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PC modding basics: How to paint your motherboard PCB!

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This is a tutorial on how to go about modding your motherboards. If you're using a different motherboard, you can still use this tutorial! Painting all boards is done the same way, they will just vary slightly in appearance and size. The wait time after coats of paint depends on what your spray cans instructions are. I waited 24 hours between each layer, and I suggest waiting 24-48 hours after painting before you actually install and use the motherboard in your PC. I did not use a clear coat on top of the paint, and I just used rustoleum white instead of black to do the lines. Below is a link to a picture of the finished product if you really want to inspect it. This mobo is going in my Fractal Design Define mini C mod :) https://www.instagram.com/p/BSJ3KwrgbRa/ And here's a link to a video showcasing the temps on this particular board after it's been painted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X2y6GvTQoc Tools/materials list: (These are affiliate links) Respirator: http://amzn.to/2ocriI5 Rustoleum Automotive Enamel: http://amzn.to/2nBnChv Conformal Coating: http://amzn.to/2nxag4k Frog Tape: http://amzn.to/2ni8dPM Asus Strix z270G motherboard: http://amzn.to/2ozJTtB My socials! https://www.patreon.com/DietecMods/ https://www.facebook.com/DietecMods/ https://www.instagram.com/DietecMods/ https://www.twitter.com/DietecMods/ https://www.dietecmods.com/ For business inquiries: [email protected] Music used: Foria - Break Away [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkUweq5FAcE Foria • https://soundcloud.com/foria • https://twitter.com/ForiaMusic • https://www.facebook.com/ForiaMusic • https://www.youtube.com/c/ForiaMusic1
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Text Comments (199)
Franchico Games (5 days ago)
ficou uma bosta kkkkkkkkkk
REEEcollected (1 month ago)
im gonna paint my dell precision t3600's motherboard either black,red or white,then paint the cpu heatsink cover red or white,then my gpu white and black with red touch-ups. ill put red and white light strips after that.
adil B. (2 months ago)
I love your channel but you really fu**ed this one (+ the fake thumbnail) Mat painting would be better, and why did you repaint the white strips ffs ???!!
adil B. (2 months ago)
GL then !!!
Dietec (2 months ago)
I am going to make an updated motherboard painting tutorial pretty soon. It will be at least 3x better than this one, then I can private this and never think about it again :P
adil B. (2 months ago)
Dietec the one in thumbnail is way better And as many says, you should try an acrylic painted shield Thanks for taking part with your "fans" I really love your custom tutorials Good luck and keep it up
Dietec (2 months ago)
Oh, I painted the one in the thumbnail too. They're both mine lol. But yeah, I admit it didn't turn out amazing. Its still a good proof of concept though
Stephen Chen (3 months ago)
Sloppy job in brush paint
Potion de Mana (3 months ago)
Can i paint my SSD m.2 with this tuto ?
Potion de Mana (3 months ago)
No all the SSD just a litlle piece
Dietec (3 months ago)
I wouldn't. But, it probably wouldn't die. Do some thermal testing before and after and tell us! Lol
Alex Setiawan (4 months ago)
he paint black motherboard into black motherboard
Dietec (4 months ago)
Some people just want to see the world burn
Elijah Tichborne (4 months ago)
the white lines look budget AF
Taylor Starcevic (5 months ago)
Can I just clear coat it with clear nail polish first?
Zakaria Bak (5 months ago)
If I were u I won't take the risk
TV NEWS 2 (5 months ago)
paint motherboard = burn your motherboard sorry is stupid job
I like to paint my Wii motherboard and insert clear Wii case and add water cooling heat sink . Add a homebrew channel. So yea
Dietec (6 months ago)
That would look pretty rad
Ipc Computers (6 months ago)
mut e ke bo
My Name (6 months ago)
A blacklight and plexiglass window would look awesome with that.
THE PC GOD GAMER (7 months ago)
You sir just turned something beautiful into something hideously ugly..you fucked up the motherboard...what made you think the finished product would look good? Thats horrible..please dont do it again.
