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NES Super Mario Brothers 3 - line up the pictures to get 5 extra lives

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Blue Thingys (1 month ago)
my hero
loveonfire (5 months ago)
awesome thanks
Furious Gaming (5 months ago)
loveonfire your welcome
vikingfortiesfaeroes (6 months ago)
Much like the end-of-level slot game in Mario 2, they changed the way this works in Mario All Stars, so it's now a lot harder to win :(
CTG85 (11 months ago)
Whats that white ship?
Paul smith (10 months ago)
If you get pretty much all the coins in a level and finish on a even time with your score ending in a multiple of 10(bricks are worth 10, as long as your score doesn't end in 00) than the hammer bro turns into that ship. just a bunch of coins ends with hammer bro fight, (world 1-6 is the easiest to do it on i've found).
Alexander Bown (1 year ago)
Thank you
Alexander Bown what he saaaid

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