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Top 10 Texture Packs for Minecraft 1.5

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This took a long time to do so a like would mean a lot, lets try for 60 likes? :D ●http://www.twitter.com/bazillau [Not In Order] ●http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/163244-16x-jolicraft-2610/ ●http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/513093-32x16x146-dokucraft-the-saga-continues/ ●http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1397079-faithful-64x64-update-146/ ●http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/45534-glimmars-steampunk-v9-64xwip-32x14x-massive-32x-update-51112-64x-revision-update-v10-sneak-pics-p486-new-marble-pics-p492/ ●http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/26727-johnsmith-texture-pack-v97-32x-142/ ●http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/127377-16x-32x-64x-128x-256x13-lb-photo-realism-131-update-8192012-rpg-realism-131-updated-10122012/ ●http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/308429-16x-14-mineout-fallout-texture-pack/ ●http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/69354-64x14512w49a-misas-realistic-texture-pack-updated-10dec2012/ ●http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/824150-146-soartex-fanver-now-with-bats-carrots-and-more-22/ ●http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/376784-16x-32x-64x-128x-256x-512x145-sphax-purebdcraft-281012/ ♪ Music By ApproachingNirvana: http://www.youtube.com/user/ApproachingNirvana ♪Song Name:
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Text Comments (315)
Orange Apple (3 years ago)
ThatGuyWhoPlays (3 years ago)
Wow this is weird I just watch another top 10 texture packs video and he was using the same map as this guy lol
Minecraft Guy JR (3 years ago)
Love the texture pack in 12:46
Indigo Soul Mama (3 years ago)
The Yellow Orange (4 years ago)
I like ur decisions on all the texture packs but  think Dokucraft would Ne first and the first one should be second, thumbs up! Sub!
Craig Ingham (4 years ago)
Fonominal man
the octos DAVID (4 years ago)
sphax bd should be first but i like them all exept the first
willysalas2020 (4 years ago)
Fuck u
Chal Fish (4 years ago)
Damn I hate number 1 but I love the fallout one
Chal Fish (4 years ago)
LOL what ever skin that is,I love it.
Ghostblade (4 years ago)
lol i love number 1 and i hate everything about number 1 but the only thing i like is the Oak Wooden Planks LOL
bisschenoderso (4 years ago)
What's number 2?
bisschenoderso (4 years ago)
Ghostblade (4 years ago)
bisschenoderso (4 years ago)
What's number 2?
Dark Alatabi (4 years ago)
Lol at end you said 360 no scope it's not black ops 2
Bjarke Taunajik (4 years ago)
Flynn Whittaker (4 years ago)
what is the one used in the intro that looks kinda like paint
saph (4 years ago)
What craft why you know have words not to be mean but you dont talk clearly
joey rawr (4 years ago)
Dokucraft is my favorite :)
Ajsski99 (4 years ago)
Number 5 is the life hd texture pack
MrMuffCabage (4 years ago)
Iht looks uhmayzing
MrMuffCabage (4 years ago)
GamingMonkeyzz (4 years ago)
i cant wait when this comes out for Xbox tomorrow probably
Sander Van Boxtel (4 years ago)
Thank you
William Aldag (4 years ago)
howbout 650 likes
Rainbowflash (4 years ago)
qt is ni=umber 3 called
Rainbowflash (4 years ago)
wt is number 5 called? i want to get it!!
Eugenio Colomer (4 years ago)
That Little Asian (4 years ago)
i use a lot of your fav, textures dude i love them
Kiltiee (4 years ago)
My best texture pack is dokucraft the saga begins
Blackhawk_8201 (4 years ago)
faithful and sphax
Friendsmakelifegood (4 years ago)
U talked too fast!
Repaticious (4 years ago)
when i got this texure it changed the font
vjbob1 (4 years ago)
I could see how some people might not like a cartoon texture pack but sphax should at least be in the top 3
Mjax (4 years ago)
what is the number 1?
Tom Rogers (4 years ago)
cool :)
Mav Crupi (4 years ago)
Mortex should be number 1
TheHowNotToGuy (4 years ago)
alex Lalousis (4 years ago)
TOPMASS.NET best hermitcrafter
Rest Assured (4 years ago)
You might want to go back to the Thrift Shop and give them back their rented brain. JK
McCeleryGaming (4 years ago)
I've got a top 5 :- No. 5 oCd Craft No.4 Soartex Fanver No.3 John Smith No.2 Sphax PureBD No. 1 DokuCraft Light
Itx Echo (4 years ago)
do u record on fraps or do you use another program to record if u used fraps it was too laggy when i wathced this video :)
brandon weagraff (4 years ago)
what texture pack is this? 5:16
Nate Wehner (4 years ago)
Bazilliau, check out this server ip it is incredibly fun:mc.hc-craft.com. If you would like to meet up with me there do /tpa TheEpicBossGuy, and if it says player not found, all that that means is I'm not currently online the server.