THE PC GOD GAMER (7 months ago)
horrible experiment
Dietec (7 months ago)
Was an experiment, still proves my concept :)
Dun Mealder (7 months ago)
When I can finally build a pc im not gonna do this....but i reallllllyyyyyyy want to though🤣
Nikolas Eidhol (7 months ago)
I really appreciate your vidoes on custom modding, Its a good way for pc builders to take it too the next step. I have not built a pc myself but I am saving up my money to do so and I am going to take several of your videos (like ram painting and custom gpu backplate into my build) and include it in my build. keep up the good work! love from Norway
JRDN (7 months ago)
Plasti dip is good spray and can take it off if you make a mistake or wanting to change colour or sell
DuBonSpriteSaMer (7 months ago)
CAN i contact you ??
samdei (8 months ago)
could you make tutorial how to paint monitor without disassembly it?
Naman Pratulya (8 months ago)
Hey can I use the Rust-Oleum peel off coat to do this?
Zachary Smith (8 months ago)
I have REALLLLY been loooking into this. I see you and other have done this successfully. However, my line of thinking is that plasti-dip and other paints are still insulating, albeit to a minor degree that still allows your board to function. However, no one really says this, but wouldnt logic dictate that a paint that is actually thermally conductive be the better choice? As opposed to a non conductive paint? That way the heat still propogates outward and only increases ambient air temps as opposed to being insulated? The hard part, is what paint is conductive, and who can do a comparison video. Maybe one day i will.....
Zachary Smith (8 months ago)
oh lol my bad. carry on then chap :) ill be doing it myself soon! You and linus helped pave the way!
Dietec (8 months ago)
Zachary Smith What I mean by conductive is electrically, not thermally :P But yeah I'm glad to hear more confirmation that this works! Just by God please never use electrically conductive paint on your mobo
Zachary Smith (8 months ago)
im replying to my own comment. I just got off the phone with a large company that does anodizing of metals and they regularly anodize heatsinks for mobo manufacturers and military components. They confirmed my initial thoughts and concurrently agreed with your results. They said anodizing is the way to go, that although it is electrically non conductive, it will not insulate. He went on to further my thoughts by saying if I were to paint them, yes it would be insulating, however to such a minimal degree, that it would not affect dissipation in a noticeably negative way. He said he wasnt sure if there was a conductive paint out there, but if there was, that is the paint you want. A CONDUCTIVE PAINT, not a non conductive paint. You dont want to trap in the heat. Last, he mentioned for anyone who regularly builds computers, online are kits for around $200 that you can anodize your own heatsinks.
нєияу (8 months ago)
Can I paint the heatsink of the chipset?
Dietec (8 months ago)
нχияу Yep!
Marco Teixeira (9 months ago)
Noooooooo, dude! Come on... xD i like almost all your pc mods but this.... :(
Dietec (9 months ago)
Haha. It looks good if you're not looking at it :P I agree, too much effort for it to come out a little weird.
youngsavage80 (9 months ago)
Once the enamel paint is on can you use a pearl or metallic paint on top?
youngsavage80 (9 months ago)
Well damn guess I need to figure a new color scheme. Thanks for the heads up.
Dietec (9 months ago)
+youngsavage80 No, it would still find its way into something bad
Tefen Ca (9 months ago)
I just have to be honest that this was visually horrible looking after you painting on the fake circuitry very cheaply & unskilled. (Nothing person or trying to be mean, just being honest)
Dietec (9 months ago)
+Tefen Ca Yeah it's a 5 foot mod. Looks perfect from 5 feet away ;)
Tefen Ca (9 months ago)
WARNING: Be careful when doing this that you don't cover any labeled ports, connections, LEDs, etc. that you might need unpainted or to be able to read. Ie. Fan headers, Warning Code LEDs, lighting LEDs, etc.
Tefen Ca (9 months ago)
Why did you paint a black motherboard black?
Tefen Ca (9 months ago)
The same simple black could of been done much cheaper with a single can of black Plasti-dip as the single can of Acrylic Conformal Coating is usually at least 2x the price of 1 can of Plasti-Dip and that doesn't include the cost of the Automotive Enamel which is often similar to the same price as a can of Plasti-dip.
Tefen Ca (9 months ago)
If the paint is non-conductive then why did you use the Acrylic Conformal Coating and say "so the bread and butter of this mod is this Acrylic Conformal Coating which basically just puts a protective non-conductive layer over the top of your motherboard so when we paint our motherboard we are not actually going to be painting the motherboard"?
