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John Cena Botching Duke Nukem Movie? Sony Copying Amiibo? - FUgameCrue Scoop

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Will John Cena botch the recently announced Duke Nukem film? Is there a new Animal Crossing game on the way for the Nintendo Switch? Capcom has no new news for us in regards to the Resident Evil 2 remake, despite the title celebrating its 20th anniversary recently. Is Playstation copying Ninendo's amiibos with their new Totaku figures? Check us out on social media! https://www.facebook.com/FUgameCrue/ Instagram @FUgameCrue Twitter @FUgameCrue Join the FUgameCrue discord chat! https://discord.gg/yEnSyEv If you want to become a Patron so we can raise more hell https://www.patreon.com/FUgameCrue Our Skateboarding Channel www.youtube.com/fucrue69 Intro and end slate music by David Seibert https://soundcloud.com/seibertaudio
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Text Comments (108)
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
This video went up yesterday but youtube was being a dingus and it was nonexistent everywhere somehow. sorry about that. Gonna try and get these out as often as i can, along with my regular reviews and cams excellently edited opinion pieces. Just wanna get as much content out for you guys as we can. Any suggestions and critiques are definitely welcome and appreciated. Thanks frinzzzzz!!!
Grana Banana (7 months ago)
It would flop terribly if he was Duke Nukem. Nobody would be able to see him throughout the movie
Ultimate Baiyan (8 months ago)
This has to become a new series on the channel
Martin Rosas (8 months ago)
Overwatched (8 months ago)
I liked this video you did a great job! Poor Cam though...
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
he got what he deserved
Seb Sports (8 months ago)
2:33 is that real? I'd buy it
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
oh its real, its real son
Zach Clay (8 months ago)
I don't know..... I think John Cena as Duke Nukem would have to be better than The Rock in Doom..... BUT IM JUST A BIG DUMMY! FUGAMECRUE?!? MORE LIKE FUJABRONICRUE!!!!!!!
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
whooooaaaa zach!
Flashy Thing (8 months ago)
I fucking LOVE Duke Nukem and talk of a movie got my dick rock hard. But John Cena? That fuck faced cocksucker will ruin everything. Goddammit! Get my hopes up and shatter them in the same breath.
The Game Grinder (8 months ago)
Jon St. John actually put up a petition himself to get this idea scrapped, and for them to make a CGI movie so he can voice Duke. I support this, and more of these videos.
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
many more to come ;)
ZBI DeadThrall (8 months ago)
Ah, I see you too enjoy suffering. Go Mets.
Joel Atkinson (8 months ago)
I was actually excited for Sony amiibo I own both a PS and a Switch so it would have been cool to have high quality figures with some in game functionality why are people bitching about these its not a copy of nintendo they are just trying to get their mascots back into public eye
Joel Atkinson (8 months ago)
hopefully they are some high quality statues
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
Joel Atkinson if they had some functionality thatd be awesome
alexei bates (8 months ago)
Funny as fuck
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
alexei bates thankzzz :)
animegirlslol (8 months ago)
I actually think a duke nukem movie would be interesting
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
Pattto me too, just not woth john cena haha
SonicNights (8 months ago)
But why not Jon St. John?
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
SonicNights cause he's scary
Nicholas Cage (8 months ago)
Is this a Roblox channel?
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
Nicholas Cage how'd ya know, yes it is
Dushku (8 months ago)
I wish I had a better understanding of how you guys came to be a team. I enjoy Cam's stuff and haven't enjoyed anything with the other guy yet. Why not have separate channels?
Dushku (7 months ago)
If you couldn't work on the channel for awhile, I'm wondering why that means that once you're able to, you should? Does this mean that your older videos were not as good? Or that you used to be more amusing? You two have very different styles. I actually stopped subscribing to Wulff Den(?) because I liked some of their videos, but they were kind of all over the place. I'd hate to have to stop watching Cameron's hilarious stuff just because it's drowned out by other, not entertaining stuff.
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
Dushku we have also been friends for over a decade and have been roommates for the last 3. We're definitely gonna continue working on the channel together. Sorry ya dont like me though haha. I'll try and get better for ya.
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
Dushku well me and cam both started the channel together years ago. We both put tons of effort and time into it. If you go back and check you'll see us together in all the old uploads. I just had some serious life stuff come up to where I couldn't work on the channel for a while. Now im back though and a lot of people do like my/our stuff. If you dont that's fine. Just don't watch it. Cams content will be coming just as often as ever. It's really just more content now for the people who like the channel overall.
Max Trailer (8 months ago)
Fake news!!!!
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
Max Trailer you're dead
GetRektGames 52 (8 months ago)
Duke Nukem: Camp Iwannapeepee
forrest (8 months ago)
I dig it but you can't keep camrem away forever. You know he will not forget or forgive. He will get on screen.
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
forrest over his dead body
Jeff (8 months ago)
Tom Bean-King (8 months ago)
FUCK YOU I like resident evil 4 and my ass is so ready for animal crossing
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
Tom Bean-King hey me too
DomIsSad (8 months ago)
This fruity pebble fake marine as duke? why the fuck
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
DomIsSad right
Ethan Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Having only came here for Cameron's sweet ass, I was skeptical at first as to whether or not I'd really like Shane focused content. I live in an isolated creek near Timbuktu and only got this channel to watch when I try using my Gameboy radio. This video made me trust Shane and his beard a lot more though. Both of you guys are awesome! Keep it up!
