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Minecraft Xbox - Blocked [638]

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Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built. In this episode we play my blocked mini-game. Twitter - @stampylongnose Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/stampycatyt Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/stampylongnose
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Text Comments (1367)
Kacie Howard (6 days ago)
My favourite videos stamps❤️
Pepper Corn (15 days ago)
Does he ever get sick of this game? 😂
Jon Turk (15 days ago)
Luo Lin (15 days ago)
I love you Stampy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Elizabeth Audas (16 days ago)
number 2💩
Alexa Isabel (16 days ago)
I felt nostalgic and I came back to your channel and it feels so weird to watch a bunch of your videos after years.
Cookie Wookie (18 days ago)
Jose Contreras (20 days ago)
hi Stampy I love Ellie the Elephant he's so cute he's so funny cookies out of cookie cookie cookie
Leaf Wing (21 days ago)
the last 3 episodes of slw have all had duncan and mittens
You inspire me, to create, build, pvp, destroy only things I chose to destroy to fix or create something new, do minigames, try new things, go back to old things and redo things from back in memories, *all* in minecraft, I finally have mods for my java edition 1.12.2 and finally 1.13 is out/released, thank you Stampy, you inspired my life, I am Bpd167 on Twitter also, so I sent you a artwork, but my brother ripped it or maybe it was my dog, 😭, but thank you for inspiring me and giving me my minecraft imagination. You are a great person Stampy, thank you, see you in another time, byeeeeeee. 👍 👋
Londonbuses243 (22 days ago)
No episode 639
FuruyaFT Gamer (23 days ago)
hello i liked yo videos
Vlad Sterner (23 days ago)
Who would have thought stamps is good at red stone!?!!!????!?!?!?
Andrea Hearn (24 days ago)
The Lion Studio (24 days ago)
Jessica Welsh (24 days ago)
Hailstorm Plays (25 days ago)
Hailstorm Plays (25 days ago)
Skipping 11 (25 days ago)
Marcooni (25 days ago)
i accidentally showed my hmm(butt)tail!
Noah Waterman (25 days ago)
Stampy, could you do a video where you rank all your minigames from oldest to newest?
SuperBuilder133 (26 days ago)
It'll be sad when this series ends....it was 50% of my childhood and I'll never forget it. I am already close to tears when I see the steep incline in views he's been getting on his MAIN series!
Avery’s world (26 days ago)
a stampy cat fan (26 days ago)
You should build a house for fizzy
Deleted Account (26 days ago)
You should do a fun land day where you play games in the fun land all day :)
LUPEDI Roblox (26 days ago)
I haven't watched stampy in a while. Any new games in his lovly world? (Sorry for bad spelling :p)
dedutchboys (26 days ago)
You neet to bild a airport
Phillip Osborn (26 days ago)
I only watch your videos to hear you laugh can you laugh more new videos
Loyal Spartan33 (26 days ago)
Sure jokes can be funny, but have you seen a parrot imitate sounds from Stampy's videos? Early in the mornings I have to wake up to "HELLOOOOOO"
Tyler The Dab King (26 days ago)
Stampy I Am A Big Fan Of Yours
Jonah Napihaa (26 days ago)
Dude your still making videos😂I love you man July 14 was actually my 15th birthday and I used to watch you when I was 10 I’m glad your still at it
Sophia Hidalgo (26 days ago)
stampy can u breed 2 of your dogs please and name the puppy Sugar if its a girl. if you read my comment thanks watching your videos make my day!
None of ur buisness (26 days ago)
Been watching sence 2012
KOPA (26 days ago)
Hi stampy ive been watched your videos from year 2012 good luck to future hope NikoDiggoo
Owen Fett (26 days ago)
I haven't watched stamps in years
Nut3lq_ (26 days ago)
I am from Serbia and i love you chanel !
EmJey (27 days ago)
Are you the only the only youtuber who plays games on the 360?
Duraiya Jawadwla (27 days ago)
Unicorn Number1 (27 days ago)
So awesome congrats on winning stamps 😄
Megan Mcharg (27 days ago)
Can’t believe he still does this
Daffyd Vernon (28 days ago)
hey stampy thought you may have not spotted when you where in the redstone area, that was a coldren out of place in the green area for the trap chess, yours ( real name ) daffyd vernon ( minecraft ) Archutect
Tavo Kaumatule (28 days ago)
I wish you made more than 638 episodes in your lovely world.
A Dude (28 days ago)
Who else remembers his epi. 100 special? And the death of aqua DoOo dOoO DOOOOO dOoOo
Anita Azizi (28 days ago)
You are amazing at redstone not terrible!
Camila Ruiz (28 days ago)
U know whatever it's called my mom text u a picture and u never replied about 1 year and if u see picture that was all we can do
1,225th comment! ;-;
Andy Seal (28 days ago)
Hi stampy did you know that minecraft is on the nintendo swich
Ésto siacabo caca 💩 😠😡😬 picocote ijaputa miera cállate pihe perros 🔪🔫💀👽😈👊👹👿👺👾☠💣👻 carsel llamar 👮 polsila puto tonto PUTO
Kerisia Wasztyl (28 days ago)
Stamps, are you and Squaish a “thing “
Esvin Chavez (28 days ago)
Hi stampy i am a big fan of your i using play Minecraft and make your world and you are the best you inspired me to play Minecraft
Bailey (28 days ago)
Play Fortnite
Adam umar (28 days ago)
This series is longer then one piece
MJLuyahan 707 (28 days ago)
intro never gets old
TK Cam (28 days ago)
Hey stampy you are my favorite youtuber you make me laugh//////name TK CAM
wsc_ epictehuman (28 days ago)
Stampy can you play the new version of minecraft on the Nintendo switch
Nova1221 (28 days ago)
This gives me so much nostalgia.. I can't even believe my age of childhood is almost gone...
