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Text Comments (1608)
triple dent gum 31 (23 days ago)
why do u fake the face reval?
Leonardo Garcia (1 month ago)
Harrys New hat 1:12
q u a c c (3 months ago)
6:19 is opposite day jerry xD
Ariana Clair (4 months ago)
Q/I'm em me moms caa are you
Dino Slayer (5 months ago)
Build a giant cock with a pussy on it
Ritchie ivan Malto (6 months ago)
Q.have you have sex with a women
Springtrap and the gang (7 months ago)
idea: Build a giant pooping Dragon! :D
Mackenzie Cushnie-stock (7 months ago)
I am Mackenzie’s little sister and I am a big fan of your channel and I am seven turning eight and I have been watching your channel all my life and you guys have made me laugh and I love you 2 bye
xXShadowPhoenix79Xx (7 months ago)
I had
Legitic - Clash Royale!! (8 months ago)
I hate the episode 21 F**k you
Phantom (8 months ago)
1. PIZZA! 2. 30% 3. ive done it already. 4.idk 5. well, sometimes. 6. ummm, i think beautiful cuz, everyone is.
Cheryl Jenkins (8 months ago)
LiL Weezy (8 months ago)
What about harry you just asked the other guys to answer the questions
Queen NailahTheNarwhal (8 months ago)
R.I.P couch it's seen, heard, smelled, touched, tasted too many things
eyinhow 21 (9 months ago)
Why does potato and jerry almost look like the same and why does saul has rabbit ears and harry do you see in your hat !!!!hihihihihi 👬🎩🐰
llorenz lazaro (9 months ago)
Kill saul she better
Soju Lee (9 months ago)
0:00 0:001 0:002 0:003 0:004 0:005 0:006 0:007 0:008 0:009 0:010
Geezer Symon (9 months ago)
Q:what is your favorite game
Nolansaurs (10 months ago)
1 meatballs 2 yes
Nino6 - Gamer (11 months ago)
Is it potato had steve skin?
trixi bautista (11 months ago)
Itsjerry take a pic and post in Instagram funny
[이동훈]Lee Dong-Hun (11 months ago)
1. Cheeseburgers 2. I love Potatoes😋❤️😋!!! They’re my favorite vegetable, along with Chili and Spinach. 3. I will do a face reveal in my upcoming videos if you do one which is real and not a prank. 4. I don’t really know... 5. Yes I do!!! I laugh really hard whenever I have these conversations XD!!! 6. I used to think you look like Asians but I don’t really now anymore, after saying you were Dutch, I was confused...
Vincent Michael Comia (11 months ago)
What is the meaning of Wtf Ftw Wth
Blue Creeper Productions (11 months ago)
potato is 12 i think 🥔
Ecdr Behric (11 months ago)
Why don't you guys build a computer
Mrbacon022 3 (1 year ago)
Face reveal boom
I MOVED ACCOUNTS (1 year ago)
1. Spaghetti 2. 8.5/10 3. No 4. Idfk 5. Well, sometimes :P 6. Attractive... I guess :v idk-
How about you guys build a nuclear reactor
hallo fellas (1 year ago)
My answers to the questions: (Ik it's too fken late)1. McDonald's2. 8/10 3. Yes4. Dank memes are the most powerful thing in the world so ummm, metal beams are nothing compared to dank memesssss5. Yes, everytime, but I'm the only one who watches you6. For Jerry and Harry, I think you're tall, cute I guess... and skinny. For potato, average height, skinny. For Saul, already seen his face :3
SpaceSloth/Nolan (1 year ago)
1. Potatoes 2. They're delicious 3. No 4. Not at all 5. Never 6. Sexy
Stanley Brown (1 year ago)
StudentTNT12 love (1 year ago)
StudentTNT12 love (1 year ago)
3-Im not youtubee
StudentTNT12 love (1 year ago)
1-Pizza and Hot dogs 2-100% LOL
Master Clasher (1 year ago)
i think you are fat ugly and mean and do that face reveal. sorry for incorect speling not inglish
Genito Cemanes (1 year ago)
Genito Cemanes (1 year ago)
Genito Cemanes (1 year ago)
Genito Cemanes (1 year ago)
Genito Cemanes (1 year ago)
Sabpura Mostapar (1 year ago)
why soul is ugly soul why soul have a a bunny skins
JesenJes enJesen (1 year ago)
Q: Can you eat a potato to get fart
make some mlp characters or transformer characters! im not gay allright!
tasos fidanis (1 year ago)
Q. can you play roblox?
ΕμυvlogGr Gr (1 year ago)
what your favpurite chiken
End Me (1 year ago)
1: Mc Donalds Fries 2: Not much at all 3: No 4: Idfk 5: When i watch your videos, with my best friend, maybe 6: Hot😂❤😘
Sasha De Graauw (1 year ago)
guys I have another question have you ever pooped then put a stain on your toilet
Sasha De Graauw (1 year ago)
Jerry harry,saul and potato do you all live in the same house?
