yaba Boltey (1 day ago)
Fan made trailer are far better than this
Srishti Mukherjee (1 day ago)
I'm commenting today but i have seen it on the day it was released and i wanna say this movie is gonna change the history of MCU and captain marvel is gonna knock thanos down
RedTBH (1 day ago)
Suicide Squad trailer is far better than this.
Gabriel Rahno (1 day ago)
1:30 when the old lady uses your seat on the bus
Gabriel Rahno (1 day ago)
takes your seat*
Raj singh chauhan (1 day ago)
We Need You To Win This Fight Captain Marvel!!!!!!!!!
Im hyped and ready for 2019 captain marvel, Avengers 4, spider-man: far from home.
Vanessa B. (1 day ago)
I wish it weren't the case, but everything about this trailer is awesome...with the exception of Brie Larson. She just comes across so stiff and dead-eyed. I hope she has more personality in the movie!
Sevigne Philip (1 day ago)
Is it me, or is this the first movie that Marvel has done where a female is the main character?😆
C-MC Official (20 hours ago)
Marvel Studios* but as far as just marvel you got Elektra in 2005
super thalava
Mike VINNY (1 day ago)
I thought Captain Marvel was a dude; Shazam !! Isn't this Ms. Marvel whom Rogue trapped inside her head
this is back in time (clearly)
BadDog Gaming (1 day ago)
We all know that.They said that even before the trailer came out. Its set in the 90s
SAVAGE NEMO (1 day ago)
Even in the thumbnail she stares intensively at the camera man, i bet he was uncomfortable
Diane Ault-Fleury (1 day ago)
So..she is from Earth. The Krees took her. Why??? She has powers beyond what we have seen in any MCU movie. So now I really have to ask; Is she an Inhuman? Did she go through Terregenesis?
marvelousdcgeek 97 (23 hours ago)
They already confirmed MCU Carol Danvers is still an Kree/human hybrid like in the comics.
Startak (1 day ago)
1:30 wtf no chill
Startak (14 hours ago)
ok then
El Guerrero Genio (1 day ago)
blaze 2 (1 day ago)
Sede tralire del Avengers 4 sí en mi Instagram yo he puesto
Moli Shaju (1 day ago)
Marvel is the Best
Dexter Zayas (1 day ago)
*Captain marvel punches an old lady* oNe oF thEsE aRe noT liKE ThE otHerS
PlasterGas (1 day ago)
marvel:btw, this movie takes place in the 90's!
Funny Song Lyrics (1 day ago)
this looks satanic
LuisEspinozaMusic (1 day ago)
looks like a netflix show trailer

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