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Minecraft Ultimate Survival Islands Part 3: Completed House

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A Minecraft Server: http://www.Uberminecraft.com This is episode 3 of the ultimate survival islands series. Hope you guys enjoy and please like and leave us some feedback :) Thank you, you guys are AMAZING! Map- http://www.mediafire.com/?08ah3kmff61onx6 *Challenges* --------------------------- Post all of your completed challenges in the comments -Find an island suitable for your first house (Almost Done) -Deforest an entire island -Find a strange pyramid -Figure out North, south, east, and west -Find the Southern shoreline (very mountainous, you'll know it when you see it) -Connect 5 or more islands via bridge -Find 5 diamonds -Discover the massive volcanic cave -Don't die -Build a boat -Make a map and fill it all in -Discover and conquer 5 caves(the big ones, small caves don't count)
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Text Comments (1098)
ProSerbianGamer (11 months ago)
Anybody 2k17 October
Rainx5000 (11 months ago)
I remember when you made this vid, i went to a server I played and made the same house. Was really fun minecraft days. game is boring now.
shrey4444 patel (1 year ago)
your house is good
7hockeyboy7 Channel (2 years ago)
You guys are da best
TJGamingAge (3 years ago)
you use the toggledowndall cheat
TJGamingAge (3 years ago)
I mean downfall
TJGamingAge (3 years ago)
i loved this video
Nathan Lewison (3 years ago)
that was cool danny
Zach Talbot (3 years ago)
By the way I'm a boy 
Sleep1ess PC (2 years ago)
I don't dive a fuuuuuck
Zach Talbot (3 years ago)
You guys cheated that's why you censored your text box.
vanillayork (3 years ago)
What a beautiful house!
sadhhours (3 years ago)
Max is funny
neighbor nibbles (3 years ago)
this is awesome!!!
Jhedrek Aguirre (3 years ago)
Dude your videos are the best like maybe the beat in the wolrd....thats my opinion.But still if you make a mansion i will let You join my server that me and my friends kade there names are Minnybean133,Dudemand544,Mr.kalliban18,and me my name is Jhedrek Aguirre.... And we maid a city that filled the whole intire map in flat space and my city was finished my city in 3 months but Were adding more stuff like we maid a working cargo plane and other cool stuff... and if you wanna see it i want to join your videos and stuff Like that.Also if you want me to build a mansion i will because i know how to craft a magic stick that i want to make. So yeah bye
Kade Bonney (4 years ago)
u guys make me speechless
MrTikoVic (4 years ago)
1:25 that fap sound xD, love your vids! ^^
Maria Luisa Colindres (4 years ago)
why didn't you do the intro?
The Link Fan (4 years ago)
I love u guys 
Hipo (4 years ago)
Nice house
TC Project (4 years ago)
Do parkour on the floating blocks
Foxx (3 years ago)
You mean Skyblock
Gemma B (4 years ago)
put the painting on the TV!!!!!
Max Speed Protacio (4 years ago)
Nice House man! :D
barnie willis (4 years ago)
i love this video thanks i thanks for making these videos im a girl im only 7
yngwei12 (4 years ago)
how tu donlowd
ToxicMoustache (4 years ago)
That's what the box is for
ToxicMoustache (4 years ago)
They probably cheated
The Link Fan (4 years ago)
hi how are u
The Link Fan (4 years ago)
who did
Kade Bonney (4 years ago)
+The Link Fan they defanataly did
The Link Fan (4 years ago)
i dont think they did
PartyPenguinHD (4 years ago)
+Dakota Pickreign yeah we're thinking with redstone Dakota
MR.RANDOM (4 years ago)
Wat is the tv made of
marciay96 (4 years ago)
You said bedom
marciay96 (4 years ago)
If You put a piece of Fence down then put down a wooden slab you will make a table
marciay96 (4 years ago)
u said 13
The Gaming Project (4 years ago)
whats is that basy baging noise when they talk sometimes !! ??
