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ComputerCraft Introduction

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ComputerCraft will feature in my 1.2.5 LP (along with all the other usual mods)
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Breandan Lafontaine (5 years ago)
Great.... great video!! it was very good! i was able to understand everything you explained! great job! keep it up!! i look forward to watching your upcoming videos. :)
Death Genie (5 years ago)
Great vid :D I am an aspiring software engineer
Raphael Gagnon (5 years ago)
Whow to lock doors
TotalMinecrafter38 (5 years ago)
Turtles were hungry :)
Ed Perales (6 years ago)
I have absolutly no clue how to program. I only understood about three fourths of this video. I must continue watching if I have any hope of thriving in mincraft
Should of added an annotation or something to the next video.......
FunshineX (6 years ago)
You should check the dates on videos and comments :)
smartguy1996 (6 years ago)
It is updated now.
sjoerdsein (6 years ago)
Download link!!!
FunshineX (6 years ago)
Search for Tekkit Top Ten Technological Terrors
John Anthony Kazos Jr. (6 years ago)
Where's a link to the Yogscast video where they used turtles? All I can find is the Deep Space Turtle Chase custom map.
itrollin98 (6 years ago)
Study lua programming and convince it to give u red matter
Sarenord (6 years ago)
download link?
Luke0zade90 (6 years ago)
You are the only person to be nice and teach everyone about computercraft
QwesterDragonSlayer (6 years ago)
use the turtles F%CK
90hijacked (6 years ago)
as much as i would love to hear that a man has the right for privacy, i took his answer as a jest...
90hijacked (6 years ago)
aye, ComputerCraft is SMP compatible :)
90hijacked (6 years ago)
whole fuckload of respect man! so glad i just subbed! :)
Darkislight (6 years ago)
hay is this mod ultiplayer if so wana play with it?
Dimitriu Adrian (6 years ago)
you sayed that you are a programmer, right?
FunshineX (6 years ago)
ComputerCraft uses Lua.
Dimitriu Adrian (6 years ago)
Hey, in what language are you programming?
Oden (6 years ago)
It's pronounced luu-uh, not l-u-a
Neceros (6 years ago)
Oh nothing in particular. Just remembering I owe you a server to play on :) In the future, for sure, I'll be putting one up. Waiting on mod api.
FunshineX (6 years ago)
I'm sure it will be, but with the big changes to forge it may take him a bit.
FunshineX (6 years ago)
Wizards can't use computers right :) Not sure I have a ton of time to play on a server, maybe...what are you looking to do on the server?
Exotic Craft (6 years ago)
Would you happen to know if computercraft will be updated for 1.2.5?
Neceros (6 years ago)
I've always wanted to try computercraft, but I just dont have a use for it lol. On a side note, are you interested in a vanilla server im hosting?
Scai (6 years ago)
i have a request: i want a way to follow/count/detect the pressing of a button. for example i want to know if the button was pressed twice in the last 2 minutes or i want a piston to toggle when i press the button( press once-> piston activated; press again -> piston deactivates) no matter how fast or slow i press the button
TotallyDammed (6 years ago)
look forward to it.

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