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Brad plays Pokemon on NES

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Text Comments (358)
Raul Delgado Soto (27 days ago)
Son puras tonterias
Raul Delgado Soto (27 days ago)
Oigan me los creadodes se esforsaron mucho
The Walrus Queen (1 year ago)
Whatever happened to David and Travis? It's been a long time since I've caught up with 4PP stuff but this has always been one of my favorite vids from them xD
Willem DaFuckedUp (2 months ago)
I would assume they probably got on with their lives lmfao, you can't sit around streaming video games your entire life
Danny Flynn (1 year ago)
The Walrus Queen They left for different reasons, David returned once for a special podcast
Skotthas Dafever (2 years ago)
all you hear is David dying in the back ground
Reoko (2 years ago)
6 years later and its just as funny as it was before.
CyanSM64 (3 years ago)
It is LOONEY TUNES. Only thing changed is Pikachu.
Miami Dolphins (1 year ago)
Tiny Toons Adventure.
HikariiRose (1 year ago)
Dragodog25 Tiny Toons.
TheAndrewj96 (3 years ago)
Goddamn. It doesn't matter how many times I watch this, it always leaves me in tears from laughing so hard. This is pure gold.
a spider (3 years ago)
Glad someone feels the same xD
aldo alejandro (4 years ago)
nose que mierda dice pero me causa mucha gracia .. 
Fariz Pmy Pmy (4 years ago)
dope dope
brandon childforever (5 years ago)
Shardz™ (5 years ago)
Im sure it was last year :P
Jess (5 years ago)
should not be watching this while i'm still recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction x'DD oh god, im in tears from excruciating pain and how funny this is!!!
EsotericGamer (5 years ago)
>totally not a shitty rom hack of tiny toon adventures (which ripped off Super Mario Bros. in the first place)
boethiah12 (5 years ago)
every Fucking time I watch this it ends with tears streaming down my face and me unable to breathe. That idle animation is possibly the grossest thing I've ever seen.
boyofcrourage (5 years ago)
:| pikachu is inbred
pupp3tStudios (5 years ago)
David's laughing like a maniac. XD It's hard not to laugh with him.
Fariz Pmy Pmy (5 years ago)
Dope Dope
The Jackonian (6 years ago)
Oh my fucking god, my jaw literally aches from laughing too hard xD
goy (6 years ago)
Pluckichu, anyone?
night4345 (6 years ago)
congratulations your pikachu has evolved into.... a green duck thing....
LoveIsFun (6 years ago)
Pikachu looks like a yello Pedo bear XD
Guanjyn (6 years ago)
Can anyone link me to the vid where Brad makes Carlos play this? Forgot the name. And lol this is one of my fave 4pp vids of all time.
Chaosscouter137 (6 years ago)
2:10 you turned into Plucky! One of my favorite characters on Tiny Toons
Demaniac (6 years ago)
It's a rom hack. :P
Youngphyconaut (6 years ago)
That's actually a game wow looks bad
StarTheFury (6 years ago)
no it was out 1996 ._. or earlier not in 1998.
DopeDivinity (6 years ago)
LO - Fuckin - L. This the Funniest Shit Ever Right Now
Laphet (6 years ago)
@Carmaddude No its its arms.
Constantin Costa Hung (6 years ago)
hahahahahahaha i love this xD i cried from laughing too much xD
TheKittiesKilll (6 years ago)
I use to have this game for the Nes back in the day. Too bad Pikachu didn't even exist yet lol.
nighty_night07 (6 years ago)
Looks like a pedo bear xD
Zets' Tube (6 years ago)
@Bambicrony Because that's rabbichu, pikachu's ex-involution. XDDDDDD
prinbonus (6 years ago)
This strangely resembles Super Mario Bros. in some way.......
NER (6 years ago)
it looks like pikachu has man boobs.
klxroly1 (6 years ago)
use thunderstone brad to get pikachu back
Was the guy in the back high he was laughing harder than I was
cocopup220 (6 years ago)
It's arms look like tits XD
BagelTanker (6 years ago)
Dope Dope :3
xXEMILIO97Xx (6 years ago)
@arandomguy452 Loney toons xD
Fariz Pmy Pmy (6 years ago)
@arandomguy452 tiny toons NES
Koitax (6 years ago)
what game is this?!
TheAndrewj96 (7 years ago)
0:32 LOL, that laugh sounds like Tom Hanks.
