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Minecraft Mod Review | SHAPE-SHIFTER MOD 1.8.6

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Text Comments (237)
[Ocer//OcR] (2 years ago)
your intro suck
Mayte Santos (2 years ago)
you need to click G for the ability
Gabriel morley sings (3 years ago)
hey guss what dont do that its not for 1.8
Princess of Minecraft (4 years ago)
You have to press g for the ability I had that mod before
Mari Aftinici (4 years ago)
Junko Enoshima (4 years ago)
If u wanna fly and climb up walls do the morph mod.
alex groff (4 years ago)
stupid auto correct you are a retard
alex groff (4 years ago)
The Vael : Music (4 years ago)
hey 200 more subs then ull start getting paid for subs ;D
THETRUTHofYOUTUBE (4 years ago)
+HyperSucksAtMinecraft Can you link me, I can't find anything on it?
The Vael : Music (4 years ago)
You do...check out the youtube forums and page rights...
THETRUTHofYOUTUBE (4 years ago)
You never get paid for subscriptions :/
Chicken Permission (4 years ago)
I don't know how to download!!
Robin Keaton (4 years ago)
It's Not Compatible With 1.7.2 So Don't Put That In The Title
jack fiorello (4 years ago)
is he dead??
soldier304 (4 years ago)
what the name of music ?
GTB Infinite (4 years ago)
You have to press G and it activates the mods
GTB Infinite (4 years ago)
I mean the cool effects like creeper explodes
Marcus Eng (4 years ago)
does this realy work to 1.7.2?
Nader Zargo (4 years ago)
You need to press g to activate powers of the mob
grouse (4 years ago)
you should proble resurch the mod before you say stuff about it 
Gemini (4 years ago)
Plz Put The Link To Download Plz And Is It Really Version 1.7.2
Swagxy (4 years ago)
2/10, that sucks. I'll give it a 8/10
Wär (4 years ago)
You suck you need to press g to activate the powers
oscar valadez (4 years ago)
Where did you get this world?
Simple Smart (4 years ago)
Pp Poop
Simple Smart (4 years ago)
Megan Woods (4 years ago)
also you press a key like g or y for special abillities fyi
Megan Woods (4 years ago)
this is YouTube if you want us to see what yoour doing brighten everything to the max okay?
caleb tyson (4 years ago)
I love that music
FAFA101222 (5 years ago)
hax4dayz (5 years ago)
press u and that menu will open
hax4dayz (5 years ago)
press g and you will get the ability.
hax4dayz (5 years ago)
press g and you will get the ability
mathiasdago (5 years ago)
how do you open op the menu
Mark Williamson (5 years ago)
You have to press J, G ,O or Z you idiot You retard stop being mean to the guy when you are the idiot who doesn't know how to use it.
Mark Williamson (5 years ago)
You have to press J, G ,O or Z you idiot
alvin superpro (5 years ago)
for the creper to blow an do al the powes of the mobs pres G
Chloe Bradley (5 years ago)
how do i bring up the menu screen for the creatures
eyacub12 (5 years ago)
Katie Atkinson (5 years ago)
sam tftyguy
Katie Atkinson (5 years ago)
Iron Mancipe (5 years ago)
the morph mod is better it has particals and anythign you kill u can turn into instead of just thos:P
Apathy (5 years ago)
Louis (5 years ago)
Skyisawsome (5 years ago)
i really like your vids keep going on
abdulmalik motabi (5 years ago)
dude press g in all the mobs to to the awesome thing
Incredibly Handy (5 years ago)
you dumb ass you press g to do stuff
Norito Chip (5 years ago)
you press g to explode as a creeper
ImBidou (5 years ago)
Psycode (5 years ago)
not for 1.6.2 it was made in dec 2012 1.6.2 wasn't out then
Assainflyn (5 years ago)
It says 1.3.2 Is it still the same?