Slix (1 year ago)
Q:build dantdm pls
Gizemli Karakter (1 year ago)
can all of you say "snake snake snakeeeeeee" whit very thin sound
PR 3759 (1 year ago)
what was that build at 7:41
Jackson Willex (1 year ago)
8:00 R.I.P. My ears.....I wil remember forever......
build a big pop
Offline (1 year ago)
Build a gigantic hawk and make it poop at the end of his butt
nice boy sean (1 year ago)
1. pasta!! 2. 8! 3. i will!!! 4. 8! 5. nope! 6. handsome boys!
Mandy Evers (1 year ago)
Mandy Evers (1 year ago)
Spaghetti- a lot- no- 12- YE- like sad emo teenagers with scene.
can you build a giant Harry and trap Harry in his giant Harry statue
mario mtn gaming (1 year ago)
i got coffee balance
Rapters 362 (1 year ago)
you look probably ugly
Rapters 362 (1 year ago)
Javriel Etanim (1 year ago)
My fav food is chicken I like potatos and the other one the question sucks no one know you guys and my face is my profile picture just see it in the left
vhai russell (1 year ago)
why do you fart every time at the end of the video
kian. (1 year ago)
q: if saul has robot ears, rabbit ears and normal ears on his skin, does that make him have 3 sets of ears
MassaGamerTV (1 year ago)
why are you always talking about fart
Who played call of duty?😄
- (1 year ago)
1. 1,000 likes for face reveal!!! 2. 15,931 dank memes. 3. Jerry: Probably brown hair, white skin, brown/green eyes. Harry: If it's a look-a-like twin, then same, if not, still brown hair, white skin, brown/green eyes and a little unibrow (cause why not?) Saul: Black hair, green eyes, brownish skin. Potato: Potato with a face. 4. Yes, yes we do.
Sky Balanon (1 year ago)
however many replies this gets is my battery and Jerry and harry is amazing btw
sleepy dog 3.0 (1 year ago)
ok I can show every one my Face
Bill cipher (1 year ago)
Q: what you do in your day out?
Maxime Portelance (1 year ago)
A1: poutine A2:10/10 A3:nope lel
Maria Voni (1 year ago)
build a jet plssss
KatieFNorth (1 year ago)
1. nOODLES 2. Only if it's fries o.o 3. Yes, lol 4. 10/10 5. Yes, but most of my friends don't even know who you guys are ;/. 6. Well, your voice kinda makes me think that your pretty handsome, LOL.
katairox (1 year ago)
Alexis 1. I heart instant noodles 2. if its fries i will say the potato loving meter will overload. 3. i forgot the question 4.idk 5.:^
Aaron Surcyne (1 year ago)
I understand they are not flowers. I had watched an anime with someone who had robot ears on it. I think robot ears are cool
[Sam]サハラット (1 year ago)
Pls,Build Epic house and very beautiful. :)
OneDefaultyBoi (1 year ago)
Build turtles and memes
personman (1 year ago)
1: pizza 2:ok 3:already did
xPhoenixAnimates (1 year ago)
James Duncan (1 year ago)
arissgamer (1 year ago)
12:39 fart
Chi Yin Ip (1 year ago)
Can you build a stick man statue or yourself
IWinslogswimp (1 year ago)
Build a huuuuuuuuge skyscraper!!!!
Michelle Trifena (1 year ago)
Q: make pooping creeper
Da2tom (1 year ago)
Potatoes suck
Merged Zamus (1 year ago)
I love rock like AC/DC and nirvana and mega death 🤘🏾
Merged Zamus (1 year ago)
You do not know how many times I have made a sofa can and I used lava as the dr. Pepper
NiKki Nixx (1 year ago)
what is your frafite blik 182 song
Virtuosity (1 year ago)
I farted it tickled my butt cheeks jiggled
RHA (1 year ago)
I think you guys look like Jerry's Minecraft skin
Claudio Loja (1 year ago)
Claudio Loja (1 year ago)
I hate potatoes
build s coca cola
Alexander Hopkins (1 year ago)
make a leprechaun shiting it's pants
HieuStyle_YT Gaming (1 year ago)
If you not reveal ur face, we'll unsubcribe your channel
Debbie Smith (1 year ago)
Debbie Smith (1 year ago)
Mariam Mahir (1 year ago)
how old are you guys ??? and yo can speak aother lagung not english ??
Michelle Trifena (2 years ago)
pls do face reveal or dares
Miss Fixit (2 years ago)
and i HATE potatos not an insult
Miss Fixit (2 years ago)
and my normal farts are around 5 to 4 seconds

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