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Which YouTuber Said It?! (Minecraft) w/BeckBroJack Enjoyed the video? Drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE ➡ http://bit.ly/SUB2BECK Which YouTuber Said It? You have to figure out which YouTuber said it just from a small clip. This map has clips from a bunch of popular Minecraft YouTubers such as UnspeakableGaming, PrestonPlayz, SSundee, Stampy, PopularMMOs and more! See if you can beat every single level and be a YouTuber EXPERT!! CAN WE SMASH 7 LIKES?! PROVE you’re reading this by COMMENTING down below how many you GOT RIGHT! ▼ Which YouTuber Said It Download ▼ http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/2800204-who-said-that PLAYLISTS: Minecraft Redstone Command Block Creations - Minecraft Redstone - http://bit.ly/25aa9y5 Minecraft Showcases - Mod Showcase Minecraft - Minecraft Animals! - http://bit.ly/200T56W Minecraft Shaders - Minecraft Optifine - Command Block Tutorial - http://bit.ly/1Xi3VGr Top 5 Minecraft - Top Minecraft Mods - Best Minecraft Mods (2016) - http://bit.ly/1Yybl6Y Grow Your Channel & Earn Money! - http://my.powertv.net/apply?referral=97002 Outro Music ► Bandcamp: https://bitonal-landscape.bandcamp.com/ ► Facebook: https://goo.gl/RVt0oW ► YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BitonalLandscape Intro By ► https://www.youtube.com/user/velosofy ▬ About My Channel ▬ On this channel you'll always see fun, family friendly, Minecraft videos! Some of my favorite series are Top 5/10 Minecraft Lists, 5 Things You Didn't Know About Popular Youtubers, Minigames, Map Let's Plays, and some other random videos. I try my best to make each and every video as entertaining as possible, so if you enjoy, please SUBSCRIBE and pound that LIKE button with your toe... or your finger, whichever you prefer! Music: https://www.epidemicsound.com/
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Text Comments (274)
BeckBroJack (1 year ago)
How many did you get RIGHT?!
Your Guy Chief Yt (7 months ago)
BeckBroJack all them
GamerPro (1 year ago)
BeckBroJack all
Cameron Masters (1 year ago)
BeckBroJack your the best thing ever to esest
Lilster Beebee (1 year ago)
BeckBroJack 2
Beth Nolan Larcher (1 year ago)
I got four wrong
Diana Robinson (20 days ago)
Nicole Middleswart (3 months ago)
I did not know any
Rebecca Sarkar (5 months ago)
Like 17 😆
Tyler TYLER (5 months ago)
Maddox Paul (7 months ago)
Do you wathe your one chanl
Scott Slater (8 months ago)
I was actually thinking of cookies
Maddiecat games (8 months ago)
I was eating cookies and thinking about them
Maddiecat games (8 months ago)
simona voican (8 months ago)
Jonathan Reyes (9 months ago)
I got k one wrong
Emilaylay (10 months ago)
me luvs cooooooooooookie
Mohsen Zareifar (10 months ago)
AJ Sultan (10 months ago)
all of them
XD (11 months ago)
6:36 I already knew it was Squishy, although I don't watch her, at-all.
XD (11 months ago)
I guessed many of them...totally not lying...(well,I was,sort of...)
GamingBros 1322 (11 months ago)
Creeper Faceboy (11 months ago)
7:43 I subbed cuz I love red!
Carolynne Coulson (11 months ago)
i was cringing at how bad he did no offence
Andrew Lamont (11 months ago)
your cra cra
ikyzoe (1 year ago)
Sebastian Solis (1 year ago)
I got the squashy quack one right
IngenioMaximus (1 year ago)
Jade Blade (1 year ago)
I got all of them
Michelle Salinas (1 year ago)
you are cool.
Michelle Salinas (1 year ago)
you are cool.
