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1200 AP Veigar Vs. 750 AD Sion Duel 2

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Text Comments (48)
Caleb Carter (4 years ago)
i get 1200 ap in a normal match with veigar.
Panagiotis Pelekis (4 years ago)
this is the worse veigar player i have ever seen in my whole life!!!!
VivaValdez (4 years ago)
I guess there won't be a part 3 to "noobs do the darnedest things"
Pro MD (4 years ago)
Pussy veigar ran winner SION
if sion had flash might been different :P
brandanle99 (4 years ago)
Eyal (4 years ago)
He still didn't get his full build? Atleast he nuked well :D
hm? (4 years ago)
he just used his W first -.-. he didnt stun sion in first video so he could`nt use his W or else it was all same
YumYumPro1 (5 years ago)
If only you didn't follow him into the bush Sion..
its impossible to 1v 1 him then
TehDizim (5 years ago)
he was kiting. what do you do when a sion is running to you do you go hug him?
AliE (5 years ago)
that is true
AliE (5 years ago)
Reseter1997 (5 years ago)
what is there fair sion has his stun and than 1 shots him with an autoattack... but if veigar stun him and than does his whole combo this is what happens
Rorschach (5 years ago)
VEIGARD? lolol
Shazud (5 years ago)
Sion noob items
jason watos (5 years ago)
The minions pushed his lane........
Osva ? (5 years ago)
Sion shouldn't farm his E if there is no champs for veigar to farm his Q. Or they should fight both in full builds.
Osva ? (5 years ago)
Totally agreed, yet veigar had boots, sion no. Sort of advantage to sion due to more damage. Actually dependant on the type of duel
jeremy takiya (5 years ago)
veigar cheated 1v1 is suppose to be face to face not hide and seek dumbass
Kevin Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Veigar cheated the whole time, you should have said "No bushes"
blueberrymanlol (5 years ago)
Stun > W > DFG > RQ
Hudini901 (5 years ago)
Clearly doesn't have cleanse or flash...
Shapeshift Silvosse (5 years ago)
why not cleanse flash ?
Max Eli (5 years ago)
veigar shouldnt run in 1v1....
Fam Bug (5 years ago)
since when is it veigarD? not veigar? lol
CustomJustice (5 years ago)
This is more like it. hahaha
Daniel Yue Fergo (5 years ago)
1 hit
AmericanSeeds (5 years ago)
unfair to sion ... he cant go into bush !
edood1000 (5 years ago)
dude i didn't push!
Laoyam Eagles (5 years ago)
Mads Donkild (5 years ago)
wow you suck at veigar! WOW!
Paul Nies (5 years ago)
how the fuck do you have 660 cs? :D
nikos giannakopoulos (5 years ago)
these guys are both fking retards
PiePie2314 (5 years ago)
beacouse inhib was down meaning all other lanes getting 100 more hp
Alec McQueen (5 years ago)
Blue minions push more than purple for some reason.
Panth Mantheon (5 years ago)
He failed at first because he did not land his e, without e vs 750 AD sion... I wouldn't stay there and auto attack him. He run off so he can get his e back
Vinko Nemet (5 years ago)
*dude i didnt push* but how did minions get to nexus then
PwnDealer (5 years ago)
THIS is how you nuke as veigar, not the crap in the first video
Jeppe (5 years ago)
noob veigar
Flo Scheibi (5 years ago)
Matthew Callinan (5 years ago)
lol is the best guys
Eric Pham (5 years ago)
Gunitexpo Sn (5 years ago)
dude, he didnt push. omg
Fai C (5 years ago)
Preston Baxter (5 years ago)
Roller (5 years ago)
Let them have fun...
MangoMicho (6 years ago)

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