Dietec (9 months ago)
+Tefen Ca It's just an extra layer of protection, it isn't theoretically necessary although I've always used it
Tefen Ca (9 months ago)
This is a good alternative option to using Plasti-dip. Reasons: It works better for if you are wanting to use a wider variety of colors not available in Plasti-Dip, Wanting to do more complex designs or airbrushing, it is easier to peel off painters tape without accidentally peeling off the 'paint job' since the Plasti-dip can sometimes end up peeling off with the tape. It might end up being more expensive especially when using the Acrylic Conformal Coating but there are other pros previously mentioned & at least gives another option.
jinyong Builds (10 months ago)
im in love with ur [email protected]#
Paulo Ricardo (10 months ago)
Qual o tipo de tinta usada?
SuperVideoman12 (11 months ago)
I thought you were painting your already black motherboard even blacker. Those stupid white lines ruined it. Cool video, though.
Dietec (11 months ago)
I did another one that's staying black, it'll be in my next casemod. Yeah the lines didn't turn out as good as I wanted them to but it was my first try doing something like this so, live and learn :)
vinny on YT (1 year ago)
can you do a tutorial on just painting the heatspreaders on a mobo? i cant seem to find a good one on youtube and you explains things well.
vinny on YT (1 year ago)
woah! i was not expecting such a quick reply. thanks for doing it!
Dietec (1 year ago)
vinny on YT Yeah I suppose so! Good idea, I'll do some benchmarking to see how it effects temps too.
Hajmin (1 year ago)
The coket cover was cute
Jacob Julag-ay (1 year ago)
Can you spray In a cup using plati dip to paint?
Dietec (1 year ago)
+Jacob Julag-ay I've never tried!
josh gosling (1 year ago)
must you have the acrylic conformal coating? or can you just straight up use the enamel? I'm thinking of doing this but acrylic conformal spray stuff is like over £10 a can for the cheap stuff lol. id be spraying the asus z170-a.
josh gosling (1 year ago)
btw you have some pretty amazing content. you've inspired me to start doing pc mods  :D
josh gosling (1 year ago)
ah okay nice. whats your opinion on plastidip? would plastidip be better for the entire motherboard (I wouldn't paint the heat spreaders etc) or would the enamel be better to use ? thanks :-)
Dietec (1 year ago)
+josh gosling I used the coating to be safe, but as long as your paint isn't conductive I would think it'd be fine without
Lanze Manao (1 year ago)
ita great and all but the lines not being straight and clean makes me itch
Leo Maffiotto (1 year ago)
no podes pintar placas hijo de puta
KaPex (1 year ago)
why "dietec" ?
Alex CGaming (1 year ago)
if you paint the heatsink you can ruin the thermal coefficient
Armani Beasley (1 year ago)
Linus Tech Tips needs to consult you for spray painting mobos
Michael Caluag (1 year ago)
I'm about to paint my motherboard, quick question do you need the conformal coating? or can I directly apply the paint?
Michael Caluag (1 year ago)
I bought this one: http://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/consumer-brands/specialty/high-heat-spray/ not sure if its non conductive tho...
Dietec (1 year ago)
+Michael Caluag I would definitely use the coating first, but if you have non conductive paint I think you could get away without it. I just have an expensive mobo so I err on the side of caution.
IMNOTA (1 year ago)
I plan to make my pc open air one day,and I will definitely paint my mb black since it's green...
Gabriel Griffin (1 year ago)
tape up your fets next time
Ezekiel Richmond (1 year ago)
Hi I'm asking if rustoleum epoxy enamel would work just as well?
Ezekiel Richmond (1 year ago)
Dietec do you know if it's conducive I can't find something saying it is or isn't it resists heat up to 93C which would be fine I don't see any pcb getting above 50. Little spooked to use it beacause I have no idea wether it is conductive or not.
