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Minecraft Saturday | Top 3 "Needed" Plugins! | #10

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Follow me on Twitter to talk to me! ► https://twitter.com/EasyRoast If you don't have these three plugins you're doing it wrong... enjoy this week's Minecraft Saturday! :D ☺ New Minecraft Tutorials ☺ Open description for all info! ► Join the UNOVERSE! http://goo.gl/Iyjfc8 ► Talk to ME! https://twitter.com/imnumerounobaby ► 10% OFF servers right now! http://goo.gl/0ykw1i ──────────────────────────────── ► #3 http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/multiverse-core/ ► #2 http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/essentials/ ► #1 http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/permissionsex/ http://wiki.ess3.net/wiki/Group_Manager ──────────────────────────────── ► Partnered with Tgn.tv/BroadbandTv: http://tgn.tv/ ► Join the Team: http://bbtv.go2cloud.org/SH32 ──────────────────────────────── Song in Video: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiL7cOiX2C4 Outro Song: ► Doin It Right - Timeflies
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Text Comments (34)
Devil FLAMES (10 months ago)
Group manager is ded
AK Mob (2 years ago)
this is good list if it was.... a bigger list! do atleast top 10 or top 15+! i think you should do more versions of this video.
AK Mob (2 years ago)
this is good list if it was.... a bigger list! do atleast top 10 or top 15+! i think you should do more versions of this video.
Easy Roast (2 years ago)
Check out my #MINECRAFTSATURDAY playlist http://goo.gl/hLmHcg
Nick Trapfreak (2 years ago)
What are the differences between PermissionsEx and GM? As far as I know, with GM you can't modify group's chat colors or at least I couldn't find the way to do it so I installed ChatColor which allows anyone who has the permission to use it change the color of their chat messages... Soo can I get rid of this one if I get PermissionsEx instead of GM? .-.
CrispKingMC (2 years ago)
Mia K (2 years ago)
Try updating your java
painless cs (2 years ago)
Quake Playz (2 years ago)
wy si the starting capture steves naked and a guy ???
exo (2 years ago)
Its a minecraft rendition of a famous painting
BlackRider (2 years ago)
salasan1 (2 years ago)
do DonationCraft
Aesthetic Shrine (3 years ago)
But every time I download essentials and permissions ex, both get deactivated and don't work
Fedora Edits (2 years ago)
True, but is contains a permissions plugin (GroupManager) in the pack.
crepppy (2 years ago)
+Alec Tarr ummmm, essentials isn't a permission plugin. I had the same problem, just delete all plugins and the folders then reinstall them. Sorry if you have a bunch of plugins with custom configs as this may take a while. If you do have many configs just copy and paste them somewhere else then paste them back after they have been reinstalled Hope this helped have a wonderful day
Fedora Edits (2 years ago)
+ThatTacoThoe Usually permission plugins conflict with each other when you download two of them.
DiamondWarrior90 (3 years ago)
Can you do more Fun Plugins for trolling or something like that.
Shadowrafey (3 years ago)
You Are the MASTER of tutorials trust me one day U will be called The Master of tutorials keep it up
Easy Roast (3 years ago)
Thanks man! I appreciate that
Alexander Kruger (3 years ago)
Top Cute, Survival, and PVP, and Fun plugins
Please answer what the font is at 0:11
GasMurtal (4 years ago)
Número uno xD Veo que sabes algo de español 
ESK-VFX (4 years ago)
i like this intro more!
AlzPlays (4 years ago)
I'm more of an advanced user. I prefer zPermissions :)
HPC (HardPvPCraft) (4 years ago)
Pls put a new video on some prison plugins :/
PetePlaysGames (3 years ago)
BoxxMan (4 years ago)
Top 3 PvP plugins! :)
Ijnat (4 years ago)
Top 3 PvP/Combat Plugins.
Codÿne (4 years ago)
Do more DONATOR PLUGINS like for faction servers.
Thirsty Aleksandr (3 years ago)
PartlyFancy http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/partlyfancy/ Check it out :P
teo -iwnl- (4 years ago)
Cade Griffin (4 years ago)
world edit???
Dein (4 years ago)
First comment first like

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