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Minecraft Xbox - Scary Movies [564]

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Next episode - https://youtu.be/5LBx9Oepz7A Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built. In this episode I watch 3 scary movies in my cinema on Halloween. What Is This?: Behind The Scenes - https://youtu.be/dH1aWwYCvWU Block Of The Dead: Behind The Scenes - https://youtu.be/qHkt9nZr6zg Block Of The Dead - Full Screen - https://youtu.be/Ork-0Z3P_Vw What is this? - Full Screen - https://youtu.be/-okQ2NzJ4cc Beyond The Blocks - Full Screen - https://youtu.be/RisPm2cE1UU Twitter - @stampylongnose Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/stampycatyt Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/stampylongnose
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Text Comments (7366)
Sapphire Rose (1 hour ago)
Can't wait for a helper to dress as a zombie and scare stampy
Mine Dan (5 hours ago)
Now that I think of it... why don’t your helpers talk?
Robert Uy (13 hours ago)
Put fanf show
Phantom Umbreon (17 hours ago)
The lasr movie, literally every person who believes in ghosts playing Minecraft trying to put logic into something that happens off screen.
Phantom Umbreon (17 hours ago)
Also. “Look! The rest of the tree just floats there!” That stupid voice gets me every time
Adrienne Puente (20 hours ago)
Adrienne Puente (21 hours ago)
Tam Tam Playz (21 hours ago)
REAGAN VIDEO (1 day ago)
The Coolest cheese (1 day ago)
your world is so big you need a mine cart track
aidan connolly (1 day ago)
12:08 well I guess this was what followed the time war
Julianna Nemirovska (1 day ago)
Is anyone else bothered by the fact that fizzy nodded when the scientist said their voices were stolen!?
Julianna Nemirovska (20 hours ago)
This totally changed the way I view all of stampycat WORLD but I still love him
xPhoebex (1 day ago)
Yeah,what did happen to his other helpers 😂
milo5beth (1 day ago)
You are the best YouTuber ever
Kawaii Kaille (1 day ago)
The enderman... _WHY_
UnderTheLimit (1 day ago)
How do you do it
MooseMovies !! (1 day ago)
I wonder where stampy zombie was (close up of a zombie cat in stampys hot buns)
IanGaming YT (1 day ago)
The 2nd One Made Me Jump
Chucky Charl (2 days ago)
I don’t get how the last one is “horror”
Pootis Hoovy (2 days ago)
Good Films
Jacqueline Picciurro (2 days ago)
superwario logan (2 days ago)
2nd film is scary i was frightening
Harry Lennox (3 days ago)
Really want mincraft
Harry Lennox (3 days ago)
Spooky video happy Halloween 👻
Galaxy Girl (3 days ago)
eeek the jump scare aaaaaa i literly had my eyes closed on the second one UNTIL the jump scare came XD
Llama PopCornYT! (3 days ago)
I <3 YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J Phone (3 days ago)
yu know my name is zach sometimes people call me zachary
Itstehmateo (3 days ago)
enderman shock d me
But the funny part is when Steve said the rest of the tree just floats there that made me laugh
Stampy I think he was right when he was talking about the fire building
Lily Adams (4 days ago)
Guess how many times Stampy has said movie/film
The enderman scared me so much
Lego Filmer0606 (4 days ago)
Imagine if he did Something related to Star Wars on the next may the 4th
David Berner (5 days ago)
Hey stampy, how did you make a fully functioning theater?
TinyCrafting (5 days ago)
How was Beyond the Blocks Scary?
Greta Breunig (5 days ago)
Teach me how to make a movie in Minecraft I think my world needs a Cinema too!!!
max is my best friend.
GAMING LIFE (5 days ago)
Fizzy Elephant immediately walked out after that jumpscare
Abbie 101 (5 days ago)
Good jump scare 👏👏👏👏👏👏✍✍👏👏👏✌
ivav tonev (5 days ago)
I was so scared in teh jump scare
Tikesha Brooks (5 days ago)
I Love you
The Goofballs (5 days ago)
I was so scared by the enderman
YouTube Frenzy (6 days ago)
Did the block of the dead inspire the blocking dead game
Alex Smith (6 days ago)
The elder man made my jump good job.
Daron Walker (6 days ago)
My room is actually relay gross lol
Flurgzdadurgz (6 days ago)
The voice of the man in the second film is totally gnarly bruhh
David Mayne (6 days ago)
Scary ender man
Minigod95 (6 days ago)
This is the first episode of lovely world that ive watched in a long time
Eyas OMG Khamaisy (7 days ago)
Eyas OMG Khamaisy (7 days ago)
Eyas OMG Khamaisy (7 days ago)
I love minecraft
eado hayut (7 days ago)
i cringed so bad when the enderman poped up
Green Diamond Zach (7 days ago)
The last is best but still its a fridge... it is supposed to be cold.
slender man (7 days ago)
Blocking dead
Melissa Mcmahan (8 days ago)
That second mini movie just jump
Matthew A (8 days ago)
In pocket edition my friend had a world that was crazy haunted by Herobrine.And I mean crazy haunted, there wasn’t a time when you go in it and something strange doesn’t happen
SkyVani2 (8 days ago)
that enderman got me
cheyenne johnson (8 days ago)
when i saw the enderman i jumped and before i saw the enderman i was all chill
The glitchy Drawer (8 days ago)
i liked the first one the most!
