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Minecraft Comes Alive Ep.8 - Having A Baby Boy!

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Leave a like if you enjoy! Minecraft Comes Alive Episode 8! Minecraft Comes Alive is a Minecraft mod based off real life in Minecraft. Get married, have a family, get a job, and run your village and hire villagers to do daily chores in Minecraft! MCA Download:http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1280154-minecraft-comes-alive-v5-2-3-mc-1-10-2-1-9-4-1-9-1
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Text Comments (120)
It isn't showing how many subs you have. ;-;
SkyWars Watcher (3 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Anthony Ratliff (3 months ago)
This game is the best gameplay I have ever seen but its missing something and o have names if its a boy name him Legend and if its a girl name her Harmony or Chris and christina your chose
Sky Gaming (8 months ago)
The mice is off
Jaden Manire (10 months ago)
She does not have a home point
Lerato Nchaba (1 year ago)
Name a baby boy millo
Shereena Bevins (1 year ago)
my first time watching and I live the video
ILoveAime (1 year ago)
What's up with the mic?
For a boy raven and for a girl danielle
BelénChristineXD (1 year ago)
He isn't paying lots of attention to the villagers and their lives
Jonathan Pennock (1 year ago)
your evil... Leo is 5 right he's ganna want to sleep!
Jonathan Pennock (1 year ago)
u are a bad parent let your kids sleep! sun is only 8 and mining I bet she's tired and Leo he's way Young LET THEM SLEEP GOD DANET
Jonathan Pennock (1 year ago)
back pack mob!!!!!!!!! pls...
Haley Null (1 year ago)
pet mod
Addy ;3 (1 year ago)
Cammi Klinesmith (1 year ago)
Wait what happened to Candace and ur little boy and ur old wife???
Haley Null (1 year ago)
he didn't have a wife
Sal R (1 year ago)
Hay Jared I have a challenge for you I it is called the child challenge it's when you have as many kids as possible
Sal R (1 year ago)
And also try placing all of them down at the same time
Sal R (1 year ago)
Whoops typo
Isabelle Baker (1 year ago)
a baby girl name Chloe a baby boy name brandon
the sexy gamer (1 year ago)
the super hero mod
Sheila Taggart (1 year ago)
name a girl Lilly
TaZe-_-THE G.o.A.T (1 year ago)
Name the boy DeShon please
The Predator (1 year ago)
Deshon Scales that's popular moms future sons name
Keyandra Sampson (1 year ago)
Baby girl name hope Baby boy name max
Alex Henry (1 year ago)
Name someone Alex and make him a guard
shawn moore (1 year ago)
Can you use Kevin
Ryvr Star (1 year ago)
I just liked this video so it can have 200 likes
Lea Rohland (1 year ago)
if its a boy name it Pat if its a girl name it Jen.
The Predator (1 year ago)
Lea Rohland popularmmos
Lance Mcmahon (1 year ago)
also maybe flans
Lance Mcmahon (1 year ago)
jared you should install mrcrayfish furniture and bibliocraft
Bella Carp (1 year ago)
hey can u name a villager bella and make her a worrier with a scarf and if u can friendly would be op but id be fine with anything i asked last vid too
Lashay Plays (1 year ago)
Soon modded mca
Knight Guardian9 (1 year ago)
hey um Jared can you name one of your kids DemonDestroyer
please make a video that can reach 200 episodes
Bryan B (1 year ago)
If you get a boy name it Bryan and make him a wood cutter
Keegan (1 year ago)
name a warrior Arthanac and make him have blue armour stuff
Keegan (1 year ago)
Keegan (1 year ago)
no theres a skin that has blue clothes
The Predator (1 year ago)
Keegsthegamingking Russell you mean diamond😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆
Carolina Perez (1 year ago)
Name a girl Moon and make her the opposite of Sun
Carolina Perez (1 year ago)
You didn't set Gloria's home point
cdtommy (1 year ago)
Please name a boy Cole
ClouddTheKidd (1 year ago)
Ksmudger (1 year ago)
Add Mo' Creatures!
lightning budies (1 year ago)
Gary Black (1 year ago)
Shurtugal mod would be cool
Lexi Jade (1 year ago)
PLEASE, PLEASE could you call a son Gerald and make him a fisherman. Could you make him ugly looking?
