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Forever Stranded - Lost Souls - 20

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Single player play-through of Forever Stranded - Lost Souls Download the pack on the Twitch Launcher
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TristanBomb (6 months ago)
Why not make reusable morbs?
mlindholm (6 months ago)
One final FYI...heart levels. Red, 0 (default) Dark Red, 1 Orange, 2 light orange, 3 yellow, 4 Lime, 5 Neon green, 6 Seafoam green, 7 Sky Blue, 8 Light Blue, 9 Royal blue, 10 Purple, 11 Violet, 12 Grey, 13 Light Grey, 14 Dark Red, 15
mlindholm (6 months ago)
I needed to make a 2nd infusion crystal to convert enough essence into middle tier essences to make a master infusion crystal. Maybe if I'd realized sooner you can convert blocks instead of individual essences, I might not have. Or I'm wrong, and it does 9x the usage converting blocks as individual essences. Either way, it really only cost you 4 shards, and with a Prosperous TiC tool part, you can quickly "get" those replaced as you use the tool. I have a Prosperous part on my sword too, so I get one occasionally when fighting mobs! :D Be careful killing too many more withers (to make a few more mending books I'd guess), at least before you automate it (I hope automation doesn't work the same!)...I noticed it jumps the level by about 10 per wither killed...I see you're playing at 98 now, and last episode you went from 79-84. I'm up to 225, and it makes overworld mobs (especially creepers...especially celebratory creepers) really annoying, since I don't have a weapon that is scaled in damage to match. Put the Salamander's Eye in your off-hand/shield slot, so you're always "holding" it. That way, you never have to worry about blazes hitting you, or surprise ghast fireballs. It'll bounce them straight back and pretty regularly get them to take themselves out. But it's easy to forget you're carrying it, and put out your crucible fires. That's where the BWM thing is handy, as it auto-relights when redstone is one if you do get too close. I think you can enchant the XU2 spikes with the Chunky enchant, you at least could in the FTB Infinity 1.7.10 pack. :) Then your mob farm will auto-generate mob chunks for you. You can then smelt them to make a it a same level, non-labeled "Level X" mob chunk, then either combine with the proper items to make a specific mob chunk, or raise the level with Essences for higher tier mob seeds. You can make the Actually Additions item disenchanter to strip enchants from dropped tools onto books, or just enchant golden swords to try and get the right enchant, then strip the ones you want, and use Botania magical cloth to "wipe" remaining unwanted enchantments, without wasting books. Oh yeah, Experience Solidifier...twice I got loot chests with a couple of solidified experience, which I was able to use to craft that block, to convert player XP (or nearby orbs) into solidified chunks (for storage in a drawer). Maybe you got some too? Hopefully you might get some in a future loot chest.
FunshineX (6 months ago)
Wow thats a lot of nice info! I too used 2 crystals to get up to a master. The wither gave me 12 levels the first kill and for the last few I've let him suffocate the last few hearts away so that it doesn't increase it more. I'll definitely try to enchant the spikes, no clue that was even a thing. Someone else told me liquid xp is forge dictionaried to the liquid needed by TI to enchant the books, so should be OK if I can't get solid xp
Mathew Tolle (6 months ago)
You really are doing the whole knowledge(xp) the hardest way possible. Just make a tome of knowledge. It absorbs xp orbs and stores it in the book(shift right click to turn it on).You can just use the mob farm's collected XP when it sprays orbs Then take the book and place it into the Fluid Transposer. . ez pz
FunshineX (6 months ago)
morbs were fun though ;) Yeah I didn't realize the liquid that TE requires is forge dictionaried to liquid xp
mlindholm (6 months ago)
It's true, but it's also not even as hard as you suggest. I use it to collect XP automatically while I play, so I now lose zero XP if I get killed, unless I've filled it up and start building levels up in my player. But also like all other CoFH fluid items (tanks, reservoirs, watering cans, etc), it functions like a "bucket" does. You can right-click it on a tank to dump "knowledge essence" into them, including the Energetic Infuser with the item repairer augment, and the TE enchanter machine! So either carry it around in "auto-collect" mode to fill it, swipe it on the XP obelisk (twice if necessary..it might empty itself first, then refill) to fill it with "Knowledge Essence", or just use the GUI buttons on the XP obelisk to collect XP to the player, then right-click the Tome to fill it from the player's XP levels. Shift+Right click if you need to get levels from the tome, for an enchantment table, etc. Then swipe the Tome on the TE machine to fill it with up to 4 buckets worth (their capacity) of Knowledge Essence from the Tome.
Steve O (6 months ago)
Is the Tome of Knowledge disabled in this pack? https://teamcofh.com/docs/tome-of-knowledge/

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