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Why People Stopped Liking Their Crush

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Text Comments (3916)
Emily (46 minutes ago)
I liked a guy and it turns out he did drugs tried to rape a girl and gave her ptsd. I was in seventh grade
Rebecca Summer (55 minutes ago)
I had a crush on a boy for 2 years then found out he didn't brush his teeth
GROWGURL Xx (7 hours ago)
I have a crush on my cousin even tho hes older than me..
that 1 pleby llama (11 hours ago)
and girls say BOYS are MESSY
Lacey Miller (11 hours ago)
I once had a crush and he had a girlfriend and I stoped liking him and I learned the hard way, I’m never having a boyfriend ever again
Noelle Anderson (12 hours ago)
My crush called me ugly as shit. I called him an asshole and mother fucker... I'm in the 5th grade :)
meme just me (15 hours ago)
Believe me cat poop smels horible believe me becaus e in are neighbor hood theirs a cat that poops everywhere and our dog made it leav this is an example of dogs saving tha day 😂😂😂
Lalay & Friends (17 hours ago)
I stopped liking my crush because he was mad at me for a harmless prank call
Magical Rania (19 hours ago)
I liked I guy but then I noticed he smocks. He’s only 15
Evelina Lygutaite (19 hours ago)
I Used to like someone then people started saying that he was picking his nose on ONE time I kinda saw it...Then my BFF told me again. I told her that I liked him .Once she told me she said to me Hah you like booger boy and I was like NOPE although e is still SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot! Now I'm in year 5 we are older I don't like him any more I like someone else he does too But now my BFF likes Him now. My BFF still thinks I like him Because he was in my class and my crush was in a different one but she thinks I still like booger boy I said I don't like him but he is the best looking in out class but I don't like him.But I think my crush is going to ask me out! XX you daa best Kyutie!
Charles Lee (21 hours ago)
I stopped liking my crush because I figured out he was gay... awkward...
Angel Angel (21 hours ago)
I’ll tell him I like him after 35 likes
XEmi_lyX (22 hours ago)
Why i stopped liking my crush: He went out with my best friend Can’t betray the girl code
LittleMissCutie (23 hours ago)
I have actually had this before i had liked the guy who was my granddads grandson and i soon met him again at a family wedding..........
It’s Amelia (1 day ago)
My crush is an idiot he says stuff behind my back and is horrible and I found out he has a crush on this girl ... ... I’m now dating her !!!!!
CesYT (1 day ago)
ιℓℓ иνя υиℓιкє му ¢яυѕн;-; ιтѕ fσσ∂ѕ;-;
Unbeatble6 World (1 day ago)
2:53 nugget
Naomi Calinggangan (1 day ago)
i stopped liking at someone because i have no one to stop liking i love my fam
PsychoLunatic Games (1 day ago)
He ate BUBBLES and he bullied my best friend... Why did I even like him
Sara Carmona (1 day ago)
my crush has had sex,probably more than 27 times by the last time she updated me on that (yes, it was more than one person [girls and guys] but not 27 different people), but i guess i still like her. OH AND she moved from colorado to new mexico. i dont travel often anymore so
Sara Carmona (1 day ago)
she also accidentally dated her cousin but they broke up after they met AND WERE INTODUCED TO EACHOTHER at a family reunion (and about the sex, at least shed have experience amirite ;))
Cecilia Flores (1 day ago)
I stopped liking a guy because he teased my best friend about her epilepsy. I lectured him then kneed him in the gut. He deserved it.
The one with the messy girl and the animal pee, it reminds me of an episode from friends when Ross dated this pretty girl and he went to her house and she ended up being a total slob.
Sarai Gomez (1 day ago)
My sister also used to take in the show as a toddler
Ava Dupuy (1 day ago)
I stopped liking my crush cause bc hes heard about me liking him so much he started getting mad bc we live in the same neighborhood and rode the same bus and he was in my moms switch class
Lex Sabdo (1 day ago)
I hate wen people bully kids with disabilits i have no disability byt i have a freind who has a disabilty
Lex Sabdo (1 day ago)
I stopped liking him bc he git into a argument abd called me a hoe even though i never went out with anyine
Shei Lyn (1 day ago)
I stopped liking my crush because he made fun of my best friend how she’s doesn’t get good marks and failed a test but little did he know I knew him and his friends would pass answers when there is a test and i told on them they got detention for a week and got F on most of their grades 😂🤣🤣😂
bab (2 days ago)
There are reasons people talk in third person
Bro Lit it up Peace (2 days ago)
it's was a bad idea to watch this while eating
リリィ (2 days ago)
Boi, if I ever had a crush, they’d definitely hate me.
