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Minecraft Saturday | Top 10 "FACTIONS" Plugins! | (SPECIAL) #4

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Follow me on Twitter to talk to me! ► https://twitter.com/EasyRoast The 4th edition of MUST HAVE Factions plugins for your Minecraft server! ☼ Daily Minecraft Tutorials ☼ Join the Unoverse to Never Miss a Video! ► http://goo.gl/Iyjfc8 ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬๑PLUGINS๑▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● #MINECRAFTSATURDAY Playlist ► http://goo.gl/hLmHcg TOP FACTIONS PLUGINS #1 ► https://goo.gl/e8sbcv TOP FACTIONS PLUGINS #2 ► https://goo.gl/N525gS TOP FACTIONS PLUGINS #3 ► https://goo.gl/sifrMc #10 ► https://goo.gl/lwczk0 #9 ► https://goo.gl/qVP8AI #8 ► https://goo.gl/E3NMbI #7 ► https://goo.gl/dXNyIv #6 ► https://goo.gl/vQxljy #5 ► https://goo.gl/x8bFuQ #4 ► https://goo.gl/0qn4VL #3 ► https://goo.gl/KlCyN9 (free alternative) https://goo.gl/W3qfus #2 ► https://goo.gl/OBmv3e #1 ► https://goo.gl/aFgBdr Songs in Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwqVXJ8RJRk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKEH8Bm-GLY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6AxYhCQjFM ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬๑SOCIAL MEDIA๑▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● FOLLOW ME - TWITTER! ► https://twitter.com/imnumerounobaby HELP ME GET VERIFIED! ► https://plus.google.com/+NumeroUnoBaby/ SERVER ASSISTANCE ► https://sellfy.com/NumeroUnoBaby EASY WAY TO MAKE A SERVER ► https://goo.gl/T7SOeh
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Text Comments (77)
Carlllas Gaming (1 month ago)
nice copied screen hahahaha
Kelcey Clark (2 months ago)
bounty for cheaters and hackers would be cool and for people who play dirty!
Immmortal (3 months ago)
Immmortal (3 months ago)
im using 5 of them
Mino Gamz (5 months ago)
i feel so bad for a cancer ad on a fucking minecraft video
Greatkid (6 months ago)
Giovanni zarbo (11 months ago)
Good video =)
Chlourz (11 months ago)
6:29 if u listen to the music it says "Three bitches on a couch" I stopped watching the vid once I heard it XD anyone else hear it?
Toby Hill (11 months ago)
What is yr ttp
Ghost Knight50 (11 months ago)
ItzJayPlaysMC (1 year ago)
Wxlco (1 year ago)
Do a tutorial about FactionsTop! ❤Love your AWSOME tutorial video's!❤
Adam4HD (1 year ago)
this is the best ever Top 10 Plugins Factions i have seen on my life i'll add all these plugins to my server because its all amazing good Choose Numero Keep Going :D
thanks for the tutorial in the video on faction boosters i was don't know how to use it Best youtuber plugins FOR MC
Treevor (1 year ago)
Anyone here wanna start a factions server owner partnership I can make a lot of custom things that will make your factions server great reply to me if interested!
Treevor (1 year ago)
Snippy Yeti do u have discord or skype if you do plz send me your skype or discord
Snippy Yeti (1 year ago)
Trevor Mullins I will
Gabriel W (1 year ago)
5x13 (1 year ago)
can u dm to me I need help with my server and can we troll and ect together u are da best I subed to u keep up the good work u helped me alot
ScorpiusPlayz (1 year ago)
can u please show how to get a factions scoreboard like cosmicpvps one??
Teclox (1 year ago)
6666 visual!
FlightChannel (1 year ago)
Numero i subbed and liked but you know factionsfly it needs another plugin that is premium and i cant pay
Nick 0 (1 year ago)
Can you do top 10 skyblock plugins?
AppieHeijntje (1 year ago)
Hey dude, can you sometime make a 'top 3 hcf (Hardcore factions) plugins'?
