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Minecraft Xbox 360 Lets Play #253 Diamonds & Under Ice Rail

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In this episode of my lets play I play Minecraft slightly Fallout 4 videos coming out tomorrow :) - Previous Video(Free EXP pro Tip): - Learn More about upcoming TU31 Features here: https://goo.gl/EvHfnJ - Think you've missed a video? You can check my most recent uploads here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ibxtoycat/videos - My Twitter: http://twitter.com/ibxtoycat - Follow for video updates and personal updates - Recorded With an Elgato HD60: Buy in US - http://amzn.to/1DcpKgv Buy in UK - http://amzn.to/1KAjBwY - Music By Bulby: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBulbamike - Minecraft Console Edition Seeds Playlist: http://goo.gl/niZorV - Minecraft Xbox - Update Adventures Lets Play Playlist: http://goo.gl/MKvYLj
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Text Comments (195)
Nalis Kun (8 months ago)
So this is where it started
Leonidas Attisis (2 years ago)
Leonidas Attisis (2 years ago)
Neil Thomas (2 years ago)
what is the seed for toycats world
Lou Stubbs (2 years ago)
I really like your lets plays, I enjoy that you talk about what comes to your mind and your speaking voice is probably my favorite, thanks!
Gummi Koalabears (3 years ago)
IDIOT:"BRUH, what color is a mirror." IDIOT(2):"DUH, whatever color is in front of it." ME:"No. They're green..."
Knight Rider (3 years ago)
I'm new to this video
Arvind Roopun (3 years ago)
Yeah Toycat I would love a Lets Play week, i always look forward every Monday to watching it :)
Mini (3 years ago)
I think that there should be a de-constrction machine because it would be fun
Brianthecow (3 years ago)
Tsm ALI A (3 years ago)
▶ _________1:83 YES AUDIO COMMENTS
Luke Musk (3 years ago)
ibxtoycat can you accept my friend request on ps4 my gamertag is tree_is_ good I sent you a friend request a long time ago.
watching u (3 years ago)
what is this tyle of flat world
zabinga boinga (3 years ago)
A Nether Mansion Would be Cool
Xylitus (3 years ago)
How do you record console? I want to record xbox 360 and some pc games( i know how to do pc). But i really want to do console. How do i do it?
Dave Gaming (3 years ago)
Elgato capture card
Xylitus (3 years ago)
yeah but what is the item called, and how do i use it
Dave Gaming (3 years ago)
$129.95  for 1080p recorder
Xylitus (3 years ago)
+Mr Friendly Dalek im not sure what that is. i live in usa, and i dont have the usd equivelent of 100 pounds
Dave Gaming (3 years ago)
+Steelknight aqw elgato they are about £100 on amazon
MrTem (3 years ago)
Bytoycat you need to say el gato because el=a
Venkman (3 years ago)
Top 5 ice facts
Steven Ladew (3 years ago)
+ibxtoycat BTW I like your channel and your vids thank you for posting them.. I wanted to comment on an earlier vid when you said it would be cool if they added an exclusive mob like a bear I agree and I also think would be cool if they dropped a head like a wither skeleton does rarely and then you could maybe make a small statue or a bear rug and then as they add exclusive mobs if they would do so you could grow your game room or your statues or whatever you would like I think you would add to peoples anticipation and interest for the future of the game
Steven Ladew (3 years ago)
kind of like throwing rocks at a bee hive
Steven Ladew (3 years ago)
this is really not something I normally would comment on but if you were an extremely advanced alien life form capable of space travel to planets not even in your own star system why would you choose to go to one where its inhabitants are still at war with each other? Seems a bit ridiculous wouldn't you say.
Ronan (3 years ago)
He could upload the 2 on a Friday
Crdguy (3 years ago)
I found a surprising seed for xBox. A world with ONLY mushroom islands! If anyone wants to know what it is, comment on this comment!
Crdguy (3 years ago)
Dunno if it's off topic, but yeah. /\
Tvd B (3 years ago)
please don't do the let's play daily! a let's play episode should be once a week or else it gets boring. A let's play episode is special because it's only uploaded once a week. it has to be something you are looking forward to
It's every Monday not daily
Sean O Dwyer (3 years ago)
to empty an underwater space just put in leaves and burn them
Adam Jarrett (3 years ago)
you sound like my teacher
Radhey Khandelwal (3 years ago)
Toycat I am getting this issue while downloading minecraft on my pc the development console says[Had local file but it was the wrong size...had(number) but expected(number) If you know fix for this issue pls help me Thanks!
Danny Boy25 (3 years ago)
#ibxtoycat cab u make a diamond farm???
Hucklebury Flynn (3 years ago)
You can't apply real world logic to minecraft, a deconstruct machine would be awesome
Kevin (3 years ago)
Get respiration and aqua affinity. And do a lets play week the week leading up to Christmas.
Karras West (3 years ago)
toycat it would make my year if we could play minecraft xbox one
Miss Pantha (3 years ago)
#Q&A will there be a herobrine skull or plain colored skulls in the TU30 / TU31 next Update ?
