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Minecraft: MODDED HUNGER GAMES! (Rival Rebels Mod)

5613 ratings | 412855 views
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Text Comments (776)
Mikal Lyngbø (2 days ago)
it was sky
Dolphin Person (4 days ago)
Humaira Master (2 months ago)
Sky got the overpowered stuff from spawn. He fled like everyone else during the start but came back after a while and found a chest full of stuff
Flykope (3 months ago)
I remember these old videos.
GD Zaiyro (9 months ago)
So funny watching what Adam did from Ant's perspective
Ok. (1 year ago)
1,000,000,000,000 out of 10
hypedmaniac (2 years ago)
14:03 Chest on the left. Omg.
Salomon Davila (2 years ago)
ant, u did well EVERY1 #GG
Austin Breeden (2 years ago)
i have antvenom mini figure !
Avourel (2 years ago)
That was the most borking diss appointing piece of crap I have ever watched in my life.
Justin Fronheiser (2 years ago)
sky the cheater
This is a name. (2 years ago)
Dude watch his pov...
Higgy (2 years ago)
Dude you should have stay up on top of that tallll building that you were at in the beginning plus I subscribe you ;D
Egehan Oktay (2 years ago)
Jayleen Nguyen (3 years ago)
Whatever happened to setosorcerer?
Stuart Riddle (8 months ago)
He's back
amber (2 years ago)
Quitted. We actually don't know where he went. Never replied in any social media or uploaded a video a year ago. we still have faith in him coming back.
Ivan Livovo (3 years ago)
Scott Richardson (3 years ago)
david carpool (3 years ago)
Man anvenom is a long time youtuber
Gabe Nunez (3 years ago)
That was sky shooting those red lazers
karl Juul (3 years ago)
i wasd adoms rewiu
Wesley Kennedy (3 years ago)
Ant! Are you flying again? After you got shot by the lasers, Ross asked Sky "Is he flying?" Sky answered "yes. XD"
Zayn Khalil (3 years ago)
My favorite is survival games 4
Major SnipingHD (3 years ago)
Adam fuckin cheated there's no way he got all that stuff
Michiel Pasta (3 years ago)
He didnt cheat watch his perspective fuckbitchtard
Hey Itz Hipster (3 years ago)
No He didn't....
manuel marquez (3 years ago)
But he only.got the Einstein from there rest came from sub
Bobby Orr (3 years ago)
All you have to do is watch is pov to see he got and came back to find a whole chest unlooted
diana hernandez (3 years ago)
the guy that shot you with lasers was sky
JB Fisher (3 years ago)
did anybody get a 62?
jãmëz hûáwèï (3 years ago)
Im british and i dont like your english accent
Tasha Thibodeaux (3 years ago)
When i saw the intro i was like wow
Philip Yao (3 years ago)
haha io thjatlkg nice j o b
Parkside Productions (3 years ago)
Ant u number 1 u ccooll u aawsssoommee i just wanted to shout it out loud
Parkside Productions (3 years ago)
Tell gizzy gazza i said hi to aphmau
Jeffrey Diller (3 years ago)
That is one of my favorite mods
Nathan Oborn (4 years ago)
a rating of 1 through 5?
Jacob Simmons (4 years ago)
caveman films rocked in this. But and was still cool
Natsu Swagneel (4 years ago)
HegHog (3 years ago)
Zack Markham (4 years ago)
My fave survival games map is the one you're playing on! The deserted city!
Kallen (4 years ago)
Survival Games 2
Jake Haldorson (4 years ago)
You could have made some mushroom stew and 7:20
chadvincent yuhas (4 years ago)
ya i was correct
chadvincent yuhas (4 years ago)
and i think cavemanfilms was there to
chadvincent yuhas (4 years ago)
sky was there
Noah S (4 years ago)
Rival Rebels Rival Rebels Rival Rebels Rival Rebels Rival Rebels
carrot man (4 years ago)
nah... cant be mineplex
Ashen (4 years ago)
YAY IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO MKAES PORTAL REFERENCES ON GAME: "setosorecerer: maeking a note here, huge success"
Zack Taylor (4 years ago)
This map by far is the best
DamianWayneGaming (4 years ago)
sky got the stuff from the top chests it hacks or cheating if u don't believe me than watch the video yourself :l
Megan Mendez (3 years ago)
Bad sportsmanship I see.
Gahasa (4 years ago)
I call hax!