Blitz wolfer (8 days ago)
My profile pic is perfect for this video
GreenLizardVlogs (8 days ago)
JediPlayz450 (9 days ago)
The second film though. Are you poking a funny at a very controversial Youtuber? That was funny
KD Niemeyer (9 days ago)
I want a block of the dead series
Dr.Skullstar gaming (9 days ago)
Go to the beggining of the video and put the speed in x.25 it's hilarious
The ender man jump scare made me jump didn't expect that lol
fairest somonor yt (10 days ago)
16:29 why is there a slime?
Mario Pabon (10 days ago)
7:59 Me: hahahahahajajajajajahlolol
Monica Johnson-Smith (10 days ago)
Where is your costume
Pink Fluffy Unicorns (10 days ago)
I just watched your 9 million subscribers special! C ongratulations! O h my gosh I can't believe you reached 9 million! N ow you're on the road to 10 million and the diamond play button! G ood job on 9 million again :P R eally <3 your channel! A mazing, you DID ITTTTT T wo million, three million, skip a few, all the way to nine million! S o amazing you did it!
Christopher NARS (11 days ago)
i was freakout and jump when the 2nd movie end
Rob R (11 days ago)
Luis Pikachu (11 days ago)
I actually got scered when the Ender man was behind him
Gabe king (11 days ago)
Hay stampy also other science word for the last movie is E.V.P (electromagnetic voice phenom) and
Leticia Garcia-Tso (11 days ago)
harrysolergaming 9 (11 days ago)
GEEZ THE DEAD DOG ONE CREEPED ME OUT :( I'ma have nightmares now
MrGreenDude 2529 (12 days ago)
I’m pretty sure my mom heard me yell from the garage. I’m hoping I didn’t crack my ipad
Benny Bazimp (12 days ago)
It seems the last thing one was just a criticisizing TV show... (but still love them) Also THAT ENDERMAN SOOOOOOO GOT ME!!! Lol
Tostitos brooks (12 days ago)
I get you're making fun of phony ghost reality shows, but ghosts are real, you know....
Tostitos brooks (12 days ago)
let me guess: block of the dead! : walking dead what is this? : blair witch project beyond the blocks: paranormal activity / paranormal survivor / ghost adventures. am I right?
Tostitos brooks (12 days ago)
theory: my boi HTT probably knows that guy from the documentary. they're always spreading propaganda about stampy being evil. (and their right!)
Brian's Channel (12 days ago)
I was scared at the enderman jumpscare
Tadeo Medina (12 days ago)
17:58 Fizzy omg its me
Tadeo Medina (12 days ago)
Ahh 7:07 fizzys pupkin is haunted
The wind always closes my grandmas house
TGF Swam (13 days ago)
7:07 The Epic Music Starts 😏😏
Mr Pingy Vlogs (13 days ago)
In the beyond the blocks when he talks abaut the helpers vioses being stolen Fizzy turned to the screen took of his pumpkin and shacked his head... (Sorry for bad English don’t judge me I’m Swedish)
FLUFFYSLIME XOXO (13 days ago)
Beyond The Blocks Documentary = Shane Dawson's Conspiracy Videos
Ray Lopez (13 days ago)
typ this :o if you think his home is hanted.
Fireson (13 days ago)
what did happen to his old helpers?
Bonnie Productions (13 days ago)
poor fizzy he got scared of the film.
Sienna Williams (13 days ago)
The 2nd one scared me x
The 2nd ant the 3rd film were scary.and your lovely garden does look creppy
Carrie Liberty (14 days ago)
The third movie gives me nightmares
ToxOfficial (14 days ago)
That actually kind of tingled me when He turned to see the enderman
Mohit Nair (15 days ago)
The last one Was The funniest the second Was The scariest and the the first was just well...normal?my favourite Was The last one.
Beast Master (15 days ago)
When i was watching the film with the enderman i was on my bed,but when the jumpscare came i jumped of my bed 😂😂
JoDi Erin (15 days ago)
herobrine is a sheep
The enderman in his face made me SCREAM!!!!! Good Job Stampy! (ima have nightmares)
Josh Matulic (16 days ago)
What is the last one, a show on national geographic?? 😂
jessica Lu (17 days ago)
Omg so scarrryyyy
Kristen Marie (17 days ago)
i want more of the beyond the blocks that was interesting

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