Crazy Alien 909 (3 years ago)
Toycat you misted a minecart chest.
Osiris Martinez (3 years ago)
I think the reason we haven't found aliens really only comes down to 3 possibilites. 1. Earth is the luckiest planet in the universe and nature took it's course and gave life to it. 2. Aliens are so far away from Earth we'll never know if there is life out there. 3. There have been aliens on other worlds but they've died out through castatrophy or natural selection.
Prince of the Cosmos (3 years ago)
the universe is constantly expanding, so it's more likely than not that they exist but we just haven't found them yet ;)
Osiris Martinez (3 years ago)
+Chito Rivera You can't be sure of that but that is a possibility yes
Chito Rivera (3 years ago)
4: Aliens do not exist
Michael Peter (3 years ago)
I think aliens are demands dimonic
squirl games (3 years ago)
how come you don't tame ocilots
Jack Pikett (3 years ago)
#QnASaturday will there be a guardian skin with the new update??
alex rodriguez (3 years ago)
Love the lets play!! Keep it up
Krusty Krabs (3 years ago)
U should make a big house
lucio (3 years ago)
when people go and say humanity will get wiped out like the dinosaurs you have to realize the dinosaurs were there for about 250 million years humans were here for a few thousand years so we probably have at least 10 million years to pet cats then u can complain
Matty.D Parker Vlogs. (1 year ago)
Xylitus (3 years ago)
+Shane Brennan oh right, so true, but im sure many species of dinosaurs went exticnt before the mass extinction of all of theem
Reagan (3 years ago)
Oriane Nyaburerwa (3 years ago)
Toycat you should make a video of things you should drop if your inventory is full
Rebel Son (3 years ago)
#ibxtoycat in the Mesa screenshot a while ago did you notice the clay colors were different from the PC and PE colors
LazorVideos (3 years ago)
Hey toycat a respiration helmet might help you with this.
Brooklyn White (3 years ago)
tell about red stone
Fernando 99 (3 years ago)
he toy cat if you see a mob with armor kill it only with your hands in minecraft and no armor on
NGD 2905 (3 years ago)
the world isn't OVER 9000!!! 💢💥
Diesel0306 (3 years ago)
Congrats on the weight loss Toycat! It's not easy but it's definitely worth it in the long run. Keep it up, man.
Tuff Emily (3 years ago)
I dony live in a city I live in tucson az in america
Thanks for telling us where you live. Must try and find your house now.
LXavierW (3 years ago)
#Q&A do you think that the rail/minecart sounds that are in pc will come in tu31/next big update
Captian Sparkles (3 years ago)
andrew what enchantments do you have on your diamond pickaxe ? also could you do a video about what enchantments do it would help my noob friends thx !! :)
Azrael Enterprise (3 years ago)
The highest Xp level I ever got to was 102. And , Toycat, the center of the planet is made up of Bedrock, just like in Minecraft!
Azrael Enterprise (3 years ago)
So did I, but you missed the joke.
Tanner Knight (3 years ago)
play a tag map with bolts please
Ahnaf Bari (3 years ago)
Keep doing your skyblock!
ryza craft (3 years ago)
TOYCAT, you realise you can melt down metals to ale them into something else like recycling, so I thing there should be a reconstructor machine but only for what you can in real life
Sheep_Gaming (3 years ago)
99.9% of "why?" Questions you ask toycat,"why not?" Is gonna be the awnser
Antoun 5 (3 years ago)
But, I like hearing you talk.
Nightwolf Gam1ng (3 years ago)
#[email protected] toycat would you consider being a christain
Ciano Toop (3 years ago)
+Ibxtoycat will there be map downloads coming our for xbox one??
Exceeddrake dillenback (3 years ago)
Use doors for a breathing spot toycat
Undead Nightcore (3 years ago)
Today is 9/11 in uk
Undead Nightcore (2 years ago)
your sad
Reagan (3 years ago)
dats sad
Grant Lieberman (3 years ago)
What a great video! I love the metro too!
A Polite Young Man (3 years ago)
Isn't it impossible to get to the core of the earth because of the gravitational pull
Plantom Clown (3 years ago)
You know what ibxtoycat I NEVER EVER LIKED ONE OF YOUR VIDEOS because I LOVED THEM (I still leave a like tho :) Your the best ibxtoycat I'd ever known to man
someasiankid (3 years ago)
he is missing ore
: Arowhead : (3 years ago)
hey toycat, in my windows 10 bate world I am mining out a chunk, thx for the idea! :)
ross wester (3 years ago)
i love this series. i cant resist it
Ronan (3 years ago)
He uploads Feature Previews on a Friday
EG Vidworks (3 years ago)
You never said about me your week
Toycat you missed a chest look t 21:41 of the vid
Also you said time doesn't exist
Toycat you missed diamonds
Darkstar (3 years ago)
i love ur vids
EVLfreak666 (3 years ago)
I'm American so can someone explain to me about weight being measured in stones? Serious question.
bleach (2 years ago)
13lb = 1st
Diesel0306 (3 years ago)
+EVLfreak666 You're welcome.