Dietec (1 year ago)
+Ezekiel Richmond I've never used it. As long as it's heat resistant and non conductive and you use light coats I don't see why you couldn't
Philip Camuto (1 year ago)
You should paint your xbox one s mobo I was going to do it but I would rather wait for u to do it cus ur really professional
Philip Camuto (1 year ago)
Dietec ok I'm gonna do black and red instead to compliment my setup do u think I should do red or black mobo
Dietec (1 year ago)
+ItsFlip Oh I got you. Well the process would be the same as a PC mobo
Philip Camuto (1 year ago)
Dietec oh and it's for the acrylic panel
Philip Camuto (1 year ago)
Dietec now it's public
Philip Camuto (1 year ago)
Dietec I wish I could send u this video but in a minute look on my channel playlists and look at the liquid cooled xbox one s I was gonna do that and I'm not a console Noob btw I built a pc
Ezekiel Richmond (1 year ago)
Does this work with plasti dip?
Tefen Ca (9 months ago)
Plasti-dip is specified to be safe for use with electronics.
Tefen Ca (9 months ago)
Yes, it does. Many LN2 overclockers use it to protect the motherboard from condensation etc.
Dietec (1 year ago)
+Ezekiel Richmond No, I wouldn't trust plasti dip. It insulates.
Middle of Knowhere (1 year ago)
Brave man and good video. Glad it worked out.
John Leonard (1 year ago)
you can slide thin cardboard in your ram slots to paint the plastic and protect the connectiins
Nickerson (1 year ago)
Risky but definetly worth it, you just have to check and recheck twice to make sure no important thing (PCI-E Slots, RAM slots, M.2 slots) is uncovered before the painting, otherwise you will be screwed.
Booming (1 year ago)
I saw your ram painting video and would you say it was a good idea to do this or is it getting too hot?
Booming (1 year ago)
DIY Tech cool! Thank you!
Dietec (1 year ago)
Booming It's been totally fine, have been using it ever since I painted it with no problems at all.
Jeromy Oberst (1 year ago)
ofc its possible, just do it. but is it worth it.
D. Bo/05 (1 year ago)
That's a shitt job...you is crazy.....fucking beautifull motherboard. When you need repair motherboard, yours components????? Trash....
D. Bo/05 (1 year ago)
Your face men......your face. =(
Dietec (1 year ago)
+D. Bo/05 I eat kiwis with the skin still on them.
asaadesigns (1 year ago)
do a collab with +Designs by IFR you guys together can make something amazing. Bet. Also, did anything happen to your M.2? Since you forgot to mask it?
Tefen Ca (9 months ago)
Corey Gregory(Designs by IFR) is located on the opposite side of the world in Australia, Dietec is located in Connecticut, USA.
Dietec (1 year ago)
dann20201™ I would love to collaborate with that dude. And nah nothing happened, I remembered to mask it before painting but it is covered in acrylic coating. Probably will just use the one on the back if I ever get an m.2
Elliot La Fave (1 year ago)
tell me this was an april fools prank?😂
Authentic gamer (1 year ago)
at last you have done it things you say when you had start it
George Coe (1 year ago)
This is amazing, I really enjoy watching your videos and they teach a lot. Also gives me confidence to hopefully paint my motherboard! Thank you! and keep is up you channel is fantastic
Dietec (1 year ago)
Hey I'm so glad you got some good information you're actually gonna use! Thanks for the compliment :)
MODO77 (1 year ago)
WTF !!! you are biggest noob tech on youtube :D :D :D
asaadesigns (1 year ago)
You should do another video on maybe an old board that will not be in your main pc. It should be on making a full acrylic armor plate that covers all of the motherboard and then painting that! :O I would really love to see that! <3
Dietec (1 year ago)
dann20201™ Love that dude.
asaadesigns (1 year ago)
Nice! Another channel "Designs By IFR" does some videos on it as well, but I believe you could do better :)
Dietec (1 year ago)
dann20201™ I plan to do this at some point :)
Proxeii (1 year ago)
I hope the rest of your pc is covered in white lines <3 don't take that the wrong way
Dietec (1 year ago)
+Proxeii The rest of the PC hasn't been modded yet ;)
HarryPoggerz (1 year ago)
I loved the way the motherboard looked.....before you painted it
HarryPoggerz (1 year ago)
DIY Tech i just subbed
Dietec (1 year ago)
AP Plays I love you.
ghosst00 (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video, I am building a custom computer for a Children's Hospital and was planning on painting the Mobo to match the Hospital colors.
ghosst00 (1 year ago)
It should be, I need to convert a little red wagon into a gaming computer. Plan on painting the Mobo white and using red sleeved cables and a water loop with red fluid to represent the blood flowing through the veins and arteries.