Iva Cheung (29 days ago)
Is it Lucky or Lucky Cat??
Evanjles Gaming (29 days ago)
Stampy Ive been watching you since i was 6 Now im 11 great work (´,,•ω•,,)
LabPillow 65 (29 days ago)
you are the best Stampy!!!
John Arnisto (29 days ago)
I used to watch you when I was 7 now I am 12
Dr Bacon (29 days ago)
Hey stamps I’ve been watching ur videos since I was 6 I’m 12 now 6 years I think back to your old videos and memories I have watching you it makes me start to cry whenever u think of your old videos your a great YouTube hope you see this so you know how much you were an influence on me thank you for all you’ve done
Abe M. (29 days ago)
Who else still watches this series for nostalgia?
Chewy So (29 days ago)
Stampy I love u I’ve seen every single video and I started from the first on when I was 4
Ami Harvi (29 days ago)
wait ur other cat is lucky? one of my turtles is named lucky!
FanG Gaming (29 days ago)
Hey stampy I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS I have been watching since 2012 and you have improved a lot. Please keep making these videos because I always love watching you and your joyful attitude👍
g g (29 days ago)
Stampy your so amazing
Chelsie Cuff (29 days ago)
you should play fortnite
Kelly & OreGaming (29 days ago)
Omg, the last time I watched you was around episode 200, you’re still at it, I’m in tears right now, especially at the fact that your room and your balcony and you eating cake as your breakfast.
Kelly & OreGaming (29 days ago)
And what about your nemesis? I forgot his name but I think it’s with captain or something, I know he has a red coat (?)
Kelly & OreGaming (29 days ago)
AND MITTENS TOO?! HER TREE HOUSE, oh my god I can’t breath
Kelly & OreGaming (29 days ago)
Kelly & OreGaming (29 days ago)
And ask your dogs ;) aH
Cassie 5000 (29 days ago)
One of the best Love Gardens'!
Cassie 5000 (29 days ago)
... No offence
Cassie 5000 (29 days ago)
Old vs. New...
Cassie 5000 (29 days ago)
... That hasn't happened in a while... The Secret Base has been intact for quite a while...
AnthgocrayZ _ (29 days ago)
Damn hes still posting im 14 i ustu watch when i was 9
Hector Beck (29 days ago)
Thank you stampy, you're always there when I'm in the mood for the fun part of YouTube. Great work mate, we all appreciate it 👌😊👍
Marshmallow Marsbars (29 days ago)
im so happy your still playing on XBox 360
Sophia Hidalgo (29 days ago)
Lol stampy 2018 says: I meant to show you my face but I accidentally showed you my umm... Tail. 😄
Barack Obunga (29 days ago)
Very sad
Christina Shaw (29 days ago)
HeadlessHorsemanMC (29 days ago)
Aaron Chasteen (29 days ago)
Stamps there’s a new update
Butter Co. (29 days ago)
I remeber when he was only on his 243rd video
CoTeriux YT (29 days ago)
This is getting old ,I used to love stampys intro back in2014 ,still remember how I met dis dude xd
Curtis Allison (29 days ago)
My submission is on your Facebook visitor posts!
Wild Wessers Videos (29 days ago)
Stampy Stampy
Cat In Da Hat (29 days ago)
I remember when I was way younger I would watch these videos and they were the greatest thing ever. I talked to everyone about you. I'm a lot older now and I just decided to see how your channel was doing and it seems to be doing great. Keep up the good work. 😁
savage wolf (29 days ago)
Aint that much redstone try a 5×5 piston door
Joseph Dodman (29 days ago)
Stampy, I LOVE your videos
fusion (29 days ago)
what is his laugh
KikiToons (29 days ago)
*eagerly waits for a HitTheTarget video* I'm watinggggg
Jackson Peterson (29 days ago)
Kathy W (29 days ago)
Call the cat lucky.
Jared Kinz (29 days ago)
Anyone know why the Behind the Scnes Video was taken down?
Ireland Fredrickson (29 days ago)
If you could that would cool
Colton Lehto (29 days ago)
Dear Stampy, There are a lot of people who say your channel is dying. I do NOT believe that. If your channel was dying you wouldn't have 9M Subscribers now, would you? Don't listen to the haters who say that your channel is dying, because they're complete idiots who don't pay attention to anything but making you feel bad. -Colton Lehto
Brandon Hulstein (29 days ago)
I love your videos so much I seen every single one.
Gavin Baker (29 days ago)
This is really still going
Grady Henry (29 days ago)
stampy you should make a hide and seek game in your funland
Quicklook (29 days ago)
Can you make a sport arena
Johnathan Gage (30 days ago)
honestly i didn't think you would be playing minecraft any more i pleasentley surprised still seeing you. ive been watching your vids since you first started good job oh and you should do prizes every month just a thought
Gaming triforce (30 days ago)
Stamp should rate the difficulty of building his mini games

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