Eleanor Berkenblit (2 days ago)
I stopped liking another what one of my crushes when he started harassing me and assaulted me. I haven't told anyone tho
Eleanor Berkenblit (2 days ago)
I had a crush for the duration of a school trip and at the end I found out that he had been dating my friend. I looked back on the trip and realized I'd been thirdwheeling then entire fucking time
Laura Anne (2 days ago)
4:08 ewwww no , no , no .... yeah
Zara Hussain (2 days ago)
Alot of girls dont like me because there bfs ask me out even though i say no because i got a bf
June The Unicorn (2 days ago)
I stopped liking my crush because he just wasn't interested......
Mikasa Ackerman (3 days ago)
I stopped liking my crush because I found out that je was my f**king adoptive cousin
I had a tiny crush on him in 6th grade. But in 7th grade I found out he liked someone else. And it's also the time i got more and more into bts, so my standards became higher. And also realized his head was really big
Lost_ Lover19 (3 days ago)
I stopped liking my first crush ever when he touched me weirdly and started rubbing my back. we were both 7 and shared the same bday shit got weird real fast
I tell him I like him but I got rejected he call me a weirdo
Danna G. (3 days ago)
I stopped liking my crush cause of my friend long story short she did something I said not to involving my crush and he went along with it
The LittleDoll (3 days ago)
I stopped liking my crush when a friend told me he was a player and kind of asshole
Rainbow Youtuber (4 days ago)
XD talking about yourself in third person is weird and hilarious xD
DM (4 days ago)
I relate much to the question in the thumbnail. But the difference is everyone in that family reunion is considered as family while me.. well I just third wheeled their party. :)
Jewel ChocolateLover (4 days ago)
My best friend knows that she is related to her crush and still likes him
Clever Creek (4 days ago)
I stopped liking my crush because I was told he was actually my cousin at the last minute....
Jessica Heart (4 days ago)
Who has family reunions anymore?
KatLe Brownie (4 days ago)
I used to like this person that probably still likes me a little But I stoped liking him because I think he likes someone else and I am afraid to tell him that I like him...
Venny V (4 days ago)
Let us see the dog
Doris Mayo (4 days ago)
My crush is Jace Norman
Thuraya Alhadha (5 days ago)
I don’t like keeping my room dirty I will die
Beatrice Natalicchio (5 days ago)
4:27 six words horror story.
FlamingStar HH (5 days ago)
2:52 Talking in third person isn't to bad... a lot of animies to it sooo.. meh...
AmeliaG (5 days ago)
I told my crush that I liked him and he said he liked me too. 😄😊😁
merakiyoongi (5 days ago)
what ever happened to james
Lovely Shimmers (5 days ago)
He was gay
Alyssa Henderson (5 days ago)
I stopped liking my crush when people told me he looked like my twin brother
Rainy Lynn (5 days ago)
My crush told me liked while he had a girlfriend and then tried to kiss me ...at her sweet sixteen
Alexx Lee (5 days ago)
I had a crush who liked me back but I stopped liking him after I overheard him trying to impress a girl by talking about how annoying and clingy I am... a few minutes later he was flirting with me.(He was also the one who always came up to me.) BONUS I moved the same day this all happened.
Mari Enchantress (5 days ago)
*Its a no for me*
Yeet Yeet (5 days ago)
I had a crush on someone, but I found out that he was already dating my best friend's boyfriend.
Caro Nunez (5 days ago)
I used to like this kid since kindergarten and in third grade he started being mean like whenever he was around his cousin he would be a total different person so this one time I was telling him that the kid who got smashed with the pie (btw it was pie day at school) was the janitors son and then his cousin said "wow you are racist" and then he repeated what his cousin said then he said"just because they are black doesn't mean they are related" I got so mad that I started to give him reasons like that the son goes in the janitors car after school and they were like "so that doesn't mean anything he is probably his uncle or something" I got so pissed I stopped talking and ignored them after his cousin left he was like hey and I was like OMG did he not realize what he just said to me? So I ignored him and he was like oh wow your mad at me for no reason I was pissed off more than before I stopped talking to him after and ya 'll know what the heck is the worst part? My brother is his cousins brothers best friend and his cousin and his cousins brother plays with my brother fortnite I am doomed for life cause im gonna be connected for life Edit: I'm still his best friend except next year I might be his Ex best friend depends if he goes back to normal
two gammers (5 days ago)
There was this guy in my class and I liked him but then at a Easter dinner at my grandparents house my uncle's girlfriend started to talk about some kid that should be in my class I asked who they meant and she said it was her grandson. U can Guess the rest
Angela Gaynor (5 days ago)
Katelynn Do (5 days ago)
Number Nine (6 days ago)
Blizzard Doggo (6 days ago)
Well in first grade I dating this boy and the second day I dated him I saw him with another girl... And he was just so mean after that.
