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Tutorial: Advanced Generators

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Just a quick update and a basic Advanced Generators tutorial. You can find more information about the mod here: http://bdew.net . Usable fuels: Fuel (BuildCraft) Syngas (Advanced Generators) Ethanol (Forestry) Biofuel (Minefactory Reloaded) Rocket Fuel (Ender IO) Fire Water (Ender IO) Liquifacted Coal (Thermal Expansion)
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Text Comments (27)
SlasherSeven (11 days ago)
Hey man. I appreciate the video. Just getting into advanced generators now after going through a bunch of nuclear mods. Your video was super helpful, as documentation on the web was a little hard to come by. Take care!
isaac bordewyk (1 month ago)
Can gas generators run off of IE creosote oil? (Immersive engineering)
Derp Til I Herp (1 month ago)
Little late to the party but whenever i try placing any module to the controller they will not connect, no matter what order i place them in. Playing on ATM3 modpack
Azam Amzad (5 months ago)
Thank you even tho it's a bit old
Black Fire (5 months ago)
This is so unhelpful
Évelyne Lachance (9 months ago)
Really, I'll be honest, this isn't really a great power gen mod. That size generator, doing only 5k RF/tick? I get that with Manyullyn turbines it would be more but it's also very expensive. Feels a little underpowered for the amount of work necessary, and iron you're going to throw into building it.
DJTiqer (9 months ago)
what mods did he use???????
Aaron Anderson (1 year ago)
I'm an Aaron too :3
Slugcat (1 year ago)
I'm Not an Aaron
Rhys Knoxville (1 year ago)
His voice made my dick go up.
ShamblerDK (2 years ago)
Turbine, not turbin...
HermitJensen (1 year ago)
actually almost everyone in the marine engineering field says "turbin", i dont know why but I just happen to notice that between my teachers and actual experts in the field.
Patrick Short (1 year ago)
The problem is a Turban is already something, it isn't like any of your examples where it is part of their local dialect or something similar he is just mispronouncing it.
Teleclast (1 year ago)
It doesn't make them right. It is pronounced turbine, not turban. There is no specific area where it is widely accepted to call turbines turbans other than where people may simply be miseducated. This is not an example where there is the American English version 'to-may-to', and the 'alternative' some people use 'to-mah-to', or aluminium where it is even spelled differently in other countries. It is simply turbine, never turban.
steppenwolf (1 year ago)
and some people say to-mah-to instead of to-may-to. or aluminium instead of aluminum or even irin instead of iron. in other words, when you can take a spontaneous stroll across a lake without getting your feet wet, come back and correct others. until then, keep an eye on your own failings. btw? don't even bother calling me a hypocrite and making some feeble attempt at shifting the focus of blame to me by saying "look who's talking" or some shite like that. all that does is make you look like some arrogant douchebag who has to prove the other person has a lower moral ground than you do. that's all i have to say on this to you or anyone else.
Versions mod and minecraft? What about creosote (railcraft)?
steppenwolf (1 year ago)
creosote is never a fuel.
Brodog5 (2 years ago)
so i only have the advanced generators mod do i need any other mod to make this mod work well?
Aaron B (2 years ago)
I don't really see the point of using this mod only. It's a power generation mod. If you don't have any mods with machines that use power, you don't really need power generation. Granted, this tutorial was made over a year ago and I haven't really played Minecraft since then. Advanced generators mod might have added some stuff.
Maplo Rider (2 years ago)
Ur voice makes me sleepy
steppenwolf (2 years ago)
may make one of those syngas generators with a manyullyn turbine for my m/e system. fecken thing's an rf hog hahaha.
Daily Regimen (2 years ago)
Thanks Aaron. This is a great video
Campbell Huff (3 years ago)
umm, I'm new the the channel, why is he in physical therapy?
Aly Elsharkawy (1 year ago)
ouch!! looks like it hurt
Aaron B (3 years ago)
+Campbell Huff I had ankle surgery to repair some ligaments.
Craftsman Chris (3 years ago)
Thank you Aaron!  I hope you're feeling better soon :)
dont Duel (3 years ago)
This looks like handy power source in early game for sure, you  did  well at explaining it all too, nice job man, looking forward to the end of physio :)

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