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Text Comments (3267)
MooseMods (9 months ago)
*Go check out JEFF THE MOOSE's YouTube Channel!* https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnv-v6G4YcQxBMp-1njjcQw?sub_confirmation=1 *How To Get On the "Wall of Suggestions"* 1) SUBSCRIBE and SLAP the BELL 2) SUBSCRIBE to JEFF THE MOOSE and SLAP the BELL 3) Leave a LIKE 4) Comment below what mods we should mess with next! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING!
unfare ble (11 days ago)
MooseMods is most lit🐄
Jocelyn Maxwell (1 month ago)
MooseMods tgcf t
Wesley Falconer (1 month ago)
MooseMods I
Ehab Elsawaf (1 month ago)
I love you moose so much
Karen Browning (2 months ago)
MooseMods Jeff the mice my name is Tanner
Wayne Lewis (3 days ago)
Isaac 💩 mod
astylesewlovely (3 days ago)
More zombies baby 😎😎😎
Yogesh Shivdasani (3 days ago)
Moose please do the fighter jet mod
Isaak Winslow (4 days ago)
he should do the crazy craft mod
Mubashir Moos (4 days ago)
àaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you have some sort of thing will give you the best regards Michael sent from Samsung tablet hi I will send the best way to go through the
Aidan OMG2.0 (5 days ago)
Do gears of war 4 mod
Adventure of life (7 days ago)
Call of duty mod
Junior Jimmy.M (8 days ago)
Hey Moose do a Call Of Duty mod. You said go to your older videos 😅
jevgenija ablak (10 days ago)
Lolboyyealolol Die
iTubeChannel CM (12 days ago)
final mod xddd
Patrick Ransonet (14 days ago)
can you do the derpy mod
Diary of a Cool Kid (16 days ago)
PLZ MESS WITH the chisel mod
Flameintherain (17 days ago)
Plz do a tron mod
dog man (19 days ago)
can you mess with the more explosions mods
Phol Carlos Lacsina (20 days ago)
I am blessed (20 days ago)
basketbal mod
andrew goodison (23 days ago)
Trans myutashon mod
Collette Markovich (24 days ago)
We need the morph mod!!!!!!!!
Superdude7380 Gaming (26 days ago)
What mod is this?
le thuy Phan (26 days ago)
Ender dragon mod
le thuy Phan (26 days ago)
Lucky block mod
Aristotle INNOCENT (26 days ago)
Johann Santos (28 days ago)
i know npc mod i did that mod npc plssss do it
Johann Santos (28 days ago)
moose make a new vid i like your vid s make a new vid its a mod npc mod plsssssssss
Josiah Myers (29 days ago)
A camp mod
Draven Johnson (29 days ago)
I feel sorry for cyclone!:(
john mcneal (1 month ago)
Flans mod
Joel Lickliter (1 month ago)
I don't know how to leave a like and do the Mario mod
Kirsty Mcneill (1 month ago)
Yana Badillo (1 month ago)
ashtag saveg jeff
Yana Badillo (1 month ago)
my name is chiara i.i watch you evry day. i want to see the family mod
i would like a evil giant hamster mod
Chess Garcia (1 month ago)
The bay blade burst mod
Chess Garcia (1 month ago)
Bay blade burst
dragon spirit omga (1 month ago)
Teen titans mod
Julian Sullivan (1 month ago)
Jake Paul mod next
A Law (1 month ago)
Furnercher mod
Ehab Elsawaf (1 month ago)
It is good moose!
Kace Conrad (1 month ago)
Mr gamer stuff (1 month ago)
#savage jeff
Mr gamer stuff (1 month ago)
Kim Phung Nguyen (2 months ago)
Jacob Willis (2 months ago)
walking dead mod
Zachariah Vera (2 months ago)
Do the endermen mod
julian Felix (2 months ago)
Is this one the old one???????
Tammy Livermore (2 months ago)
BAN it's cyclone
Josecraft_71 (2 months ago)
Chris Waters (2 months ago)
Chris Waters (2 months ago)
Chris Waters (2 months ago)
do a sonic mod
Ajla Habibic (2 months ago)
Kalidaya Glatz (2 months ago)
nerf mod
all out man (2 months ago)
first video
Chris Cody (2 months ago)
Please make avengers addon
Stickman boy (2 months ago)
David McLean (2 months ago)
ShadowmanAUS (2 months ago)
ShadowmanAUS (2 months ago)
ShadowmanAUS (2 months ago)
#savieg jeff
ShadowmanAUS (2 months ago)
Gamer9000 (2 months ago)
Can u do the plane mod
Lede Ramo (2 months ago)
camo troll
Lucio (2 months ago)
10:12 defense mode on hooooaaaaooo aho
Wyatt Deschenes (2 months ago)
Ayn vs qatb
Elias Sleiman (3 months ago)
Matthew Van den berg (3 months ago)
i love your vids moose BEAKEFAST!!!!!!!!!! : )
Cézar Spack (3 months ago)
transformers mod
REGINE PELECIA (3 months ago)
Moose hacker mode
TA FISHING (3 months ago)
Tristan Koepp (3 months ago)
hi moose
Jennifer Tarap (3 months ago)
Dragon mod
Amoure Pamplin (3 months ago)
Cyclone is going to be at your lab every night in Minecraft
kelovecarruthers1 (3 months ago)
Naruto mod
This is your first video right?? That's right I'm right. 555:LOL
Kk10 1 (3 months ago)
You should try the Mooses mod!
Kitty craft Ng (3 months ago)
Jeff is back !!!!!!!!???????
James's vlog (3 months ago)
Can you pls do the more animal mod
FoxyBoi89 (3 months ago)
FoxyBoi89 (3 months ago)
tresia tomis (3 months ago)
nerf gun
Mike Tankersley (3 months ago)
Make a horror mod
Khevana Chhaya (3 months ago)
Julie Batey (3 months ago)
Do a moose mod mod
Jasper Nicholas Lim (3 months ago)
WadeTooAwesomE 1 (3 months ago)
I got a walking dead ad on this lol
Piece Ninja (3 months ago)
Try a ninja mod if there is one 😕😊😊
Hassan furqan (3 months ago)
You can create moose mutants mod
Rolando Lopez (3 months ago)
Sssssssssaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaagggggggeeeeeeeeee Jeff
sineadwturner (3 months ago)
#Savage Jeff
Olga Solomonov (4 months ago)
youtube mod
Big Fna (4 months ago)
Big Fna (4 months ago)
Angel Bellville (4 months ago)
moose will you be my best friend
contessa bryan (4 months ago)
gravity falls
Carissa Guebara (4 months ago)
Do the realistic mod
De Wet Mr Singer (4 months ago)
De Wet Mr Singer (4 months ago)
Mess with the legi mod
Kiana Lawrence (4 months ago)
House mode😆
Deamonals (4 months ago)
Do more money mod reviews#IGotsupernitendo

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