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Scripting Tutorials for Space Engineers - Ep1 - Hello World

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In this series I plan to detail how to write amazing scripts for Space Engineers. The first episode will cover the basics and show you how to output text to an LCD screen. Scripts in Space Engineers are written in C# and executed on Programmable Blocks. Timers allow them to run repeatedly. Music by Argofox Creative Commons https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC56Qctnsu8wAyvzf4Yx6LIw Intro: Labisch - Passion Outro: DOCTOR VOX - Level Up
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The Video Starts At (4 days ago)
GamersOnVideos (2 months ago)
this gives peope that know how to script a massive advantage tho
Cnny Ths (5 months ago)
If you still look for ideas for scripts: I want a script that activates a beacon if a turret starts firing. That way I could make CHEAP scouting drones.
Greg Jones (11 months ago)
so it would be impossible to make a current to target a ships cockpit block over other blocks with the camera build in the turrent that would detect the glass color
Valosar Aria (1 year ago)
thanks for this tutorial! I love c# coding and your tutorial has been very helpful
Tomáš Zummer (1 year ago)
Well the totally basic things with IMyTerminalBlock would be helpfull. I just want to turn on light god(clang) dammit! Besides that good tutorial.
killax1000 (1 year ago)
11:53 In case you never found out what "hacking" is, it's what you call it when you're grinding a block with terminal functionality. you grind it below the functional line and then weld it back together and you've "hacked" it. They were going to expand it but never did :)
Kelcey Burton (1 year ago)
how would I make a code that will make my grides kill any spider within 7 meters of my gride to keep them from damaging my base
NewAgeSoldier (1 year ago)
and this is very old... so this wont work
DotCD (7 months ago)
My schools C# course is a year old and still works
NewAgeSoldier (1 year ago)
I was looking to find an anti air autopilot script (The one type of script that does not exist in the workshop of course) My idea was to create a base with automatically starts shooting with guns that is not turrets
Lex (1 year ago)
I love this :D
CzarnyMlot (1 year ago)
My apologies, it does indeed work. It's GridTerminalSystem I wrote it the wrong way in my code. Thanks for the tutorial.
CzarnyMlot (1 year ago)
Seems outdated, TerminalGridSystem doesnt exist now, or at least thats why my compiler says. But a great guide.
Denis Edelbroek (1 year ago)
Nice explained, learned about that grid shizzle, didnt know that, but the hello world is not a big deal, I have so much idea's I want to make, but yeah I have only a little bit experience with java, not even all the basic just a start :/
EnjoyCocaColaLight (1 year ago)
Will someone teach me how to make simple scripts that will allow lights to turn off/on depending on various things such as: Status of air vents, whether a weapon is firing or not, etc?
Michael Collins (1 year ago)
thanks lets get this done first tutorial i found that i could follow be sure to hear ideas from me soon
isectoid (1 year ago)
I keep having a problem where it tells me I need a get or set accessor.
DogsBody (1 year ago)
Tomáš Zummer (1 year ago)
isectoid (1 year ago)
+DogsBody Lets say you want a screen that always has the amount of uranium you have in base. You could keep checking the amount and changing it, but that'd get annoying and tedious. If you had the proper skills you could use programming to make a programmable block update it automatically.
DogsBody (1 year ago)
+isectoid not really, all you need to do is that, IT'S WAY EASIER
isectoid (1 year ago)
+DogsBody That's not the point. You might be able to explicitly tell it to say stuff, but you'll never have a screen that _adapts_ by hard-setting the title. With programmable blocks and timer blocks, you could get it to say "(amount of uranium) uranium left." so you didn't have to sit down in the captains chair to know, Or even have to bother going up to a control panel and searching for reactors. It saves time.
DogsBody (1 year ago)
+isectoid simple, all you need to do is go into the settings of it and press "Public" then press "enter Public Text"
Will Cole (2 years ago)
So 'hacking' in Space Engineers, is when you use your grinder to grind down a block--such as door, pilot seat, or cargo container--until it is at a previous stage of assembly. Once you've done this, you can weld the block back up to 100% and now you are the owner of that block. If you do any in game piracy, this allows you to breach exterior doors on ships, loot cargo, and commandeer ships. I'm really enjoying the video, btw.
Will Cole (2 years ago)
+Will Cole Also, I'm very interested in scripts I could use to for a space dock, using merge blocks. I've already designed a docking port where I can go from the ship to the station without having to do a space walk, but I'd like to set it up so that when the ship is docked, all of the doors are unlocked (turned on) and opened between the ship and the station, and when a program is initiated to separate the ship from the station all of the doors are closed and then locked (powered off), and then the ship's merge block is powered off for separation.
Nick Drozd (2 years ago)
You should build an automated quarry. Perhaps with a delivery system and few sensors to make sure it won't hit rock with its side and break.
ThomasCarstein (2 years ago)
Nice tutorial, keep it up :)
Rodney Campbell (2 years ago)
Great idea for a video series. Love it.
Mini Wallop (2 years ago)
I like the way you explain everything like it is. Not "dumbed down". Keep it up. I can't wait to see where you go from here. Thanks.
Quinn Bernkastel (2 years ago)
You know, I've never actually tried to do something with scripts in this game because I somehow thought the ingame programming language would be lua like it is with computercraft. I didn't even look it up. A friend just told me "it's just like that minecraft mod thing" and I thought to myself "fuck it, I don't like lua". I feel so stupid now for not looking it up. I worked with Java before and I love it, so c# shouldn't be that difficult to get into. I'm looking forward to more of this series.
FaMzyy Edits (2 years ago)
thank you dude . this is an amazing idea keep it up ... BTW I suggest the next game series will be (BANISHED) its a cool game u should try it
Seldron1980 (2 years ago)
very well explained FunshineX :-)

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