Nate Wehner (4 years ago)
John smith is beast
i don't like when your holding something in faithful it just looks bad
Brodie McPherson (4 years ago)
fathful 32x32 is my all-time favorite texture pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gay hind (4 years ago)
@ghchelc yeah i totally agree! and dude! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while -> bit.ly/18WZ7iP?=vrebs
james stretch (4 years ago)
what one them hmmm
Introvert (4 years ago)
It's a mod
Arthur Pires (4 years ago)
cara nao fala portugues
Matt Hundley (4 years ago)
xD 360 No scope at the end cod player earned a sub and like :)
john fraser (4 years ago)
Do u know any free mc account places
BlueDragonGaming (4 years ago)
is there any download link for the map?
HotTubToilet (4 years ago)
IT LOOKS AMAZING! aahahahahahaha....... (and Phenomenal)
Joshua Hanstad (4 years ago)
whats the map?
i like sphaxpurebdcraft 128times128
joaquin boneti (4 years ago)
do you knoo which texture pack freddiew use
Bazillau (4 years ago)
nope, If i'm ever on any server I tweet what one i'm on
Bazillau (4 years ago)
it saw it in my inbox and thought i'd reply :-)
Bazillau (4 years ago)
Not a channel (4 years ago)
Not a channel (4 years ago)
Not a channel (4 years ago)
Not a channel (4 years ago)
I have :D
Not a channel (4 years ago)
My favourite texture pack is Faithful
Sophie (4 years ago)
i realy hate that theye'r not in order
ClashContent (4 years ago)
is that your world or did you download a map?
ha its not a glitch or particle its glass :D
Leigh Stobbs (4 years ago)
Obviously he likes number 1 DUH
mika reddas (4 years ago)
I like number 4 and 2 it's look great
TotallyNotObsessed (4 years ago)
I think its faithful
arizona tea (4 years ago)
whats 7?
james stretch (4 years ago)
that's not a texture pack
RazeCrystal (4 years ago)
what is number 2 called
r3d craft is soo good to try it
Maria Corazon Juario (4 years ago)
me no speak spanish no speak english just a little no speak deustch me speak bisaya
MrMurder15 (5 years ago)
U got owned! xD
Tom Rogers (5 years ago)
a good top 10 :) my personal favourite is the Wayukian 32x32 i dont think many people have heard of it but i love it :)
PlayRS4Life (5 years ago)
Whats the texture pack at the very beginning from 0:00-0:38, cuz I really like that one and would like to make it my texture pack? thanks
joseph mansour (5 years ago)
i want number 5 but it keeps showing dokucraft
Bazillau (5 years ago)
This is my top 10 texture packs so take a guess at which one I like best..
green ninga (5 years ago)
Wich one do you like the best
Origami11O5 (5 years ago)
I ALWAYS use Defscape! :)
BestMinecrafts (5 years ago)
yolo rocking out
Drew Unleashed (5 years ago)
paul m (5 years ago)
would be nice to place some titles (text) when you announce the next TP, as you don't always have the clearest spelling. no offense, just trying to help.
Axiko (5 years ago)
hijo de la vesina LOL}
morbito (5 years ago)
Wait what was number 8
Mc-PlaBoy Chanel (5 years ago)
Grill Steezy (5 years ago)
''omg i can make the best dirt house ever!'' LOL
Grill Steezy (5 years ago)
i agree with the faithful texture pack it is BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drotten (5 years ago)
Dokucraft! :D
Mathew Orme (5 years ago)
oCd texture pack
morgan rutherford (5 years ago)
frig off disliker
Xavier Woody (5 years ago)
Sarah Hill (5 years ago)
lets make the dislike bar the size of justen bebers penis
Firebal676 (5 years ago)
MrLawlsss (5 years ago)
what is the name of the map
Flashy Klau (5 years ago)
Thank you :3
Brandon Wong (5 years ago)
my top 3 is faithfulvenom (antvenoms one) soartex fanver and last but not least john smith
Dakota Goldman (5 years ago)
i cant find the map download
Clayton Panchuk (5 years ago)
add SMP revival 16x16 I think

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