Hailey Conely (1 year ago)
Zero emerald
Ashby Logan (1 year ago)
I forgot but the one I know I got stampy the diamond minecart gaming with jen and pat ldshadowlady and ssudee
Gael Dieguez (1 year ago)
Oscar Keatley (1 year ago)
I got all of them
Ender Brine (1 year ago)
When he said Ideactivate I thought I don't know him 10 seconds later Oh its Anthony
Phanda_Hannah (1 year ago)
Cameron Masters (1 year ago)
kellsie rinaldi (1 year ago)
i love idacdvat sooooooooo smart
Ryan Sky1 (1 year ago)
I got 1
Tracy Corbi (1 year ago)
got alllllllllllllllll of them correct
Aldrin Cosino (1 year ago)
i got almost all right because i watch lot of minecraft vidioes 1 mistake only
AlphaCraft MCPE (1 year ago)
I knew everything I didn't get wrong
Peter Zampedri (1 year ago)
all rihgt
CCplayzzz___ 1220 (1 year ago)
I did not know any of them! I am dumb and I am happy to be😂😂
Parmesan James (1 year ago)
Seb Rojek (1 year ago)
its squaishy ya idiot
douglas newton (1 year ago)
that's amazing (1 year ago)
3 wrong
I got all 👏👏👏
Luisa Cortez (1 year ago)
not sqashy sqashy not LIKE squosh i know fether adventures haha
shiayani tanaya (1 year ago)
actually itmoozecraft and unspeakablegaming make crazy sound
Reagan Runnoe (8 months ago)
yeah I watch them so I know it is them itmoozecraft:hahahahahahaha unspeakablegaming:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH
Xxkelly Playsxx (1 year ago)
wtf in 1:44 i heard bro jack says oh is popularMMOs and gamer chad 😂😂😂like if you heard that too XD
Xxkelly Playsxx (1 year ago)
Enderman10763 (1 year ago)
you look like LandonMC
Duck TheVoid (1 year ago)
Noftifiacation squad??!!!!!
Noko Noah (1 year ago)
I got the camping rusher wrong
Jonny Keh (1 year ago)
I got 5 right 6 rong and 5 times I didn't guess
Agario-Dead (1 year ago)
omg when you said that i was thinking about cookies you were right :O :O IM NOT KIDDING
Mariana Mercado (1 year ago)
you say it SQU LONG A ASHY
Anugrah Abel (1 year ago)
awesome vid
Rainbowgrlplayz (1 year ago)
Hi Beckbrojack! Plz notice me!!!
Ivy Xiao (1 year ago)
They didn't even spell Sqaishey correctly ;-;
moonbin's moonlight (1 year ago)
you look like corlhorl bc ur cheecks r rossy
S.A. W. (1 year ago)
Star Kittens (1 year ago)
Who got annoyed when he said Sqaishey's name wrong? CUZ I DID!!
Ariane Joy Amarillo (1 year ago)
I got everything right because I watch everyone of those youtubers
Hot Stick (1 year ago)
Ryan Lin (1 year ago)
Squ A shy sir pronounce better plz!!
FTCrazy !! (1 year ago)
I did not miss any
Apple Doggie (1 year ago)
all of them
Kode Rex (1 year ago)
3 was my score but I had some help...
Justin Martel (1 year ago)
200th comment! And I got them all right!
Kickv3 (1 year ago)
i watch most of the youtubers there
MicrowavianGamer (1 year ago)
I got three wrong. I already knew most of them.
vlooi ! (1 year ago)
I got 1 wrong
hoan van nguyen (1 year ago)
why there is no bodil40
Aahil (1 year ago)
i got 1
MasterNaomi Honour (1 year ago)
I got all of them right since I watch them all lol
Magnus MarMar (1 year ago)
Little Kelly is irish
Jott 06 (1 year ago)
All of them
jacki bremner (1 year ago)
i got 5
Darth Noòx (1 year ago)
If one of them was Aphmau I would know
SoulSeeker (1 year ago)
I got them all except for da ones that were girl voices b/c i dont watch girl utbers
febreze Queen (1 year ago)
it is pronounced Sqaishey as in           _                                                               sqAshey   ( I did my best to do the symbol)
the grumlins (1 year ago)
Cocoa Nerd (1 year ago)
its not squashy, its squAAshy
Tatyana Richman (1 year ago)
I love his intro song. It's Eckosoldier's too
Sonya Carter (1 year ago)
I got most right lit
I Reid 1232 times
Molly Blogs (1 year ago)
It's Sqashy not with an o😡
Anela Petrik (1 year ago)
Smiley Face (1 year ago)
Hi I subscribed
Jairo Farias (1 year ago)
i got one wrong OMG
Emma Clouser (1 year ago)
you called sqaishey squashy!!😱
Cubixon (1 year ago)
BeckBroJack No , You didnt got 6 emeralds , you threw some emeralds on the ground
NightPlayzHD (1 year ago)
I knew them all
Nightmare lolbit (1 year ago)
I got all you do is lie I know them all 100%
Nightmare lolbit (1 year ago)
I got all you do is lie I know them all 100%
Squid Kittens (1 year ago)
I don't like aphmau either her role plays are stupid I like undertale role plays
Squid Kittens (1 year ago)
Oh I hate sky his voice is like nails on chalkboard he makes so angry I can scream like godzilla
I got all of the right
daegu yoongi (1 year ago)
Sugar Sprinkles lol I'm a huge fan of pat and Jen and I remember when Jen said that... I laughed so hard, too!
Sugar Sprinkles O PEANISSS
Hà Ngân (1 year ago)
8 i got 8

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