Venomphantom (3 years ago)
I call ur mom
MCthebeast 2014 (4 years ago)
What's the IP address
FabuSimmer CreateASims (4 years ago)
that was skydoesminecraft who was shooting lazers at u
CyaN (4 years ago)
Ant.. watches Southpark?? "That makes me a happy panda" 3:23
Raweephan Kingkaew (4 years ago)
You pronounced it wrong
Aiden Morriss (4 years ago)
WRONG ACCOUNT (4 years ago)
LOL! I feel ya ant!
funnypatroler419 (4 years ago)
Lol Sky
Griffyn Ghoul (4 years ago)
I've been looking for modded hunger games forever
Jeff Marlow (4 years ago)
The guy who shot you with the lazzer was sky doesminecraft
Dara Eisenman (4 years ago)
this one
Davis Champion (4 years ago)
the person at first was sky
Davidson Voltaire (4 years ago)
Crystal Waters (4 years ago)
Caveman at 1:05
Aidan Fitz (4 years ago)
Aidan Fitz (4 years ago)
Joseph (4 years ago)
sg 4 is my fav btw bbswitzer is my good friend " the parkour master" !
Kyle Bacongan (4 years ago)
8:26 sky was on the road and tried to follow ant :3
Kimberly Price (4 years ago)
Mister laserbeams was skydoesminecraft he had the hidra cannon and the h846
m trout (4 years ago)
U WERE PLAYING WITH SKY!!! I know that skin anywhere and hes got the vid of same exact hunger games
xXQuaziXxYT (4 years ago)
xXQuaziXxYT (4 years ago)
is there a laser rifle is this mod?
Jessica Elizabeth (4 years ago)
Sky Owned Gizzy! Sky did an epic job! Same to you Ant.
Casey Waldrop (4 years ago)
Do toy story map
Casey Waldrop (4 years ago)
Reece Prout (4 years ago)
My fave map is Breeze island 4
Vibez Shotz (4 years ago)
Kyle Madden (4 years ago)
Antvenom is the only YouTuber that is still big him and CP
Fancy Gerbil (4 years ago)
The Kings Back
Theo Marsden (4 years ago)
whats ip:
malpiyt (4 years ago)
private server
Justin 2X (4 years ago)
ant no sky you can't even say it no
Jonathan Vega (4 years ago)
The person that was shooting was skydoesmincraft
Thechickmagnet (4 years ago)
The guy with the lasers was skydoesminecraft
Maggie (4 years ago)
Mr laser beams was sky
Kiera Fisher (4 years ago)
ant I saw sky's version of it and he was the one who was shooting the blazers
Asher Q (4 years ago)
Antvenoms survival games w/l : wins-1000000 losses - 1
Asher Q (4 years ago)
The walls is by far my fav
MrDanielsamuelsen (4 years ago)
Vareide is norwagien!👑😀😁☺😃😄
Good luck (4 years ago)
Incbyte (4 years ago)
the guy with red lazers was sky XD he was complaining that u got to fly wether u were a super hero wut ever ur crap was and then found u and shot u but he lost u
Richard Baly (4 years ago)
16:11 You did 0 Heart of damage to him ant he have an super Op armor
TheOverkillGamer (4 years ago)
8:47 I saw skydoesminecraft watching you!
Amy Jenkins (4 years ago)
the person shooting was sky
Hazza Hey (4 years ago)
Was sky in the call
Karina Castilleja (4 years ago)
Its cald real hungergames
Damian Greene (4 years ago)
sky dismembered someone the body flew all over the place
EeveeRose1122 (4 years ago)
I'm watching this and Sky's POV at the same time. Kind of funny to see that Sky was the one chasing Ant with the lasers.
Fred Jones (4 years ago)
i've seen this game from sky's point odf view, he had 2 ledge weapons!
Marwan Ezz (4 years ago)
Spawn is the worst place to go when u play survivalgames
Andrew Guo (4 years ago)
Depends when
Merk (4 years ago)
wow did jerome really think that he could kill someone with armour  that absorbs 99.9% of damage?
Andrew Guo (4 years ago)
+MinecraftPlayer 3.0 nvm lol xD
TheBrandonMaster2 (4 years ago)
+MinecraftPlayer 3.0 What if it had all enchantments?
Merk (4 years ago)
+Andrew Guo umm even the diamond sword can only damage few rival rebels armour
Andrew Guo (4 years ago)
Full armor+no weapon vs weapon+no armor= person with weapon win
L-TrainPlaysMC (4 years ago)
15:02 xD
Darkness Necromancer (4 years ago)
I hate squids rdococ
Chrisa 33 (4 years ago)
What's the ip or is it a private server
Donovan Jack (4 years ago)
The lazer guy was sky
Noah Hammang (4 years ago)
does gg mean gay guy
The ZombieGG (4 years ago)
-_- out of all the things dude...
Guest 666 (4 years ago)
good game 

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