SoulStriker (1 year ago)
Seems legit
No hablo ingles pero me ayudo mucho
zac mann (1 year ago)
Hello i have a bussiness offer van i contact you
DavidSamu (1 year ago)
Can you please say Hi on my comment?
AsphaltPlayZ (1 year ago)
Joe Wojcik (1 year ago)
Yayya, Crazy Envoy made it <3
Vapezilla (1 year ago)
you do way to good videos
Vapezilla (1 year ago)
yea I agree
Gamerman_Fivenumbers (1 year ago)
Since 700 subs
Gamerman_Fivenumbers (1 year ago)
Oh cool
Pro#noob Fan (1 year ago)
U know when you install factions the prefix is in other worlds. Do you know how to fix it i. Have searched for it in sooooo looong time. Or do i need bungeecord ?
SoulStriker (1 year ago)
Try using "perworldplugin"
FireDragon STZ (1 year ago)
1:52 is that a bike from vehicles? you should do a tutorial on that plugin, it might be premium but it is one of the best plugins out there.
Nick Hodges (1 year ago)
What texture pack do you use? +Numero Uno
Easy Roast (1 year ago)
meme (1 year ago)
Thanks for this!
Easy Roast (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching MemeMaster!
Gerry_ YT (1 year ago)
can you make a video how to do a server 1.11.2?
Darklord Gamer (1 year ago)
Mads Lindgren (1 year ago)
In factions om on my server: when they write /spawn , they coming in the hub... any plugins that can help me with the problem?
BroIamBro (1 year ago)
ahh.. then u need a plugin called "per wold spawn" Or i think u can do that if u edit the essentials config
Mads Lindgren (1 year ago)
I dont have any plugin with /hub. I use essentials for /spawn
BroIamBro (1 year ago)
the hub plugin u r using use command /spawn and /hub
Grevils (1 year ago)
Hey Good Video , i am your subscriber and i have made a server with all of tis plugs you can see the server in my channel.
Forbhreathnu (1 year ago)
as usual, awesome video =D
Easy Roast (1 year ago)
Thank ya!! ;D
Adax_ial (1 year ago)
4:29, You didn't put the permission on the screen. :P
Easy Roast (1 year ago)
Sorry! factionsfly.allow
Erik Smith (1 year ago)
Едуард Т. (1 year ago)
made mini games plugin list ! you are awesome
SeferX (1 year ago)
im 498 xD
Stolen Memes (1 year ago)
Do top premium faction plugins
StraatCrime NL (1 year ago)
Omg i just started a Factions server and this video saved my life! Thanks
Easy Roast (1 year ago)
Check out the other Top Factions plugin videos!
Hot PottiesTV (1 year ago)
I sub!!! :)
RiseOfVenom (1 year ago)
50th to like <3
It's Sunday??? (Came out an hour ago)
RAJESH KUMAR (1 year ago)
"Once There Was An Ugly Squid, So I Said Hi To Him, the end." -Patrick Star xD lol
GabbyDot (1 year ago)
Potato Hater (1 year ago)
I have been a subscriber sience you had 500 subs and i don't regret subscribing, keep up the good work!
Gabriel Aquino (1 year ago)
Brendo, I can help you.
Brendo211 (1 year ago)
numero I was wondering if u can help out on my server because me and my friend need help
Easy Roast (1 year ago)
Don't know how it's cringy but thanks!
Alpacal (1 year ago)
his shit is so cringy but some of the plugins are really helpfull so I watch him
InfamousGalaxy (1 year ago)
notification squad where you at?
Solarinia (1 year ago)
InfamousGalaxy hereee
Easy Roast (1 year ago)
Took so long editing just to find out the intro had no volume lmao. But regardless hopefully you guys enjoy this video and enjoy the plugins in the video! This one took me a while but I'm already looking forward to the next one. Thanks for the support <3
Easy Roast (1 year ago)
Lil Plumb (1 year ago)
Numero Uno yes do top 10kitpvp plugins plss
Numero Uno yeah I thought my phone was broken xD
great work
Can u plz do a Vid with ltjim

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