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mapping wars part 2

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I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (https://www.youtube.com/upload)subscribe to my channel or i call brock lesnar to destroy your car
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Plamie (1 year ago)
use movie maker and yea look at an mapping tutorial but still great vid ^^
Jesus Solano (1 year ago)
okay can you create nuclear bomb? because i want to have nuclear bomb (only if mapper war were real)
Plamie (1 year ago)
for now you dont die but i dont want to spoiler ^^
Jesus Solano (1 year ago)
German Mapper when will i die in mapping wars or i will never dieds?
Plamie (1 year ago)
its not hard i didnt even know how to map and now look at it i started mapping in thsi year and now got 44 subs
Jesus Solano (1 year ago)
German Mapper its too hard maybe i fill the whole phote in paper
like i said,no videos for 2 months

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