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
Ethan Rodriguez thank you! We definitely will
Flametornadog (8 months ago)
Danny devito should be duke nukem !
Red 27 (8 months ago)
Do the news shirtless
Red 27 (8 months ago)
FUgameCrue or might make them come back
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
Claudio Del Fierro too much hair for the younger audience. Might scare em
Njoydancing (8 months ago)
Krimzyn Haze (8 months ago)
Umm... I'm gonna say that resident evil 6 is my favorite. Maybe 4...
Krimzyn Haze (8 months ago)
All the more reason to give it a go. It'll add to the experience!!!
Krimzyn Haze (8 months ago)
Nothing wrong with that. Hopefully we will get more in the future. Highly recommend Resident Evil Revolutions 1&2...
Krimzyn Haze (8 months ago)
4 was incredible. 5 was also very good... but 6 can't be ignored.
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
Krimzyn Haze we can still be friends
Jeffrey Gallagher (8 months ago)
The opening scene in the movie will have John Cena picking up a turd out of a toilet bowl as a reference to the horrible remake from years ago. This scene will also serve as foreshadowing of what the movie will ultimately be... shit.
Jorge Garcia (8 months ago)
I would trash Stallone,Cage and Arnold’s action movies from the 90s as I got older.....looking at the stuff Cena and the Rock be releasing it’s just as bad and makes me appreciate the action from the 90s.
star berries (8 months ago)
Wtf Sony? No classic Spyro figure? 😒 you’ve curse him to Skylanders hell..
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
star berries whhyyyyyyyy
TheDankSkeleton (8 months ago)
I can never see John cena it’s like he is invisible or something
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
TheDankSkeleton same lol
Gentleman Bentley (8 months ago)
Gentleman Bentley (8 months ago)
Good day indeed with this high quality content
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
Gentleman Bentley good day sir
Robert k (8 months ago)
Please no
ingibingi2000 (8 months ago)
John cena was good in train wreck
Njoydancing (8 months ago)
The Marine was fun 4 me :0)
ingibingi2000 (8 months ago)
FUgameCrue yea, it was a smaller role. He was really funny. Also a good guy. More make a wishes than anyone. West newbury represent
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
he was in a train wreck?!
joseph marriott (8 months ago)
Yeah Cameron get the fuck outta here
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
hes pushing his luck, lemme tell ya
Ciaran Kavanagh (8 months ago)
John cena was good in fred
RedGeoBlaze (8 months ago)
Mostly because he got to slap Fred across the face.
Deyvion Nichols (8 months ago)
Is it messed up I subbed to you guys because you are also wrestling fans just like me.
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
rasslin fans gotta stick together
Lil Niece (8 months ago)
I like John cena. I can't wait for cock blockers tbh
Parkalark (8 months ago)
If the Switch is selling like hot cakes, where are all the hot cakes?
Njoydancing (8 months ago)
Mmmmm...HOTCAKES with SCHEZWAN SAUCE (Homer drooling)
Parkalark (8 months ago)
ALL I WANT IS HOT CAKES! ... where are my hot cakes. cakes that are attractive. This is all I desire
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
Dee Jay (8 months ago)
only news ill ever watch
Dee Jay (8 months ago)
thatd be awesome think of all the nice ladies you can harrass
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
fox is already calling me. im ready to sell out
D nyce (8 months ago)
I liked the lumberjack news segment even though he was wearing Mets gear... So lick my cocklin for that one but all in all good job Paul bunyun good job
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
i wish it was a braves jersey :(
Alex wonderland (8 months ago)
I'm here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
i have some gum. i'll mail it to you. assault is a serious offense
MrJakys1234566 (8 months ago)
Huh, i legit didn't know there was a Duke Nukem movie in the works, let alone John Cena being Duke... F*** YEAH
Rigo Lemus (8 months ago)
13 Seconds in Aaaaand demonotized
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
alphamarigi (8 months ago)
How can I have a favorite game in a series I haven't touched?
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
cause stone cold said so
Carlos Plata (8 months ago)
I'd dig a John Cena, i don't care if it's bad, I'd dig it
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
bless you my child
Soda543 (8 months ago)
Sorry Cameron, Matt is already my favorite.
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
matt is dead
Bold and Brash network (8 months ago)
Damn I'm early time to make a irrelevant meme. JOHN CENA!!!
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
buh buh da buhhhhh
B0llet TheKarter (8 months ago)
you mean john cena from the fred movie?
Bold and Brash network (8 months ago)
ProLike Buttlet that's the one
Randomark3087 (8 months ago)
Cena is a horrible movie actor. There, I said it.
Njoydancing (8 months ago)
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
hey me too ;)
Bold and Brash network (8 months ago)
Randomark3087 what about the scooby doo movie staring John cena
I wanna die now if it’s true
FUgameCrue (8 months ago)
im almost there
Bold and Brash network (8 months ago)
Noob likes Nintendo and junk who dosent want to die
The John cena (also thanks for talking about the amiibos 😏)
Michael Araya (8 months ago)
Bold and Brash network (8 months ago)
sonimax the king hi there

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