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Andrakon Plays Technic! 6 Industrialcraft Advanced Machines

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I show how to build and use a lot of Industrialcraft Machines that can be used to make your workshop more efficient and speedy! The following are covered in the video: Singularity Compressor Centrifuge Extractor Induction Furnace Rotary Macerator MFE Electrolizer To get the Technic Pack go to http://www.technicpack.net/ and download the Technic Launcher! Have fun! (I am playing the 6.0.7 version of technic for Minecraft 1.1) :D For some reason my microphone decided to have poor quality for this video and I didn't catch or fix the problem until after the video was made. Sorry about that. Legal for Minecraft This video is footage of Minecraft, a video walk through, and my commentary. As stated at http://www.minecraft.net/terms "You're free to do whatever you want with screenshots and videos of the game".
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Text Comments (28)
Minecraft OFP857 (4 years ago)
By the way, i'm ofp857br549, my channel updated.
Minecraft OFP857 (4 years ago)
I wish I could use mods, every time I try, I delete my worlds!
jasonhu19 (5 years ago)
:( why cant i get on lowcraft. it says the server is outdated
BadashGames (5 years ago)
*Scrapes Bellybuttonman5 off his foot* You poor thing! Lol HI! :D
eran hendrickx (5 years ago)
Thx :D... No power for days, that must be awful 0_o
91Funzi91 (6 years ago)
Subscribed ;-)
RedbtickSHADYT (6 years ago)
one more question can i use the switcher mod and the technic pack at the same time?
BadashGames (6 years ago)
yes it does :D
RedbtickSHADYT (6 years ago)
does the addon come with technic
Lavabath Tsteam (6 years ago)
are u using gold cables?
BadashGames (6 years ago)
Thats in an addon for industrialcraft, i think it may be called more machines or more advanced machines, look for it on the Industrialcraft forums.
CaptFireStorm (6 years ago)
can you please help i have a MFE and my advanced macertor is always exploding
BadashGames (6 years ago)
Hold M and right click to change modes :D
Chris Lombardi (6 years ago)
yo how did u make the wrench loseless?
BadashGames (6 years ago)
Sometimes, like twice a week I may log on for a couple hours. But I haven't had electricity all week. Got hit by a big storm in West Virginia.
John Morris (6 years ago)
Do u still play lowcraft?
BadashGames (6 years ago)
No I don't... I didn't consider dwarf fortress a video worthy game. But it REALLY could use tutorials! Hahaha, that game has a learning curve that looks more like a jagged cliff face with lava pouring down it, with traps, ogres, werewolves, titans, and a million headstone graveyard full of dwarf corpses. It was FUN! >:D
BadashGames (6 years ago)
Yes it is normal unfortunately. Most of those machines are an addon for industrialcraft. I would recommend looking on the industrialcraft forums, there should be a section for mods or addons or something. ( i may be able to give more info when I can actually use my computer, haven't had power in days...)
eran hendrickx (6 years ago)
Is it normal that i can't craft all those machine's except for the induction furnace and the electrolyser? (i'm using IC² v1.97)
Troy Shackelford (6 years ago)
More vids please!!!! Pretty pretty please!!!
iced199 (6 years ago)
Make a hydroelectric plant with water mills and redpower! They are super cheap and infinite power!
Tindahbawx (6 years ago)
In a previous video you said you'd been off playing DF for a few months. Do you have any tutorials or videos of a DF game?
TheRagingDesert (6 years ago)
you should make a power plant and back up energy storages
Sherman (6 years ago)
Funny I already know all about those machines but I still watch it
BadashGames (6 years ago)
ROFL The first thing it said with the Closed Caption on was me introducing myself as Mammogram. HAHAHHAHA The first thing I did was go grab my wife LOL!
Dominic Galiano (6 years ago)
Fuuuuuuu I have to go to camp that means I have to wait till 12 to watch the rest
0258october (6 years ago)
I ran out of videos to watch!
0258october (6 years ago)

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