EVLfreak666 (3 years ago)
+Diesel0306 thanks. I learned something new today.
Diesel0306 (3 years ago)
2 stone would be roughly 28 pounds.
EVLfreak666 (3 years ago)
Toycat, the Minecraft pro and philosopher.
Hipporoos (3 years ago)
It would have been fun to see you complete this metro tunnel... My recommendation is to be better prepared next time, so that you can actually finish it.
JeeperCreeperMC (3 years ago)
But with the toast you can kinda unburn it, scrape the burnt bits with a knife then it tastes like you've don nothing wrong with it. That's what I do
Rebel 51 (3 years ago)
haha, me too! XD
Killer _21 (3 years ago)
we dont have metros in Hull :'(
ALLCBros (3 years ago)
Hi I'm a subscriber
Keith higgins (3 years ago)
You missed diamond
Keith higgins (3 years ago)
And lapiz
illustrium illi (3 years ago)
Few questions, 1. What's the seed of this world? 2. What's the name of the end song?
TyPier (3 years ago)
yep but since it was created in tu5 it wont be the same world. :(
illustrium illi (3 years ago)
+TyPier of the entire playlist?
TyPier (3 years ago)
the seed is on his 1st ep of this series
Focus (3 years ago)
2 stone is impressive! Even if you are using made-up Lord of the Rings measurements of weight ;)
It's Scott (3 years ago)
Toy cat I'm your frend on Xbox one
Abby Cardus :3 (3 years ago)
hi to toy~cat senpai 😺 I have a question, in minecraft I have a horse and it is really quick and I have loaded in the whole map and haven't built a lot, but it always glitches when I ride him 😿 what should I do ?
XenoZtarz (3 years ago)
+Abigail Cardus yea lol he never makes diamond armour!
Abby Cardus :3 (3 years ago)
Also you have a LOAD of diamonds so why don't you use diamond armour? Or sort out your chests ?
Tracy Anderson (3 years ago)
No offence but you just wasted 24 minutes of my moday night
Xylitus (3 years ago)
+Itz_vasquez oh well,
Xylitus (3 years ago)
+Itz_vasquez u coulda ate pizza while watching him
Wolfie Wiggins (3 years ago)
Bryan Aguilar (3 years ago)
there should be a video of all the time he has stuttered lol
AwsomeTv.co.uk (3 years ago)
#q&a do u pkay minecraft everyday
Yea Cool (3 years ago)
and yes thats why he uploads everyday but when he travels he uploads in advance.
Yea Cool (3 years ago)
WoofWoofGam3r (3 years ago)
WoofWoofGam3r (3 years ago)
Lucas Da Silva (3 years ago)
I'm the first person to see this video
A Table (3 years ago)
shows how many kids are at school your views are currently very low
Wolfie Wiggins (3 years ago)
oh yea sorry today was records day
Panda King (3 years ago)
+Wolfie Wiggins bruh memorial day is Wednesday
Wolfie Wiggins (3 years ago)
+Isaiah Razo memorial day in america so im here
TripleAGaming (3 years ago)
Toycat, I am a huge fan I love all of your videos! Your content has inspired the content on channel and I would like to thank you for being awesome. (notice meh plz)
A Table (3 years ago)
+TripleAGaming why?
TripleAGaming (3 years ago)
+Tracy Anderson  :)
Tracy Anderson (3 years ago)
+Isaiah Razo ummm your just being rude
TripleAGaming (3 years ago)
+Isaiah Razo what did I spell wrong? (meh and plz were 100% intentional)
A Table (3 years ago)
+TripleAGaming learn to spell correctly
lesserlizard (3 years ago)
The desc. makes me very happy. :)
o MrLaughs o (1 year ago)
Dharma Hawthorne
Crazsome Lizard (3 years ago)
+ibxtoycat if u melt a rail irl then u will get the metal out of it back and u can take the wood off :/
Tanya (3 years ago)
+ibxtoycat DALEKS WIPED out all life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ibxtoycat (3 years ago)
+Dharma Hawthorne it is very comprehenesive and describes everything in the video
Brad Tv (3 years ago)
Legend Luke (3 years ago)
2nd view
The Gaming Military (3 years ago)
Toycat whats your favourite Call Of Duty
+BenVlogs21 I'm 11
Ben Wilson (3 years ago)
+hot head 93 Does gaming lol I'm 12 and I play call of duty,that's sad for u
The Gaming Military (3 years ago)
+ibxtoycat im not surprised
+ibxtoycat I'm not 18 :(
ibxtoycat (3 years ago)
+THE GAMING MILITARY black ops 3 right now :P
AO (3 years ago)
toycat can you start a crazy craft series
Dr Deckwaan (3 years ago)
+Harvey Greenhalgh 😂
The Wispys Gaming (3 years ago)
hi toycat
Tony Miles (3 years ago)
xXTOM_GAMING2004Xx (3 years ago)
1 minute ago omg
Chito Rivera (3 years ago)
I got 8 hours ago
DaRk MiNaR (3 years ago)
+Martha relaxation Wow. I don't care!
Unknøwn1509 (3 years ago)
I got 42 seconds ago

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