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Text Comments (32848)
nakaya church (3 minutes ago)
You are a pro
JJ Gamers (7 minutes ago)
She is
KindLittleBunny (7 minutes ago)
I think Endiago (sry if I spelt that wrong) should make a song with you playing granny
Liam Rhyno (12 minutes ago)
(Dan) I really don't want her to be around this corner She's Around the corner (Me)😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hunter Farish (14 minutes ago)
David luna David08 (24 minutes ago)
Dan the scared minecart
Rohit Basu (40 minutes ago)
I challenge you to do hard or extreme mode. :>
leoracy88 (41 minutes ago)
Dan can you please not get Granny's eyes red I know she might hate you holding that teddy bear
Lindsey Robertson-Tessi (42 minutes ago)
Pls do extreme mode
Xavier Porter (43 minutes ago)
Dan is there any pictures of granny ? Me yes there is on the TV stand
Lindsy Martinez (43 minutes ago)
Realy that is her grand daughter
leoracy88 (43 minutes ago)
Dan I know that Granny hate you but is that you have to be brave
princes papa (44 minutes ago)
Mousami Saha (46 minutes ago)
Dan u were pulling the joystick so far out that it flicked off
Trevor Graham (47 minutes ago)
I only watch you and kindly keinen
Trevor Graham (48 minutes ago)
Can I pls have a shout out
Trevor Graham (48 minutes ago)
Your the best you tuber in the world!
Roblox Adventures (57 minutes ago)
Excuse me Dan that ghost is grannys daughter slenderina
zion syed tv (59 minutes ago)
Catalina Borbon (1 hour ago)
I can't believe that you got to find out who is Granny's daughter or granddaughter find all the pictures to get the bonus day
Willow Rose (1 hour ago)
Dan: nothing to see up here DARLING go make me some toast Me:😂😂😂😂😂
Malachi Boulware (1 hour ago)
break a vase in the fan up up stairs
Malachi Boulware (1 hour ago)
it will make you invisible
Stephanie Gonzales (1 hour ago)
my sistr has that game
MARKUS DIAMOND (1 hour ago)
That was awspme
Azulo-Roblox ! (1 hour ago)
Who else shouts where the hammer was?
Wat (1 hour ago)
GRANNY #5????
It's slendrina and isn't her daughter
Janina White (1 hour ago)
Leah Lynch (1 hour ago)
Play slendrena plzzzzzzzzz
DarkSnow Wolf (1 hour ago)
“Just walk your wrinkly dirty crusty feet in the opposite direction. There we go”
Evie Loves Unicorns (1 hour ago)
I subscribed and liked ur vid and turned on notfacations
Md Mainuddin (1 hour ago)
Her daughter is the mom of that girl
Md Mainuddin (1 hour ago)
That's not granny's daughter that's grannys grand daughter
DarkSnow Wolf (1 hour ago)
I told you!
Sean Brown (1 hour ago)
Diamonds111110 rules (1 hour ago)
Me:where am I ewww WHO'S BLOOD IS THAT *looks around and hears door open* Me: O-O what...in...the...hell... *runs and hides under bed* Granny: want to play hide and seek Me:NOPE
Yurem Gamez (1 hour ago)
Wopax (1 hour ago)
You can go through the window with the hand print
Wopax (1 hour ago)
You just go over to it
Lindale's House (1 hour ago)
H Shah (1 hour ago)
I think i saw the hammer in the TV cabinet
Yurem Gamez (1 hour ago)
Yurem Gamez (1 hour ago)
Why Dont You Do The "Friendly" Glitch? (As The Invincible Glitch
Juanita Canas (1 hour ago)
Ginger bread dan! 😂😂😂😂😹😹😹😹👏👏👏 Also if you did not know the real story of slender was he was a handsome man and one day he came home and his wife and daughter was on the bed dead then slender stabbed him self and screamed noooooo!! But little did he know they were playing a prank on him then they found him dead then they tryed to go call for help in the woods but they died from a wolf with red eyes it bit them but ya that's the story of how slender became slender and how he died!