Lexi Jade (1 year ago)
Ps the iPod mod
Aayush Kumar (1 year ago)
Name a boy Donald
ThatGuyBluey 1234 (1 year ago)
Name it's Bluey
ThatGuyBluey 1234 (1 year ago)
Rowyn Oak (1 year ago)
Mocreatures Biomes O Plenty Witchery Galactacraft Etc.
Shadow Gamez (1 year ago)
You shoud get the car mod for MCA you can travel easy er
Rain Anime (1 year ago)
you should get cloneing mod plz
Fancy Cat (1 year ago)
could you name one of your kids after me I've been watching your channel since your first MCA series
Anonymous (1 year ago)
Grim3212 pokeballs mod, small but really useful for transporting mobs and items in pokeballs
Aedyn Ho (1 year ago)
love your vids
Jack R (1 year ago)
Thank you for naming your son Jack! You are awesome Jared!
OliviaHere Gaming (1 year ago)
Nicole tess (1 year ago)
can you call a girl Nicole make her a baker and make her look cute ... PLS
The Food Seeker (1 year ago)
a boy kid should be called garrett
next boy bardock please I really want a dbz name
do my name p.s. my name is Brandon
Youtuber plus mod and the Battle gear 2 mod
Jarred Jackson (1 year ago)
Could you name your son jarred please
the Dubys (1 year ago)
I haven't watched Jared's vids in a long time I need to catch up
Anonymous (1 year ago)
Sierra Luttman (1 year ago)
u should name ur next daughter Sierra plsssss
jerry727ELITE 1 (1 year ago)
boy Ricky girl amy
Shavaughn Castle (1 year ago)
crazy craft plz add
Anonymous (1 year ago)
wtf😂? Crazy craft is a huge back of like 80 mods what do u mean 'add crazy craft'
Kateri K. (1 year ago)
If you have a girl you should name her Kateri ❤️
Jennifer Ninness (1 year ago)
name in gavin
BlueJayKiller (1 year ago)
if a boy Sebastion (or Sebastian depending on how you spell it) and if a girl kiara
Deejayy Tv (1 year ago)
Demetrius for a baby boy
alldaygamer25 123 (1 year ago)
please name a boy Erick
GaM3R boyboy (1 year ago)
bring back sexy dick if you have a boy
Jacob McClain (1 year ago)
Mods suggested Epic sieges , zombie awareness, Advance darkness, these combo mod makes you have to protect your village, hoping you have what it takes to protect your village, if you have a boy, Calvin or Harrison.
Cools Fools (1 year ago)
Name a boy Adam please fan since u were very small <3 Adam Aka Cools fools
cool hey (1 year ago)
Name a boy Jake
nakia darling (1 year ago)
if you have a girl name her nakia
GangGreen (1 year ago)
Name ur next boy josh or joshua
manuel perez (1 year ago)
Michael for boy anna fir girl
manuel perez (1 year ago)
GaM3R boyboy (1 year ago)
My name is michael
Christopher Bass (1 year ago)
Gun mod
AsYouShouldMyGuy (1 year ago)
Hope you all enjoy :) make sure to drop a like and comment for more MCA!
Jizzie (1 year ago)
JaredAlecRealm: I will give you bunch of diamond or what ever you want just tell me how to have a baby in Minecraft also wife/husband too pls tell me it's a bunch of diamond and gold Edit: pls tell me and why did you work your daughter if I have a daughter and son in Minecraft I will give him good home and good life also give him a bunch of diamond and gold I will give you too but pls just tell me
Astra star (1 year ago)
JaredAlecRealm : you should get decocraft its so cool !!
Eli Daggy (1 year ago)
JaredAlecRealm o
Abby Francis (1 year ago)
Or Abby with the same characteristics as her /\
Bella Carp (1 year ago)
hey can u name a villager bella and make her a worrier with a scarf and if u can friendly would be op but id be fine with anything plz and thank u
Becca Neil (1 year ago)
name a girl Rebecca or sky and a boy adam or billy
Ciaran Milligan (1 year ago)
furniture and vehicle mods
Mae (1 year ago)
boy anderson girl ella
Car mod and I'm new my Minecraft name is spy guy or spyguy
JUNITO Vlog (1 year ago)
Just Chilling (1 year ago)
name him Xander
474 (1 year ago)
ore spawn mod
Cynthia Mendoza (1 year ago)
Liyah Love (1 year ago)
vegas rice (1 year ago)

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