Mrdoomedog (5 years ago)
Press G... And Snow Golem Gets Snow Trail And Creeper Explodes
Daniel Newton (5 years ago)
WTF its not even there for 1.6.2
Latenivenatrix RBX (5 years ago)
i put the zip file in the mod folder but i didn't get the mod is it compatible with 1.6.2?
LegendaryEFO (5 years ago)
awful mod review, I wish i could dislike
Sam Does Gaming (5 years ago)
ur a dumb ass if u actually read the forum then u would know that u press "g" to activate it *facepalm*
Matthew Lim (5 years ago)
its 1.3.2 you idiot,not 1.6.2
ZerK Shiver (5 years ago)
do you have winrar
lightclaw111 (5 years ago)
you need to press keys to do the effects noob!!
Kaustik (5 years ago)
didnt even work for me
Silverand Moon (5 years ago)
1.6.2? the forums say 1.3.2
123TOXICFISH (5 years ago)
hey guys ive installed about 12 mods but only 8 of them work do u know y btw i use forge and this mod is one of them
123TOXICFISH (5 years ago)
lapizlizulie56 (5 years ago)
shows all the controls
lapizlizulie56 (5 years ago)
yes u can look at the forum it shoe
Dumbo Prodigy (5 years ago)
You need to press G, read the forum page!
Blake Gaming (5 years ago)
Press g g g
Blake Gaming (5 years ago)
You can explole
Blake Gaming (5 years ago)
Click g
Coolmanone (5 years ago)
dude dont say 1.6.2 if it isnt,that was 1.5 when u made this, if not 1.4
Gustav Arts (5 years ago)
Caleb Johnson (5 years ago)
It works for 1.6.2? it says 1.3.2
* goldenboy7on7 * (5 years ago)
u did not install the mod correctly u can do all u didn't do look at sky's video
fatcheeks cutey (5 years ago)
this is for 1.3.2 not 1.6.2 also this was made in 2012 so heads up for the people that need this for 1.6.2
Friedrich Bär (5 years ago)
Mathias Grevin Garvö (5 years ago)
1.3.2? :–l
THENEONTIGER (5 years ago)
how do you install it
Gilian Rüsterholz (5 years ago)
Hey idiot this is 1.3.4
Ragnarok (5 years ago)
WTF IT SAYS 1.6.2 And yet its only 1.3.2 arsehole
parker persinger (5 years ago)
hey idiot read the forums a 2/10, realy
parker persinger (5 years ago)
hey idiot read the forums
parker persinger (5 years ago)
hey bumbass read the forums
Willster MGT (5 years ago)
Its not 1.6.2?
Willster MGT (5 years ago)
its not 1.6.2 ?
Austin (5 years ago)
Its 1.3.2 NOT 1.6.2.
The Earrapist (5 years ago)
we are not stupid, you just change the title, i remember this being 1.4.7, but it was for an older version, same video as every shape shifter review
yamen ismail (5 years ago)
Christine Huntley (5 years ago)
you press g to do the abilities
tom struing (5 years ago)
tom struing (5 years ago)
Josie Hopkins (5 years ago)
you cant explode? YOUCAN its true!
DoggoneRogue (5 years ago)
How to activate it?
Liam (5 years ago)
BudderBrain (5 years ago)
its for 1.3.2
ve (5 years ago)
like for that intro! :D
Esteban Montano (5 years ago)
press g to actevat the powers
Goobert Froobert (5 years ago)
thanks then...
Mandy Welch (5 years ago)
Iceobelisk1 (5 years ago)
ItsYaBoyMatok how do u open the list
TheChauProduction456 (5 years ago)
Yah press g.and how do you open the List?
TJ Gittins (5 years ago)
U have to press the 'G' key to activate the power or what ever u want to call it
Caleb James (5 years ago)
different buttons cause EPIC effects fish breath underwater O_O like der
Liam C (5 years ago)
ya I found that out to

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