DrCerebro (7 years ago)
this video shows how funny 4playerpodcast can be XD
Ashley Wright (7 years ago)
What the hell?! Hahaha! XD
MM64z (7 years ago)
I lol'd
LordoftheWarthogs (7 years ago)
cloudgirl150 (7 years ago)
David must be so healthy cuz he laughs so much :)
JasonX162 (7 years ago)
I fucking LOVE David's laugh. It makes me laugh 10x harder.
bambam1983 (7 years ago)
trollololo his arms look like BEWBZ
geoff franco (7 years ago)
1:00 LMFAO ur done.
Kari Solomon (7 years ago)
David's laugh made me laugh.
nigen (7 years ago)
david sounds like he is high again...
alfiemax7 (7 years ago)
Pikachu Porn
EnriqueJ10 (7 years ago)
@Codfreak1337 I did
Malcolm Reynolds (7 years ago)
1:50 is the best thing ever of all time.
August Patrick (7 years ago)
I have a question? Wtf just happened?
Stiven (7 years ago)
LOL how does brad gets this weird games? xD
EbonyMasks (7 years ago)
Dope Dope :3
lordspectre (7 years ago)
pika pika
KIDS ZAMAN OLD (7 years ago)
Hahaha, that's true. It's TINY TOON for NES. The developer is Konami I believe.... but hacked & become Pikachu XD
smiliefoods (7 years ago)
That guy laughing in the background made me laugh XDD
CoolCanadaDude (7 years ago)
click here 0:35 for nick's epic laugh
Chloe Ackerly (7 years ago)
looks like it copyed mario lol
samzachbros (7 years ago)
AVGN recommendation right here.
Javi Blank (7 years ago)
press 1 then 2. ... haters.
Guitar6943 (7 years ago)
wait i dont get this video?
Destroyer2978 (7 years ago)
why is pikachu in a mario game or whatever
AlduinGijinka (7 years ago)
this is the WORST pokemon game in history WHY IS THERE REAL ANIMALS AND BOTTOMLESS PITS!!!!
Jazmine Wright (7 years ago)
This is the greatest Pokemon version I've ever seen. I must have it.
DrCerebro (7 years ago)
@metalgearsolid48 you just gotta wait for it
Andy Shepard (7 years ago)
Pikachu...is...EPIC. Bitches!
mranonamis (7 years ago)
ummm just like mario
Alex Gueno (7 years ago)
@metalgearsolid48 well then you probably dont get on enough. and this funny stuff only happens some of the time. thats why they cut the funny parts out and put them on youtube.
Alex Gueno (7 years ago)
its hands look like small, saggy boobs :/
metalgearsolid48 (7 years ago)
how come non of this funny stuf happends when i watch 4pp live all they do when i watch is play no commentary at all and for some reason i never watch brad its allways nick or david
Dawn Darrell Samaitha (7 years ago)
I almost sufforcated laughing at this. XDXDXDXDXD From 1:09 to 1:25 I imagined the Hamster Dance playing for some reason. XD
Drake McMillian (7 years ago)
1:07 its the haters gonna hate walk!
Sciencebro (7 years ago)
Sad Ketchup Gaming (7 years ago)
ita like picachu vs a shit load of ratattas
Hyli_Wolf (7 years ago)
I think this is my all time favorite 4PP video.
Justin Rumel (7 years ago)
this is a bad version of mario
migueeeelet (7 years ago)
eeemmm this is not pokemon... lawl
Benji Lin (7 years ago)
where can i find this rom? my friend actually has this game on his gba, he got it from china o.o
nigen (7 years ago)
shelly the loon? 0.o
DrCerebro (7 years ago)
i actully think i laugh the same way as david does..... XD
keidakennedy (7 years ago)
Raven Higa (7 years ago)
i started to cry a little from how hard i was laughing.
Codie Tanguma (7 years ago)
I don't even like pokemon but even i know pikachu doesn't have bitch tits!
blazerrips91 (7 years ago)
Pikachu...well... pikachu had bitch tits
Nimeron fühn (7 years ago)
thumbs up if you llauged as hard as them
TeuTrei (7 years ago)
This is funny as hell and all, but that forced laugh just kills it
Jon Eu (7 years ago)
"Dope dope."
swedichboy1000 (7 years ago)
pikatchu looks retarded :)
Cutie Pyro (7 years ago)
pirated games suck
Nenetta Jackson (7 years ago)
1:48 That's what she said
YukiNagato998 (7 years ago)
look at those carrots jiggle
Scoulid Scake (7 years ago)
I played this game and it was shit. So i stamped on it then burned it with a blowtorch
Pehedro Gonzalez (7 years ago)
@Tim0nTh I know! :O
AKTR (7 years ago)
pickachu and almost every memorial video game/ TV show character was milked into being in a other irrevalant video game. pickachu for example. worlds 1# milked video game character is mario

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