Mspmillie_12 Powell (1 hour ago)
She died then turned into a zombie
Mspmillie_12 Powell (1 hour ago)
Dan I found out the secret , so slenderina is her granddaughter who died and granny turned into a zombie! Just to let you know 💕
Lola Green (1 hour ago)
Love 💗 your vids check out mine
Kira Lee (1 hour ago)
You need the safe key wich might be in the hole that teddy bear is
LPS Iris Flowers (1 hour ago)
Not daughter but slendrina is the granddaughter..... Of granny
Deborah Rosado (1 hour ago)
It's slendrina
Heather Hood (2 hours ago)
The painting gives you a 6th day
cakejumper (2 hours ago)
The Random Tigers66 (2 hours ago)
Andrew Myles (2 hours ago)
It's not her daughter There's a game called Slenderina With the same character
PIZZA PLZ!! (2 hours ago)
You dont need the hammer to get to the room do a glitch get a vase put it through the planks then wait for granny she knocks down the planks
Mali Mali (2 hours ago)
Thx for using my window start
Vex (2 hours ago)
"nothing to see here darling, nothing, go back downstairs and make me some toast" -dan 2018
veysel okur (2 hours ago)
thats slendrina dan
*please reveal in what mode u always play please
ali shalaby (2 hours ago)
hey riles korkes i heard that story too
ali shalaby (2 hours ago)
play eyes the horror game
Vali Kleinboeck (2 hours ago)
Grannys daughters Name is slendrina
Stephanie Hanrahan (2 hours ago)
Dan i love your book my favriote part is where you are stacking the pigs and say the pee gun
blizzard steam vidz (2 hours ago)
throw an object over the hole and granny will smash through the boards
visible spy (2 hours ago)
Dan:i dont need her to be around the corner What happens: the hot beyonce comes from the corner😂😂😂😂
A Vlogs (2 hours ago)
dan please play more granny because I love watching it and so does my little sister so please play more for fun
Haiden Rehberg (2 hours ago)
Dang U Got Bars dan
nargis naheed (2 hours ago)
Another pls
Amber Burrows (3 hours ago)
Granny is attracted to the heartbeat
Farm Kid (3 hours ago)
What does the bell tingling mean?
Paul Williams (3 hours ago)
You overtook KSI on subs
Henry Harris (3 hours ago)
I was playing granny today and I grabbed the teddy she came straight to wherever I was and I dropped the teddy and she got me (plus her eyes were red)
Muhammad Anamul Huq (3 hours ago)
Dan I think it should be cauld grannys GRAd daughter then where is her husband?
Yvette Clothier (3 hours ago)
But awesome you escaped
Nashwa Moustafa (3 hours ago)
She is grand doughter
Yvette Clothier (3 hours ago)
If slinderiana is her daughter then she's your mother in the game
Keira Feasey (3 hours ago)
Play seldira
Morgan Collins (3 hours ago)
You have a Harry Potter and the cursed child shirt
Coco Rabbit (3 hours ago)
Dan,when you play Slendrina Schoo, she wants the bear - the same bear that you put in the crib! In the end of the game,she pushes you down the stairs,but doesn't kill you,because you gave her the teddybear and she thought since you did that,you deserve to live after that you gave it to her.
Nightmares 303 (3 hours ago)
Dan 1st try the Invisibility Trick ! 2nd the bear and the crib made me crab myself 3rd the painting was a meager disappointment 4th SUBSCRIBE TO DANTDM!
Heitha Pwee (3 hours ago)
You have to go to bed and click up and Down lots of time and also crouch
Wakeyduck 30 (3 hours ago)
Play goosebumps it’s really fun
Heitha Pwee (3 hours ago)
Dan make granny glitch
nichten (4 hours ago)
Play slenderina....... then you will understand.
Ava Aubrey (4 hours ago)
Can you please play Sledrina
Nikki Amos (4 hours ago)
Lol 😂
Erika The Unicorn (4 hours ago)
When u hold the teddy she can immediately Locate u
IndominusPlayer (4 hours ago)
Tyries Jack (4 hours ago)
when granny saw me I went under the bed and granny put the bear trap on the bed most annoying bear trap
Lynne Kelly (4 hours ago)
Its slendra
Terri Gruben (4 hours ago)
ad a part 6
sandra Lynch (4 hours ago)
play fs 17
sandra Lynch (4 hours ago)
granny is crap
shiya3330 shiya3330 (4 hours ago)
You need to play slenderina the celler. It will show you the continue Of SLENDERINA!!!
XxDonniexX (4 hours ago)
Jinger bread dan
Olivia Brandon (4 hours ago)
Granny is scary i myself is scared of her- DanTDM -maybe- I maybe scared of her im not sure
Ginger bread dan
Granny ; (4 hours ago)
Gahhhh!! >:(
Esat Durguti (5 hours ago)
Nathaniel Cheeseman (5 hours ago)
If u get slenderia and granny to see each other then granny teleports

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