Cherry Mua (4 years ago)
I know right
magdala allen (4 years ago)
Wheres the bathroom
magdala allen (4 years ago)
Check out 3:50
Tiffany Huang (4 years ago)
Actually since its 2014 they post it 3 years ago
Marianne Zweegman (4 years ago)
guys they did this 2 yers ago
stephano wild (4 years ago)
awesomes house every but that is not a house anymore that is a ''MANSION''
Kristen Smith (4 years ago)
whats the seed?
Daniel Cheatum (4 years ago)
Marcia Souza (4 years ago)
Derek Wong (4 years ago)
Jaden hi
Sudam Hussine (4 years ago)
Jason Nguyen (4 years ago)
chest under bed
Zorborz (4 years ago)
Swet house
jamir perez (4 years ago)
John Lloyd Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Adam Dridi (4 years ago)
The house is cool i bet they make other houses
Amy Shunck (4 years ago)
make a weat farm plz
colin markes (4 years ago)
the tv and bookshelves look like a man with fuck'in big abs
Andy (4 years ago)
From red wool world
Andy (4 years ago)
Not everyone put on pumpkin
fw. marc (4 years ago)
Nathaniel yap (4 years ago)
i cant download the map
Maria Ossa (4 years ago)
Nice you sleep together lol
Ash Tysen (4 years ago)
Everyone put on pumpkins
Jose Medina. (4 years ago)
cool house
Bobby Joe Lockins (4 years ago)
it won't load
Shayla Quang (4 years ago)
Alex Cansino (4 years ago)
Challenge:get 260 cow beef
luis pacheco (4 years ago)
The house is awesome
Veronica Shipp (4 years ago)
The Good Ol' Days
Abigail Durkin (4 years ago)
good job
Finn Brady (4 years ago)
He said bedoon
TheMustacheGamer (4 years ago)
Breann Maxey (4 years ago)
You should play minecraft comes alive
Juan Jeronimo (4 years ago)
Hoy are cooooooooooooooool! !!!!!!!!
Yesinia Galindo (4 years ago)
Dig gravel to get corl
Mylene Mercado (4 years ago)
Its big
Dillon Gadoury (4 years ago)
Creative mode?
Christine Chen (4 years ago)
Mickey Rourke (4 years ago)
inside the big mountain there is diamonds but there is maney mobs to:)
Rhoze Philip Balairos (4 years ago)
make a parkour to another island
Rosanogabriel Gabriel (4 years ago)
Hey kill some creepers so you canmake some tnt
Rosanogabriel Gabriel (4 years ago)
I love it it so cool even your house
JORGE GAITAN (4 years ago)
JORGE GAITAN (4 years ago)
The secrate box said i love max
Warchick1908 (4 years ago)
Your awesome survivors on minecraftfinest
Brianna Wilkinson (4 years ago)
Danny said 13 then they cote him
pichu mudkip (4 years ago)
The tv looks like geodude
Aaron Mitchell (4 years ago)
In any of your vids plz
Aaron Mitchell (4 years ago)
Plz don't swear
Mimi ThePrincess (4 years ago)
U need subs
Shadows Bored (4 years ago)
marie bearie (4 years ago)
No bad words
ethan endicott (4 years ago)
KateLin Gaj (4 years ago)
did you forget about the gold in the beach in the beging
hope pina (4 years ago)
Nice house Jk I can di better Lol Jk
seth clawson (4 years ago)
Make a little condom
reece martin (4 years ago)
Best ever on youtube
Luca Orbanic (4 years ago)
Hedgehog whiff
79melwood (4 years ago)
Oh so you did mine the gold make gold legenings there 7 pices.
79melwood (4 years ago)
Mine the gold with your iron pick
Bernard King (4 years ago)
U guy are cool
Levy (4 years ago)
i watched ur vid and built a replica of ur survival house ...awesome house :-) ..u guys are awesome to
lewie kelly (4 years ago)
Cool how do you build a house like that
David Momirovski (4 years ago)
GG on going on creative
Territorial Terror (4 years ago)
They obviously cheated that why the box was up
Kailee Hansen (4 years ago)
You said bedoom
raheem spears (4 years ago)
Nice house
Abigail Jolley (4 years ago)
Abigail Jolley (4 years ago)

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