Darma 123 (6 days ago)
I stopped cuz he said he had a gf in another school he automaticly became ugly to me even tho I know its not his *ACTUAL* gf
Jazmyn Petty (6 days ago)
Or British
Jazmyn Petty (6 days ago)
Are you Australian
Angela Gaynor (5 days ago)
Jazmyn Petty Yes, she is Australian. :)
Tricia Demers (6 days ago)
This is the person I like led in grade 11 I’m not graduated. He took my school bus and one day I was waiting to get on it and the kids that were getting off him and his friend would call the kids. Gay, stupid, hoes. And other bs like that it made me realize how of a guy he was. Also he lives up the street from me. 😂
GalaxyPawzz (6 days ago)
I have no crush.. just food c;
Allan Alexander (6 days ago)
Lola.Ya for a short time I had a crash on this boy. In the car I found out he was my cousin.
Alyssa Simmons (6 days ago)
My boyfriend and I broke up. He kissed my bestfriend
ARMY BLINK ONCE (7 days ago)
My crush lives on the other side of the world, is super cute, plays the piano and raps, and he is very lazy just like me
Alexa VARGAS (7 days ago)
I had a nigh crush on a guy and he had a gf and she told me to back off bc I already told him that I liked him the s couple months later he told me that I was hot and then 2 days later my friend told me he did that for just to get off his back
SleepyDianasoar (7 days ago)
So ... I got over my crush because he : 1- doesn't even like me for no reason 2- he broke up with my friend cuz he likes another girl
jiminie (7 days ago)
this happened to me a bunch of times and i wanna know if this ever happened to you. like when your crush treats you like a princess but then the next day he acts like you don't even exist.
Yuno Gasai (7 days ago)
I had to stop liking my crush due to the fact that what I liked about him had disappeared besides his appearance, and he was a complete and total jackass to me. He called me a slut for no reason, which really set me off.
Alyssa Galvan (7 days ago)
I had a crush on this one guy for 4 years and he knew it. Even though he never said it, I assumed he liked me too. His dad and my parents were friends, so we saw each other a lot. In 6th grade, I asked him out to the Halloween dance, and he said yes. But a few days before the dance, he got a "girlfriend," and he knew her barely a month and he knew me for 4 YEARS. Plus, this girl was a real bully and quite annoying. I stopped liking him after that, but our families are still family friends. His dad is a real sweetheart, and his brother is really cute and fun to hang out with.
NICOLE RANDALL (7 days ago)
3:47 Is it bad I started laughing?😂
WOLF_GIRL B.T (7 days ago)
I stopped likeing my crush because he was a jerk,almost slamened the door on me,and he has a girl
itz lil quartazz_* (7 days ago)
What does "saw him in a family reunion" mean???
MistyLYxy (7 days ago)
So I socked him in the stomach and stormed off
MistyLYxy (7 days ago)
My crush said I should dress like a girl and I looked like a boy
Pretty Girl13 (7 days ago)
Kyutie, you are awesome
I stopped because she dated 5 others... not including myself. Needless to say she was dumped.
Elysia Martinez (8 days ago)
He was my cousin 🤢🤢🤢🤢
Azumi Chan (8 days ago)
Yes I found out he was bullying other kids so I stop liking him
music. forever 21 (8 days ago)
I started to stop liking him when I know he had a girlfriend.....
Im just a sad person (8 days ago)
I like people who talk in the 3rd person. *I think it is weird and unique!* :3
I cried BC in the last vid I watched I saw homeless dogs
Van essa (8 days ago)
As a kid my best guy friend had a crush on me.When i went on holiday we saw each other and he told me he liked me.His best friend also liked me which was rlly awkward because he was there with us.Now im dating him(best guy friend).Im rlly happy to be with him and i love him so much.💕
Lol lol (9 days ago)
I stopped because he knew
Raptor Squad (9 days ago)
I still like my crush ;-;
Raptor Squad (9 days ago)
I don’t get the first one
Randle Leyba (9 days ago)
I realized he had been a jerk to me for 3 years, now, my best friend is his cousin
2SugasWithThatTae _ (9 days ago)
I have a crush that doesn’t even know Im exist. *its complicated* Never mind he’s my husband he just lives away from me....
Toatoa (9 days ago)
I saw my crush dab.. IN 2018
a.r (9 days ago)
Kyutie what happened
SunnyYT (9 days ago)
I liked this guy until he started going insane. Later revealed to me and told me the things I couldn't do, and he said he almost killed himself for me.

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