Dietec (1 year ago)
ghosst00 That sounds like a fun project
Dr Lulz (1 year ago)
Looks like you suffer from the same condition I do, Frankenstein's Mad Modders syndrome. "Fetch me my pink enamel paint Igor!"... "yesshh Masshter." (Cue thunder and lightning). Love your vids, your creativity and spirit. Thanks for sharing.
Dietec (1 year ago)
+Dr Lulz I do indeed, I fear it will effect me for the rest of my life. Oh well, modders are pretty rad. High five
tony terry (1 year ago)
the board looks better without painting it you butchered it with them silly white lines
Dankos Erotica (11 months ago)
It was part of the theme for one of his builds.
Quân Unknown (1 year ago)
WTF Painting MB . @@ You're so crazy, but i love your video. <3
Dietec (1 year ago)
+Quân Unknown I love you.
Darzo (1 year ago)
not sure about this lol
reece wilkinson (1 year ago)
Advert plays* video liked
Ivs (1 year ago)
Fully black? Meh. White painted lines? Fucken awesome, subbed!!
Dietec (1 year ago)
+Ivs Woo! White lines rule!!
Jay Rambo (1 year ago)
I'll be to scare to do this to my mobo. But great video bud 👍.
Dietec (1 year ago)
+Professor Rambo Thankye
Can someone recommend me a good completely white motherboard? I need a motherboard with mini ITX or micro ATX for my case.
reece wilkinson (1 year ago)
Asus sabertooth, it has like a artic camo it
Dietec (1 year ago)
+Lukiri - Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and More You can make any board white ;)
Eclipse Records (1 year ago)
complate white probably not out there,,, try asrock taichi
Avi Makkar (1 year ago)
Well i am happy with colour of my strix z270e. Not willingly to take risk
Avi Makkar (1 year ago)
DIY Tech rgb works fine
Dietec (1 year ago)
+Avi Makkar Yeah the stock board does look good. Black and grey goes with a lot of different color schemes.
BAND1T (1 year ago)
Dont like the design but other than that its good educational video for beginners :) Good job buddy :)
Dietec (1 year ago)
+ONEARMEDBAND1T Thanks dude!
mertgungor (1 year ago)
You are crayz
Tom Mullins (1 year ago)
Ok, I commented on Reddit about paint bleed.....now I understand. Good job dude. Would like to see a little more of the finished product.
Dietec (1 year ago)
+Tom Mullins I'll put an Instagram link in the description I suppose
zezo clashing (1 year ago)
Thats what im talking about! :D, best video for now... :)
pyromaniac097 (1 year ago)
Kommentierer (1 year ago)
Nice Vid man, I have to shop some components now (._. )
DIY Tech (1 year ago)
The way u hold that insertion blade proves you are an artist :D 5:52. I liked it simple black more then with those white artistic lines, But i trust u that in final build it will settle perfectly :)
cwadeh76 (1 year ago)
DeShawn Brayboy (1 year ago)
At this moment that he realized, he fucked up.. (The motherboard won't turn on)
SiD (1 year ago)
"At this moment that he realized, he fucked up.. (The motherboard won't turn on)" This so called joke implies the user in the video has failed his attempt and the motherboard won't turn on - which is false. No normal human being would laugh on that shit ass joke.
DeShawn Brayboy (1 year ago)
SiD Please stfu, child. You sound like the other morons can't even take a fucking joke holy fuck. Go hide somewhere in a safe place, you piece a shit.
SiD (1 year ago)
You call that sarcasm? Kill yourself then. Cringiest wannabe sarcasm attempt I've ever seen
DeShawn Brayboy (1 year ago)
SiD Do you even get the sarcasm, retard??
SiD (1 year ago)
it did are you fucking stupid
Akito (1 year ago)
a sure fire way to brick the hell out of your manufacturer warranty and re sell possibilities.... in my world...if the mobo doesn't come with a fancy armor cover like with the Asus motherboards, or moded covers for ports and stuff...you might as well not risk anything.... anywho still a nice video ps - yes, I do know about the safety procedures and all that...but getting the paint out for resell is just a migraine filled task in the future
Dietec (1 year ago)
Yeah you're right, never gonna resell and never gonna retain its warranty. I am a huge fan of voiding warranties though :P
NBW DOUGHBOY (1 year ago)
Way too much of a noob for this shit
Zirol nyannyanyanyan (1 year ago)
yoo man got a question,youre using i5 6500 on a kabylake mobo z270 can you overclock it ? like on the z170 by bios ?
Dietec (1 year ago)
Yes was using a 6500 for the test, but it'll have a kaby lake processor in it pretty soon.
saqlain shaikh (1 year ago)
that's awesome
Kai Revsønn (1 year ago)
For future reference. Use the motherboard box or an anti-static mat because anti-static bags are good on the inside, but not on the outside.
Dietec (1 year ago)
Good tip, didn't think about that
Alain Lafleche (1 year ago)
Great Job !! I don't have the ability to do this kind of mod but i can appreciate your video :-)
Crispy Bacon (1 year ago)
So you painted over the _actual_ circuitry then painted on _fake_ circuitry?
Dietec (1 year ago)
Fake circuitry looks a bit brighter eh?
Dylan Hjelvik (1 year ago)
I'm sure you tested the motherboard first right?
Dietec (1 year ago)
Haha yes.
It turned out awesome! Whats up next?
Dietec (1 year ago)
+Something About A Chainsaw Gaming Building in the node 202 and mini C mod :)
Tech & Tach (1 year ago)
Watching now, Stoked on this one !!!!!
SCRIMMY BINGUS (1 year ago)
Actual modding starts at 2:10
Retro Adventure (1 year ago)
Raymond Firnges (1 year ago)
Very Solid good up.
Samuel Chen (1 year ago)
How do you do this for just the heatsinks? Mine has spikes for heat dissipation.
Dietec (1 year ago)
Either you unscrew the heatsinks and paint them separately from the pcb, or if they don't come off just use a paintbrush
JimmysTheBestCop (1 year ago)
Basically the same way he has done case painting. Take off the heatsinks, sand them, apply primer, then paint, then gloss coat.
Kuger (1 year ago)
I use that background on your monitor for some of my graphics. What a coincidence! At first, I thought the white lines looked really poorly done, but remember that you'd be looking at them from a couple feet away, so I started to like it, well done! Keep up the great work man. UPLOAD MORE PLEASE!
Dietec (1 year ago)
I know what you mean, was difficult to paint with a camera in my face lol. From two feet away it certainly looks good enough. I actually work full time and go to school two nights a week, so I upload as often as I can!
Alts Melon (1 year ago)
loved the video a risky consent in my opinion
LightningZap (1 year ago)
Alts Melon when you have the top 2 comemnts on a video...
GameLife (1 year ago)
Alts Melon (1 year ago)
i would rather make an acrylic plate it would probably be easier
JimmysTheBestCop (1 year ago)
The 1st one might be a pain or take overly long. I would create a template/stencil and label each one for each individual motherboard. So you would have the basic armor on file and the next ones would be able to be produced faster. Then even sold online as a stand alone diy project. You wouldn't need the person's motherboard if you had it on file. You could just mail them the end product.
Raymond Firnges (1 year ago)
IFR has a couple vids on acrylic covers, they turn out surprisingly good.
DIY Tech (1 year ago)
It will happen :D I think designing it would be real pain and time consuming but results would be just awesome
Fraxii (1 year ago)
go to ImFaceRoll's channel, immade custom armor from his vid
JimmysTheBestCop (1 year ago)
Sounds good. I would be interested on your mobo armor implementation.
Danny Carrera (1 year ago)
why tho!?
Dietec (1 year ago)
Oh awesome you'll love it :D
Danny Carrera (1 year ago)
DIY Tech but don't mess up that motherboard tho! it's already beautiful and it's all ruined lol jk anyways I'm really looking forward to see the Fractal Design Mini C mod, getting that case pretty soon from shipping and wanted to mod alittle :)
Dietec (1 year ago)
Anything that can happen will happen
First! xD

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